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Amazing Work by Justin VanGenderen - 3 Posters to Giveaway [UPDATED]

Justin VanGenderen is an amazing designer from Chicago with a collection of posters that blow our eyes! And today we will not only showcase him, but also giving away 3 of his posters! Yeah, check this out and good luck guys! I am currently a freelance designer living in Chicago IL. About a year ago I started my own design company, 2046 Design. While a lot of my work involves photo-manipulation for various design firms and clients I am always trying out new styles. Over the past year or so I have started to experiment a lot more with minimalism and poster design. Most of this work is influenced by older printing processes like letterpress and silk screen printing. - Justin VanGenderen About the Giveaway We're giving away 3 posters that Justin wants to give to our users. To participate, just drop us a comment or share this post on twitter, that is simple! Next week we will announce the winners. The 3 posters to give away! The Winners [UPDATED] Derry Fabricio Franco Celwin Frenzen Congratulations guys, we will contact you soon! While you wait, take a look on other posters from Justin VanGenderen! Also check his website and Flickr.

Awesome Design & Type Work by Fantastic Hysteria

I'm a huge fan of Spanish designer/illustrator Fantastic Hysteria's style. His typography work in particular was what first caught my attention, but I think his choice of color palettes was what left me wanting more. I only wish I knew more about him! Head on over to his Behance for more and let me know what you think via twitter!

Awesome Illustrations and Sketches by Mike Henry

For me, nothing beats the smell of fresh illustrations in the morning. It's really nice to run into an awesome illustrator and see some super fresh illustrations of girls and sketches monsters like these by Mike Henry. I've seen his style before, and these are super cool. For more of Mike's work you may visit his portfolio at DeviantART. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Playful Illustrations by Alessandro Gottardo

I was quickly captivated by the playfulness of Alessandro's illustrations and I'm sure you will be too. Here is a sneak preview of some of the illustrations featured in his book "Shout". Alessandro Gottardo aka Shout creates visual art projects for advertising campaigns, design products and publishers in four continents. His work has been recognized by several international awards, including the gold medal from the Society of Illustrators New York. Check out Alessandro's site for more and let me know what you think via twitter!

Character Design Inspiration by Reevolver

Salvador Ramirez Madriz also known as Reevolver is an conceptual artist and illustrator from Mexico, he has an amazing style especially with character design. So in this post I will share with you some of his artworks. For more information about Salvador Ramirez visit his DeviantArt profile at

Calvin and Hobbes Collection

I've been writing here at Abduzeedo for almost 3 years now and I have absolutely no idea how come I've never posted about Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson's creation gotta be the reason why I love illustration. Or I just might be exaggerating, but that gotta be really close to reality. I've been reading Calvin and Hobbes comics since childhood, and it just never gets old. This must be the masterpiece of comic strips (in my humble opinion). And also, there's tons of fan art around the web, really good ones, and even sculptures. Really worth checking out. I've selected a few of the original artwork and a bunch of fan art. For more of these, you should visit each artist page. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Cheers! ;) P.S.: I'm not posting any strips because I totally support buying the original books. They are totally worth paying for. All of you should buy those. /// Original Work by Bill Watterson /// /// Fan Art /// Andry Rajoelina galgard ninjaink shaneandhisdog Jaime Posadas leodragon42 Mike Henry Vitor Cafaggi Anthony Spears kitsune-gekkani Gustavo Lopes Erik Rose savvy-weasley zven nami86 Coran Stone Brent J. Rosenburgh Mihajlo Dimitrovski Deadlydelmundo Bryan Taylor strangelydrawn Andantonius losergirl87 This girl's username at DeviantART is a total paradox, because her tattoo is so full of win.

Fun Toy and Illustration Design by Yum Yum

Yumyum is a London, England based animation, illustration, and design studio. They make super cute toys and really fun animations that are sure to brighten up your day! Here's a little peak into some of their work. Check out their portfolio for more. YUM YUM ARE BETH ALGIERI AND JONNY PLUMMER, TWO DIRECTORS / DESIGNERS WITH A COMMON PASSION FOR CREATING NEW AND EXCITING THINGS. Don't forget to swing on by their portfolio for more and let me know what you think via twitter!

Diftnorm - Work of 2010

Diftnorm aka Alexander Otto is a young designer & Illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. He has been featured on Abduzeedo last year. Now we show you his work of 2010 Where to find him on the web: DIFTNORM - Work of 2010

Beautiful Illustrations by Mike Dutton

Mike Dutton has been a writer/illustrator most of his life. He completed his first book when he was seven, a stapled mass of dot-matrix printer paper filled with leaping dinosaurs. He once drew the entire Sunday Funnies during class, but none of the jokes were funny. In fact, his teacher found them to be quite rude and his parents were asked to pay a visit. Since then, Mike has gone on to make children's storybook illustrations, comics, coloring books, magazine articles, landscape paintings, video game art, and quite possibly a portrait of your dog. He is still learning to be funny, but thinks you might enjoy his increasingly popular online comic, One Swoop Fell ( For more information about Mike visit Mike is also one of the designers behind the Google Doodles ( Childrens Book Illustrations for Ages 2 to 202 Comics and Coloring Books Tiny Works Landscapes, Industrialscapes, and Other Escapes

