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Justin Maller Updated Work

Justin Maller was the first designer/digital artist we had the chance to interview on Abduzeedo, it was back in 2007. After these 4 years are even more fans of his work and everything he has done also running Depthcore. That's why everytime he updates his portfolio we feature some of his new artworks. For more information about Justin Maller visit his Web site at

Experiment 10 by IN ArtGroup

IN Intrinsic Nature is an online art group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. They call their releases Experiments and on this post you are going to see some amazing artworks from their latest Experiment 10. Enjoy! Check out the entire Experiment 10 420 by aleszev Oz by Berthjan Moriae Encomium by cigarro Diez by dejavu Geometric Love by dejavu The queen of shaba by doeasembilanpro Melachodia by Dyst Anecdotal Universe by Dyst Sway by .esk Something’s Fishy by huMAC Fama by huMAC Peace by jess Solidarityby John Mark Faraway Love by Karim Genesis by Karim Trees are leaving by shapesfactory Knowledge by shapesfactory LA RECHERCHE by skema Civilization by Syst-eeem Let’s Exchange Some Body Heat and What Not by Yago

New Works of James White aka Signalnoise

James White is one of the most innovative designers out there and along the years he's been also an amazing supporter to Abduzeedo. The brand Signalnoise just celebrated its 12th year anniversary so we decided to feature his latest work from this designer that knows how to stay in the 'Avant-Garde' of his creations. I have been a creative person ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil at the age of 4. I started drawing on every scrap of paper I could find to the point where my mother couldn’t keep typewriter paper in the house without my finding and stealing it. For more information about James White aka Signalnoise, you can visit his blog at , be a fan on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @Signalnoise . You can also follow him on his weekly broadcasts on Thursdays at 3pm EST at .

Saad Moosajee New Artworks

We have already interviewed and featured Saad Moosajee a few times here on Abduzeedo, however everytime this young and self-taught artist from England but currently living in America updates his portfolio we have to blog about that. For more information about Saad Moosajee visit his website at

