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Designers Against Child Slavery

December 14, 2010 from PauloGabriel's blog

Designers Against Child Slavery is a Design Collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the sex trade. We want to see how effective artists can be when they start breaking the boundaries of culture, race,...

Voyage: New Evoke's Exhibition

November 05, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Evoke is an online art, music, design, and photography collective founded in June 2005 by Justin Bristow, Sean Graham, and Ted Yavuzkurt, Evoke began as a youthful online boutique art community. As numerous talented artists and designers...

Funkrush Blackrock Collective Card Deck + Abduzeedo Discount

September 08, 2010 from aloa's blog

We have been showing Funkrush stuff several times but this one deserves another article. 54 artistic little designs for your enjoyment are the reason for todays Funkrush promotion.

Le Cirque Des Couleurs by SlashTHREE

June 22, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

SlashTHREE, one of our favorite collectives out there has a new exhibition, their 14th to be more precise, and it's called “Le Cirque Des Couleurs”. The theme invited the artists to not only to explore their brighter and more vibrant side...

Unleashed - SlashTHREE 13th Exhibition

February 27, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

The super cool SlashTHREE collective presents us its 13th exhibition entitled "Unleashed". As the name suggests the artists had freedom to create and unleash all their imagination to come up with over 70 fantastic arts.

Super Cool Artwork from Massivelighter

July 23, 2009 from Sanid's blog

We all know the superb art collective depthCORE and other ones great ones. So I decided to feature a fresh new art collection called "massivelighter" with really amazing pieces in their first art pack with the title " RED...