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Best of the Week #42

It's time to our best news of this week. We have a lot of graphic and web, a bit of architecture, Ads, tech news, awesome reads and other crazy stuffs! So take a look on the links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, Webdesigner Depot, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML and activeCollab. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! FRIDAY - 12/05 Free Hi-Res Spraypaint Photoshop Brushes Set One 360 Paper Bottle Hypnos by Citroën City of BooksThis Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo. Product blog update: Basecamp as a content management system, Periscope, integrating Highrise with HelpSpot, etc. How-To: Taking WordPress One Step Further Puma City - Nomad Store Samsung's in-bezel HD webcam offers more pixels per pimple BlackBerry Storm Scratch test... 8 Ideas, Techniques & Tricks for your Web Design Toolkit Designing The Holy Search Box: Examples And Best Practices A brief history of movie studio logos Google Reader Simplifies Look, Adds Features Firefox Goes Threadless With Crowdsourced T-Shirt Store Scotty Reifsynder THURSDAY - 12/04 Finally, A Google Earth Browser Plugin For Mac OS X Opera 10 Browser Now In Alpha Get Rid of YouTube's Embedded Search Bar [YouTube] Times Extra: The New York Times Opens Web Front Page to Outside Content Nicola Kuperus Photography 50+ Amazing Logos Yehrin Tong O'Reilly Drupal book WEDNESDAY - 12/03 Cultivating Conversations daniel libeskind's green new york tower Nice campaign for Nikon S60 Have You Ever Edited Wikipedia? Wireframe Lamborghini Galactic Mail Brothers in Arms iPhone game breaks new ground Everything you always wanted to know about Google… Nolobo 2010 Porsche Panamera TUESDAY - 12/02 Apple Announces Top 10 iPhone App Downloads of 2008 How A Guy’s Flickr Photo Ended Up in The Iron Man Movie 9 Information Design Tips to Make You a Better Web Designer Freckle Tracks Time and Clients Quickly and Simply Best Typography Motions type trumps by face37 jason santa maria Gmail Google Desktop Gadget Now Available Prefab Homes TUESDAY - 12/01 VideoPhone Skype 100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates Obama Puts Under Creative Commons ‘time tuner’ by antrepo design industry Mexicana's New Eagle Diary Type The illusionist asus launches bamboo laptop 50 Stunning Examples Of Reflective Photography Pronounce Names Correctly [How To] Milk Glass LED Brad and Angelina back to the 60s 1986 15 Tips To Avoid Designer’s Block Illustration by Natasha Shaloshvili

Best of the Week #41

It's time to our best news of this week. We have a lot of graphic and web, a bit of architecture, Ads, tech news, awesome reads and other crazy stuffs! So take a look on the links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, Webdesigner Depot, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML and activeCollab. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! FRIDAY - 11/28 Batman russian rock souvenirs How to Increase Your Rates for the New Year How GitHub used Getting Real to pick a fight, scratch their own itch, and stay lean One Year Later, Too Many People Are Still Using TinyURL Killing Sharing of Grunge Brushes A Short Story About “Back To Top” Links wifi desk by lifegoods The ‘O’ in Obama THURSDAY - 11/27 New Si Scott Work TypeNeu POST: 303 I Can’t Believe Some People Are Still Saying Twitter Isn’t A News Source Touch Typing Pro: Touch Typing Tutorials for men Fedora 10 Officially Released, Ready for Download 'top towers' in são paulo, brazil by königsberger vannucchi See saw Bike Star Palace Accesses the Magic Void Space WEDNESDAY - 11/26 Confirmed: Google was naughty, broke App Store rules with iPhone app Just In Time For the Holidays: Crazy/Cool Japanese Design For All 37signals is the (Lotus, iPhone, Disney) of software Scrabble: eethapnl, naeimsbru, iuragt iPhone PSD Vector Kit Pushing Photoshop to the Limit: 13 Most Advanced tutorials Processing, all grown up. TypeNeu POST: 287 saint etienne biennale 08: sustainable housing Mrs Eaves in Action TextMate productivity tips Chalk series by Michael Neff Graffiti Artist Tasso Google Maps Updates Interface with Emphasis on Street View TUESDAY - 11/25 Served Slimdesk Hides All Your Office Supply Unmentionables The Giant Flip Clock Desktop 15 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts alessi pens by aldo rossi Typographic Madness: 30 Brilliant Piece of Work Model Challenge - The Street Race Skate Shortens Your Commute, Possibly Life Span TypeNeu POST: 284 EuroStar: The Barber Kaloian Toshev updates MONDAY - 11/24 Dog Lamp LED A Swirl of Orange On Air: YouTube Kicks Off Its First Live Event 50 Beautiful Winter Wonderland Photos To Do Tattoo Rihanna x Gucci Most Wanted WordPress Hacks: 11 New Requests (2)

Best of the Week #40 - 50+ big news!