Create a Stylish Retro Futuristic Poster in Photoshop

It has been a good time since I did my last photoshop tutorial, so for this week I decided to take a look at some old works I did when I were more into photoshop and just found this awesome one. However, when I opened the orinal PSD. file I found many things I wouldn't do nowadays, so I decided to try to recreate using my reent methods. This a experience I would recommend to anyone: get an old design and try to redo it. The following tutorial is pretty easy, it's more for beginners, but if you are a advanced user you may find some interesting tricks. So stick together and let's start this week tutorial. Step 1 First of all, open Adobe Photoshop and create a A4 canvas ( 21 x 29,7 cm or 8,26 x 11,69 inches), set to 300 dpi, even if you work only with web it's good to try higher resolutions. First place some rulers (ctrl + R / command + R) with a distance of 1 cm (2,54 inches) from the borders, then create on the center this green rectangle using the retangle tool (U) . Now create a layer mask, select it and using the linear gradient tool (G) create this light gradient on the bottom. One thing most people forget when trying effects with clouds is that the colors used on it are the foreground and the background color, so set on of them white and the other light green like the image above (R:179 G:255 B:104). Then go to Filter > Render > Clouds , you will get something like these. Access the blending modes panel and choose the one called color burn, you should get this effect. Create a new layer ( ctrl + alt + shift + N / command + alt + shift + N ) and repeat the procedure, but after generating the clouds, go to Filter > Render > Fibers , set Variance to 8 and Strenght to 64, like the image bellow Again, access the blending options panel and choose the option called color burn. Repeat the procedure of creating clouds, use black and white clors this time for the foreground and background, after it go to Filter > Render > Difference clouds, hit this effect like 6 times, use the shortcut ctrl + F / command + F, you should get something like these. Set Opacity to 25% and choose the blending mode called soft light. Don't mees with the layers, create a group (ctrl + G / command + G) and place them like the sample bellow. Step 2 Let's add a landscape to it, I really found mountais would a nice thing, so you can download it at CG Textures. Open the image in PS, first let's desaturate the image (ctrl + shift + U / command + shift + U). Place it on the canvas, select the green rectangle layer with ctrl + click / command click to make this selection, then select the mountain layer and press ctrl + J / command + J to crop the image. Now go to the blending modes panel and choose the option called Linear light. Duplicate this layer (ctrl + J / command + J) then go to Filter > Other > High Pass , set radius to 9,9 pixels. Access the blending mode panel and choose the option called Overlay. Step 3 I don't remeber where exactly I got this starry night picture, but it's free to use in non commercial projects, so you can download it directly here. Open this image in PS and let's repeat the procedure of using the high pass filter like we've done on the mountains on step 2. Let's increase the intensity of this stars, so duplicate the original layer ( ctrl + J / command + J ) and use the blending mode called Overlay. Then let's desaturate it ( ctrl + shift U / command + shift + U ). A good trick to make them pop of the photo is to use the levels panel, set it like the one bellow. Paste the final image on the canvas we're using, go to the blending modes panel and choose Linear light. Make a layer mask on this layer and make it fit his area of the canvas, this should take sometime since the better way to get a good result on the gradient is using the brush tool (B) on the mask. Use again the selection of the green square we did on the beginning by clicking on the layer with ctrl / command pressed. Make a new layer ( ctrl + alt + shift + N / command + alt + shift + N ) and create a metallic gradient using the gradient tool (G). Set Opacity to 70% and choose the blending mode called Soft light. Step 4 Now let's create the background grid, some of you will say there are easier ways to do it using Adobe illustrator, but we're in photoshop so let's do on it. Using the retangle tool (U) create this white and really thin line, it should have at least 1,5 pixels, zoom to (ctrl + / command + ) to set it correctly using the transform (ctrl + T / command + T). Duplicate it many times using the move tool (V) + alt. I think most of you are familiar with these align tools, when you use the move tool (V) they will appear on the top, bellow the menu, select all the layers withe lines and choose the option called Distribute horizontal center (the one on middle of the picture bellow). This will make the space between them equal. Merge all the line layers after it ( ctrl + E / command + E ) Duplicate the horizontal lines using the move tool (V) + alt then using the transform (ctrl + T / command + T) and rotate it 180 degrees. You should get a grid like these. Make a group with the layers or just merge them all in one single layer, then make a layer mask on the group or layer, choose the gradient called reflected gradient, use it on the mask on the diagonal direction. Step 5 So one thing I always find important in a photomanipulation is to find the right picture for what you want to express, I mean, when I designed this poster I wanted a guy with a suit, then I found a couple of photos of this guy. But I really wanted to show the he was like preaching something, so I decided to use the one he's pointing the finger to the person who see it. You can download the picture here. Go to the Channels panel and duplicate the red channel of this photo. Then access Levels panel (ctrl + L / command + L) and set it like the picture above Again, go to the levels panel and set like the sample above. This will make the selection way more easier, just use the magic wand (W) to select the man (Yeah, I know the magic wand really sucks, but in some occasions you can use it). We have to take off his head, so use the lasso tool (L) to do it, be careful with his finger, we will need it. Repeat the procedure of th high pass filter and duplicating and then overlaying to enhance the picture. Then place it on the canvas. Create a new layer using the body's selection and fill it with green using the paint bucket tool (G). Then acess the blending mode panel and choose the option called Color burn Make a group (ctrl + G / command + G) with all the body layers and make a layer mask, select it and using the gradient tool (G) make this gradient on the body. The layer order of this group should look like these. Step 6 If the eagle head I had the same doubt to choose the pic as I had with the suitman. Stockimages sites have a lot of images so what exactly i wanted to be the expression of the eagle, well i wanted it to look more authoraty look, so I choosed this one. You can download this picture right here. Open the photo on PS, first just flip it using transform (ctrl + T / command + T ) + right click . Repeat the procedure to enhance the image (High pass layer + soft light layer). This is pretty similar to what I did on the previous step, but this time I din't made a copy of the channel and decided to apply this levels on the image, then I cutted the eagle's head off and pasted the whole group on the canvas. Just repeat the same procedure of the previous step to get this green look. Create a layer mask on the group and using the brush tool (B) make the hand appear. Your layer order should be like these, if you didn't get this effect maybe something is wrong on the order. Step 7 Pretty simple: using the text tool (T) write first "LET IT" on uppercase, then "Just" and then "HAPPEN", use the move tool (V) to place correctly. I used the walkway font, you can gra it here. Make a new layer (ctrl + shift + alt + N / command + shift + alt + N ) and use the selection of the letters by clicking + ctrl/command + shift on the layers. Then add a gradient using the gradient tool (G) with the darkest part on the bottom. Add some thin drop shadow to it and set opacity to 50%. Step 8 Let's create some shards, create this retangle using the rectangle tool (U), then using transform (ctrl + T/command + T) adjust is to look sharp. Use the Soft light blending mode, then rotate the shard duplicate him, group and duplicate it again and flip it. I added a layer mask to the group of shards and used a gradient on the layer mask, duplicate it again and got a pretty interesting effect. Step 9 Quick tip: create ellpses using the ellipse tool (U), then go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and set angle to 82 and distance to 998 pixels. Use the overlay blending mode on it, duplicate it till you got this lightining effect. Final Result So let's compare the two version: the 2010 version and the 2011 version. I really can decide which I find the best, I think they represent diferent moments of my career and so the results. Despite the tutorial, this is a really interesting experiment to do, try you too, get an old design and try to redo it with your style nowadays. Download the files CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL FILES USED FOR THIS TUTORIAL

