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Architect Day: Frank Gehry

January 05, 2010 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Frank O. Gehry is a world-renowned architect. His long career has many works from homes to the great museums that have become postcard towns. Frank Owen Gehry was born in Toronto, Canada, February 28, 1929. He was a creative child who...

The Best of Architecture in 2009

December 30, 2009 from fabiano's blog

This year I started here on Abduzeedo a series of architecture posts. At these posts we have been showing beautiful offices, crazy houses, famous architects and other inspirations around this field! To celebrate that, I've select the...

Architect Day: Jean Nouvel

December 29, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Jean Nouvel today has one of the biggest architecture offices in France. With a wide variety of bold designs, he implements a new architecture separate from the modernist movement and postmodernism.

Mountain View Google Headquarters - Googleplex

December 24, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Google's corporate headquarters, fondly nicknamed the Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. Today it's one of Google's many offices around the globe. While their offices are not identical, they tend to share some essential...

The Beautiful and Productive Facebook Headquarters

December 23, 2009 from fabiano's blog

The end of the year is getting closer, and I wanted to share another beautiful office to inspire you guys in this new year. I've already shown the Twitter HQ, Google HQ, Parliament Design HQ and so on, and today is time for Facebook, right...

Architect Day: Richard Meier

December 22, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

Richard Meier's work is easily recognized in most cases by the use of white and its uses. He established his own pattern of work, which today serves as the inspiration for great architects, forming a school of his architecture. Photos from...

A Top View of Tokyo

December 17, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

SATO Shintaro has photographed cityscape of Tokyo. It is said Tokyo is attractive and vibrant metropolis. Although its area is narrow, there are houses and apartments stand side by side continuously, also there are lots of shops and office...

Container City, you can live and work in a…

December 16, 2009 from fabiano's blog

Containers has been used today for a range of spaces, from houses to offices and even schools. And the reason for that? It's affordable, modular, easy to build and environmentally friendly. Researching that subject I found a versatile...

Architect Day: Daniel Libeskind

December 15, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

The architecture of Daniel Libeskind is striking and characteristic. A man with a great life story, a degree in music and professor of architecture at several universities, had his highest recognition on winning the bid for the new World...

Beautiful and Minimalist Work from Tokujin Yoshioka

December 14, 2009 from GisMullr's blog

Last week Tokujin Yoshioka's installation designed for Maison Hermes in Japan was seen all over the place. The simplicity and the minimalist concept behind his idea really got everybody's attention. And as I really liked the Hermes window...

Inside the Studio of Design By Front

December 10, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Design By Front is an amazing web design studio from Northern Ireland. Front is an eclectic team of creative thinkers, designers, technologists, project managers and writers which makes them one of the top web design studios of the world...

The Stylish Parliament Design Headquarters

December 09, 2009 from fabiano's blog

Look guys, I know that every time we see those amazing headquarters from big companies out there we say "I want to work there" or "What a beutiful office", and so on. And I also know that you always think that you can't turn your small or...

Architect Day: Zaha Hadid

December 08, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

She is the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize. Her architecture has won many competitions and is now one of the most sought-after in the world. She has her place in architecture and product design, being named among the one hundred most...

Google EMEA Engineering Hub, in Zürich

December 02, 2009 from fabiano's blog

Have you heard about the Zooglers? Hm? These are actually the lucky pepople that work at Google EMEA Engineering Hub, in Zürich. An inspiring and contemporary space, where a team of Zooglers were part of the design process and created a...

Architect Day: Antoine Predock

December 01, 2009 from MarceloSeferin's blog

His projects have impressive moves, the volume and the materials of the buildings make it seem part of the landscape with fascinating inserts. The architecture of Antoine Predock is a unique experience for its users.