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Movember Typography Contest

Movember Typography Contest (UPDATE)

It's November! We are in collaboration with the awesome guys from Movember and Movember Canada for a Typography Contest that will be happening throughout the month with wicked prizes just for you guys. More details below. Knowledge is power. Prevention is everything. Early detection is key. Learn about the health issues men face and how Movember is having an impact on men’s health. All Rights to Movember About MOVEMBER The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. The Movember Foundation challenges men to grow moustaches during Movember (formerly known as November), to spark conversation and raise vital funds for its men’s health programs. To date, 4 million moustaches have been grown worldwide, but we won't stop growing as long as serious men’s health issues exist. More about: UPDATE: The Winners We've received so many great submissions, it wasn't easy to find the winners but here they are. Congratulations and thank you everyone for participating! 1. lujancarloz 2. bbaumgartner86 3. niteeshyadav Rules 1. To enter is simple, create your typographic entry by using any quotes related to Movember. Here's a few examples: • Grow that Mo • Made in Movember • Quality Local Grown • Honk if you're Hairy Rules 1. To enter is simple, create your typographic entry by using any quotes related to Movember. Here's a few examples: • Grow that Mo • Made in Movember • Quality Local Grown • Honk if you're Hairy 2. Submit your entry to our RAWZ or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #abdzmo All submissions will be judge by the Abduzeedo and Movember Team. All Rights to Movember Prizes There will be 3 winners in total and the first (1st) will get the: • Shout out on Movember Canada Social • Skull Candy Headphones • Mo Collection Series (Sweater, T-Shirt, Hat) • Mo Scarf • And More… Deadline You have until November 30 (Contest Ended) to submit your entry. We will announce the winners in the following week. Good Luck and don't forget to grow that MO! All Rights to Movember All Rights to Movember Links Learn more about Movember: Follow Movember Canada on Twitter:

Final Prizes from the Pixelist Instagram Contest

Final Prizes from the Pixelist Instagram Contest

Hey, guys! This week I've received the feedback from the folks at Pixelist about the finished prizes! Yes! We're gonna take a nice look at the final paintings, and the winnning folks will see their prizes right now! If you don't know what we're talking about, it's good for you to check out the Pixelist Instagram Photography Contest post! It's all explained there, but just for you to know, Pixelist ( is an awesome service where actual artists will turn your Instagram pictures into actual handmade paintings. Pixelist came from a love of all things custom and creative. We spent years designing our own clothes, shoes, furniture, and art and hunting for the best craftspeople to bring them to life. So we were naturally attracted to the idea of using Instagram to revive commissioned painting. So here are the final paintings: 1st place - 20x20" oil painting A photo posted by ART IS THE WEAPON (@vampirehoney) on Nov 11, 2013 at 2:26pm PSTFinal painting 2nd place - 15x15" oil painting A photo posted by Carlos Martínez (@cmartinezes) on May 5, 2014 at 11:33pm PDTFinal painting 3rd place - 12x12" oil painting A photo posted by Mario Foresta (@averageblur) on Oct 10, 2014 at 11:49am PDTFinal painting So these are the final paintings, which will definitely look great hanging in each winner's wall! Soon enough I'll have one too. So remember to check out the Pixelist website for more of their great work! Cheers. ;)

Pixelist Instagram Photography Contest - Winners

Pixelist Instagram Photography Contest - Winners

Hi, everyone! Our Instagram photography contest in partnership with Pixelist has come to an end. We are all very excited because we got tons of great entries to the contest! The folks at Pixelist were thrilled to see so many great images being submitted. It was really hard to pick the winners, but it had to be done. This contest wouldn't be possible without the amazing work done by the artists at Pixelist. Read more about the work at Pixelist ( Pixelist came from a love of all things custom and creative. We spent years designing our own clothes, shoes, furniture, and art and hunting for the best craftspeople to bring them to life. So we were naturally attracted to the idea of using Instagram to revive commissioned painting. An example of Pixelist's work. WINNERS So enough with the chit-chat and let's move forward and actually announce the winners! But there's a huge surprise we didn't announce before. Originally the 3rd place would win 30% off in any purchase at Pixelist. But the Pixelist team was super kind and will now give the 3rd place a 12x12" oil painting! So all winners get paintings! Cool, right? So here are the winners: 1st place - 20x20" oil painting A photo posted by ART IS THE WEAPON (@vampirehoney) on Nov 11, 2013 at 2:26pm PST2nd place - 15x15" oil painting A photo posted by Carlos Martínez (@cmartinezes) on May 5, 2014 at 11:33pm PDT3rd place - 12x12" oil painting A photo posted by Mario Foresta (@averageblur) on Oct 10, 2014 at 11:49am PDTCongratulations to all 3! We'll contact you guys to get things going as soon as possible. Also, we're glad to all of those who were interested enough to take their time to submit pictures. It was a privilege to check your images, because we're sure that you submitted those important to you, those you'd hang on your walls. Some submissions And for appreciation sake here are some of the submissions! Don't forget to check all of them at Instagram under the hashtag 'abdzpixelist' or simply click here.