Stunning Airbrush Surrealism

Anton Semenov aka Gloom82 is a designer from Bratsk, Russia and a master of surrealism on his free time. The quality of his works is simply amazing, the attention to detail and the overall look of some of his pieces will freak you out. Enjoy! For more from Anton Semenov visit Arlecchino Auschwitz Black Dream Evil Jump King of the Hill Lola Mirror of Destiny Morning Mouth No Polar Bear Society Surrogate Talisman Thistle Weiss's Secret Winter

Paradigm Shift - slashTHREE New Exhibition

The slashTHREE collective selected Paradigm Shift as the theme for its fifteenth exhibition to complement the massive changes it underwent along with the release, which began with a new version of its website. Version four of was not only about creating an incredible new website, but also about refining the functionality of the collective and the way it carries itself in the online art community. For more information about this new slashTHREE exhibition visit Unusual Vision By Leonardo Dentico The tale of the Lone Yor By Roy Bourkel The Blueprint By Maksimilijan Gecevic The Good Reason for our Forgetting By Rob Shields Suit Up! By Tomin Vladimir Spawn By Eduardo Lopez Mother Earth By Daria Widermanska - Spala Medusa By Przemek Nawrocki Ker-Pau! By Neil Hanvey and Jordi Vidal Heart By Irina Batkova In Searh for Apotheosis By Edmar Cisneros And Never Be Found Again By Marco Casalvieri Beynod III By Nicolas Monin-Baroille, Roy Bourkel, Jacob Bian, Ola Gilen Beatiful Decay By Anthony Giacomino, Ola Gilen Rysamb Deformación By Nicolas Monin-Baroille 01101010 By Mateusz Sypien Destroy By Adrian Romero

Voyage: New Evoke's Exhibition

Evoke is an online art, music, design, and photography collective founded in June 2005 by Justin Bristow, Sean Graham, and Ted Yavuzkurt, Evoke began as a youthful online boutique art community. As numerous talented artists and designers joined the team, Evoke expanded beyond its original realm, recruiting killer musicians and photographers. Every few months, they release themed exhibitions to the public, showcasing their abilities, the latest one is called Voyage and there are some incredible work as usual. Our 23rd artpack, VOYAGE, is meant to capture the thrill of an adventurous spirit. The feeling of escape from the normal daily grind. Leaving behind the normal and finding the joy that comes from leaving all your troubles behind. This collection of images and music will capture your imagination. Tony Rivera, our featured artist for this release has taken us to envisioned scenes from other galaxies, with impressive detail and vibrancy. James Merrill and Parker Gibson have interpreted the theme with vivid abstract work, while newcomers such as Adrián Romero have produced high quality vector work. Some Work The Black Pearl by Erik Schumacher Out Far by James Merrill In the air by Leroy François Piercings by Matteo M. 9 Destinations by Fab Rosco, Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen, and Parker Gibson Static Adventure by Parker Gibson and Rogier De Boevé Midnight Run by Tony Rivera 30.000 Leagues Under the Sea by João Oliveira ?? - Voyage by Adrián Romero Clinging to a Voyage by Chris Koch Strange... by Tyler Lehman Sonic Abberations by James Merrill 30hsh by Aengus Tukel Nocturnal Itinerary by Hamdan Teleport 01 by Fab Rosco For more information, to check ou the full exhibition, including photos, art, music and to read the interview with Tony Rivera visit you won't regret the time you will spend over there, pure inspiration.

