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Badass Vector Works by 123Klan

Badass Vector Works by 123Klan

June 17, 2013 from AoiroStudio's blog

123Klan is a French graffiti crew now based in Montreal, Qc of Canada. Since 1994, 123Klan have worked and have been specializing in character illustration, branding, toy design, and touring the world one wall after another. Their client...
Outstanding Illustrations by Mr. Doyle

Outstanding Illustrations by Mr. Doyle

March 29, 2013 from marcos333's blog

Timothy Doyle aka. Mr. Doyle is a illustrator and owner of a screen printing studio called Nakatomi Inc. in Austin, Texas. Now I gotta say I hardly see someone who could blend traditional media with digital media in a way you can really...
Fluffy Characters by Becky Dreistadt

Fluffy Characters by Becky Dreistadt

March 12, 2013 from marcos333's blog

Becky Dreistadt is a exceptional illustrator that works in partnership with her husband to create the most fluffy and cute illustrations and their own comic strip:"The Tiny Kitten Teeth". Working on many traditional techniques to give life...
Famous Characters by Crabamoustache

Famous Characters by Crabamoustache

March 11, 2013 from marcos333's blog

Today I'm introducing to you some awesome cartoonish illustrations made by Arnauld Hilmarcher aka. Crabamoustache. Arnauld is a french illustrator and animator based in Paris with a really interesting and almost geometric retro style,...
Famous Characters by Josh Sumamana

Famous Characters by Josh Sumamana

March 04, 2013 from marcos333's blog

I always impressed about artists that get to make illustrations about famous characters, it's really fun to see their personal touch on their versions. I stumbled on the work of Josh Summana while wandering through DeviantArt galleries and...
Cute and Adorable Artworks by Erin Hunting

Cute and Adorable Artworks by Erin Hunting

February 25, 2013 from marcos333's blog

Today I would like to introduce you guys to this really interesting illustrator, Erin Hunting. Having a specialization in character design, Erin can range from the cute creatures from her imagination to incredible versions of famous...
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

January 28, 2013 from AoiroStudio's blog

Created in the 90s by Mike Pondsmith and based on the system of Cyberpunk 2020. CD Projekt RED...
A little conversation with Christopher Lee

A Little Conversation with Christopher Lee

October 30, 2012 from marcos333's blog

A little conversation with Christopher Lee Some weeks ago, we featured some projects from Christopher Lee on our blog . I got really hooked on his style and ideas, so I decided to invite him to make this interview. Chris was kind enough to...
Awesome Illustration and character design by Christopher Lee

Awesome Illustration and character design by Christopher Lee

October 04, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

We post about illustrator and illustrations because it's a such versatile field. There are all sorts of styles and, we dare to say, that everything is possible especially when we see the work of guys like Christopher Lee. Christopher Lee...

Create a Badass Hip Hop Character in Illustrator

August 07, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Hi everyone, after a hiatus of almost three months without writing any tutorial I'm finally back and, as usuaI, I have a good exercise to share with you guys. Today we're going to draw this badass hip hop character that I got inspired by...

Character Designs by Jira Jiramakorn

May 29, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Character Design is one emerging discipline on the last decade, since brands started noticing that characters were a better way to communicate with their consumers than just simple advertisement. Jira Jiramakorn is one of the prominent...

Fantastic Character Design by Arnold Tsang

December 16, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

One of the best ways to see how talented an artist is, is actually by checking the characters he/she develops. Of course some might come from commissions, but still, you get a pretty good notion of how good someone is.

Awesome 3D Characters

February 22, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

From time to time we really need to updated you guys with the latest 3D works made by the awesome artists from CGSociety. It's just amazing how creative and badass these pieces are, really worth taking a look. These were made by various...

Geometric Illustrations by Guillaumit

February 09, 2011 from abduzeedo's blog

Guillaumit is an illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer from France. His work combine geometric forms , rigid color scheme and and funny cartoons characters, trying to build an universe both ludic and meaningful. For more...

Character Design Inspiration by Reevolver

December 02, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Salvador Ramirez Madriz also known as Reevolver is an conceptual artist and illustrator from Mexico, he has an amazing style especially with character design. So in this post I will share with you some of his artworks. For more information...