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Inspiration: Electric Manja

We've been featuring digital artist from all over the world and it's always very good to get to know talented designers and illustrators. Lionel Charpentier, a 24 years old french graphic artist, is a great example, he runs a website called where he showcases some beautiful images mixing photos, drawings and other elements. For more information visit: Also if you want to have your work featured on Abduzeedo, send an email to with the subject: Feature Work.

Crazy Work from Michal Sycz

Check out the intensity and the details of the crazy works of the Polish Graphic Designer Michal Sycz, a great mix of typography, 3d, and regular photo manipulations that feels like candy to the eyes.

Beautiful Flyer Designs by Super Silo

In the last daily inspiration I featured a very beautiful image of a robot, it was from a Flyer designed by Martijn van Dam, AKA Super Silo, a very talented graphic designer from Amsterdam. I highly recommend that you check out his portfolio, it's very inspiring with lots of great Flyer and Poster designs. Hi! I'm Martijn, a 27 year old graphic designer at Momkai, an independent, interactive agency based in Amsterdam. Don't forget to check our Behance page as well. In my free time I like to make music related graphic designs and illustrations for flyers, posters and sleeves which can be found here. Super Silo is the alias I use for making artwork outside of my daytime job at Momkai. My real name is Martijn van Dam and I'm a 27 year old Dutch graphic designer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information visit his website at or his Behance page at

The Best Posters of 2008

Following our winner "The Best of 2008" series, today we've got plenty of posters for you guys! All the cool stuff... movies, Obama, and design in general! I hope you enjoy these! ;) Oh, and of course, feel free to comment posting more posters!! We'd love to see what other great posters we had during this year!! Another thing... since we don't get to celebrate 2 years all the time, today we're gonna have some awesome stuff for you guys! Be prepared. Cheers! DESIGN IN GENERAL

Great Graphic Design Online Courses

Every career has two sides: one is the light and bright side, which brings us joy and happiness... you actually enjoy doing what you do. But there's another side, the heavy burden you have to carry, the price you have to pay for having the dream job. For us designers, this dark side is the fact that if we don't master at least Adobe's creative suite, we won't settle happy. In our field, we often need to deliver pieces that sometimes are a little beyond our skills, or at least we think so. You probably know what you want to do, but you don't know enough the technique to do so. The solution is to learn how to use the softwares avaiable... Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, among many others. You may look for inclass courses, but there's also the coolest way to learn in my opinion: Online courses! You find numerous ways to learn these online, mainly through tutorials, like the ones you find here at Abduzeedo. But the best way to really master techniques, is knowing your enemy (something Sun Tzu would say), and turning him your ally. There are free and pay courses online... some good, some weak, so we looked for the good ones and listed them here for you guys. There are actually courses sites, that deliver great content, like Lynda and Total Training. We really wish the design, open source comunity gets better each day. We need good professionals, so we can actually rise our standards. Anyways, here is a brief list of online courses that you'll find really useful in your eternal quest for wisdom and mastery. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;) 1. CSS for Designers 2. Learn Illustrator CS3 in 30 Days 3. Adobe Photoshop Basics 4. InDesign CS4 Essential Training 5. Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Essentials 6. Adobe CS4 Design: Workflow

Elvis is Not Dead

Friday has finally arrived and we gotta celebrate it. Since early in the morning I've been listening to the King, mister Elvis Presley, and I totally dugg the idea of making the King a post. If Michael Jackson gets a post, the King gets one too. Elvis is also a true inspiration source... if you're in some kind of creative hiatus, just play any of Elvis' rocking classics and you get your brain juices flowing right away. Also, there's plenty stuff over the internet, awesome works, that will make you realize who cool the King is... pop/rock culture at its best. And yeah, You ain't nothin' but a hound dog cryin' all the time... pa pa pa. Cheers! ;) Blue Suede Shoes Jail House Rock Hound Dog

Typography Mega Inspiration

For the last few days I've been researching a lot of Typography due to a personal project. Finding the right lettering is really difficult, but there's plenty inspiration over the internet. And here is my mega selection, many exemples of good typography. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. Cheers! ;)

Inspiration: Stefan Chinof

Typography is the kind of work that always catches our attention. Stefan Chinof, a Bulgarian designer not only plays a lot with typos, but makes other great pieces. These are great inspiration, from Typo to Photo manipulation, mixing it with vectors all those sweet techniques. For further pieces, visit him at DeviantArt.