It's time to our best news of this week. We have a lot of graphic and web, a bit of architecture, Ads, tech news, awesome reads and other crazy stuffs! So take a look on the links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML, activeCollab and Theme Forest. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! SATURDAY - 11/22 How would you change Apple's unibody MacBook / MacBook Pro? Planning for Next Year’s Tax Bill deak dezain I ?, You ?, We all ? NY Stand Forget Breathe Acknowledge Observe The Best Render of a Yacht I’ve Ever Seen David Bray - Hand Drawn Illustrations FRIDAY - 11/21 THE JOB: 10 tips to help you leave work earlier, every day Google, It Wasn’t Broke Evernote Passes 500,000 Registered Users, Most of Them On The iPhone Workspace of the Week: A makeshift space Google Launches SearchWiki for Custom-Ordered Search Results [Google] New Screencast: How to Use CSS Sprites 5 Ways To Break Your Design Habits - Just for Fun Have You Taken Your Product for a Test Drive? The Sicksystems 54 Mind-blowing Digital Paintings PHOTO: Who doesn't want to play with this? Totally 20+ Sites to Find Design Inspiration My First Website THURSDAY - 11/20 3 New ISO50 Shirts BlackBerry Storm review 40 Exquisite Independent Film Posters Gmail Updates Its Look, Adds Themes [Screenshot Tour] Living Simply: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Clutter BLKSWAN CREATIVE Rod Hunt Illustrations 20 Twitter Status Design Tutorials, Icons & WP Plugins WEDNESDAY - 11/19 Ruven Afanador Turns iPhone / iPod touch into numeric keypad for your notebook Yang To His Critics: “I Will Always Bleed Purple” A More Useful 404 15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools TUESDAY - 11/18 Bulles HD The week in type: die neue Mario Guevara SuperSpeed USB 3.0 spec officially released, first chipset demonstrated Incase Power Slider for iPhone 3G doubles the juice, lets you sync Drum roll please: Introducing SketchUp 7 See What Your Neighbors Have Uploaded to YouTube New Google Mobile iPhone App with Voice-Recognition Now Available Playstation PSP : Fake boards Showcase Of Clean And Minimalist Designs MONDAY - 11/17 Chocolate Pie Chart A raposa na Petrobras 60 Beautiful Music Videos Inspired-Inspirers Issue 2 Five Best Video Chat Applications [Hive Five] tokyo design week 08: tonerico inc Sifon DG Audrey Kawasaki’s “She Who Dares” Dezignus 2.0 Evolution

Best of the Week #39

It's time to our best news of this week. We have a lot of graphic and web, a bit of architecture, Ads, tech news and other crazy stuffs! So take a look on the links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML, activeCollab and Theme Forest. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! SATURDAY - 11/15 Obama to Address the Nation Each Week on YouTube F5 RE: Fresh Improve Your Google Experience with iPhone Optimized Sites [In Brief] BANDITS GRAPHIKS FRIDAY - 11/14 ‘creative exchange’ by 5th studio Soocial Syncs Gmail, Outlook, Your Cellphone, and More [Contact Management] Pentawards 2008 Talking about logo design #8 Is Apple Building A Search Engine? 50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners Best of the Best THURSDAY - 11/13 ARS ELECTRONICA 2008 on the Behance Network 30 Days Later: 22 Apps We're Still Using 1 Month After Finding Them 25+ Cinema 4D Tutorials for Spectacular Animations 3FS OFFICES When You Scoopy Your Puppy Poopy, Shipoopi! 11 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Freelancing Panettone Zarkozy Music Video WEDNESDAY - 11/12 How to Measure and Evaluate Yourself and Your Work Newspaper Website Design: Trends And Examples Vote For Your Favorite FBFund Apps, Help Them Win Some Cash Kim Holtermand Postage Stamps By Type Designers Google Launches Voice and Video Chat Inside Gmail [Video Chat] Francoise Nielly Profiled Evan Visits the New Nike Store in Emeryville, California Parallels 4 Released, 50% Faster than Parallels 3 TUESDAY - 11/11 Say What? Google Reader Translates Any Feed into Your Native Tongue Surfline Powers Oakley’s Free Surf Report App for iPhone, iPod Touch Pentawards 2008 : The Crème de La Crème of Packaging Design How to Burn Any Video File to a Playable Video DVD [How To] Robert Hunter Seb Lester: Keep It Simple MONDAY - 11/10 swiss army knife chocolate architectural montage art by fillip dujardin Flourished websites louis vuitton opens an impermanent store inside comme des garçons in tokyo Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Windows 7 [Lifehacker Top 10] The Best OBAMA Tee Yet He-man designs by Marko Djurdjevic The New Aston Martin One-77 Clothes Pin and Memory Stick, Why Not? CultureBus logo by Pentagram All of me : Chris Chameleon

Best of the Week #38 - 50+ big news!

