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Nostalgia the 27th Exhibition by Evoke One

Just recently, the online group of amazing artists, Evoke One shared their first exhibition of 2012 and their 27th exhibition entitled Nostalgia. They once again did a incredible job experimenting and making a stunning set of artworks, pictures and music. I hope you will enjoy them! Our 27th release, Nostalgia, brings a dynamic collection of art, photography, and music. The term "Nostalgia" was interpreted in a unique manner amongst our international roster. Feelings of sorrow, felicity, and childhood memories were ignited within and translated into ethereal works of art. We even journeyed back into EvokeOne's past by creating our "Nostalgia" type group collaboration that was directed by Brandon Spahn For more information about Evoke One and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Evoke One on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @evokeone. Papermoon Disaster by Anthony Giacomino, Parker Gibson, James Merrill, Anthony Gargasz, Ted Yavuzkurt & Parker Peterson Nostalgia by Ricardo Juarez, Parker Gibson, Daniel Kong, Berthjan Achterop, Anthony Gargasz, Brandon Spahn, Alastair Temple, Parker Peterson, Ian Steele, H. Dyst Winterson, EJ Dalupang & Sahir Khan Fading by Ricardo Juarez & Tyler Lehman Yuko Haru by Ricardo Juarez XXVII by EJ Dalupang The Changing of Seasons by Brandon Spahn Summoned by Parker Gibson Subject Matter by Maebh Costello Seven Lives by Vigan Tafili Sentiment by Khyzyl Saleem Portrait of Nostalgia by Berthjan Achterop Pharaoh by Brandon Spahn Pays de Nostalgie by Nastasia Peters Memories in Time by Maebh Costello Le Temps by Loic Sattler Last Minutes by Leonk Last Hope by Leonk Ice Cold by Aaron Campbell Fleeting Memories by Alastair Temple Dark Voyage by Leonk Constructing a Dream by Brandon Spahn Building an Entity by Brandon Spahn Autumn's breath by Liran Szeiman Agony of my Past by Brandon Spahn

Introducing Digital Artist Sebastian Andaur

Sebastian Andaur is a young 17 years old self-taught digital artist from Chile of South America. Loving colours since he was born, Sebastian was first introduced to Photoshop when he was only 12 years old. Now he works with a variety of techniques, styles and colours; all coming together to create his own visual world in every piece. Let's keep an eye on Sebastian who will surely show us a lot more in a near future. For more information about Sebastian Andaur, you can visit his website at and check out his Behance and follow him on Twitter @andaurstudios. Collaboration with Chris Halderman Collaboration with Chris Halderman Collaboration with Chris Halderman

The Eclectic Work of Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary freelance art director, designer and illustrator, currently based in London. Through the years of crafting himself and his career he has experimented with almost every style and discipline in the book and still continue to try new techniques and mediums on a regular basis. He has built up a vast set of skills ranging from graphic design, illustration and typography to motion graphics, 3d, photography and web design. He believes that we are constantly learning, and that his portfolio shows his eclectic mix of mediums, styles and aesthetics. All That's Left II NewPage Hot Pursuit Time is a great healer Sink Veer: Creative Catalyst Veer: Creative Catalyst Timelapse from Mike Harrison on Vimeo. Every 2nd Counts College of Charleston For more information visit:

Mysterious and Beautiful Digital Paintings by Xhxix

In a time where getting exposure and a name on the market it's almost a obligation for any artist, some still rather stay mysterious. Some people may hate this posture, as some may hate Banksy for being anonymous. But the truth is that only when the artist is out of focus, we can truly appreciate his art. And for that I must say I highly appreciate the digital art of Xhxix, despite the fact I don't know quite nothing about him and the reason why he do it. You can see more of his artworks at his Website

Beautiful Digital Art by Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas is a digital artist and photographer based in London, UK. With a strong use of colour and negative space, Ben thrives his style with a juxtaposition of highly layered elements and wide open spaces. Being published and worked with most of the fluent brands out there, Ben will not cease to inspire us. For more information about Ben Thomas, you can visit his website at and check out his photography site at and follow him on Twitter @iambenthomas. Photography

