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Comic-Con 2016: Trailers and Trailers

Comic-Con 2016: Trailers and Trailers

For all the comic and movie fans out there, this past week and weekend have been quite exciting for what's coming in 2017 and upcoming in movie entertainment. From the epic Wonder Woman to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailers, there was a lot for everyone to be psyched about. I know this isn't our usual type of article but I thought it would be fun to start Monday with some enjoyment to go through the week. Enjoy some Comic-Con announcements! It was founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970 by a group of San Diegans, which included Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry; later, it was called the "San Diego Comic Book Convention". - via Wikipedia WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer     Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage     KONG : SKULL ISLAND Comic-Con Trailer     Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Comic-Con Trailer     The LEGO Batman Movie - Comic-Con Trailer     Suicide Squad - Official Comic-Con Trailer     Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2    

IN EXTREMIS: Bodies with No Regret

IN EXTREMIS: Bodies with No Regret

It's Friday and we would love to end this week with fun (it made me laugh) project on Abduzeedo. It's entitled:  IN EXTREMIS series by Sandro Giordano and it's basically short stories in a photograph about a person's world falling down. With no chance to save themselves, this is such a creative direction and series that is worth to watch and follow. We live in a distorted world of plastic surgery, which perpetuates stereotyped images that feed a preset marketing model. I believe that perfection is in imperfection. It is in strong contrasts, in frailty, and in the humanity that makes each individual different from the rest. I hide the face of my characters in order for their BODY to speak for them. This fall is the point of no return. There’s a saying “you must hit rock bottom to start over”. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); About Sandro Giordano Before Sandro is devoting his whole time to IN EXTREMIS series, he was originally from Rome, Italy. He graduated from the "Istituto per la Cinematografia e la Televisione Roberto Rossellini" in Set Design. Follow his Instagram for more of his IN EXTREMIS series. For more information:

Wyoming Air Company

Wyoming Air Company

It's April 1st, the day where we should fool ourselves a little for a change. Instead of looking at what major brands are doing, we took a closer at the Wyoming Air Company, watch the video to see what is it all about. What I've enjoyed the most about this project is the care to every single detail which makes it even more convincing. A fun & beautiful production by TMBR     Everything in life can be tied back to a single breath of air. Namaste - Nimbus Mayweather (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); About Wyoming Air Company In a world of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, Nimbus Mayweather made it his mission to bring craft bottled air to the world. He spent years nomadically wandering for the freshest, purest air on the planet. At the base of the Grand Tetons, Nimbus finally found what he had been looking for. Air so pure, so pristine, that with a single breath, a state of total euphoria enveloped his being. It was in that moment that Wyoming Air Co. was born. Nimbus couldn’t be more proud to now share that experience with the world. A portion of the proceeds from sales generated on this site will be donated to help support our National Parks and open land conservation efforts. For more information:

Witty Street Fighter Fanarts

Witty Street Fighter Fanarts

Street Fighter has one of the most active fanart communities out there. Artists from all over the world love making awesome homage artworks to their most beloved game. Through their creative minds we get to see some super fun pieces, like these below. I've selected some awesome examples of Street Fighter fanart made by super talented people. For more of their work and for information about buying these artworks (as t-shirts and prints) all you have to do is to click each image. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers. ;) Tiger! WinterArtwork Sagat's Muay Thai johnbjwilson Zangief's Gym coinbox tees Yoga Flame Grilled BBQ Fanboy30 Demon Dojo pigboom BALROG'S BOXING GYM Keez Master Bison Fanboy30 Ken v Ryu Jackson Chung Mr Fighter II matthumphrey Shotokan Pilgrim ninjaink You Lose! Phillip Marsden Pixel Art Street Fighter LoweakGraph

Creative Self-Portrait Drawings by Gaikuo

Creative Self-Portrait Drawings by Gaikuo

Gaikuo is an artist from Beijing, China and he decided to put himself into drawings of characters from his favourite comics, cartoons and films, including The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Pokémon and more. Comic fans will appreciate his creativity and appreciate his way to re-imagine the comic world. Find out more about Gaikuo and his drawings via his Zcool Profile All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo All Rights to Gaikuo Links More info about Gaikuo:

What if Social Media were invented in the 80s

What if Social Media were invented in the 80s

If Social Media was built in the days of DOS, 14.4 Kbps modems and Netscape Navigator, they would have looked very different. Well Kinna McInroe and Jo Luijten made this ambition from the past into a reality. This reality truly became a sensation and some of these videos were broadcasted on television and in the Nitehawk Cinema from New York City. After seeing the British BBC show 'Look around you', Jo Luijten was inspired by the idea of creating a nonexistent world in the past. Using old software, like QuickBASIC 4.5 and MS-Paint, he created several '80s and '90s versions of contemporary social media and video games. Jo Luijten's girlfriend Kinna McInroe is the voice-over of the 'Wonders of the World Wide Web' videos. For more information about Squirrel-Monkey, you can visit their website at and also check out their YouTube Channel. If Angry Birds were an '80s home computer game...