Design Interview: Kevin Roodhorst

Kevin Roodhorst is a Digital Art and Graphic Design from Almere-Stad, Netherlands and we have already feature his work as Wallpaper of the Week and he has also contribute very often with images for the Daily Inspiration. Now we will have a chance to get to know a little bit more about Kevin and his design process and workflow. First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide with this interview. Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer? I started to work with the adobe software when I was 15 years old. What I did most of the time was following some tutorials on the internet and checking out other designers. I started with making some cd covers and posted it online on some websites, where I was getting many positive reactions. At the age of 17 I was getting my first paying assignment, a poster for a kick-box competition.Now I’m 19 years old and I’ve worked for 22 different night clubs. Flyers, posters and banners etc. I’m featured in 3 Design Magazines: Advanced Photoshop, Digital Arts, Publish and in September my 4th Feature in Computer Arts Magazine. I also made some drink and tabacco labels. I’m following a graphic design education in Amsterdam (duration 3 years). When I’ve finished that I want to work for an advertising agency in combination of putting some more time into my own work as a freelancer. Where does your inspiration come from? I'm getting my inspiration from the internet, movies and the way how other designers creating their art. Could you describe for us your typical 'start to finish' workflow when working on a design? First I must have some inspiration for my new project. I’m gathering stock photos from the internet or using my own photos. Cuting out the objects, putting them together and add several light and color effects. And the last step is thinking of a nice title for the project. What do you do to overcome the creative block? I look daily on design inspiration websites to keep myself up-to-date. Are there any underlying themes that you feel are universal in all of your pieces, or do you try to vary your style? Every creation has a own style or theme. All my creations are based-up from the middle and having nice proportions. Which are the apps you use to create your work? I'm using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D for the renders and other 3D objects. Illustrator for lines and other drawing effects. Photoshop to put everything together. Shadow, light effects, colors and finishing touch. How does your job as an artist and designer influence your life? Do you feel that you see things around you differently for example? Not really, maybe the way I look at things, such as different types of art. How is your process of promoting your work? How important the social networks are in this process? Social networking is realy important for me. I have several websites where I promote my work. Such as: Behance Network, Deviant Art, Hyves, Myspace, Abduzeedo, Designflavr, FromUpNorth and TutorArt. The postitive comments and feedback are always nice and give you some extra motivation to go on. I always appreciate it a lot when people giving their opinion and showing respect. Once again , thank you very much for the interview. As a final word, do you have any tips for upcoming artists and designers? Focus on what you want most, and believe in yourself. For more information about Kevin.Roodhorst check out his Web site at Some Works

Digital Art Inspiration by Robert Shields

Robert Shields is a digital artist, graphic design and illustrator from Phildadelphia, USA. He has been featured many time in popular design magazines such as Digital Arts, Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and others. He is also member of the slashTHREE collective. Robert has just updated his portfolio with some really cool work, therefore, we have to share that with you guys ;) For more information about Rober Shields visit his Web site at In Search of Lost Time Designers Against Child Slavery Escape slashTHREE Promotional Image Darkness Visible Image and Tutorial Advanced Photoshop 76 Image and Tutorial Computer Arts 178 Editorial Image For a Coming Extinction