It's time to our best news of this week (we could call the Obama's week!). We have a lot of graphic and web, a bit of architecture, Ads, tech news and other crazy stuffs! So take a look on the 50+ links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML, activeCollab and Theme Forest. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! Also, we want to mention Webbynode. Looks like a really cool VPS for those who need a total customizable service that let you manage your webbys more efficiently. And the best: they are looking for beta testers! Check it out at SATURDAY - 11/08 LinkedIn Launches Powerful Events Feature Holding Yourself Accountable, Part Three Microsoft mistakenly reveals 2009 launch target for Windows 7, again Fotostream von themexican Schick Manscaping Helps You Make the Ever-Important Fu Manchu Choice [Grooming] Yuken Teruya. iPhone Photo Flip Clock FRIDAY - 11/07 as real as it gets More 700 Covers for Obama ! 45 Beautiful 3D Typography Designs For Inspiration walking assist device by honda StumbleUpon Takes A Lesson From Digg, Starts Banning Users 10 Useful Marketing Tools For Freelancers How To Find That Elusive Balance Between Work and Life Colours Clock Typeface, a Letterpress Documentary Offf 2009 news & updates! THURSDAY - 11/06 one of these days Erik NatzkeWired NextFest ... (Process) 1 from Erik Natzke on Vimeo. One Size Fits All, Herman Miller Embody Review Meet Firefox private mode How Much Time Should You Spend Working Each Day? we can Amazing Typography in Print Design Strategic Design: 6 Steps For Building Successful Websites WEDNESDAY - 11/05 MVRDV and ADEPT architects 'sky village' wins copenhagen competition The TOP 7 Premium WordPress Themes For FREE Summer Olympics Candidate logos Season Zero | Karma tokyo design week 08: flat bulb by joonhuyn kim Poll: Which OS do you prefer? CNN's holographic freakout begins, seems totally bizarre and unnecessary laceandflora: birds and champagne Stop Motion DayStop Motion Day In the Life of a Born Digital Human from Undercurrent on Vimeo. President-Elect Barack Obama 08 Congratulations D & AD branding awards Firefox Reaches 20% Market Share for First Time Ever Image Caption Design: Simply Elegant or Boldly Graphic? TUESDAY - 11/04 Obama O’s & Cap’n McCains Toby Triumph 25+ Sites that Use Typography As The Only Design Element Wikipedia — Time for a Redesign? Gmail’s New Gadget Support Lets You Remember The Milk Windows 7 installed on a new MacBook Pro, sparks fly The White Obama and the Black McCain UIO: Unidentified Identity Object MONDAY - 11/03 zaha hadid at sonnabend gallery The Graphs: A Free Icon Set mad history - Obey Giant Grooveshark Plays and Embeds Music Signalnoise tutorial: The O series Gest0ert on deviantART

Best of the Week #37 - 50+ big news!

It's time to our best news of this week. A lot of graphic and web, a bit of architecture, Ads, tech news and other crazy stuffs! So take a look on the 50+ links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! Also we want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML, activeCollab and Theme Forest. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! SATURDAY - 11/01 New MacBook Air hits the streets, actually capable of this whole "computing" thing Happy Halloween, From Your Favorite Sites What do you want to do before you die?? Día de los Muertos 10 years and still luving it Microsoft parks "I'm a PC" recording booth outside Apple Store Solaris, Polish Movie Poster: Polish Posters Shop Etsy :: irenesuchocki :: This Bird Has Flown - 8x10 Fine Art Print FRIDAY - 10/31 Workspace of the Week: A garage transformation 10 Creative Designers of the Month October 50 Stunning Examples of a great redesign: My Top Picks 50 Stunning Asian Movie Posters Prototyping with XHTML Eugenio Recuenco PhotographyL Color Paper: A Free WordPress Theme THURSDAY - 10/30 Lux: package design Always Ask Yourself: What Would the Reader Want (WWRW)? Gamers vs. Designers (badges by Supermandolini) harvard university graduate residence by architect kyu sung woo ExpressionEngine Developer’s Toolbox Your Gmail Account is Now An OpenID User Privacy Settings By Geography: A Flickr Study PerfictioN WEDNESDAY - 10/29 New Look Coming at You L’Affiche Moderne Windows 7 to feature GPU acceleration like Apple's Snow Leopard? Google Adds Gadgets To Gmail (Docs And Calendar) Issuu Gets $5 Million Infusion, Adds Features And Premium Version Happy Birthday Hulu. I’m Glad You Guys Didn’t Suck. Typography. I Love Typography, devoted to fonts, typefaces and all things typographical. If the world were a village of 100 people Inspiration: Tom Hingston TUESDAY - 10/28 Carioca Agency’s photography project First Look: Microsoft Office Heads Online with Next Release [Screenshot Tour] Should Arrows be Placed Before Link Text or After? - Fleet Foxes - Frank Fairfield - Sleepy Sun 40 Beautiful Grunge Photoshop Tutorials Rubik Pantone ‘eschmarke’ by s333 Pepsi Re-branding: The Video 8 Tremendously Important Ways That Gratitude Can Change Your Life Vintage Public Canadian design Super Nintendo Quiz Typeface.js - A sIFR Alternative Online Image Editing Suite Aviary Comes Out of Private Beta (Discount for RWW Readers) MONDAY - 10/27 Network Osaka Blogs versus Websites: What’s the Difference? Booooooom & Popdeck design contest. How to Present Yourself Powerfully, Part 1 [Public Speaking] 1000+ FREE High Resolution GIMP Brushes Samulnoli’s Book Case and Hanger Inspiration: Luxembourg’s finest graphic artists Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase

Best of the Week #36 - 50+ big news!

