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Awesome Character Illustrations by Pablo Lobato

Pablo Lobato is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soon after finishing his studies, Pablo started working as a graphic designer for different magazines. This, however, only lasted five years, since total boredom drove him back to his first passion – illustrations. Today, Pablo has made quite a name for him self in Argentina where he lives and works. In Pablo's portfolio there are clients such as New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, LA Times Magazine, LA Magazine, The New Republic, Boston Globe, Texas Monthly, Cosmopolitan Germany, Chief Executive, Flare, AARP, Paste Magazine, New York Daily News. For more information about Pablo Lobato and to check out his full portfolio visit his website at Be preared to spend at least one hour checking out his work because it's trully amazing Jay-Z 2Pac LL Cool J snoopg Bob Dylan White Stripes Bob Marley Michael Jackson Woody Alen rolling stones Oasis Obama Pearl Jam Men Who Stares at Goats Stevie Wonder Lou Reed Morgan Freeman Prince Nicholsong

Pin-ups and Poster Inspiration by Benicio

José Luiz Benicio or simply Benicio, as he is well-known, is an Brazilian illustrator from Rio Pardo, Rio Grande do Sul. Benicio started his carreer when he was 16 at Clarin Publicidade, that was in 1953. After that he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he joined Maccann Erickon Publicidade working for big names such as Coca-cola. Benicio became really popular in the movies industry in which he design over 300 posters, especially in the 70's. Besides posters Benicio has a series of Pin-ups, pocket-books and other sorts of illustration projects. In his site you can take a better look at his work, even though it's in portugues I'm sure it won't be a problem because the images speak for themselves :) In this post we have selected a few of the Benicio's illustratins, for more information about him and the complete portfolio visit Pin-ups Posters About the Author Fernando Falcão is a designer from São Paulo, Brasil. Fernando has been collecting Brazilian movie posters for a quite long time. You can find more information about him at his Personal Website.

Inspiration: Toy Story 3, Concept Art and Fan Art

The guys from Pixar did it again... Toy Story 3 is simply a master piece, even better than the prior ones I would say. The movie already starts with a short film - Day & Night - that take our breath away, but that is just the intro for a whole animated magic world. All the characters - the ones we already knew from the last movies - and the new ones, are great. Perfectly imagined and executed. And the history? Oh, awesome... if you watched the movie you know what I'm talking about. In case you didn't, go to the nearest theater right now. :) Whenever I watch something from Pixar I like to go online and research about it... browse around fan art, concept art and further details I can find about it. This time I found a very interesting site,, where they had the opportunity to go to San Francisco to meet the people involved in making Toy Story 3... and they got access to some really nice concept arts. So I gathered some of their concept arts and a few fan art to show here to you cause I believe that many of you also like Pixar and their animation world. Take your time... ;) By the way, I wish I had the talent to draw some of the toys from my old days... Concept Art via Fan Art via deviantART BunnyHeadFullForce cherlye DarkDorArt g0N3Morganna Singabee JereduLevenin kparrish33 Cepillo16 Toy Story 3 Trailer

Stylish Illustrations by Mark Summers

Visiting Behance yesterday, I ran into some illustrations to really caught my attention because of the style used. These remind me of the illustrations of those really old newspapers, from the 1920's. The artist behind these is Mark Summers... and I'm really digging his art. I'm wondering if any of you guys know any other artists that feature different styles like these. For more of his works, you may visit his portfolio at Behance. I hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Paper Creations by Chloe Fleury

French designer/illustrator Chloe Fleury, now based in San Francisco, California, creates wonderful things with paper that instantly caught my attention. I especially love her San Francisco posters which represent her favorite neighborhoods and what they mean to her. Makes me want to go back to SF sometime soon. What I really enjoy is creating little worlds, fantastical worlds. Envisioning them, building them, and eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation. I think it’s magical. Check out more from Chloe at her portfolio site and let me know what you think via twitter!

