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The Zee's typeface, step by step

In 2006 we renewed the brand of our company, Zee. One of our goals was to create a really unique typeface, I mean a custom face that couldn't be bought or easily found. Thinking about that we had two options: modify an existing typeface or create one from the scratch. After some search to fonts we decided to follow our second option and design a font from nothing, or barely nothing, because we had some thoughts about what we wanted. The idea of the font is really basic, a module that we could repeat it as many as possible to create the whole alphabet. That was what we did. For the module we chose a circle and picked a quarter of it. With the module choosen we started creating some characters, in our case, many characters were just the rotation of a font such as E, A, 9, 6. 9, 6, A, and E are the same character rotated or mirrored. The same happens to C, L, J, O... There were some characters that needed more attention like the V, W, T, K. The V and W are cool while the T, I think, needs some improvements. The main goal of this typeface was to be the ZEE' logo, as the name has basically 2 characters and with the E done, the Z was the most complicated one. It had to be different and cool. The Z took a lot of time to be done, it's a mix of the A with the 8. The whole alphabet was created, however there are some issues like kering, spacing, and a lot of special characters to be created if I want to distribute it as a font, though I'm creating the TTF file with what I have done so far, and as soon as I finish it I will put it here to download. There are some letters that still need some adjustments, such as the Q,Y, and 4. Despite the fact that the alphabet is not totally done, this font has been used since last year as the ZEE's logo. One thing that the font really needs is a name. Please if you have a suggestiong let me know. Zee's website and its logo with the zFont. Technorati Profile

Logos and their Meanings

This site has good stuff, as they ask, ever wondered what company logos mean and whats the significance behind them? Wonder no more! show some logos and theirs meanings like the Amazon's logo, I always wanted to know what that arrow means, and the explanation is really cool. You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it says that has everything from a to z and it also represents the smile brought to the customer's face. If you want to know more about logos and their meanings you have to check that out. powered by performancing firefox