It's time to our best news of this week. A lot of graphic design, like the Pepsi Rebranding, a bit of architecture, tech news and some crazy stuffs! So take a look on the 50+ links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what is going on out there! Also we want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML and activeCollab. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! SATURDAY - 10/25 How to Build a Perfect Bouquet of Words Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects Is Twitter the next Netscape? Travesseiros para os geeks fãs da Apple Giselle Bundchen in GQ Sports Tightie Whities : Fashion Indie : New York Fashion Benjamin Delacour’s Ripped Apart geometry and color $1 SLR FRIDAY - 10/24 'the klein bottle house' by rob mcbride Friday Poll 35 Green and Earthy Photoshop Effects 50 Beautiful Blog Designs Cruz: A Smart, Multi-Pane Browser Gmail Gets Graphic: When ;) just won't cut it Google Maps Tells You Where to Vote [Election] Princes Gate CrisVector V.3 THURSDAY - 10/23 No problem Jeff Kulak Sunday Type: mightier type Google Analytics Gets a Major Ugrade (AdSense, Custom Reports, API, Bubble Charts) Why Platforms Are Letting Us Down - And What They Should Do About It Beautiful Examples of Moleskine Art women POST: 225 Android Video Reviews from AppVee How to Make a Magazine-Style Homepage with Drupal, Pt 1 WEDNESDAY - 10/22 Designers for Barack Obama : a selection of 50 posters design German scientists think LEDs are the new Botox 50+ Ways to Improve Your Productivity as a Freelancer Creative User Interfaces in Modern Web Design Ginger Monkey Design - Design Showcase - Ashton Court Festival zaha hadid designs shoes for lacoste Add Google Calendar and Reader to Your Gmail Get Smart: 12 Free Educational Resources for Web Workers TUESDAY - 10/21 This iPod is Full of Air Working From Home: The Readers Respond 10 Reasons Why Joost's New Service Fails Pepsi Rebranding Does Your Website Suffer From These 7 Usability Mistakes? Microsoft U Rank: Personalize Your Search Results The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions The Giants Never Sleep on Flickr - Photo Sharing! A Closer Look at Fennec, the Mobile Firefox Browser Architectural Photography Inspiration 50’s and 60’s American Concept Cars MONDAY - 10/20 How to Use Strategic SEO Email The Lego Apple Store - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Curbed: Curbed Marketplace: Weekend Open House Roundup sterling ruby at raf simons boutique, tokyo AIGA, What About the Web Designers? Amy Winehouse Zombie A New Way to Bike Obama in Art Motorola is Really Getting Jazzed About That Android Social Networking Phone Five Screens of Jailbroken iPhone Apps

Best of the Week #34

This week we've got lots of inspiration from design and architecture, great readings about technologies and other amazing crazy stuff! Also we want to give a big thanks to our sponsors: Mosso, W3-Markup, PSD2HTML and activeCollab. An special mention to Drupal Value Hosting for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo! SATURDAY - 10/11 Self Destruction Kinsey updates. Designious Vector Pack Giveaway Is There Anything You Wish CSS Could Do? 15 Designer/Developers Sound Off GizMag Web 31 Vector rules! Wegmans logo goes back to the future FRIDAY - 10/10 | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | contest Moda Home Collection for Micasa by Adriana Barra HandMadeFont Logbook: Keep your Backpack Journal up to date from your Mac menu bar Clean Your Workspace—and Keep it That Way [Workspace] the paykar bonyan panel factory by arad Don't judge a bottle by its label... New Macbooks: It’s On Content-Aware Scaling Rarindra Prakarsa 1b.jpg (JPEG Image, 533x700 pixels) THURSDAY - 10/09 TouchType Makes iPhone Email Better With Landscape Mode Focus to Plan Your Business Future Vodafone's BlackBerry Storm art department all soon to be fired Google Health: Do a Search And Call Me in The Morning... Finance and Applications: A Free Icon Set Overcoming the Bad Economy as a Designer Substancja updates venice architecture biennale 08: next-gene 20 - kyle chia-kai yang Yee-Haw American Letterpress the economist - oh fuck! - netzkobold - viral, buzz and word-of-mouth marketing That’s a lot of Black Rubber 'dancing trees, singing birds' by hiroshi nakamura WEDNESDAY - 10/08 The Mac Meets Windows Dual-Desktop [Featured Desktop] 10 Tips for Getting More Personal Interaction as a Freelancer Armin Hofmann Organize Your Team with Collabtive Alex Pardee Nosso Dinheiro Através dos Tempos: 500reis_verso PSDTUTS First Brush Pack Is Available Exclusively to PLUS Members New MacBook spy shots? Retro and Vintage In Modern Web Design TUESDAY - 10/07 YouTube Gets Theater View for Long Videos [YouTube] Sunday type: kokoro type Semantic Search Engine Hakia Now Says It Can Filter Results By How Credible They Are 7 Ingredients Of Good Corporate Design ADIDAS : ICE CREAM FOR FREE™ Is Facebook Becoming MySpace? heat queensland environmental architects The Little People - A tiny street art project MONDAY - 10/06 How Usable is Your Copy? 25 Amazing Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials Congress Finally Gets Why The Google Deal Is So Bad Barcode Design 15 High Quality Premium-Like Free WordPress Themes Wyeth Hansen MyCokeRewards Delivers Unrewarding Mobile Experience Folha Top 10’s Travel Guides: London, New York, Paris WSJ: “No Summary” is Not Better than No Summary

