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The Beautiful and Inspiring Work from Nonnetta

Lucia Carriero, or Nonnetta, is a 20 years old student from Italy with a great talent and a mind full of creativity. She likes drawings, photos, mangas, books and animes ... these are basically her world. She also has some very important and inseparable friends: a laptop, a camera and some pencils. Nonnetta's style is very inspiring and beautiful, her pieces are romantic, full of feelings and very heart warming. I saw her work in one of our daily inspiration posts and like it sooo much that I decided to get in touch with her to write this post. I will show here a selection from some pieces I found at her deviantART profile that I'm pretty sure you will also like. Oh, and I have to say that I'm in love with nonnetta's characters and style... I like to think that my drawings are made in this way. A bit of sudden inspiration, a lot of passion, lots of blank pages, some hearts, a pencil and a cute puppet. I'm behind them, but in reality my drawings are self-made. I'm aware of them only at work finished... Lucia Carriero Enjoy!!

Awesome Daily Doodles by Chris Piascik

I've been a big fan of Chris's work for a while now ever since the beginning of his election doodles. He became enraged by McCain and Palin's antics and satirized it in his work. His taste for lettering and typefaces never ceases to amaze me and I always look forward to his next creations. Here I gathered some of my favorite election doodles of his, and I also included some of his post-election work towards the end. Hope you guys enjoy them as much I do! Almost a year ago I decided to start drawing everyday. I went out and bought a shiny new moleskine notebook and some brand new sharpies to keep myself motivated. As soon I finished my first drawing I snapped a photo and posted it on my blog. At first I was hesitant to call them "Daily Drawings" as I didn't want to start something I couldn't keep up with (see webcomics I tried to make when I was in Art School). Early on I started drawing type and text as a necessity because I was struggling to come up with things to draw. At the beginning of the year I became consumed with the Presidential election. I spent countless hours listening to the news and reading articles. This series of drawings documents my account of the 2008 Presidential election. As always, if you have any images that you took or maybe some cool pictures you've come across and you'd like to share with us, please drop me a line on Twitter and/or Facebook. I'd love to hear from you! 2008 Election Misc.