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Entertaining End Credits: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Entertaining End Credits: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs…

March 23, 2015 from ibby's blog

We've featured the talented animator Pete Oswald here on Abduzeedo before and are excited to share some of his recent collaborative work we stumbled upon. Enter the comedic end titles to the hilarious and highly entertaining Cloudy with a...
Cartoon Characters by Shane

Cartoon Characters by Shane

February 23, 2015 from paul0v2's blog

Shane is a young Illustrator from Paris with some amazing skills. These cartoon characters look like tattoo designs and each piece has something special. Check them out.
Marvellous Artworks by Bibo X

Marvellous Artworks by Bibo X

December 30, 2014 from PauloGabriel's blog

Here at Abduzeedo we get to see a lot of amazing artworks. Like an infinity of it... in every possible style one may imagine. But very few times I get totally excited by an artist like I got for Bibo X. He's a Chinese artist with a wide...
Endearing Illustrations by James Gilleard

Endearing Illustrations by James Gilleard

October 22, 2014 from AoiroStudio's blog

James Gilleard is an illustrator and animator based in London, United Kingdom. Heavily passionate about old cartoons, especially 1950s animations, pulp comics, 1960s culture and more. James is crafting his art through a variety of themes...
Greatest Rides by Ido Yehimovitz

The Greatest Rides by Ido Yehimovitz

May 15, 2014 from abduzeedo's blog

Ido Yehimovitz is an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel and he created an awesome collection of vehicles from movies and TV shows that he used to like in his childhood to present day. He will keep adding more cars but the set that he put...
Cartoon Network Summer New Look

Cartoon Network Summer New Look

June 18, 2013 from abduzeedo's blog

You're not the only one refreshing your look for summer. Courtesy of its in-house creative agency Creative Group, Cartoon Network received a summer makeover, with a new set of brightly colored images and a video seamlessly blending the...
Collection of Adventure Time Fanarts

Collection of Adventure Time Fanarts

October 29, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Adventure Time have become on of the most popular animated series of the last 5 years. Picturing some really weird and psychodelic stories of the last human boy and his talking shape-shifting dog friend in the land of Ooo. Even though this...

Interview with Skinny Andy

July 30, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Today I have the pleasure to show this in depth interview with Skinny Andy, a really skillful and talented illustrator. Andy was kind enough to show his perspective on illustration, life and other issues. Hope you guys enjoy it. For more...

Interview with Anton Emdin

July 16, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Today we have the great pleasure to interview one of the top cartoonist from Australia, please welcom Anton Emdin. He told us more about his creative process, lifestyle and perspective on life and career, hope you guys like it. You can see...

Create Courage, The Cowardly Dog in Illustrator

February 26, 2012 from marcos333's blog

I don't know about you guys, but Cartoon Network was like the Disney of the Tv channels when I was a kid, such a big range of awesome series and characters. So today I decided to pick one of them and highlight on a tutorial. I know some of...

Beginner Tutorial: Create Dexter on illustrator

October 23, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Hi everyone, I decided to insert some nostalgia on today's tutorial. Since I'm a guy born in the early 90s, I thought sharing how to draw Dexter would be really interesting and fun. If you've ever watched Cartoon Network you'll probably...

Geometric Illustrations by Guillaumit

February 09, 2011 from abduzeedo's blog

Guillaumit is an illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer from France. His work combine geometric forms , rigid color scheme and and funny cartoons characters, trying to build an universe both ludic and meaningful. For more...