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Architect Day: Ricardo Legorreta

February 16, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Ricardo Legorreta brings to his designs, features that hard to see nowadays. With an impressive architecture of solid volumes, he makes colors and light and shadow the focus of his work.

Architect Day: David Chipperfield

February 09, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

David Chipperfield is an architect who serves as inspiration for many artists. His eye on all aspects of architecture and design is fascinated by the intensity and feeling that his projects present.

Architect Day: Santiago Calatrava

February 02, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Santiago Calatrava adds to his architecture the art and of power engineering. After years of study in these areas, he can bring large structures to existence, giving life to his paintings.

Architect Day: Marcio Kogan

January 26, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

With a discerning eye for detail, Marcio Kogan leads a generation that brings a new concept of architecture to Brazil. With exciting projects, he works wonderfully well with the textures of materials, creating spaces where every detail...

Architect Day: Sir Norman Foster

January 19, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

With a vast and fair amount of awards received, Sir Norman Foster, is one of the best portfolios of architecture in the world. His works are functional, well established and with a unique beauty, taking advantage of the brilliant and...

Architect Day: Mathias Klotz

January 12, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

South American architect, with most of his works in his home country of Chile, Mathias Klotz started being recognized worldwide through his reputable and well established architecture.

Architect Day: Frank Gehry

January 05, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Frank O. Gehry is a world-renowned architect. His long career has many works from homes to the great museums that have become postcard towns. Frank Owen Gehry was born in Toronto, Canada, February 28, 1929. He was a creative child who...

Architect Day: Jean Nouvel

December 29, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Jean Nouvel today has one of the biggest architecture offices in France. With a wide variety of bold designs, he implements a new architecture separate from the modernist movement and postmodernism.

Architect Day: Richard Meier

December 22, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Richard Meier's work is easily recognized in most cases by the use of white and its uses. He established his own pattern of work, which today serves as the inspiration for great architects, forming a school of his architecture. Photos from...

Architect Day: Daniel Libeskind

December 15, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

The architecture of Daniel Libeskind is striking and characteristic. A man with a great life story, a degree in music and professor of architecture at several universities, had his highest recognition on winning the bid for the new World...

Architect Day: Zaha Hadid

December 08, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

She is the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize. Her architecture has won many competitions and is now one of the most sought-after in the world. She has her place in architecture and product design, being named among the one hundred most...

Architect Day: Antoine Predock

December 01, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

His projects have impressive moves, the volume and the materials of the buildings make it seem part of the landscape with fascinating inserts. The architecture of Antoine Predock is a unique experience for its users.

Architect Day: Tadao Ando

November 24, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

He was a truck driver and boxer, he taught himself architecture as he didn't like school and preferred to study his way, visiting and analyzing the works. Tadao Ando has consolidated his name by performing an architecture that's pure,...

Architect Day: Renzo Piano

November 17, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

This week we're going to talk about Renzo Piano and his main works that marked the history of architecture. Technology, in its unique and unusual ways, is still characteristic of his work that leaves people perplexed in all corners of the...

Architect Day: Oscar Niemeyer

November 10, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Every week we're going to post about architects that make or have made history influencing many. Nothing better to start us off than with a great Brazilian architect who has been referred to worldwide for having turned architecture into a...