New Interview with Archan Nair

Archan Nair is a really kind person and one of the top notch digital artists nowadays. This is actually our second interview with him, as we always like to know more and more about him and all his knowledge thru this years working on the creative field. Hope this conversation will be useful and enjoyable for you guys. If you want to know more about Archan, please acess his Website. 1) First of all I would like to thank you for doing this interview, it's an honor for us to present more about you to our readers. I would like to start asking you about when your interest for digital art and illustration began. Thank you so much for having me again on abduzeedo and making me a part of this ever growing creative spirit here.The honor is mine .. and I am really glad to be back after a few years and sharing my journey with all the beautiful creators and co-creators. I began working in the fashion industry around 2002, when I joined my family’s apparel manufacturing company with absolutely no formal training. Around Mid 2006 I started dabbling with a bit of photoshop, and was basically having fun everyday.. earlier days it seemed really fun and joy to create, but as I was exploring more, I started becoming really serious with creating and expressing myself through the digital medium. In about a year, I finally decided to pursue my love , to do what I really enjoy from the deepest corner of my heart, and to start my own studio where I could create all the time. It has been an incredible trip since then. 2) Which artists do you use for reference? I admire a lot of artists, but usually in other fields of art like music or sculpture. I love a lot of visual artists also , but I never use any as reference. I really love artists or creators who are truly original in their style and just do what they love doing. and it really shows in their work. 3) People recognize you for doing some really intense and colorful mixed media art, a aesthetic that influenced a lot of designers and art directors on the last 5 years. How did you develop this style and how would you describe it? I feel that the colours come so naturally to me, and that our culture has a major influence in the way I use my vivid compositions. It is definitely not a conscious effort, but it seems to be embedded deep within me.My inspirations comes from everything around me, life as usual. Conversations, music, movies, realizations, anything which could really inspire me at a particular moment would motivate me to express myself through that channel , and while expressing them on a manasic plane I translate them through vibrant love. 4) Describe us a bit of your creative process. I love experimenting. and I get bored very easily .. so I always need new ways to innovate and create. When I am creating my subconscious always reminds me of how much more can I explore.. I usually would start an artwork by beginning with water colours to create a base, and then paint digitally. Print the artwork on a canvas and use acrylic paints, pens and markers for line art drawings, 3D objects or even scraps , and experiment with traditional and digital medias on and off the entire process , even images or anything which I would connect with during the creation of the artwork, until I feel I am ready. 5)You latest artworks seem to have a great influence of traditional illustration, more specific from watercolors and some abstract paintings. Do you use to mix this medias? What you think about mastering traditional methods? Oh yes absolutely. I love working with different medias. As I have progressed in this journey over the last few years, I have started loving different mediums of expressing myself and trying to merge them into 1 composition, that is really exciting me now. I am not sure about mastering, as I feel no one can master anything, as every process is infinite and never-ending, so even those we term as masters are still learning and doing new things too. I feel that no matter which media we create on, we should just love creating , irrespective of the media.. and if someone is inclined towards a particular genre, he or she should try it out. 6) How do you describe your daily routine? Sure. Well, I have no timetable as I don't follow time anymore, so I am creating all the time. I wake up early mornings usually and create , Love tingling my senses with great food. love dining out, watching movies with the family and friends. Love exploring sound and creating music, trying to spin both the sound and visual energies with each other now and absolutely loving it. 7) Which is your favorite piece so far? I feel all my works are a true part of my being, my energy and all are my true expressions.. so selecting a piece or a few pieces is really very difficult, as they all have contributed to really connect me with my true self, and still help me grow and find answers everyday. Every one of them are my babies and really really special. I love them all! 8) Tell us five lessons you believe are really important - I feel its important to really seek , admire and manifest your own reality. If you love doing something, you must do it without fear and go all out and do it all the time - Contribute to the planet, by sharing and loving every living element , everything around you, because of which you are in such a beautiful space. - Be original and do your own style, as that will make you unique and that is how you will find your true calling - Working on your skills or technique is important, but not everything! Try to pour more love into your work than just focus on the skill part. - Realizing how gifted we all our in our own special way and really using those gifts in society. 9) Tell us sites that you like to visit These days I like going into tumblr, I love, and I am a tech freak, love customizing my phone so xda developers as well :) 10) Thanks again for your time, please leave a final message for the ones who are starting out on this kind of business. I feel that success is never about money or fame. Success is about finding your true creative spirit, knowing your gift and sharing your vibration in its purest form with the cosmos. Would love to just share, and say.. be original, love what you create, imagination is the only knowledge and when we listen to our heart, we have access to that knowledge. Thank you so much! :)