Best of the Week #33

This week I was moving in to a new place and was a big mess, it took me 2 days, totally ofline, enough to get millions of unread posts in my RSS reader. At least I could get some time to read the pick the best articles for the best of the week. It's not a big list, like the last week's one, so you can drop us comments with some good articles I've missed. I wouldn't feel so guilty :) SATURDAY - 10/04 sky?lines Obama campaign creates an iPhone App Once you go Mac, you never go back Grain Edit 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway The nicest driving school site ever! CALL FOR ENTRIES FRIDAY - 10/03 Win A Copy of the Juxtapoz Tattoo Book! Incredible Custom Shoes Designs basque health department headquarters by coll-barreu arquitectos What a typeface says AIGA Get Out The Vote Posters Simple steps for organizing a home office Lamborghini Estoque First Look at Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" Beta [Screenshot Tour] Vintage Playboy Limited Obama Print from Burlesque Design x Upper Playground Art show at Fast Times 12 Pantene: Brunette, Blond Changethethought™ | The Print Work of Changethethought Adrian Johnson interview Virtual French Insanity “le zoom le zoom” Hanging Hard Drives NEW PRINT! - The Reminder TUESDAY - 09/30 Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time, 2008 Edition Designers For Obama 10 Creative Designers of the Month September ‘jon burgerman: pens are my friends’ Stand-Alone W3C-HTML-Validator für Mac OS X Finally, You Can Create Spreadsheets On Your iPhone Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects Colors for Health MONDAY - 09/29 Fiat 500 - Ferrari Edition First Look: Heart Monitor designboom interview: massimiliano fuksas NOW-SHOWING-1.jpg (image) 60 Concert Posters From Ten Amazing Artists In Quotes Displays What Politicians Said About a Keyword [Politics] Interested in Branding and Identity Design? You HAVE to bookmark IdentityWorks. Common Traits of Bad Web Design Declaration of Human Rights ..: sex | drink | fun :.. Fits My Hand Just Right Skoda Superb: Balloons Useless Deities and Demigods on the Behance Network 1211012416_6b679e138a_o.jpg (image)

Best of the Week #32 - 60+ big news!

We have started this week talking about G1, the Google Phone, after that, the subject was the release of the New Adobe CS4, we've also heard about the Myspace Music and the deal Google+Yahoo. Then we've finished the week with the news about the Twitter Election, you may look that. Between these great news we bring a lot of inspiration and references to improve your skills! Enjoy, people! SATURDAY - 09/27 colorisforhippies Yahoo, We Can’t Afford A Monopoly In Search Advertising Even If It Kills You Reap the benefits of your hard work Digg Valued At $175 Million In Latest Funding Forget Vista: 10 OSes That Could Change Your World From Gym to Apartment Blackbook M FRIDAY - 09/26 Bored Night : Famous Musicians Legolized Twitter's Election Site: A Sign of What's to Come? The Last Desk You Will Ever Own Browser Speed Tests: The Compiled, Up-to-Date Results [Performance Tests] FAT - Bathroom Sweet Vote for Change Posters by Thunderdog Sisters Ad of the day: Diesel SFW XXX THURSDAY - 09/25 25 Tasty 3D Graphic Design Treats Part 2 | You the Designer Reading Blogs at Work: Why You Should Do It & How You Can Make it Worthwhile R40 Photoshop Tutorials On Rain Showers and Water Drops Google-Yahoo Ad Deal - The Facts (According to Google) What Does "Beta" Mean to You? [Ask The Readers] Aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pros Spotted? Big in Japan The Best Mouse You've Ever Had [What You Said] VM Buildings : Kim Høltermand - Photography Sony Ericsson trying to not destroy Earth with "GreenHeart" concept 54 Humorvolle Und Ausgefallene Werbideen Perfekt In Szene Gesetzt! » Humor, Kreative Werbung, Werbung » WEDNESDAY - 09/24 MySpace Music Launches Tonight and It Looks Very Cool Top 20 Greasemonkey Scripts to Boost Your Google Experience This is a Superior Machine CS4 Gets Official Drupal Developer’s Toolbox Found Shit : Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures & Videos - Page 5 JDVoiceMail Creates Ultra-Compressed Recordings for Email [Featured Windows Download] Getting Creative With Javascript: 15 Websites With Cool Slider and Scrollers Form Follows Email Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the bus… Find Out Where a Username is Already Registered [Identity] Third Eye pinhole camera exposes the dead, mocks the living How to Respect Yourself When You Aren’t Perfect Touching The Android: It’s No iPhone, But It’s Close More Chairs? No Problem. Let Me Fold Some Up. TUESDAY - 09/23 Les Edwards The T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Unveiled, Can it Beat the iPhone? 28 ways to be a better designer Has Google gotten better? The Google Phone yellow-orwell-postcard-front-small.jpg (JPEG Image, 440x308 pixels) Ad of the day: PlayStation 3 Tea is Drunk to Forget the Din of the World MONDAY - 09/22 lace apartments by ofis architecture Lego Art 29 awesome websites to promote your web based applications 45 Explosively Colorful Photoshop Effects Jay 1975 Logitech’s MX Air Wants to Fly Cli-ché Abstract Wallpaper in Pixelmator Best of the Best: The Hive Five Winners [Hive Five] Metamorphosis Black Rose Aroma Coffee

