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Typography Lover by Pablo Alfieri aka Playful

Typography Lover by Pablo Alfieri aka Playful

October 11, 2012 from AoiroStudio's blog

From Buenos Aires in Argentina, Pablo Alfieri also known as Playful, is art director and graphic designer characterized by a constant search of simplicity in geometrics shapes a mix between chaos and order of structures a visual impact of...

Worldwide Photography #24:Buenos Aires

June 23, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Worldwide Photography is a series of posts where every week we're going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right above their pictures. Today...

Awesome Character Illustrations by Pablo Lobato

July 15, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Pablo Lobato is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soon after finishing his studies, Pablo started working as a graphic designer for different magazines. This, however, only lasted five years, since total...