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Levi's Orange Tab Pays Homage to the 70s

Levi's Orange Tab Pays Homage to the 70s

August 18, 2013 from ibby's blog

I just returned from a weekend celebrating the revival of Levi's Vintage Clothing's Orange Tab Collection. I remember nabbing a pair of my dad's Orange Tab's and making them my own back in high school. They were without a doubt my favorite...

Sound Design: Move To The Beat

February 25, 2012 from Gustavo Guiotto's blog

Coca-Cola launched its marketing campaign for the London 2012 Olympics The campaign introducing British music producer Mark Ronson as the creative linchpin of a global effort called "Move to the Beat" that will bring together music, youth...

Super Creative Ad Campaigns by Lorenzo Vitturi

July 11, 2011 from paul0v2's blog

In the world of Advertising creativity is everything and Lorenzo Vitturi sure knows how to pull it off. Born in Venice, Italy, Lorenzo is a photographer/designer with a lot of experience and an amazing portifolio. Check out what and how he...

Beautiful Photos from Arezzo's Campaigns

December 10, 2009 from GisMullr's blog

Arezzo is a famous shoes and accessories brand here in Brazil, and their campaigns are really awesome. The photographs are always beautifully produced, very creative and sometimes a bit surreal. This way we are always waiting for their...

10 Awesome Ad Campaigns

May 05, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

If you looking for a good inspiration with a mix of good design, a lot of creativity and great digital art skills. You will definitely find a bit of everything on these awesome ad campaigns, creating ads today it's a great challenge,...

EVO Unique Campaigns and Packaging

May 04, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

EVO is a hair care brand that has a very unique style, personality and culture. Changing the 'more than the same' language and approach for its industry is the main speciality of EVO, and they are very successful with that. Their products...

Amazing Ad Campaigns

April 07, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

I hand picked this ad campaigns from behance network to give you the best graphic inspiration with great samples of amazing designs, great use of colors, unbelievable photoshop skills and much more can be found in this ads.