Inspiration: Cesar Moreno

It's always nice to find illustrators that come up with fresh designs. Even though there are so many designers out there, we only get to see outstanding work from time to time. And today that time has come once more. Cesar Moreno is a 29 years old Mexican designer who's been doing some really cool work. He's got a massive portfolio with many many pieces. Here are only a few of them... for the whole set, you may visit HIS SITE. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Amazing Absolut Vodka Inspiration

Design lovers everywhere gotta love Absolut. It is an amazing brand that besides the drink itself, makes people enjoy really well done bottles and advertising designs. Making a little research about it, it came up that Absolut asked well-known Brazilian artists to come up with custom layouts. From famous 80's names like Daniel Senise to total "new" ones like Adhemas Batista and Guilherme Marconi. The exposition follows the post. Besides that, I absolutely recommend a visit to the Absolut site, where you'll get an inspiration overload. If you really enjoy good taste motion graphics, there's a section full of it. Well... I think this is all you'll get of Absolut today. Just today, 'cause I'm pretty sure we can't get enough of it. Enjoy! Cheers. ;) More ABSOLUT inspiration. BEST. COMMERCIAL. EVER. It blew my mind.

Interview: Lowpop

Lowpop, or Ringot Baptiste, is a 25 year-old graphic designer from France, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for Abduzeedo. Thanks for the opportunity of having you here. I really like your work. So, tell me a bit of how did you start and discover that you wanted be a designer? Well, it's been a long road to get there... I screwed up school, was kind of a lost and violent teenager, and also passionate by street art, and photography. i was taking my lessons in sort of graffiti fonts, and always stealing the teachers markers and else ( i apologize for that, really :p ). And then i stopped school, and stopped the whole thing too. I started to play guitar, several hours a day, and when i had my first serious rock band, from the first hours i wanted to participate to the visual stuffs. And it's how it came back. I had my computer ( an old crappy shit ), a photoshop 7.0 version, and later bought a digital camera. And i spent nights, trying to learn on my own the rules of design, what to do, what NOT to do, why this font works better or not.. And it took me a long long time, i wasn't aware of the tutorials or else. And anyway, never really liked to learn with " lessons " , i always think it's better to learn everything on your own, even if it's quite longer... It's like in music, you study everything you hear, you swallow it, slowly digest it, but when it comes out , it's your own shit. And from the day i realized i was spending much more time on photoshop or any other design softs than on my guitar, i thought " that's what you wanna do ". How do you come up with those amazing ideas and effects? Tips on how to create those effects? Wow. That's quite of a good question i never asked myself. The fact is : I'm kind of a tortured mind, every second of every minute there's something in my head, something i'm thinking about, worrying about, forgetting about... So it's a complete mess in my head. Hard to handle sometimes. And my ideas come the same way. I've never been in the street thinking " hey ! i'm gonna take a pandabear and a beautiful lady, put a yellow background and some of this some of that " In my way of thinking it's a bit restricting. And i know i have a bad way of work : i just open a new empty photoshop document, seek the internet for elements, and go. But it's the way it works for me. Even if, thanks to my friend Kawo, i tend to change this way of working, for a more professional way. So my ideas come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, from my mind or from the street, anything.. And tips to create effects ? Damn, i don't know, try everything in your softwares, even things that would make you think " no way, it can't work " and you'll see, sometimes, it works great. And never stop to watch nature, everything is in nature, it's one of the design rule i prefer. Tell us a bit of your career? Favorite project you worked on? Toughest project? My career is so so new ! i've started to work in july for wonderful people i met when i moved on Lille ( North of France ), still thanks to my friend kawo. I kinda have to get my ideas straighter, more accurate, more focused. 