Best of the Week #31

This week we select a bunch of links to you and with a great diversity of subjects. You will see nice references from FFFFFound, some amazing architecture buildings around the world, a bit of gadgets and a lot more. Always the Best of the week! FRIDAY - 09/19 It’s a Bathub. No it’s a Chair. Wait What? John Hodgman: PC, iPhone user The Vertical Bed -- never coming to an IKEA near you Joe Ledbetter’s Hammerhead Oh, My God! Holy Friday Post!!! Finally: Joost Now Available on the Web THURSDAY - 09/18 Yahoo Adds Playable Music Clips to Results [Yahoo] Dial your iPhone with Bakelite SGN cria jogo de golf para iPhone com jogabilidade à la Nintendo Wii iPhone Cupcakes = So. Much. WIN. « Pixel Bits MadinSpain’08 Ten-Point Manifesto on How to Work Better [Habits] Find the Right Credit Card at BillShrink [Credit Card] Recent scenes from North Korea - The Big Picture - Styx Underwear: We are not getting into your ass Bob Dylan using Drupal WEDNESDAY - 09/17 A Well-Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep 50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire // wellmedicated Will Font Embedding Ever Become A Reality? Google to Acquire Valve? Jeep When is an illustration more than an illustration? Ark 10 Websites with huge list of resources for web designers and developers Duck Billed Helicopter Saves Lifes Light-Painting : Piano Player Glass Fireplace by Bloch-Design | Trendir 575951220462410.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 438x700 Pixel) TUESDAY - 09/16 GM's Chevy Volt finally really unveiled, for real Let's Talk, Si Scott Battle of the Beta Browser Built-In Features [Lifehacker Faceoff] Utilize Space Efficiently for a Better UI Learn Photoshop in One Week [Photoshop] StairCase The Digital Office Part 1: Hardware & Gadgets Gmail Labs Adds Forgotten Attachment Detector [Gmail] Epilogue:Terrabyte Tokyo Twilight Zone "Paste Modernism" Goes Down in Sydney, Australia Hamper is the Washing Machine HP announces the TouchSmart IQ800 series MONDAY - 09/15 Mascot Design In Real Time Order - the SOSFactory Way Cesar Moreno Best Buy acquires Napster for $121 million '56 leonard street' by herzog and de meuron Nike Evolve Campaign CSS Typography: Contrast Techniques, Tutorials and Best Practices Why Tea Is Healthier Than Water [Drinks] old roofs, new brochure. iPhone Modem Tethers Jailbroken iPhones [Iphone 2.0] Recent Work: MailChimp Apparel Design on the Behance Network new university of oxford building by wilkinson eyre architects

Best of the Week #30

I'm a bit disappointed this week. My desire to get a new Mac was delayed. Apple just released new iPod's, but there was no news about new Macs at the "Let's Rock" event! Nevertheless, I'm not that disappointed, because this week we had amazing stuff to show you; such as design, ads, gadgets, tech news, and much...much more. I hope you enjoy guys! SATURDAY - 09/13 Leica trots out D-LUX 4, C-LUX 3 and M8.2 digital cameras Yammer is TC50 Winner - This is a Joke? Right? The Leading Package Design Blog: Student Work: Peared Eraser gum Tips for Wearing Multiple Hats FRIDAY - 09/12 Porn Mode Coming to Firefox Measures Your Bandwidth and More [Bandwidth] Round Three Winners! I scream, you scream… Friday again!!! Work is over! Switch off!! Microsoft airs second ad, campaign makes sense Print Club 10 Ways to Take Design Action and Make a Positive Difference in the World Five Ways to Use Social Media to Reach People Who Don't Use Social Media Dude, Where's My App? 10 Web Apps We Wish Hadn't Disappeared valentina by guido crepax exhibition at triennale milan THURSDAY - 09/11 Triviagasm: The Large Hadron Collider Will Gobble Up The Earth (Or Maybe Just France) 75 (Really) Useful JavaScript Techniques Gmail Labs Adds Three New Reply Features [Gmail] westside shopping and leisure center by daniel libeskind iPod Touch 2.0 Has Bluetooth, FM radio Retro Cosmic on the Behance Network fabrica launches new objects for the peggy guggenheim collection 96k™ | Creative boutique WEDNESDAY - 09/10 Cheers: A Free “Social” Icon Set The Fleet of Doom Playboy For The Blind - Featured Image on BuzzFeed Poll: New iPods vs. new Zunes, what're you buying? Esquire E-Ink TC50: AlfaBetic Translates Your Blog For A Worldwide Audience, Free of Charge 20 Firefox Add-ons to Enhance your Web Development Featured Artist: Chadwick Trammell Inspire me, now! TUESDAY - 09/09 iPod classic refreshed, only comes in 120GB flavor now Official: iPod nano reaches 4G, looks tall for its age iPod touch updated -- same screen, new case, Nike+ integration Microsoft's BlueTrack mice are here -- laser bids a tearful goodbye Microsoft kicks out Wireless Laser Desktop 6000, Media Desktop 1000 Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects Fishbowl With a Handle Mats Ottdal The Evolution of National Flags Smashing Magazine 2nd Anniversary poster MONDAY - 09/08 The Ultimate List of Custom Ubiquity Verbs RWW Predictions: Browser Wars 2.0 AT&T Logo Redesign Discussion VW Should Bring Back The Microbus And Make It Electric 20+ Inspiring Pixel Artists, Tutorials, and Resources Inspiration: Print & Pattern