Pixelist Instagram Photography Contest

Pixelist Instagram Photography Contest

Hey, guys! Great news for everyone because today we're starting a brand new awesome contest here at Abduzeedo! This one is for photographers everywhere, because our buddies at Pixelist - an awesome service where a group of artists translates Instagram photographs into canvas - are going to giveaway a handmade oil painting to 2 lucky - and obviously talented - people. Read more about the work at Pixelist ( Pixelist came from a love of all things custom and creative. We spent years designing our own clothes, shoes, furniture, and art and hunting for the best craftspeople to bring them to life. So we were naturally attracted to the idea of using Instagram to revive commissioned painting. An example of Pixelist's work. Customers often ask about our artists: where they’re from, if they’re students or professionals, how well they are paid, etc. We now use about 20 artists on a consistent basis. Most are based around Xiamen, a relatively wealthy city on China’s southeastern coast that is known for fine art and crafts. Nearly all of them studied at art universities and have years of professional experience. We pay our artists well – anywhere from a quarter to a third of the cost of a painting. Another third or so goes to marketing and promotion and we use the rest to pay ourselves and keep the lights on. No one is getting rich from Pixelist quite yet. We're so thrilled to get this going! Here are the rules: RULES 1. Submit your entries to Instagram (you may submit as many as you want); 2. Include the phrase "I want this picture to become an oil painting by @pixelistart #abdzpixelist". Please, double check to get the hashtag right, because that's how we're going to find your entries! Images will be evaluated by the Abduzeedo and Pixelist teams! THE PRIZES 1st place - 20x20" oil painting ($309 worth prize); 2nd place - 15x15" oil painting ($189 worth prize); 3rd place - a coupon for 30% off in any purchase at Pixelist! DEADLINE Submissions were closed on October, 16th. The winner will be announced on October, 23rd. And of course, don't forget to share your entries with your Facebook friends and to like Abduzeedo's page to get updates on this contest! The winner will also be announced there! Check out this video to see the process! Check out some of the latest entries! We are excited to see your entries! Good luck to you all! PS.: For see more of Pixelist's works, you may visit their Tumblr blog!

Facebook Cover Contest Result

Facebook Cover Contest Result

Thank you to everyone who participated on this content, it was great to get everyone involved to practice some design skills and have some fun doing this cover. We are very happy with the outcome and will provably do this again soon. It was though to pick a winner out of so many cool designs, but our team voted and we have selected our favorite submissions and the winner of the content Our Favorites Michal Šiška Lukas Krämer Andrés Gallego Morales Enrique López-Yáñez Sáenz Balázs Kaczper Sergej Alibali Brian Fisher The Winner Nicholas Mouhot We are very happy with the outcome and will provably do this again soon, and if you one of our favorites, you may see your work up on facebook soon or later ;)