Funny Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Underwater Dogs is a funny series of photographs by Seth Casteel. Based in Los Angeles, Seth delivers spontaneous and priceless results to capture our favourite pets in images that will surely last forever. Some of them are really funny and some a bit scary, you'll be the judge! For more information about the Seth Casteel, you can visit and follow him on Twitter @LTLFriendsPhoto.

The Extreme Bucket of Infinity List

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Infinity List is a cinematic sports experience. And their focus is to give us a daily dose of both beautiful and entertaining videos on extreme sports. Buckled up and get ready to live the experience of freedom. Hope you will enjoy them! For more information about Infinity List, you can visit their website at Experience Freedom Experience Zero Gravity Experience Human Flight" Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Trailer" Tunisian Duel: Ride the Desert" Chris Bryan Films: Phantom Reel" Malta Cliff Diving 2011" APEX Movement 2012" On Assignment" A Story for Tomorrow"

Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

The title says pretty much what this post is all about. For those who are more concern about the final score, I am more into looking the commercials. It's where you will witness all the millions of dollars that companies spent each year for a few seconds of air time during the Super Bowl. Some of the commercials are purely hilarious, genuinely done and others are just plain déjà vu. I hope you will enjoy them! Audi 2012 Game Day Commercial - Vampire Party M&M's - Ms. Brown Teaser (2012, USA) 2013 Lexus GS - Super Bowl Ad "The Beast" Bridgestone - Press Conference Teleflora Super Bowl Ad - Adriana Lima 2012 OFFICIAL David Beckham Bodywear for H&M Super Bowl Ad Coke 2012 Commercial: "Catch" Starring NY Bear The Bark Side - 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser The Dog Strikes Back - 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Toyota Camry 2012 Big Game - 60 Commercial It's Reinvented 2012 Acura NSX - Super Bowl Full Commercial Featuring Jerry Seinfeld "A Dream Car. For Real Life." -- 2012 Kia Optima Big Game Full Commercial Chevy Sonic "Stunt Anthem" - Chevrolet Commercial Pepsi MAX - Check-Out Super Bowl Full Commercial Samsung "Next Big Thing" Super Bowl Ad Doritos® - Bird of Prey -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012 2012 Chevrolet "Route 66" Super Bowl XLVI Commercial - Happy Grad FIAT 500 Abarth - Seduction 2012 Super Bowl Contender Marvel's The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial My all-time Favourite - Budweiser Wassup

Vintage Christmas Ads

Christmas time is a great opportunity to find time and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Every time, there's Christmas, there's just ads everywhere we look. It got me inspired to look and share this collection of vintage Christmas ads, what really stroked me is the ads were so simple and yet so informative. Also it's also great to see the needs of people really differ from our present time. Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. - Oren Arnold You can find more vintage Christmas ads by visiting this Flickr.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

The title is pretty explanatory and it's coming from a very cool blog where they showcase shots of famous people hanging out together from the new and old times. A picture is worth a thousand words and I truly think it's a great idea. It's also a good practice for your personal history so check it out, you won't be disappointed! Disclaimer from the blog: I do not own the images posted, I provide photo credit when I am aware of the source. You are free to message me to provide the credit or to ask for removal of an image. Thank You. For more information or submit your pictures to the blog 'Awesome People Hanging Out Together, you can visit the website at Jimi Hendrix & Mick Jagger, New York, 1969 Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly The Beatles and Mohammad Ali, 1964 Michael Jackson & Mr. T Martin Luther King Jr. and Marlon Brando (The Godfather) Marilyn Monroe Meets Queen Elizabeth II 1956 George Harrison and Bob Marley Danny DeVito and Christopher Reeve Bob Marley and Jackson Five, 1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shaquille O'neal Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein Mother Teresa and Princess Diana Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), 1969 James Brown and Mick Jagger, 1964 Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, and Harvey Firestone, 1921 Madonna, Sting and 2Pac Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X A young Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy at the White House in 1963 James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor Ian Fleming and Sean Connery President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg Johnny Cash and Ray Charles Elvis Presley and Tom Jones Walt Disney and Shirley Temple Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Kurt Cobain Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Charlie Chaplin and Gandhi Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis Jr. The cast of the original Star Wars Trilogy Not included but still awesome people hanging out together! Signalnoise (James White) and Abduzeedo (Fabio Sasso)

