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Minimal Rap Posters by Zaven Najjar

Minimal Rap Posters by Zaven Najjar

Zaven Najjar is a graphic and motion designer from France who loves Rap & Hip Hop. He is dedicated to creating one rap poster a day and I selected a few so we can take a look at and get some inspiration from. Enjoy...

Create a Badass Hip Hop Character in Illustrator

Hi everyone, after a hiatus of almost three months without writing any tutorial I'm finally back and, as usuaI, I have a good exercise to share with you guys. Today we're going to draw this badass hip hop character that...

Hip Hop Illustrated Portraits

If you a fan of hip hop and art, this is a really good mix. Illustrated by Michael Molloy, each portrait has it's own flavor with an awesome blend of colors and style. Check out if your favorite hip hop artist is on the...

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