Lovely Illustrations by Sam Nielson

I love all kinds of illustrations. From jawdropping realistic to delightful cartoonish ones, they all got they charm and I just love to share these with you guys. The work of Sam Nielson is just like that, lovely! These are pretty cool, and I love how these are quite simple. Actually I don't have much to say about these, so if you wanna check more of Sam's work, you may visit his portfolio at DeviantART. I really hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. Cheers! ;)

Amazing Poster Design

When it comes to graphic design, there are few pieces that I really love to do. One of them is posters! I actually don't know why I like it so much, but every time I find some posters pieces in the web I really appreciate it! Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg makes some amazing posters. I really like the "3D" feel in these, because if you look at these carefully, you'll see some red and blues displaced above the images. I really like it... it makes these pieces pop out! What you think about it? For more of Ruben's work you may visit his portfolio at Behance! I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Powerful Subversive Illustrations by Dave MacDowell

Don't be fooled by the colorful happiness of these this paintings. Many of these are totally subversive, and they totally rock. It's counter-culture illustration at its best. The man behind these is Dave MacDowell, an artist with strong views, and as far as it goes, he wants to tell your canned culture sucks. He's an amazing artist with great pieces of work, subversive or not... but I do love his message. This is something of you kids to think about. A lot of what you see from the tube is pure brainwash material. Turn off your tv and your video game, go read a good book. Seriously. ;) The Breakfast Fight Club And God Created Sugar Miseryland Lord Of The Onion Rings Taxi Rider Another Perfect Day Hendrix In Wonderland Pacino (Impasto) Flying While Intoxicated When Yoko Ate Ringo Bad Motha' Eraserhead Breakfast Hawks The Deer Hunter Duck And Cover The Enchanted Mental Hospital Parents Just Dont Understand Jaws Of Metal Bad Mutha' Wizard! LollyPulp Fiction Burn Hollywood Burn Detail on "One Flew Over The Rainbow" For The Birds Feed The Children Oompacino Return Of The King Lost Tiki Island

Rob Shields New Work and Last Chance Case Study

Rob Shields is a freelance illustrator currently located in Philadelphia, USA. He specializes in makin images for the music, fashion, design, spots and lifestyle industries. He has done work for clients such as Computer Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Digital Arts Magazine, Beautiful Decay and many others. For more information about Rob's work visit his website at Old Blood Drop it Doe Eyes Leave Yourself Behind Its My Own Cheating Heart Victory image based on a photograph from NY fashion photographer Kristiina Wilson Last Last Chance Case Study

Magical Illustrations by Bram Lee

Bram Lee is an illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I first saw his illustrations I fell in love with the style. The smoothness and power of each piece is just magical. Pay attention to the details and the use of light, it's incredible. Great inspiration from these magical illustrations. Enjoy! For more from Bram Lee visit Papu Papu Storm Warriors Comics Art Challenge Entries for [ Storm Warriors ] Comics Art Challenge organized by Columbia Pictures Malaysia and The One Academy, Malaysia in conjunction with the release of the movie Storm Warriors. The second painting, Thunder, Han Tian Lei was chosen by the creator of this best-selling Hong Kong comic series, Mr. Ma Wing Shing as the 1st runner-up for this contest. Batman Family Fan art of the Dark Knight Family Batman has always be my all time favorite superhero. Although Batman is just a fictional character to most people, his determination and courage inspired me very much. Whimsical Bringing Back Your Childhood Memories Our childhood are probably the most beautiful memories of our lives and they should always be kept in our hearts. And I hope that my paintings will bring you travel back to the time where everything around you is magical.

Design Inspiration by Designchapel - Robert Lindström

We have been huge fans of Designchapel since the early 2000, the first time we saw one of his artworks was on the cover of a Computer Arts magazine and we were blown away. I believe we have posted about him, however checking out the Designchapel site we saw some really cool designs that we didn't know about and we decided to share that with you guys. For more information visit the Designchapel website at Designchapel is the portfolio of Robert Lindström, Interactive Art Director and Co-Founder of North Kingdom. Raised in the north part of Sweden but now living in Stockholm. Work in Progress - Wallpaper for the NK Kitchen FWA 10th Anniversary Wallpaper North Kingdom Showreel (2009) North Kingdom Showreel 2009 from Designchapel on Vimeo. Adidas Teamgeist (2009) The Omega Code (2009) Designchapel II (2009) Black Nun Bold Royal Nun The Coke Zero Game Misc

