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Advertising Master: Paul Arden

December 02, 2008 from Youssef Sarhan's blog

As a designer, you are expected to be novel, to create, to design; not to replicate. This industry is possibly one of the most competitive in the world; quite often it is easy to settle for mediocrity. In this article I hope to put in...

Video of the Week #24

October 17, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

It's been such a long time since we had our last video of the week that I has to post some cool videos I found this week. It's about the awesome Hummer, and got a great concept. The creaters of this ad were really thinking outside the box...

Awesome Clever Advertising

July 30, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

One of the biggest challenges when advertising a product, is to come up with an idea that is not obvious, but still is clever enough to deliver the message your client wants. When you do that and still manage to be funny, you hit the...

35 Creative Advertising Campaigns

July 08, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

Being interested in advertising and using it as a big inspiration source I'm always on the look out for really cool ads. Today we can experience advertising in all sorts of ways; radio, television, web, etc. However, with all this new...