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8-Bit Ghibli Fan Art by Richard Evans

8-Bit Ghibli Fan Art by Richard Evans

It's not been a long time since I became an appreciator of Studio Ghibli's animations. I've recently watched Princess Mononoke and it's pretty impressive how great the visuals look like. Great landscapes, great heart-...

8 Bit Posters by Eric Palmer

8 Bit posters by Eric Palmer I really love when people make minimalistic posters, but I confess that is way more interesting when they make some 8-bit versions, why? Well, because anyone who was borned between the 80's...

Really cool 80's 8-bit inspired Flash games

As you may already know, we here at Abduzeedo are big fans of everything 80's . Of course one big part of that are video games . Those old 8-bit games might not have the amazing graphics modern games have but our...

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