'Cause it's a fresh new world for me, and i have to make my place in it. So i can't say i have a big career for the moment, but it's cool this way, i need things to go quietly at the beginning. And two weeks ago, i became creative director for Epoch, a brand new collective that will, i hope, make some noise !!! My favorite project is the one at the moment, i work with a band called Skip The Use, they're one of the greatest bands i've seen, and i have to design every visual piece for them, it's a real pleasure. And it's also the toughest one, i want something perfect for them, and it takes time ! And, advertising time, i'm available for any commissions ! Who are the designers you like and inspire you? And what sites do you visit, or what do you do to get inspiration? Damn, there are so many... Since i've discovered how internet can bring talents to your door, i can't stop watching folios and sites... I'm a huge huge Fan of Takeshi (TKSH), this guy is just so brilliant, and his style begins to be simpler and simpler, i love it... I wanted to drop his name particularly 'cause that's one of the first that made me say " wow ". There's also Neil Duerden, who is just a f**kin master in what he does. All his pieces are just perfect. Craig Shields is a killer, Nelson Balaban due to his age makes you feel washed up.. And there are so many... I have books, magazines, plenty of those, full of talents and inspiring things, there's no limit.. Even your friend who just caught photoshop on the internet and destroyed a picture can be inspiring.. For the sites i visit : plenty of blogs, i have discovered abduzeedo a year ago, and still visit it, DeviantArt is a huge huge community.. it's a no end list, i also visit fashion sites, photographers folio, EVERYTHING related ( or not ) to what i like.. Tell us about the apps you use? How long have you been using them? Well well well... I use photoshop a lot, it's really the main tool. Even if i use illustrator on the side, or even Cinema 4D sometimes, it's always to import elements in a photoshop documents. I feel more comfy this way. And i bought myself a huge huge amount of paintings, pencils, papers, cissors, from all sorts, that i wanna use soon. I love the idea of shutting down everything, go at a desk, and draw, paint, cut, anything. But i don't take time for that.. Soon, i hope. It's been two years i use photoshop, one for illustrator ( learned it at school, very useful tool ). And i also know Indesign well, and Quark Xpress too. And i'm working on After Effects when i have time, cause it's really fun to make your things move ! ( but.. Being good at AE is a full time work... ) What about your hardware? I mainly work on a 17" laptop cause i often have to move, but it's powerful enough for everything i need. Well... almost... But i also have a PC with the good old windows XP on it, i think i'm gonna leave it only if it dies cause it works well. And if i have to buy something soon, it's gonna be a 24" imac. This thing is incredible, and the screen is outstanding. I'm not a huge geek in computers, but i guess what i use is enough. Again, thanks for the opportunity of talking to you. One last question: Any advice for designers out there, who, like me are willing to improve their skills and become a master? You're welcome. I'm nobody in the world of design for the moment, so it's a great chance for me to be interviewed here... And so thanks to you ! And i'm still a padawan in design, so i guess the best advice i could give is " listen to the advices of the masters ! " haha ;o) Lowpop can be found at:

Beautiful Decorative Stickers

When you move to a new place, probably the first thing you do after getting all your furniture placed is trying to make your new home good looking... and there are some simple ideas that will do the job just fine. Placing some nice looking stickers in your walls might be one of those ideas. Diz Decor, a Brazilian design group makes beautiful stickers for that purpose: stick'em to your walls. The result is really impressive! As they say in their site: A white wall is just like an empty canvas... just waiting for some colors, something that brings life to it! Here are some of theirs stickers. At their website you'll find not only wall stickers, but other cool stuff for your home. Hope you all like it. Cheers! ;)