Facebook Cover Contest Entries

Facebook Cover Contest Entries

Our Facebook Cover Contest is officially closed, thanks to everyone who participated! Here are all the entries for the contest, we will analyze all the entries and pick the best one to announce the winners next week, check them out. If you submitted an entry and your work is not here is because your image did not have the right size proportions that were set on the contest details (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall). Next time take 2min to read the details. Let us know which ones you like the best. Michal Šiška Camila Andrade Jijo Joseph Villanassery Gyan Lakhwani Stefan Dl André Petry Viktor Šulák Rodney King Snr Charles Gaud Jess Mägdefrau Berkmans K. Johnson Caê Penna Matthew Roche Mattia Bericchia Callum Forster Simone Saveri Sid Johnson Cameron Hutchinson Hatim Katawala Garry Hannah Alberto Arlandi Joe Dawson Jr. Sergej Alibali Anya Voloshin Łukasz Sadowski Nicholas Mouhot Deivid Sáenz Jaz Gulati Randy DaSilva Enrique López-Yáñez Sáenz Kwong Sham Kevin Boonekamp Andrés Gallego Morales Samuel Parra Lukas Krämer Alberto Gómez Andrea Vaduva Amy Smulders Lucas Rasera Miranda Roberto Puente Brian Fisher Shane Bain Yassine Kadri Hussein Abdullah Vince Arnaud Hamed Darvishian Kostis Ace Rich Lemonie Arun Raj Bruna Silva Thomas Olofsson Marco Verges Jad Abou Zeki Kellye Hazlitt Balázs Kaczper Nadem Nisar Paulo Hoeven David Amgad Diogo Sampaio Annan Cci Greenheart Bhushan Joshi Eleni Mistrioti Billy Harris Julie Heffernan Jed Cooper Renaldo Pringle HM Miguel Ángel

Facebook Cover Content

Facebook Cover Contest

Would you like to design our next Facebook Cover? Here is your change to design our Facebook Cover and have your work seen by thousands daily. Are you in? It's been a while since we do any contests and we know you guys love to design and create awesome stuff so why not let you design our facebook cover photo. Be creative, you can do anything you like, no need to use our logo just be creative. Abduzeedo Facebook Page CONTEST DETAILS Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. Only one submission by each person Submissions must be sent as a Message to our Abduzeedo Facebook Page The contest will close down by the end of Monday Sep 16th so no submissions on Tuesday. By next Tuesday Sept 17th we will post here all submissions so we can all check the works of everyone and the winner will be announced by the end of that week. Any questions please ask here on the comment area.

ABDZ Sticker Contest: The Winners

So, after a really tough time trying to decide thru 251 entries, we finally got the three lucky guys who won. I would like to thank every contestants who took part on this, you all done great, hopefully we will do another contest on similar guidelines pretty soon, cheers! The Winners First Place: nairbnorb Second Place: neilhanvey Third Place: heinenstroodle > The other 5 best: pidzotto chRis_gfx EightyDeuceDesign hetch666 davecwongart Bonus! Even If you guys didn't won the contest, please don't get mad at us, because we are giving a special discount to our readers: Sticker Printing Discount If you'd like to get stickers printed, All contestants get a special discount on Sticker Robot by using the coupon code "ABDUZEEDO" in your shopping cart. Thanks everybody, you done great!

ABDZ Sticker Contest: The Submissions (Updated)

I'm proud to announce that Abduzeedo + Sticker + Hydro 74 contest got over 200 entries, that's almost a record in terms of contest on our website, thanks everyone who submited your artwork. As we had little a problem on getting all the submissions previously, we will announce the winners on April 30th, for now I will leave you guys all this awesome submissions. monking_meclips987JasonWStanleyShaunAtkinsonTo The Moon StudiosVasileios StergioudisvelozobasSaliniaPIDZOTTOHETCH666steve.schiavelloheinenstroodleCax OneAtekaAveckJasonWStanleyEightyDeuceDesignMethod99CRYPTIC THIRTEENMAT.21AtekaAveckNina PalombaMethod99TrikymikfoleyMr. ChanchoAtekaAvecknairbnorbCapsomanEightyDeuceDesignJkellamvelozobasphycogusmisnopalesartneilhanveyDaveyJones1134phycogusJamesHugochRis_gfxz0mbiMr. Chanchosdownie_1975Ali CastroHolyninjasErnesto C.Simon-Says-CreativepolyesterdressknotitlanPatrick Sean GibsonSideShowDesignHolyninjasjoshua rhodessolidoxygenLSPhantomSnail_ArtneilhanveynairbnorbPhotocoyotelog.oldmisnopalesartErnesto C.REKONE (AKA REK607) *ISCE*neilhanvey?NERD(Not trading)STANDARD 574littdesignsODesigngraphicsneilhanveyE1 the Design Mercenarylog.oldwariiosammy.shogunideas_RickVisuarteKoujkinxzseppixjoeyr446MyFrenchCurvesGapemoblinkokadam broelittdesignsASheatsjimmyvdeogiklo-hipedgehipthinkgcdjberealDesign Philled…MikeBrandeenexisK. []Social KlubdrfreakynutzZabedisiOksana TarasovaefedementeDarthKurtenBradley T.MosesPranataafrothunder4205BillukeCax OnedavecwongartDefseOneDKHLAChow08anthorn305havemercyerasusAlchaezn0l1nInkfallPsylenceArtPlayful GorillaatomicwhalebombhebdavpePlayful GorillaBenji_LuosThanks again everyone, you did great!