Best of the Week #29

This Best of the Week could be all about Google Chrome. But you probably have already read a lot about it, even here on Abduzeedo. Because of that, we decided to feature a collection of different subjects for your inspiration. Looking forward, we are all waiting for next week; specifically September 9th, and wondering what Apple and Microsoft will bring us.SATURDAY - 09/06 25 Font Management Tools Reviewed Word Processing: Most of You Still Use Desktop Software Agressive Carlos Cano Veritocracy = Digg + Techmeme (500 Invites) Building powerful and robust websites with Drupal 6 book Screenshots And Video Of The New Joost FRIDAY - 09/05 Drop IE6 Support — Give People a Reason to Upgrade Why Should Freelancers Use Mind Mapping? Neatorama » Blog Archive » The Skateboard Stairs Friday! Out of work!! Go home!!! End of the Week! Amanda Visell Custom KidRobot Dunny Show MINI: Braking parachute THURSDAY - 09/04 Ekspresja Redd's DelliPack: A Free Icon Set the Car-bike Pixelmator 1.2.3 and Tempo Beta Oktapodi Reef n’ Beef: Pig, Chicken, Cow FF Meta Serif Microsite WEDNESDAY - 09/03 40 Creative Design Layouts: Getting Out Of The Box Marconi ELAC's MicroSUB 2010 BT: the most rumbling Rubik's Cube you ever did see Thinner Table +KN | Kitsune Noir » Bad Design Destroys by Tenfold Colelctive Logo “UnionStamp” 9 Ways to Enjoy Freelancing More 712 styl V&A museum buys the original rolling stones logo for 92,500 USD TUESDAY - 09/02 Richard Fang Apple event for next Tuesday, the 9th Vote : Good design Boombox Backpack 220+ Stunning Creative Skateboard Graphics How to Create a Mobile Site with MoFuse HackCollege's Back-to-School Essential Student Know-How [Back To School] MONDAY - 09/01 Exército de Salvação: Skin No Joke: Google Introduces The Chrome Browser With A Cartoon Supplementing Your Freelance Career With Blogging and Expert Content HP Rebranding Milky Way Campaign Let's Talk, Benny Gold ‘unsui’ by n maeda atelier Websites You Shouldn’t Have Missed in August 2008 Simon Dominic Brewer Quiksilver: Deep Blue Well Designed E-commerce Websites Emo for Obama! Editor: David Parrott

Best of the Week #28

After the past Geek Week, this I will call it Inspirational Week! Great articles to read, inspire and organize your life, lots of graphic design inspiration, and of course, for web design we have amazing references to boost your blog! Enjoy guys. FRIDAY - 08/29 10 Creative Designers of the Month August table, chairs and radiators by lucy merchant Obama vs McCain: Tshirt Competition Friday? Again??? Let’s start with girls and robots! 10 Weblog Engines Reviewed When To Use Magazine-Style Themes For Blogs? Ashton Kutcher Is Pretty Excited To Launch Blah Girls At TechCrunch50 Nivea: Goodbye Cellulite Sofa Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects THURSDAY - 08/28 Inspiration: Logos by Saul Bass poul nielsen fitness Launch: Status A Tribute To Herb Lubalin Microsoft's new "Blue Track" mouse spotted? WEDNESDAY - 08/27 Microsoft trying to spoil Apple's September 9th party with new Bluetrack technology? 7 Little Habits That Can Change Your Life, and How to Form Them Paper Hanger New Book and Skate Deck from Alex Pardee & In-Store Signing Yep, We Redesigned Back to School: 10 Great Web Apps for College Students A Bad Day for Apple: Banned iPhone Ads, Embarrassing Security Hole, and a Censored Comic Illustration Class 101 Learn by Example BBC logo design evolution sp10.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 379x487 Pixel) Cologne Bonn Airport signs TUESDAY - 08/26 Ubiquity: this is a big deal Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo. Google Will Now Manage Your Website’s Ads How Simple Web Design Helps Your Business Adium Releases Major Upgrade to Popular IM Service Changethethought Posters 40 Dark and Futuristic Photoshop Effects Table in a box 4 Years Later, Google Suggest Finally Goes Primetime Sony Walkman: Sydney, New York, London Six Lessons I Could Only Learn by Letting My Blog Go MONDAY - 08/25 30 Free High Quality Wordpress Themes Life’s Enough: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Digg Takes Your Questions To The Conventions Fuck Art Ride Bikes Lush Type New Kindle rumor revived, this time with a collegiate twist 45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos Using Shadows to Improve the Usability of Menus and Windows Illustrated typography showcase Purpose Flying Birds Silhouettes When Nature Calls, Nature Inspired Websites

Best of the Week #26

I think this is the biggest list we've ever done. This week despite the fact we don't have any amazing new launch or a big news, we can bring to you a lot of awesome links. You'll see funny, creativity, design, architecture and some great reads. Let me know if I've missed a good link and share with us! SATURDAY - 08/16 Google Turns On AdSense For Feeds Last.FM Needs More Than A Redesign To Catch Up To Imeem Werk updates 2008 Gina TexturePacks Apply a texture to an object Logo Design Inspiration: 54 Creative Logos Hand-picked From Logopond World’s Most Counterfeited Fashion Brand FRIDAY - 08/15 Ampersands With Attitude Phelps Wins Olympics Twitter Is Down… The Street Twitter Is Down… The Street Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo. Trey Ratcliff Workspace of the Week: Perfect spaces Mountain Dew’s Green Label Art 2008 Are You Designing for the Smaller Screen? THURSDAY - 08/15 CO2Stats Compensates For Your Site’s Pollution Will Horizontal Layouts Return? Apple Now Worth More Than Google Google Reader Now Lets You Share Selectively Top 10 CSS Table Designs 10 Awesome, Contemporary Character Designs 'machine head' by n maeda atelier nike (burguer) air max 90 by olle hemmendorff Green Concept Cars by The Royal College Of Arts Dipity’s Archaeologist Provides Timeline of Digg Articles for any Keyword WEDNESDAY - 08/13 DevSnippets has Officially Launched with a $4600 Contest Prizes 3rd. edition of the Boardgame Festival. Spain Interview with David Leggett / Tutorial9 Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into a Multi-Room Wireless Music Remote Top 10 Killer Photoshop Combo Moves 10 Handwritten fonts you can't miss OZEANEUM highresolution textures Learn Illustrator CS3 in 30 Days TUESDAY - 08/12 The Spirit Trailer Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS The next 37signals Live: Wednesday, August 13 at 11:00am central Top 5 Most Inspirational Videos on YouTube 36 Font Resources You Should Have in Your Bookmarks Hand-drawn floral type illu_darkside_01.jpg (JPEG Image, 804x486 pixels) I Can Vector Too Yay Hooray | Best use of Live Journal (Official) MONDAY - 08/11 5 Useful Coding Solutions For Designers and Developers Smoke & Mirrors Top 5 Graphic Design Forums Is Facebook the Most Popular Social Bookmarking Service on the Web? richard rogers retrospective exhibition and graphic design CBS Interactive To Change Its Colors. And Cnet Tests A New Design With Blogs Top And Center. Why Twitter Hasn’t Failed: The Power Of Audience Adobe Photoshop: 50+ High Quality .PSD Files and Tutorials livingstones by stéphanie marin Tulipan Condoms Print Ad Where The Shadows Come To Play

