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Witty Street Fighter Fanarts

Witty Street Fighter Fanarts

April 10, 2015 from PauloGabriel's blog

Street Fighter has one of the most active fanart communities out there. Artists from all over the world love making awesome homage artworks to their most beloved game. Through their creative minds we get to see some super fun pieces, like...
Creative Self-Portrait Drawings by Gaikuo

Creative Self-Portrait Drawings by Gaikuo

July 16, 2013 from AoiroStudio's blog

Gaikuo is an artist from Beijing, China and he decided to put himself into drawings of characters from his favourite comics, cartoons and films, including The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Pokémon and more. Comic fans...
What if Social Media were invented in the 80s

What if Social Media were invented in the 80s

February 04, 2013 from AoiroStudio's blog

If Social Media was built in the days of DOS, 14.4 Kbps modems and Netscape Navigator, they would have looked very different. Well Kinna McInroe and Jo Luijten made this ambition from the past into a reality. This reality truly became a...

Funny Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

March 26, 2012 from AoiroStudio's blog

Underwater Dogs is a funny series of photographs by Seth Casteel. Based in Los Angeles, Seth delivers spontaneous and priceless results to capture our favourite pets in images that will surely last forever. Some of them are really funny...

The Extreme Bucket of Infinity List

March 06, 2012 from AoiroStudio's blog

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Infinity List is a cinematic sports experience. And their focus is to give us a daily dose of both beautiful and entertaining videos on extreme sports. Buckled up and get ready to live the experience of...

Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

February 06, 2012 from AoiroStudio's blog

The title says pretty much what this post is all about. For those who are more concern about the final score, I am more into looking the commercials. It's where you will witness all the millions of dollars that companies spent each year...

Vintage Christmas Ads

December 26, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

Christmas time is a great opportunity to find time and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Every time, there's Christmas, there's just ads everywhere we look. It got me inspired to look and share this collection of vintage Christmas...

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

December 12, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

The title is pretty explanatory and it's coming from a very cool blog where they showcase shots of famous people hanging out together from the new and old times. A picture is worth a thousand words and I truly think it's a great idea. It's...

Summer 2011 Movie Blockbusters in Lego Posters

May 18, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

Summer is here and when comes summer, it's always the time for the movie blockbusters. Here's a series of this summer's movie blockbusters in LEGO posters. It was created by Old Red Japoly. For more information about Old Red Jalopy, you...

Community Service Announcements by Jeremy Ville

May 17, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Jeremy is indeed one of the sweetest artist on earth, his cute remarkable characters can please from toughest illustrator to little kids. I've found these community service announcements that he's doing for some time and I think they're...

National Tasty Flags

April 18, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

Inspiration comes from everywhere! And this is a great and fun example of a really creative ad campaign inspired by food for Sydney's International Food Festival. The National flags were recreated by popular local food of participating...

Lego Creations Inspired by Movies

February 28, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

As I was watching the 83rd Oscar Academy Awards, I've found this great collection of LEGO creations by Alex Eylar . Here's a couple funny and memorable creations from movies of our time. You can found more of Alex Eylar aka Profound...