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Vintage Stencil Style in Photoshop

Vintage Stencil Style in Photoshop

Last week we posted a tutorial showing how to create simple artwork in Illustrator and then in Photoshop we added a few effects to make it look old and with that vintage/hipster feel. Some people asked about some of the...

Hipster Branding Collection

Every 5 years the design community get into a main trend, we had 80's comeback on the earlies 2000's and now we seem to be into a retro wave with the Instagram boom and all this things. I mean, that's really interesting...

Hipster Text Effect in Pixelmator

Every time I checked Dribbble I see a bunch of posts with this sort of vintage typography style. It's a very interesting look and very trendy nowadays. With that in mind I decided to improve my skills by trying to...

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