Best of the Week #25

You are not a fan of exercise, right? But wait, now it's time to the Olympic Games of Beijing, and this is your chance to know a perfect sport for you to get a healthful life. This week, besides a lot of design links, we're bringing to you some links about this one of the biggest event of the world. So enjoy the list and try to change your habits! SATURDAY - 08/09 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Bloglines: Now With Advertising Cymbolism andrea pininfarina 1957 - 2008 spans - exhibition: viaducts, bridges and walkways FRIDAY - 08/08 QUEEN Poll: What Should Be Done About The "I Am Rich" App? china's central tv headquarters facade complete by oma fluidesign badashell clothing designing minds julia hoffmann THURSDAY - 08/07 Minimalist Fitness: How to Get In Lean Shape With Little or No Equipment How to get the most out of the 2008 Olympic Games 50 Photoshop Tutorials For Sky and Space Effects 8-8-08 'onigiri house' by nks architects citizen opens pop-up shop Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Ads Passing the Torch Wireframe of Toyota Corolla Design Showcase Of Creative Online-Shops We’re Changing Our Name - Meet Envato Digg Debuts Its First Firefox 3 Extension Digg Firefox 3 Extension from Kevin Rose on Vimeo. Home-built Batman Tumbler invades the suburbs WEDNESDAY - 08/06 Create a Citrus Fruit Design From Scratch in Photoshop 'timeless watch' by ondrej vaclavik » 24 Unforgettable Advertisements Shopping Cart Bonanza 10 free fonts that don’t suck Mike Mitchell Jesus is my Homeboy TUESDAY - 08/05 What's Your Vision of the Future of the Web? Mozilla Wants to Know The best of the nest Delta to add WiFi to all domestic planes in 2009 Design Inspiration | 27 Attractive Movie Poster Designs of the Year 2008 Beijing Night Life: Natives, Streets, Girls, Clubs Offerings and Everydaylife Portraits MONDAY - 08/04 Inspiring Work Environments Tomer Hanuka The Future of Blogging Revealed products for the single guy The Best Designed Websites Made in Russia iRing Controls Your iPod Mobile Web Wars Videos: Does Anybody Care About Android? Joshua Budich - NEW PRINTS now available! 35 Beautiful Music Album Covers Five Amazing Color Palette Generators 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry #2 Talking about logo design #3 Jules Julien Beijing 2008

Best of the Week #24

July is past and it was a really good month, because of that we've chosen for this week lots of links. Of course, we've got awesome news and design references such as the new Delicious, the launch of Cuil and the Fabio Sasso's interview, the guy behind Abduzeedo, at the Fuel Your Creativity. Enjoy our best of the week! FRIDAY - 08/01 Three Stop Motion Animators Breaking Free of Outlook Sponsored Post: JobPress Wordpress theme It’s Friday!!! Stop working, nerds! A Small Study Of Big Blogs: Further Findings THUESDAY - 07/31 The Book of Surfing The Modern Architecture Pop-Up Book Delicious 2.0 Launches. Really. It Totally Launched New Recommendation System = 40 Percent More Diggs Welcome To The Mobile Web, Now Here Come The Viruses? Frank Chimero Posters So Fresh and So GREEN!! Twitter Versus Plurk: The UI Advantage si scott talk at the AIGA/NY absolut bellas artes / fine arts WEDNESDAY - 07/30 Yahoo Exec Makes Yuil: Looks Like Cuil, With Better Results FUTURORG Drinking from a Drop August Wallpaper at Smashing Magazine The Secret of Writing Funny Gisele Bündchen & Gwen Stefani in Photos of Mert and Marcus Skip Business School and Get Your "Personal MBA" [Self Education] THURSDAY - 07/29 Mojave Experiment Three Na Massa Pair Up! Cucku Lets You Swap Data With A Backup Buddy PSDTUTS Photoshop Wiki Launch Contest! new work by marian bantjes Lego Sports City Recreates 2008 Beijing Olympics Vivid Imagery In Modern Web Design The Survey, 2008 new TAB t-shirts: 2008 tokyo collection #4 world's tallest lego tower record MONDAY - 07/28 Design Inspiration - 20 Beautiful Coke Art Illustrations 200+ Free Grunge Photoshop Brushes 3D Transform a Colorful Cube Design Cuil: Good, But Not Great Fireplays Fireplays from Jon Thomas on Vimeo. Political Grids Interview with Fabio Sasso 17 Websites to Boost Your Designer Profile 50 Beautiful Feminine Illustrations and Artworks The Top 40 4 Of 5 Posters You Should Really Hang On The Wall 20 Cool CSS Zen Garden Designs blood in blood out by floor wesseling