Experiments II the 7th Exhibiiton of Cosmosys

The group Cosmosys is a creative community focused around different forms of art, composed of artists from around the globe and they recently released their 7th exhibiiton with a beautiful gallery of different stunning pieces. I hope you will enjoy them! Our goal is to provide artists with a community in which to experiment and grow. We want to influence many great artists out there, spread the love for art. Also have a thriving community/family of artists that really enjoy being creative and that have a strong bond between them. For more information about Cosmosys and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Cosmosys on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @cosmosysart . LIT by Dyst HARLEM RENAISSANCE by Sythest TEMPLE by Noah MODERN CIVILIZATION by Aoryu INFERNO by Paint RELEASE by Vanish ENTHEOGEN by Clyzm SANGUINE by Pain SATORI by Straye DOMINANCE by Bess THE INFECTION by Obstination CHAOTIC LIFE by Aoryu SOURCE CODE by Vanish FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH by Obstination REMINISCENCE by Aoryu SUPERNOVA by Obstination THE LEGACY by Obstination PEYOTE by Clyzm RETURN OF THE DEBRIS by Daze FOR THE BIRDS by .SZ

Chapter XLIII: Time by Depthcore

The Depthcore Collective is just released it's 43rd themed chapter exhibition, "TIME". As we near their 10th anniversary, this seems to be an appropriate subject for us as a collective to reflect upon. Ten years have passed by, and the students and teenagers who once populated the group are gone, replaced by full time freelance artists, independent small-business owners and focused creative professionals. Our featured artist for this Chapter is Vesna Pesic, a very recent addition to the collective. Her work, with it's unique aesthetic and collage based approach, adds a wonderful new depth to our collective aesthetic and provided a couple of the key sparks in our creative process. This Chapter also sees us welcome several new members, including artists Pavel Sabelnikov, Benjamin Mounsey,Pat Perry, Abo and Ooli from Orka Collective and musician Falinox. We're very excited by what these unique talents bring to the table—browse "TIME" to pick out their debut pieces! For more information about Depthcore and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Depthcore on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @Depthcore . VESSEL by Waldez Snegotskiy WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN LOST by Jonathan Wong TOMORROW NEVER HAPPENED by Maciej Hajnrich TO THE BIRTH by Finnian MacManus + Lucas de Alcantara WAYFARING by James Merill TIMECOP by Kervin Brisseaux TIME IS A GREA HEALER by Mike Harrison THE TRAVELER by Niklas Lundberg THE TIME MACHINE by David Mascha SINK by Mike Harrison + Rik Oostenbroek SINGULARITY by Benjamin Mounsey SICCERO by Niklas Lundberg + Justin Maller MOMENT IN TIME I by David Mascha MOIRAE by Waldez Snegotskiy MEMENTOS by Joao Oliveira LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW by Ronald Ashburn KARMA by Rik Oostenbroek IN MOTION by Justin Maller IT WAS OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN by Jonathan Wong IN FLOW by Justin Maller GODMOTHER by Finnian MacManus + Erik Schumacher FAIRY TALE by Benjamin Mounsey FAITH, LOVE, HOPE by Heiko Klug EXTINCT by Erik Schumacher EVOLUTION by Phillip Zurmohle + Rubens LP CLOCK WISE. by Matt W. Moore CRATER 23 by Waldez Snegotskiy CMYK GIRL by Pavel Sabelnikov CYCLES by Justim Maller + Ari Wenkle CHRONOS by Jeff Huang BLUE MOON by Zach Bush AINSI-VENU by Emeric Trahand

