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Photo Manipulation by Kareem Hossam

Photo Manipulation by Kareem Hossam

August 25, 2014 from abduzeedo's blog

Photo manipulation allows us to do everything we want and imagine, I think that's why I love that so much because there's no limit. Artists across the world have been pushing the limits, guys like Erik Johansson and many others. For this...
Remarkable Works by Sense Collective

Remarkable Works by Sense Collective

August 16, 2013 from PauloGabriel's blog

In collectives you can see the power of shared skills, where artworks are made in group and common thought is to make awesome pieces. Sense, a collective based in London comes up with some remarkable works, like these below. We are Sense,...

Depthcore New Chapter: MIRROR

January 23, 2011 from abduzeedo's blog

The Depthcore Collective one of our favorite ones out there has just released their new chapter, the 41st themed chapter exhibition called "MIRROR". As you can expect there are amazing works from masters such as Justin Maller, Sara Blake,...

Fantastic Digital Arts by David Fuhrer

October 07, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

David Fuhrer is a self taught freelance artist born in 1985 in Bern, Switzerland. The 90's has a clear influence on this work especially because we grew up in that decade and started experiment with computer creating visual art. With focus...

Amazing Works from the UU Challenge Finalists

April 28, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

The UU Challenge is a really interesting contest where 10 chosen artists were asked to create their own vision of the UU, in adition to that, they open the challenge to young designers around the world so the best 40 entries will be...

Beautiful Artworks by Evgeny Kiselev

April 07, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Evgeny Kiselev is a freelancer illustrator and graphic designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, his works were published in magazines such as Computer arts (U.K.), IDN (Hong Kong), ROJO (Spain), Grafik magazine (U.K.), Beautiful Decay (U.S...