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Altruism Playing Cards by Hydro74

Altruism Playing Cards by Hydro74

Joshua M. Smith, AKA Hydro74 is one of our favorite designer, he has a beautiful portfolio of typography, illustration and graphic design work for all sorts of clients. His style is quite unique and you can spot his...

Run Your Jewels: Round 2 Submissions

RunYourJewels is a very fun digital media remix competition where every two weeks, a different artist (provider) uploads a high resolution of an original piece. Everyone can download the source, then one week to remix...

Badass Illustrations by Joshua M. Smith aka Hydro74

Joshua M. Smith aka Hydro74 is a designer based in Orlando, Florida. He's a craftsman and master in type treatments, branding, apparel, illustration and more. His art is a true inspiration of somebody that is very...

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