Summer 2011 Movie Blockbusters in Lego Posters

Summer is here and when comes summer, it's always the time for the movie blockbusters. Here's a series of this summer's movie blockbusters in LEGO posters. It was created by Old Red Japoly. For more information about Old Red Jalopy, you can visit , be a fan on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @OldRedJalopy . 0

Community Service Announcements by Jeremy Ville

Jeremy is indeed one of the sweetest artist on earth, his cute remarkable characters can please from toughest illustrator to little kids. I've found these community service announcements that he's doing for some time and I think they're pretty adorable with some great life lessons to be learned, but also using his illustration style. Share it with your friends and be happy :) If you want to see more Community Service Announcements or know more about Jeremy, please access Jeremy's Website. This one goes to the Abduzeedo Team/family:

National Tasty Flags

Inspiration comes from everywhere! And this is a great and fun example of a really creative ad campaign inspired by food for Sydney's International Food Festival. The National flags were recreated by popular local food of participating countries of the festival. For more information about Sydney's International Food Festival, you can visit their website at Cravesydneyfoodfestival.Com.Au . Brazil Australia France Italia India Greece Lebanon South Korea Japan Switzerland Spain Great Britain China Indonesia Vietnam

Lego Creations Inspired by Movies

As I was watching the 83rd Oscar Academy Awards, I've found this great collection of LEGO creations by Alex Eylar. Here's a couple funny and memorable creations from movies of our time. You can found more of Alex Eylar aka Profound Whatever's work on his Flickr. Inception American Beauty Pulp Fiction Die Hard Back To The Future Raging Bull Indiana Jones Star Wars The Exorcist The Godfather 2001: A Space Odyssey The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Amazing Stereographics Will Make You Time Travel

We're seeing lately a big buzz around stereo pictures. Some of the latest cameras come with dual lenses to capture 3D, but this is nothing new, actually. This is old technology getting new clothing, and we love it! Last year we had our first great post on stereographics. These, if you don't know, are the paralel kind. There's also the cross-eye kind, but I find it more difficult to focus. With paralel stereographics I have no trouble at all, because all I move are my eyes to make the effect, from any distance. I'm also posting a video that teaches you how to merge these images with your bare eyes. This video is so amazing that I'll find more stereographics videos and post them tomorrow (so if you see any other blog posting stereo videos on wednesday, at least you know where they got their idea from). All of these pictures are brought to you by Okinawa Soba. You may visit his flickrstream for much more of these! He'll appreciate it. I hope you enjoy these, and don't forget to come back tomorrow to check some stereographics videos. Cheers! ;) Ps.: The funny part is that after a time seeing these in 3D, your brain will get so much used to it that even when you stop doing it, you'll see depth in normal text and other things in your monitor. How to see 3D in paralel stereographics There's a reason for everything Burton Holmes Abraham Lincoln Mark Twain Traveling the globe Stereo Photographer Henry A. Strohmeyer Miss Ku-ra-tu Miss Won-si-vu and Miss Ku-ra-tu Miss Kai-Ar Stereo Photographer Henry A. Strohmeyer Guglielmo Marconi Clara Barton Thomas Edison Thomas Edison 1932 Olympics A young prince has a look at an early motion picture cam Royal photographer riding to the trenches of WW1 Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis Couple at the well Mark Twain shooting some pool

Kickass Street Fighter Illustrations

I cannot wait for the day I'll finally buy me a video game (which one I don't know) and will be finally able to play that sweet Street Fighter IV game. This series is a true classic... I remember playing the arcade game in 1993 or so... and was pretty fun! So, yes, I got a little nostalgic about it, and just had to find some trully kickass illustrations... and yeah, I did it. These are totally awesome, the artists are amazing... and I guess that checking these will be little fun for everyone that loves the series. Also, if you like these, you should really check out each artist's page for more of their work. I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Fabian "Monk" Schlaga Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Arnold Tsang and Ramil Sunaga Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Arnold Tsang Art by Arnold Tsang Art by Bobby Chiu Art by Arnold Tsang Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Sven Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Espen Grundetjern Art by Mark "diablo2003" Brooks Art by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz Art by Alvin Lee Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Gary Yeung Art by Ryan Benjamin Lines by Alvin Lee, Colors by Arnold Tsang Art by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz Art by Arnold Tsang Art by Alvin Lee, Colors by Spen Grundetjern Art by Arnold Tsang Lines by Joe Ng, Colors by Spen Grundetjern Pencils by Alvin Lee, Inks by Crystal Reid, Colors by Espen Grundetjern