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Interview with Skinny Andy

July 30, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Today I have the pleasure to show this in depth interview with Skinny Andy, a really skillful and talented illustrator. Andy was kind enough to show his perspective on illustration, life and other issues. Hope you guys enjoy it. For more...

Super Cute illustrations by Skinny Andy

April 25, 2012 from marcos333's blog

What can I say about Skinny Andy Illustrations? Well, they're probably one of the most sugar candy cute illustrations ever. Never saw someone with this ability of turning pretty much anything on extreme cuteness, just take a look You can...

Inspiration: Andy Gilmore Design

July 02, 2008 from aloa's blog

Do you remember those movies where you have to stare at one point for a minute and it really confuses you. That's what i thought when I saw artworks of Andy Gilmore . Website of Andy Gilmore