Stylish Illustrations by Bruno Fujii

Bruno Fujii is a graphic designer and illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil and he was one of our first featured artists here on Abduzeedo. He also in 2007 gave away a series of prints of his beautiful 2007 calendar which was super popular. Now Bruno has just updated his website and portfolio and because of that he deserves another post featuring his new work. For more information about Bruno Fujii check out his website at Some Works

Stunning Illustrations by Enkel Dika

Friday is here and I couldn't think about a better thing to post today than my favorite subject: illustration! Some time ago I've found this amazing artist, Enkel Dika, who makes awesome art. Enkel has come with some of the best T-shirt arts I've seen in a while... these are some truly groovy, psychadelic pieces, and I bet most of you will love it as much as I did. He's done work for Threadless and has won some awards there, so I recommend you to check his portfolio for even more of his stunning illustrations. Cheers! ;) Pop Culture vs. Art Rise up Unleashed Imagination Renaissance Rocks Why So Serious?! Skydiver Flow of Wisdom Mr. T(iger) Ma Chérie Maison Autumn Breeze Camouflage Extraordinary Observer Melting skyline Honey Moon DBH 10K God of the Ocean This Sh*t is Bananas Swinging Away long journey

Inspiring Posters by Mariano Garcia Cruz

Mariano García Cruz is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria but current based in Barcelona, Spain. His work is full of colors and with a style mixing vector illustrations with drawings, like we see on the PingPongShop Poster. You can find out more about Mariano at his website at ( or over at his Behance profile ( Both sites are full of great and inspiring work, it's definitely worth checking it out Poster PingPongShop LPseexpresa Pumuky Kahja This illustration was made for a collective expo where photographer Maria Laura Benavente invited a series of illustrators to work with a series of her photos. I made a tribute to 90s hip hop music. The girl wears Notorious BIG bandana, the jacket from Nas, The Chains of Beastie Boys, a smith & wessum gun, the timberlands and a little doggy, the lolipop is the sweet touch ! Ml&co La bici te lleva por el buen camino d[x]i :: Fast Food Thank You Rodriguez

Beautiful and Funny Illustrations by Tokyo Go Go

Greg Darroll is a digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator from Durban, South Africa. A friend showed me some of his works just the other day and it is impressive how beautiful designs can make your especially when we see nice & funny illustrations like these from Tokyo Go Go. Form more information about Greg and to see more of his work you can visit his Deviantart or Behance

The Work of Rory Kurtz

Rory Kurtz has been illustrating since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Self-taught and focusing in pencil, ink, and digital paint, Rory has carved out his niche as a unique voice in the illustration community. Working with digital media allows his paintings a greater amount of versatility, and faster production time, which makes all the difference when meeting deadlines. His influences are spread out across the respective wolds of literature, fashion, art, film, & music. His work isn't necessarily easy to define, as he tends to shift from one style to the next and back again as fits the assignment, but the individual pieces seem unified by a shared sense of fantasy in a modern reality. For more information and to check out the whole portfolio of Rory Kurtz, visit his website at or follow his blog at Paintings & Larger Works Ink & Line Works

Stylish Movie Illustrations by Justin Reed

I really love when I find two or more thing I love in a single place. I do love illustrations, and I definitely love movies! Justin Reed mixes those two things and makes some super stylish movie illustrations. He sure loves some classics like Dirty Harry and Hitchcock films, but it's also cool that he's done pieces for more recent ones such as The Dark Night and Kill Bill... there's also some from the 90's. Anyways, for more of his great work, you might check his website. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers. ;) The Rules of Attraction Pulp Fiction Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind American Psyco Fight Club Jaws The Good, The Bad and The Ugly The Thing Hitchcock Films Edward Scissorhands 80's Action Heroes Kill Bill The Dark Knight Dirty Harry Saturday Night Live Reservoir Dogs Gangsters Various