Inspiration: Michael Jackson

Inspiration: Michael Jackson??? Yes!!! Michael has been the king of pop for so long that we should get thrown out of the earth if we didn't mention him here at Abduzeedo at least once. Thriller has completed 25 years and Michael is about to turn 50 at the end of the week, so it's time to get some sweet inspiration from his work. There are many things to learn from him, because a person does not get 'Michael Jackson Famous' during the night like that. There's got to be something. And there is. When Thriller was launched, people already knew Michael's talent... he was a true golden boy, known since his work in the Jackson 5. The little kid grew up and became something else. He would amaze everyone with his new ideas and concepts for music, when anyone was expecting it. Thriller was trully different from everything else... its rhythm and beat was somewhat a revolution, and Michael would get an even more greater Star status. He influenced music videos and music itself hence he was the king of all of it. Not of all his artwork is good, but we really got to mention some of it, like the 1992 album "Dangerous", a wonderful collage. I remember I was 8 years old and would stare at it and think who different it was and wonder how it was made. Dangerous (1992) And there are many things that Michael Jackson left us... good memories for sure! Like the Moonwalker game for the Sega Genesis. Boy, I loved that game!! And its cover design is pretty sweet. Sega's Moonwalker Moonwalker game clip. Sweeeet. :D And of course, the Thriller song is pretty cool, but for me, its beat is not as huge as Billie Jean's. I mean... Michael DID the moonwalk dance for the first time during a Billie Jean performance. That's enough for me. There's no person in the world who never tried at least once to do the moonwalk. I'm still trying to own it. Even Fabio does it. Hahaha. The friggin', mind blowin' Moonwalker Jedi. And of course, the Moonwalker movie. It actually sucks, but the cover art is cool. And at last, but not least, how not to mention the greatest videos in YouTube inspired in Michael's work, like the Philippines detention dance and Bollywood's Thriller? These are the ultimate proof that Michael has influenced full generations of people all around the world. And I'll finish this post telling you that Michael must be remembered for all the great moments he gave us during our childhood parties and during our attempts to dance like him (what was really fun to do). Long live the Jacko! Cheers! ;) And it was only a 'practice'... Chiranjeevi's Thriller.

Amazing Gutter Art

Most of us would never think that a gutter could be a piece of art. Here in Brazil, some people are using these parts of urban scenery to bring a little bit of color to the commomly grey sidewalks. They are Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente from 6emeia. The 6emeia project was created and developed by the artists Anderson Augusto, also known as SÃO, and Leonardo Delafuente, also known as Delafuente. The duo live in the Barra Funda neighborhood of São Paulo where they began the project with the purpose of changing and transforming daily life. The duo's objective is to modify the means within which we all live, proposing a new way to view things by reflecting upon themes generated through creative and unusual works. Such modifications are made by painting storm drains, light posts, manhole covers and any other object which makes up the urban scenario. And it's fantastic that they don't just paint anything, random faces and all, but they even make some pieces inspired by classic paintings and movies. And of course, they're like ninjas... they adapt to any gutter situation. Hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;) For more information and images visit their website at Text Ad: Sign up with a+ braindumps for getting incredible online HP0-S26 courses. We also provide best 642-384 with guaranteed success.

Inspiration: Chris Roth

Probably the greatest thing about writing to a big blog is that you always get to know some cool artist from around the world. Chris Roth, an american artist recently sent us an email linking this site, and it was really worth the visit. Maybe most of you, designers, artists, and all people that visit the blog on a regular basis, don't know that you can actually emails us to talk about your work (or someone else's). It's really not hard to get featured here, the only thing necessary is that we think your work is cool enough. Chris sent his work, Chris got it. You guys should really try it too! :) One more thing, besides the fact that our feed readers counter down there constantly bugs, we have almost 10 thousand readers. There are 9700 or something close to that actually... And to warm up thing a little bit, I want to encourage you guys to sign our feed, because if we manage to reach 10k readers and remain like that for at least 2 days, then we're gonna giveaway a favicon. So hurry up! Sign now! ;)

Beautiful Illustrations by Linn Olofsdotter

Ok, I was totally blown away by her work. Linn Olofsdotter, is an awesome artist from Sweden, who's been to many countries (even Brazil) working and promoting her awesome work. And when I tell you I am blown away, I mean it. :O We often see nice illustrations and all that, but Linn managed to go further and became something different (at least for me). She makes a kind of work that I don't see much often, playing with textures, gradientes, scribbles and lots of hand drawing. I'm totally in love with her work, and you guys should totally visit her portfolio to see her many many pieces there. You won't regret, for sure! Cheers! ;) BLOWN AWAY!

Inspiration: Vault49

It's really cool when you find designers that work with many different styles. Jonathan Kenyon and John Glasgow, both from England are like that: multi-talented. Together, they launched Vault49, an awesome design studio that's been doing some great work in NY, collaborating to with the Artful Dodger clothing brand. You may see some cool work of them here, and you also may visit their website! Cheers! ;)