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Inspiring Shots of Christmas

December 22, 2011 from paul0v2's blog

Christmas is in the air, so I went to dribbble to select the best of what the design community is sharing about Christmas. Still time to make something nice for this Christmas. Enjoy!

Create a Merry Christmas Zombie Poster in Illustrator

December 24, 2010 from marcos333's blog

It's almost Christmas time and so we decided to make a cool Illustrator tutorial as a gift for you guys. Today we are going to learn how to make this Zombie Santa Claus Christmas Poster using some simple tips. I hope you like it. Step 1

Logo Design: Christmas

December 23, 2010 from PauloGabriel's blog

The Logo Design series is up and running! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had a post on CMYK logos... today it's all about Christmas logos!

4th Birthday, Christmas Giveaways & AbductedDeals

December 16, 2010 from nathanbweller's blog

As you probably guessed from the title of this post, Abduzeedo is coming up on its 4th Birthday. Which begs the question, “What are you doing for your birthday Abduzeedo?!” Good question. But before we talk about the future, lets remember...

Merry Christmas from Abduzeedo

December 25, 2009 from amanda's blog

I love winter! Cuddling up by the fire with loved ones, and maybe a good book and some eggnog too. Oh, and of course watching cute romantic Christmas movies! My favorite :) If you weren't able to make it home for Christmas this year and be...

Christmas Wallpaper

December 24, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

It's Christmas time and nothing better than changing the desktop wallpaper to celebrate. I've been using the wallpaper I created for the last tutorial using Cinema 4D and Photoshop and now I want to share it with you in different...

Abduzeedo's Christmas Wishlist

December 22, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

It's that time of year that everyone got their own wishes and expectations for this Christmas. We are no different, so each team member of abduzeedo wrote a 5 item list of our wishes for this Christmas. It's a super cool list full of crazy...

65+ Beautiful Christmas Icons

December 16, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

When Christmas is near is that moment when you realize just how fast the year went thru. This has been a great year for us... and also for design. There were tons of great stuff all over the web, and to celebrate it, and Abduzeedo's...

Christmas Photography

December 24, 2008 from PauloGabriel's blog

I know that many people out there think the holidays are too depressing... but hey, it is actually about joy, love and all good things, that's for sure. And nothing better to capture these great moments as taking some christmas pictures!...

Inspiration: Christmas Ads

December 04, 2008 from paul0v2's blog

We all know it's that time of year, when santa comes around and every brand puts him up on their ad to help sell more, here is a good selection I made of christmas ads to get the spirit going.