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Abstract ABC

Abstract ABC

Being abstract is somehow part of each one of us, whatever you're an artist, designer, developer or even a QA tester. We work in the universe of art and we gotta find the time and ways to express ourselves. We all need or get the urge of creating/making in our free space. Some of us will design something, take photos, practice lettering or like Jim LePage will paint. We are featuring Jim's and Max's work with their Abstract ABC series. Abstract painting provides a creative escape for me. I love the exploration of color and texture and how the mix of those can evoke different types of feelings and ideas. I experiment with different paints, mediums and techniques and enjoy the surprises that come from seeing them interact in new ways. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); About Jim LePage Jim is a freelance artist & designer based in Bellingham, Washington. Focusing his work for bold and conceptual art and illustrative work, Jim has done also work in Art Direction and leading a creative team in a design studio as well. Credits Collaborative project with Jim LePage and Max Morin and if you wanna get your hands on an Abstract ABC set as well. Check out their shop: For more information:

Boundless Space Typography

Boundless Space Typography

I love any project that involves playing with the alphabet. The simplicity of the idea combined with the actual complexity of the execution in such a task always fascinates me. Any designer or digital artist that accepts the challenge deserves to get featured here on Abduzeedo. Today we bring you a project by Shaivalini Kumar title Boundless Space. BOUNDLESS SPACE is a poster I made for my feature in the Colorado poster biennale 2015. I wanted to showcase a typographic exploration. The poster consists of alphabets restructured to for intergalactic buildings and other renditions of what space structures would look like. Shaivalini is a graphic designer and illustrator from Bangalore, India with a love for vector art, character design and experimental animation. For more information check out

Hand Drawn Love Letter Alphabet

Hand Drawn Love Letter Alphabet

New Yorker illustrator Raul Alejandro took on this amazing project to hand drawn each letter of the alphabet. The result is amazing, each letter has so much character and a nice hint of love mixed with awesome typography and illustration. Check them out! To find out more about Raul Alejandro visit his Behance Gallery. To find out more about Raul Alejandro visit his Behance Gallery.

Super ABC by Matt Cowan

The first thing we need to learn if we want to read and write is the alphabet. Everybody knows that but Matt Cowan was able to come up with an alternative way to teach kids the alphabet that is not the usual A is for Apple. Super ABC is the alphabet created using characters from Marvel and DC Comics. Using 26 characters from Marvel and DC comics, Super ABC will help your child learn how to use the alphabet and fight crime at the same time. You can get the full book at… Super ABC examples

Animals in Alphabet Illustrations

Casey Girard is a freelancer illustrator/designer from Massachusetts and she illustrated this amazing animals alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet was illustrated by an animal to represent it. The result is simply amazing, great illustrations and great alphabet letters. For more from Casey Girard visit or @CaseyGirard

Awesome Alphabet Illustrations

Alphabet illustrations is a project by the German Illustrator and designer Vesa Sammalisto. This project is a personal study where typography meets illustration, and letters are introduced to characters. The result is awesome and fun. Enjoy! For more from Vesa visit

Alphabet Carved into Food

Garret Steider had the bright idea to create this awesome project that involves typography and food. Carving into food and shaping each letter of the Alphabet with an extra taste of typography making this a very unique and probably very time consuming but the result is amazing. Check it out! For more from Garret visit his Flickr Gallery

365 Days Project: The Alphabet Series

Grafikas is the non-commercial work website of Drew Europeo, that's where she keeps all the works for his 365 days projects that includes this awesome Alphabet Series. Everyday is a different style, different colors and different letters. Check it out! 365 Day Project? A 365 day project is a project where you decide to create something different for everyday of the year during the entire 365 days. Not a lot of people are able to pull it through so if you have some ideas you may stick to something simple. This type of project is great to keep your creativity going all year round. The Alphabet Series For more work, visit

Amazing Alphabet Illustrations by Paul Thurlby

Paul Thurlby is a freelancer illustrator living in London, England. His illustrations are totally awesome, every piece brings a different character and it's always fun to see. The alphabet illustrations are so cool that I'm sure everyone would like to have that, check it out! For more from Paul Thurlby visit his Flickr Gallery