Vintage Lithography Illustrations

It's nice getting to know the way people found to make publishing costs cheaper back then. Lithography was one of the cheapest ways of printing illustrations and it has got a really classy look. Lithography originally used an image drawn in wax or other oily substance applied to a lithographic stone as the medium to transfer ink to the printed sheet. In modern times, the image is often made of polymer applied to a flexible aluminum plate. The flat surface of the plate or stone is slightly roughened, or etched, and divided into hydrophilic regions that accept a film of water and thereby repel the greasy ink, and hydrophobic regions that repel water and accept ink because the surface tension is higher on the greasier image area which remains dry. The image may be printed directly from the stone or plate (in which case it is reversed from the original image) or may be offset by transfer to a flexible sheet, usually rubber, for transfer to the printed article. Here's a brief selection of this art. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Illustration Inspiration by 23Alan

Yesterday I came across this beautiful illustration tweeted by a friend of mine and great designer, Everaldo Coelho, and the illustratio was from another Brazilian. I decided to find out more about him and ended up visiting his Flickr page. The guy I'm talking about is Alan Rodrigo Lourenço also known as 23Alan. Alan is a graphic designer based in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil and his work is beautiful, especially the sketches and illustrations in my opinion, but he also has some great toy arts. So in this post I will share with you some of 23Alan's illustrations. For more information about him check out his Web site at or his Flickr page at

The Awesome Work of Viti Grosman

Some people might not like outdoors in their towns, but there's some worth seeing. If someone hires a great illustrator to come up with some outdoor designs, that's just delightful to see a fresh design on your way to work everyday, right? That's exactly the case of Viti Grosman's work. He got to make designs to Coca-Cola and designed some awesome outdoors, and thousands of people saw his work around the city. A good thing is to discover the guy behind such designs and to find out that his work is pretty cool. So, here's a brief selection of it... and for more, you may visit his portfolio or site. I hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;) Coke Toys Products Mural - Iguatemi Shopping El Cabritón Shop

Super Stylish Drawings by Mattias Adolfsson

A simple trace does not necessary means simple composition. That's exactly the case of Mattias Adolfsson's work. His work is amazingly stylish, even though his trace is simple. His compositions are very detailed and that's one of the various recipes for a stylish drawing. So, for more of his work, you should really check out his portfolio at Behance. You won't regret it, and he'll appreciate it. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Amazingly Creepy 3D Drawings

Perspective in drawings creating 3D scenes in not something new. We've seen some cool examples of that through out the years, but I just got to see something really fresh and amazingly creepy. These eerie drawings are the work of Wladimir Inostroza, also known as Fredo. He's a Chilean illustrator and he sures likes his work jumping at him. I wonder if anyone else would place a creepy old man hanging just above their bed. I wouldn't. Anyways, for more of Fredo's work, you may check out his potfolio at DeviantART. I hope you don't dream at night. Cheers. ;)

Astonishing Movie Art Concepts by Peter Popken

We often get to watch great movies. It might not always have a good story telling there are some cool photography and much of those visuals come from great art concepts made by amazing artists like Peter Popken. He's done some amazing pieces of art concept for movies like Prince of Persia, Robin Hood and the awesome V for Vendetta. Here's a selection of his work. Also, you should visit his portfolio for more great pieces, from movies such as Aeon Flux, The Bourne Supremacy and King Arthur. Don't forget to check it out. I hope you enjoy these. Prince of Persia Robin Hood Ninja Assassin Speed Racer Children of Men V for Vendetta

Stylish Illustrations by Kevin Dart

This afternoon I was checking some blogs trying to find inspiration for a illustration project I am working on when I came across Kevin Dart's web site. Kevin is a freelance illustrator living in Southern California, and a co-owner of Fleet Street Scandal. He's style and color usage is really nice and have that sort of vintage feel to it. For more information about Kevin Dart visit his Web site at, you will be able to see his full portfolio as well as some sketches, totally worth it.

Awesome Illustrations by KOA

Cramm Olivier is a graphic designer and illustrator from France. After a long time of self-education he attended to graphic design school for 3 years and then school of communication. Cramm also worked in a french agency as Art Director, where he made 2D animations, web design, graphic design and other creative projects for over 5 years. For more information about KOA, Olivier's nickname, we highly recommend that you check out his Web site at Illustrations His world is a universe of happy and colorful oppressive chaos where monsters are masters and humans are slaves. Monsters fascinate him since he is a little kid. His universe is full of barbed women, dwarfs hip hop masters, clouds who laugh about humans, flying fishes who want to be rock stars, fearful werewolves, ridiculous ghosts, strange dogs, shintoist gods, religious symbols, occult symbols, tattoos... Commercial Personal Work Misc