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Mesmerizing Ballpoint Pen Artworks by Rebecca Yanovskaya

Mesmerizing Ballpoint Pen Artworks by Rebecca Yanovskaya

July 11, 2014 from PauloGabriel's blog

Once in a while we find an artist that really shines brightly with state-of-the-art quality. Recently I've come to know the work of Canadian artist Rebecca Yanovskaya, who is a master in ballpoint pen illustrations. Her work is simply...

Mind-Blowing Freehand Illustrations by Chan Hwee Chong

November 04, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

This one is amazing. Chan Hwee Chong, an illustrator located at Germany, has done some mind-blowing freehand illustrations for Faber Castell. Talk about control... this dude gotta be a robot from the future or something.

Old illustration with Australian feeling

August 15, 2007 from abduzeedo's blog

It’s always good when we find some things we thought we had lost. Last week I was checking some backup CDS and I found some old illustrations, which were from 2002-2003. The illustrations were for some work i did for a friend of mine who...

Mini in Vector

August 01, 2007 from abduzeedo's blog

Last week I was checking some old backups, like from 3 years ago and it was really cool because I found some crazy things that I had done in the past.