New DepthCore Chapter: Mythic

DepthCore is as you might already know, one of our favorite collectives out there, and that is because the the quality of the artwork they come up with every new chapter, and fortunately for us, they did it again. DepthCore just released a new chapter called ">MYTHIC in which they feature creations from incredible guys such as Nik Ainley, Justin Maller, Phil Dunne, Craig Shields, João Oliveira and others. This chapter features several stunning contributions from the wonderfully talented Raphael Vincenzi, earning him the Featured Artist nod for this collection; click here to peruse the traditional interview. This Chapter is also notable for the abundance of it's collaborations, including several pairings never before seen - make sure to explore thoroughly to discover these unusual visual experiments. One of our most thematic relevant Chapters ever, 'MYTHIC' is the result of five months of careful planning, research and stylistic experimentation from the collective. The slow creative process has resulted in a Chapter that has been meticulously crafted, workshopped from sketches through to completed pieces, thoroughly taking advantage of the collaborative collective experience. Several of the pieces presented in this collection were composed over the course of several months, taking on board feedback from our artist base at each stage of completion to try and fully realize their full potential, and ultimately create a Chapter that is carefully considered, conceptualized and executed. Niklas Lundberg Jeff Huang Shadow Chen Matei Apostolescu Anneli Olander Craig Shields Matei Apostolescu Nik Ainley Iain Macarthur Ikaruga For more information and to browse through all the images from this amazing DepthCore chapter visit

Le Cirque Des Couleurs by SlashTHREE

SlashTHREE, one of our favorite collectives out there has a new exhibition, their 14th to be more precise, and it's called “Le Cirque Des Couleurs”. The theme invited the artists to not only to explore their brighter and more vibrant side but also to create free flowing, abnormal, 'circus' like imagery. They also created massive typographical collaboration in which volunteers from the collective created pieces of art based around a letter of their choosing, which is called “Le Grand Cirque Des Couleurs”. The featured artists for the “Le Cirque Des Couleurs” was the mighty Erik Schumacher a Physics student from Germany and a Photoshop crazy artist in his free time. You can read the whole interview with Erik Shumacher by Saad Moosajee here. For more information and to check out all images of the exhibition visit Some people say it's the apocalypse... by Kire Tale of the Hidden Orchid by Kire Masque du Caprice by Bechira Psychecellia by agiaco AIN SVP AVR atomic circus And then, they invented color, and gave it to people by kacperspala slashTHREE is on the verge of a new era. With major projects in the pipeline such as slashTHREE Version 4, we aim to change the face of this collective and make your experience even better, this truly is the place to be in the future. For now, though, we are extremely proud to present our 14th exhibition, “Le Cirque Des Couleurs”. Cirque du Freak by bechira Couleur Espace Colour your reality by r2on Color Universe by edlo Discodance Dissonance by apom, agiaco Reach For The Sky by freekilly polychromasia by Ignite Platform 3 by Logix

Outstanding Scenery Drawings

Unlike the old days where every drawing was done on the paper with pencil or pen, this selection brings the best of digital drawing. Sceneries that only exist in imagination are brought to life with beautiful lines and colors. Check out this selection! City of the High Guardians | by Frank Hong Castle | by SnowSkadi Sunflower Tower | by Frank Hong Concept Matte | by Frank Hong Alien Landscape | by Wanski Cathedral | by molybdenumgp03 Cross Canyon | by MeckanicalMind Elven Town | by SnowSkadi Elven Town | by SnowSkadi Forest | by Sandfreak Gnomes | by SnowSkadi Hall | by SnowSkadi Hideout in paradise | by sketchboook Highway | by molybdenumgp03 Ice City Matte | by crahzz Morning | by SnowSkadi Old Town | by MeckanicalMind Rainbow Bridge Genso | by tokyogenso Secret Town | by molybdenumgp03 Sunglow | by lincochuan Swamp | by SnowSkadi Temple of the Sun | by fxEvo The Night Perspective | by Bryce Kho Tranquil Aztec Lagoon Temple | by Zen-Master Zabor | by SnowSkadi

Mixed Illustrations by Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison has a style that is hard to miss and easy to love, a complete mix of photos with drawings into illustrations that bring the best out of both worlds. Mike is a 25 year old designer and illustrator currently residing in Torquay in the UK and has already gained lots of recognition worldwide. Check it out! He is always looking to expand his skills in as many fields of design as possible as the design scene moves at a very fast pace. He very much enjoys keeping up with it and inspiring others along the way. "I love collaborating with other artists and am also available for commissions, contact me via the email or phone on the left over there" - Mike Harrison For more from mike visit