Psychedelic Work of Kris Tate

Who doesn't love good psychedelic art? Flying cat heads shooting lasers from the eyes, crazy elk wearing old school sweaters. Kris Tate's work has it all... prepare for the trip. Kris is a designer located in Manchester, and she's done many cool designs, such as these. For more of it, you may visit her portfolio at Society6 or at Behance. I hope you show her a little love, and of course, enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Beautiful Illustrations by Shinobinaku

Joana Dias also known as Shinobinaku, is a digital artist from the City of Lisbon in Portugal. She's a true passionate of her art and being in practice with her digital painting with photomanipulation. Joana likes to challenge herself and strives to surpass her previous work in her quest to obtain the experience to succeed in making a career out of something that just began as a hobby. I appreciate and embrace all kinds of art, no matter what shape it takes and once I overcame the learning curve, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. It granted me the freedom to create at my heart's desire. For more information about Joana Dias aka Shinobinaku, you can visit her website at and check out her portfolio on DeviantART.

Incredible Typographic Works by Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Wroclaw in Poland. For being in graphic design since 2008, Peter sure knows how to deliver a strong creative typographic works. It's really impressive and I am inspired by this versatility with the different composition of typography and colours. For more information about Peter Tarka, you can visit his CargoCollective , Behance or simply follow him on Twitter @PiotrTarka.

Intrinsic Nature: Experiment 11

The online art group known as Intrinsic Nature, a group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. Recently, they released the 11th exhibition and definitely worth to check it out. Returning once again after our 10th successful exhibition, Intrinsic Nature and our core of artists is proud to present the 11th experiment, filled with a multitude of artistic styles, diverse photography, and engaging music. Headlined by newcomers Finnian MacManus, Johnston Ting, and Roy Hessels, IN11 showcases 72 works of art created by 46 international artists. For more information about Intrinsic Nature and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Intrinsic Nature on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @IntrinsicNature. Splash by Agiaco and Mossawi The Nature o by Billelis and Chris Valentine Chill Out by Ain Soph and Sahir Khan Golden by Wagsi and Dos19 The Divine Image by Jess Whitehead October by nagiViTy Cavacity by Ecstatic Noodle Doodle by HuMAC Capture the flag by Johnson Ting Misty Morning by Smiling Demon Freeing a Caged Mind by Finnian Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs by Ma7 Intrinsic Nature by Martin Grohs At your service by Berthjan Aqua Dweller by Perdohlr Jabuti by Ramon de Andrade Decree by Khyzyl Saleem Skyland by Adam Rose Garden by Sahir Khan The Forgotten Land by Leonk Enslavement by Drake The Missing Link by Billelis Delicious Centipede by Rockfield Growing Up by Maebh Costello Last breath of Nedolya by Karim Fakhoury Ajna by Jinchilla Life by Sander Abbema

Fantastic Illustrations by Raynkazuya

Mario Wibisono aka raynkazuya is a digital artist from Jakarta; the capital and the largest city of Indonesia. Mario's style is part of one beautiful fantasy world, armed with Wacom Intuos 3, optical mouse and of course Adobe Photoshop. Mario will take you on a journey where your imagination has a true realistic image. For more information on Mario Wibisono aka raynkazuya, check out more of this work on or on DeviantART.