Last Week: Abdz + Sticker Robot + Hydro74 Contest

For the first time Abdz is doing a contest in partnership with an artist and a sticker brand, just in case you don't know both, let me introduce you to them. About Sticker Robot Sticker Robot it's a top notch Sticker company, producing the best and most extraordinary genres of sticker you will ever see. Working mainly with silk screen, their printing technique can make any sticker dream you have come true. Hydro 74 (Joshua Smith) Hydro74 is a Orlando based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. The soul purpose of my career is to push the boundries in doing what I feel is relevant to the market as well as extract various elements and trends to be able to offer them up in my own personal work. But let's be honest. I do what I love because I love it. Not because I have to do it, nor am forced to do it, but rather passionate about doing what I do. I firmly believe in having set style tones, yet a sense of diversity to make any various project unique to the demands that are set forth (Hydro's website). How it works Your design can be anything you wish, but do it only on BW. First step is to download the working template here(supplied as illustrator eps and photoshop tiff files). The design should be black and white. The dimensions for the sticker are 3" x 3" and must be at least 300dpi and must be designed in the CMYK color mode. When entering your design to the pool on Flickr, save it as a 72 dpi Jpeg 500 X 500 pixels and name it "Abdz Sticker - name of the art". The theme The artworks should be all black and white, a little reverence to our friend Hydro 74. Besides that, the theme is free, just watch out for the colors. The prizes First place: Pixelmator license, 1000 stickers of the winner's design, 1 poster and 15 fonts from Hydro 74's collection. Second place: Abdz Book, 500 stickers of the winner's design and 10 fonts by Hydro 74. Third place: 250 stickers of the winner's design and 5 fonts by Hydro 74. The other 5 best artworks: Stickerobot pop culture parody pack and Hydro74 sticker selection. Deadline The deadline is April 1, 2012. Please read the instructions on how to submit your entry. You can enter up to five designs. The winning entries will be posted on Abduzeedo, Sticker Robot and Bonus Discount All Abdz readers got a special discount till the end of the contest on Sticker Robot store by using the coupon code ABDUZEEDO in your shopping cart.

Sticker Robot Contest Winners

It is finally time to announce the winners of the contest. The prompt was to "come up with something clever which references a well-known person/event/meme or whatever, from 2010. The more recognizable and clever the better." And I feel like we got some really cool submissions. Here are our top three... First Place - Design submitted by Jhonatan Bracho. He wins 1,000 stickers of the above design! Second Place - Design submitted by Chris Gerringer He wins 500 stickers of the above design. Third Place - Design submitted by Simon Stutts He wins the sticker robot pop culture parody pack. **Winners: Please email me your mailing address at so I can pass it on to sticker robot and get your prizes to you!** Thank you to everyone who participated, I love doing these design contests and seeing all the talent in this community. I'm looking forward to a great year of fun stuff in 2011!

The World Collabs #6 - Submissions

For this contest Abduzeedo provides you with a Photoshop design from an acknowledged artist you can collab with. For more information about the full contest please visit The World Collabs #6 - with Magomed Dovjenko article. The starting piece by Magomed Docjenko http://IAMMAGO.COM What do you think are the best submissions? Write a comment and talk about it with the community The Submissions 01 - Michael Ostermann 02 - Stefan Nießmann 03 - Tato 04 - Houke de Kwant 05 - Mikkel Schrøder Dysted 06 - Dominik Wisniewski 07 - Jhonatan Bracho 08 - Ivan Vashchenko 09 - Savannah Scharroo 10 - Samora Bennett-Gager 11 - Markus Baier 12 - Simon Cogen

Winner of Official Landy Cognac & Snoop Dogg Challenge

After viewing hundreds of great and very creative submissions, Snoop made his decision and hand picked the winning commercial brought to us by Nicolas, from Lyon, France. Remember, remember, back in August we held a collaborative project with Landy Cognac & Snoop Dogg. Abduzeedo provided you with official "Snoop Dogg Green Screen Footage". The goal was to create a new commercial for Landy Cognac. Congratulation to the winner Nicolas Dorettini, a 26 year-old motion designer from France. He runs a french inspiration blog called Find out more about him on his website Winning Commercial Interview with the winning designer