AGE - The New Exhibition by EvokeOne

From the psychedelic abstract works of James Merril, to the energetic scenes captured by our featured artist Aaron Campbell, to the sublime photographs of Linus Leandersson, you’re in for a visual feast accompanied by the ambient soundscapes of our audio director, Keith Alban, and many other Evoke musicians. Bring the colors, bring the noise, bring on the new age! A monumental release. One full year in the making. AGE doesn’t represent merely another step down the same path; on the contrary it is an exhibit expressively characterizing the paradigm shift within the collective. All the pent up energy, the motive force behind the recent changes in our group were channeled simultaneously into one hundred of the most drop dead gorgeous works we’ve ever produced — Ted Yavuzkurt Check out more about the XXII Age Exhibition XXII by Aengus Tukel LM-N by Aengus Tukel and James Merrill Singularity by Nick Taylor and H. Dyst Winterson Fury by Yvan Feusi Age is just a number... by Berthjan Achterop Remerge by Courtney Wooster Baltimore City tap water by James Merrill Ehvolution by Aaron Campbell The Next Generation by Aaron Campbell Probabilities by Ewald Anthonie De Bruijn and Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen Spells and Experience by Fab Rosco Jess the bird by Fernando Rodríguez I wish you love by Zukow Maxim Welcome in the new age by Andrea C. Alpha & Omega by Marcin Stryczek 4.54 by Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen Age by Parker Gibson Futurisk by Rogier De Boevé We Have Never Been Modern by Rob Shields Alernate age by Leroy François Mental Age by Igor Scekic

Creative Work of Tim & Bram Vanhaeren

Tim & Bram Vanhaeren are both very talented graphic designer based in Kapellen, Belgium. You are probably familiar with their work, we have already featured some of their works here on the Wallpaper of the Week and Daily Inspiration, therefore, nothing better than a post about Tim and Bram. Tim is 21 years old and recently earnd his bachelor's degree in Cross-Media Design. He's been in love with design since he discovered Photoshop in 2003. His specialities ranges from photo-manipulation, digital art, web design to motion graphics and visuals. In his spare time he's running an electronic music blog, enjoying to spin records as a DJ at local parties and bigger clubs around Belgium and Netherlands. He's also been into Athletics since he was a little boy of 7 years old. Bram is 19 years old and shares the same passion as his older brother. He's been developing his style since his first pen tool experiments in Illustrator about 5 years ago. Bram's style ranges from simple illustrations and typography to mixed media artwork. When he's not making art, Bram enjoys going out with friends, training together with his brother for the next Athletics competition and he can't resist to spend his money on clothes and new fancy accessories. For more information visit their website at TAO OF NOW SKIN OF A DRUM 2010 Every year I'm late with my new year wishes, this year I want to be on time! I wish everyone best of luck in the new year, let it be a very creative and inspiring one! 2010 Wallpaper Case Study from Tim & Bram Vanhaeren on Vimeo. We work as One ! Passion. The wallpaper is based on the true passion of an artist, the time he spend on it and the story behind it. In my opinion, dancer are perfect examples of a great artists working hard, making sacrifices to become what they are. Also they just look really cool on picture and are fun to work with. Again music leads to a beautiful wallpaper. Misc Collaboration between Luuk Vermeyden and Bram Vanhaeren.

45 Amazing Digital Portraits

I simply love digital portraits... they can be drawings, paintings & airbrushing or whatever other technique you may like. I think it's pretty impressive the talent that some artists have on creating digital portraits that are amazing. Amazing for its realism, perfection, lines or even for its details. Maybe I like digital portraits so much because I totally suck drawing and I can only imagine people actually doing portraits so realistic that you may be confused if you are looking for a real photo or not. And I have to say I like those very realistic digital portraits and I also like those with a traditional painting look, those who are a mix of drawing and something else are also cool. Ok, enough said, the thing is that I decided to make this selection of digital portraits to show you and I hope you enjoy it! And don't forget to visit each artist page, they are all at deviantART. thesoulcanwait binadog orgo glacierfusion humbugle artcova padisio betocampos hazelong whtmnk alessioradice paul915 lindalisa bikerscout calaymo strahan landeroc