Interview with Antoni Tudisco

Today we're going to interview a really young talented mate, Antoni Tudisco. Antoni is a graphic artist based on Germany, he started out on the creative area really earlier, however he already had the opportunity to work with some big clients as MTV and Kellogs and show his powerful skills. Here're a couple of links where you can find this bud: Website Behance Profile Facebook Vimeo 1) In the name of the Abduzeedo team, I would like to thank you for your time and kindness to answer this interview. Let's start by asking you, when you start getting interest by Graphic Arts? It all started when I was 13. I had a Myspace account and if you can remember, you can design your own profile page with HTML/CSS etc. so I started experimenting around with design to have the coolest profile among my friends and through that, i learned to how to create websites with the help of some tutorials of course. And then I discovered that you can edit pictures using some programs so I started editing photos using Photofiltre ( a freeware) and Gimp. I sometimes sat for 3 hours editing just one photo only adding texts and applying auto contrass because i really had no idea about anything. :) As a "newbie", I really thought I was the best graphic- artist back then until I bumped into your website. After seeing the posts on your site, all I could say to myself was: " Man, I aint got nothing on them! Not even close man!" And I always asked myself how can this people do something breathtaking? Then I swore to myself to be just like them someday or maybe even better, and have an article at Abduzeedo, but before I start, I have to find out where to get 400$ for a program I can use. At the age of 16, I established a clothing line named "Manila apparel". And because I am half Filipino, I sold T-shirt and Hoodies with typical filipino designs on it. It was really in demand back then but I had to cut it out because of copyright issues. 2) Tell us more about your influences and guys who inspired you. My inspiration was and still is my own life. My childhood was strongly influenced by the 90's cartoons/ series like Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and VoltesV and as time went on, I started to develop my own style in Illustrating. But aside from that, I also idolize some veteran artists like Onur Sentürk, Shepard Fairey and Brian Donnelly. 3) Even doing a lot of commercial projects, you keep woking on your personal stuff often, which is quite amazing. So, when you developed this aesthetic and how could you describe it. I already reached it this far, that my artworks are being recognized and appreciated and even to the point that my style has been a trademark where people can immediately say: " That's Antoni Tudisco's work!" just by looking at the actual photo. And that's one thing I constantly do with every projects I get. And it was really a long and hard way before I reached it this far. 4) You're a quite young mate, yet you have already worked with some big brands. So, can you tell us how you had the opportunity to work with them? In the past couple of years I built up a "Contact Tree". I gathered contacts to every field. (Music, Films, etc.) especially those who has influence in the industry they belong to. I also fulfilled different projects from different Agencies/ Companies. However, 80% of my projects comes from Asia. 5) How's you daily workflow? I've been suffering from this so called "Zombie-Mode" for years. I work primarily at night because I spend the day brainstorming what to design. Everytime I get projects, I read the briefing and request of my client and just sit down and just do everything on the spot without drafting. But I won't recommend it to anyone because sometimes it doesnt turn out to be good. But that's how I do it and my clients actually likes my finished product. I also try to do things as uncomplicated and as fast as possible so I get to finish my work done in a short period of time. 6) What's you favorite piece at the moment? I don't really have a favorite artwork because I love every single artwork i make! ha! 7) What are your future projects for 2012? I have some stuffs I'll be releasing on 2012 but i'm not gonna reveal all of it now. But one thing i'm gonna tell you is that i maybe releasing my own brand of vinyl toys. So please be patient in waiting and stay tuned to it. 8) Tell us five lessons you've learned till now on being a successful Graphic Artist. - STAY ORIGINAL - HIDE YOUR SOURCES - PRACTICE LIKE A BOSS - It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. - A picture is a poem without words. 9) Tell us five site you love. 10) Thanks for your time Antoni, please leave a final message to everyone who's starting at the creative field. Follow your dreams.

Mysterious Designs by Josh Vanover (aka. Space Knuckle)

Josh Vanover is probably one of the most mysterious designers I ever known. Wroking most with black and white, his designs seem to emanate a sense of duality and "controled chaos", this guys got some serious skills, I haven't seen someone developing in this direction before. There's no doubt why he got to work with such big clients as Nike and Linkin Park. If you want to know more about Josh, please access his Website Skatedecks Nike Linkin Park Stussy Nike Linkin Park Coltesse Serum Vs. Venom RYZ /p>

Stunning Digital Art by Jonas de Ro

Jonas de Ro is a young digital artist based in Belgium. His works are a mixture from concept art, animation, matte painting, photography and more. The concept behind his art is definitely beautifully detailed and the lighting is just spectacular. You can truly see that his imagination goes way beyond his creativity. To have more information about Jonas de Ro, you can check out his website at or you can check out the rest of his portfolio on his DeviantArt.

Colorful Photos of Bicycle Couriers by Alain Delorme

This is a great example of taking a simple picture, reinvented and retouched into a beautiful set of pictures taken by France based photographer Alain Delorme. The theme from this "Totems" set is to target the complexity of what the bicycle couriers have to carry on their everyday basis in which making them the true heros of Shanghai of the modern times. To have more information about Alain Delorme, you can check out his website at