The World Collabs #4 - Submissions

A Few month ago we started our new monthly design contest called "The World Collabs". For those of you who havent heared about it: It's a designing challenge that lets you collaborate with the best designers of the world. For the month July we got Joao Oliveira to work with you. Here are the Submissions. For this contest Abduzeedo provides you with a Photoshop design from an acknowledged artist you can collab with. For more information about the full contest please visit The World Collabs #4 - with Joao Oliveira article. The starting piece by Joao Oliveira What do you think are the best submissions? Write a comment and talk about it with the community The Submissions 01 - Seba Andaur 02 - Erick Diaz 03 - Leena Parvin 04 - Stefan Hanreich 05 - Stephen Calvillo 06 - Joakim Olaussen 07 - FKSD 08 - Andres Corrales 09 - Jason Butch 10 - Michael O. 11 - Derek Brown 12 - xyphid 13 - Eric Vasquez 14 - Bebo Service 15 - Sanne Terpstra 16 - Patrik Hjelm 17 - Marko Stanojevic 18 - Andreas Hummel 19 - Mitchell Tran 20 - The Root Out 21 - Radu Chelariu 22 - Unwana essien 23 - Mat MacQuarrie 24 - virus vizarre 25 - Kevin Compeer/h2> 26 - Husam Elfaki 27 - Luis Afonso 28 - Bruno Naoki 29 - Makhsut 30 - CT 31 - adrian piciorea 32 - Brandon Maxwell 33 - Rolando Lorceh 34 - &Bloom 35 - Roberto Gamito 36 - Luca Molnar 37 - Thibault Jorge 38 - Teela Cunningham 39 - Sleep Zero 40 - Andrew Emerson 41 - Dimi Arhontidis 42 - Stephen Lam 43 - Niels van Hoeckel 44 - Isaac Stott 45 - Dustin Kemper 46 - Wojciech Kienzler 47 - Zeekay Design 48 - Vanguard 49 - Dobák Zsolt 50 - Ross Becker 51 - Rupinder Singh 52 - Izzat Rahmat 53 - Toon Kostermans 54 - Mácsár Tamás 55 - SUBJECT10 56 - Dan Phillips 57 - Alejandro Rosado Rivial 58 - Ravioli 59 - Bruce Davidson 60 - David Rodríguez 61 - Nicolas Loureiro 62 - Jess Whitehead 63 - Nicolò Rigobello 64 - Riccardo Sabatini 65 - Patrick de Gula 66 - Emilio Fos 67 - Blanche 68 - Gustavo Silveira Serra 69 - Conrado Arduini 70 - mkamla 71 - Andy Peninger 72 - Matthew Tso 73 - Silz. 74 - Ramon Thompson 75 - RC Espedido 76 - Grzegorz Filipek 77 - makinola 78 - Martins "kic" Legzdins 79 - Plasma_Wolf 80 - Kadylla Kadylla 81 - Matthew Mackay 82 - Ian Houghton 83 - Richard Davies 84 - Michelangelo Mistretta 85 - Javier Montañés Esquíroz 86 - Nico Gamer 87 - Zero Concept Thanks to every designer who took part at this contest. You keep us alive.

Official Snoop Dogg Landy Challenge

Our aim is always to inspire you to become the greatest artist in the world. Now lets see if you are skilled enough to design Snoop Dogg's next commercial for cognac brand Landy. At Abduzeedo it has always been our goal to help the community get inspired, learn new techniques, educate themselves, and get a view into the world of art. Our plans are to enlarge our section from fact topics to more interactive contests. We have been organizing design competitions for quite a while, but we recently had the breakthrough with our monthly collaborative contest "The World Collabs". Now, for the first time, we offer you a challenge where you can prove your knowledge in motion design. Abduzeedo, Landy Cognac and Snoop Dogg presents: About the contest: This is a collaborative project between Abduzeedo, Landy Cognac & Snoop Dogg. The goal is to create a new commercial for Landy Cognac. Enter your email address in the form below and we'll provide you with the green screen footage of Snoop Dogg's Landy Cognac commercial. Now it is up to you to create a well designed and interesting advertisement. - The contest will run from August 16 - September 13. - You will find all files in the download link Prize: - Your video will serve as the official Landy Cognac Commercial The winner will be chosen by Snoop Dogg himself. There will be a full marketing campaign for the realease of the official video. It will also be serviced virally through the Abduzeedo, Landy Cognac & Snoop Dogg website, as well as all over the Snoop Dogg & Landy SNP sites, reaching an audience of over 3 million. - You will also receive a Landy Cognac Prize Pack The Prize Pack will include merchandise from Snoop Dogg and Landy Cognac Enter the contest 1. Enter your email adress and download the Snoop Dogg video footage. 2. Edit it into your own commercial and upload to your Vimeo or YouTube pages. 3. Send an email to with the link to your video and following details ( name, contact phone, email & location) The contest is over. No submissions will be accepted.

Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle Highlights

This past July Abduzeedo put on our first offline event. Despite the fact that I was pretty nervous about how it would turn out, it actually went really well. A lot of people showed up and now we're planning to organize another battle in another city, or maybe even another country. The Photoshop Battle consisted of eight designers battling it out to take home the title of Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle World Champion. We'd draw a subject in which the contestants would have to design a wallpaper in 30 minutes. Even though that's a pretty short time to create something cool, the final results were stunning. After almost seven hours of dispute, we had our first Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle World Champion: Cássio Braga. Below you can check out a video by John Arlington with the highlights of the event, (in which John was kind enough to include English subtitles for all you non-Portuguese speakers out there.) Youtube Vimeo Abduzeedo - Battle of Photoshop from Alexandre Guterres on Vimeo. For more information about the event visit

The World Collabs #3 - with James White

Abduzeedo takes pride in being one of the worlds leading design blogs. Having interviewed a bulk of the most infamous creative geniuses, we want to use our potential to introduce a new star on the Abduzeedo stage …YOU. This is our third contest for The World Collabs. Our new cutting edge Abduzeedo collaboration project, which will give you the possibility to collaborate and compete with the worlds leading designers and artists. What is "The World Collabs"? "The World Collabs" will give you the possibility to work with PSD files of established artists. TWC gives you a secret in-view in the workflow of the stars and catapults you miles forward in your journey to design heaven. This way you learn to practice with different shapes, backgrounds, patterns brushes and new styles. Every month we will offer you an unfinished piece of an experienced and accredited graphic designer to the world. The piece will be unfinished, so you can complete the PSD-file with your very own style. This way every month you can collaborate with the best designers of the world. The final pieces will be judged by the Abduzeedo Team and the artist himself. The three best works will be rewarded with prizes. Prize 1. $ 200 (send via PayPal), an approval for an original collaboration with the artist and a feature on Abduzeedo 2. $ 100 (send via PayPal) 3. A Single Version of image editing program Pixelmator (worth 59 $) 4. A Copy of the Logo Book "Lords of Logos" (worth 55 $) Artist of July: James White I am very proud to present the artists for our third Collaboration post: James White. In his 11-year career he worked for a number of professional companies performing both web and print design, gaining experience through a wide variety of projects and clients, both large and small. He is one of our favorites at Abduzeedo and has been featured in numerous articles and interviews ( Interview: James White ). I have always been pursuing my personal design and art projects on my own time. This led to me creating, my personal art blog which serves as a conduit to the global art community and has become a source for spreading inspiration, process and technical information. This eventually grew into an online store where I sell my posters to people all over the world. Take part at the contest This is an independent design contest with endless possibilities to finish this piece. There are just three simple steps to take part. 1. Download the PSD-File; 2. Push your creativity beyond boundaries and finish the design; 3. Send the link or the final image to aloa[at] or @obstgemuese; By taking part at this contest you give us permission to use your image for Abduzeedo's showcases. Remember: - Last day of submitting is July 25th; - Don't change size, but feel free to rotate the image; - Leave the logo, so we recognize it as an entry; - Let us see that it's a collaboration. We will award you for your ability to work with someone elses design. Featured Design - July Download the .PSD file here Want to be the next featured artists? You think you are skilled enough to be the featured artist for the next months TWC. We follow some simple rules, when choosing a new piece. - You are an energized designer with lot of motivation; - Your designs have your very unique style; - You only use files which are completely copyright free; If you are interested, please write an email to aloa[at]