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The Awesomeness of the Thundercats

We've been hearing lately a buzz about a possible Thundercats movie. That would be pretty sweet, since the Thundercats was one of my all time favorite cartoons... So I thought it would be a good idea to check some cool illustrations to enjoy the cats. Some high class illustrations have made awesome art, really worth checking out! Don't forget to check their portfolios... They'll really enjoy it! I hope you all like it! Cheers. ;) UndoCrew Lines by Alex Milne, Colors by Espen Grundetjern Pencils by Lauren Montgomery, Colors by Dracowyr John Amor Carlos Lerms Lines by Dexstar71, Colors by Javilaparra Pencils by Edu Francisco, Colors by Teodoro Gonzalez Mihajlo Dimitrovski Andy Park Carlos DAnda Paul Harmon John Amor Pencils by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Colors by Tony Washingto Caio Cacau Halil URAL Pencils by Ryan Benjamin, Colors by Joel David Velásquez Gavin Schmidt Pencils by Ariel Padilla, Colors by evergreenfajardo Remainaery Javas Lines by Pedro Delgado, R. A. Southerland and Carlos Gomez, Colors by Kyle Foster Pedro Leonelli Giovanny Dave Johnson

Kickass Illustrations by Mr. Dave Johnson

Oh my God. I actually thought I had already posted about this guy. Ok, not just some guy, but Dave Johnson. Dave who? Dave Johnson! If you don't know him, you should really google him just to know how great this artist is. He's one of the greatest illustrators out there. When I was younger, one of my all time favorite Superman comics mini-series was the Red Son. I loved those books... and later I found out that Dave Johnson had done the covers for them. I instantly faved that guy forever. He's done some great works for both Marvel and DC, and many great indie works... anyways, you should REALLY check out his portfolio to see ALL his kickass work. I hope you like it! Cheers. ;)

Fantastic Illustrations by Serge Birault

Once again it's Friday... and we must have fun. I was trying to figure out a fun post, and at general, illustrations are fun, right? So I just had to post the work of Serge Birault, this amazing artist who makes beautiful art. He comes up with some great characters, absolutely beautiful pin-ups which take our breath away. For more of his work, visit this portfolio at DeviantART... I hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful Artworks by Carmelo Di Lorenzo

Carmelo Di Lorenzo is an art director, designer and illustrator, from São Paulo, Brazil. Carmelo worked with Adhemas Batistas, one of his greatest influences, a few years ago and now he is working as Senior Art Director at Wunderman. Also he decided to put more time into illustration and design. Most of his ideas are inspired by guys like Adhemas, Douglas Alves and old school animators from Disney. For more information check out Carmelo Di Lorenzo portfolio at Drawings Art Direction

The Creative Illustrations from Denis Zilber

You probably already seen some of these around... and if you like artworks filled with creativity, colors and sense of humor, so I guess you probably liked what you've seen and you also probably wondered who was the artist behind those arts. So here we present you Denis Zilber, a very talented artist from Ramat Gan, Israel who is into illustration/animation and have some pretty nice artworks at his portfolio. His caricatural style makes his artworks really fun to admire. We will present here a selection of some of Denis' work and we really recommend you to check out his portfolio and his blog for further artworks and info. I hope you like the selection. Enjoy. :)

Stunning Illustrations by Jessica Oyhenart

I was trying to figure out what to post today... so I started to check some old bookmarks I have, and my attention was caught by some awesome illustrations that I couldn't believe I haven't posted yet. These are stunning. The girl behind these is Jessica Oyhenart, an awesome artist from Dallas, Texas... she's got amazing pieces in her portfolio, which I just had to share with you guys, because this girl deserves some attention. So, I've made a little selection of her work... to check it fullsize, or to check more of it, go to her DeviantART page. She'll appreciate it. Cheers! ;)

The Awesomeness of Ninjas

As tradition demands, we MUST have fun on friday. We all had a tough week, and nothing better just to chill a little bit, right? Fabio and I were talking about that fun movie Ninja Assassin... we thought it would be a great idea for a post, Ninjas!! So I went looking for ninjas... and as I should have known, they are tough to be found... I mean, they're ninjas, right? I actually found just a few set of great images... illustrations, picture and a sculpture. But all really awesome. So, I hope you all enjoy my selection, and don't forget to visit the artists behind these! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful Illustrations by Tara McPherson

I really love girls who can draw (I probably have said that before). I was looking for some illustrations, and I found these... the work of Tara McPherson, a very talented, and stylish person. She's got some amazing stuff at her portfolio, and these are the ones I liked the most. Tara McPherson is an artist based out of New York City. Creating art about people and their odd ways, her characters seem to exude an idealized innocence with a glimpse of hard earned wisdom in their eyes. Recalling many issues from childhood and good old life experience, she creates images that are thought provoking and seductive. People and their relationships are a central theme throughout her work. For more of these, visit her at her potfolio. She'll enjoy it. Cheers! ;)

Awesome T-shirt Designs

Everyone likes to wear tees and why not have some awesome tee to go with your personality. I selected a few awesome tees I found over at emptees, and you can take a look, get inspired and go after the ones you liked the most. Enjoy! Purdy Nerdy | by mrgauky Purdy Nerdy | by mrgauky Forgot to Study | by jublin Forgot to Study | by jublin Fast Funeral | by Glennz Ninja! Heads will roll! | by smoking Bountiful Booty | by Evanimal Bountiful Booty | by Evanimal We’re only Human | by matt901 Eat Sleep Attack | by Greg Abbott Grief | by chadmanzo Deadly Goldmine | by akrapf Deadly Goldmine | by akrapf The Nightmares' Factory | by Adam Antium I’m Afraid Of Witches | by Attila Recycle | by Wotto Handlebars are in town | by alvarejo The Black Panther Party | by Rusc The Black Panther Party | by Rusc

Stylish Penguin and Pelican Book Covers

When we get to think about classic design, one of the things that come to mind are those awesome, vintage Penguin and Pelican book cover designs. There are tons of them out there, but I've made a brief selection of some pretty cool ones. Do you anymore must-see covers? Let us know!! I hope you all enjoy my selection! Cheers. ;)

Creative Illustrations by Leandro Lima

Leandro Lima is a young brazilian Illustrator, Digital Artist and Interactive Art Director. Currently living in Milan, Italy, Leandro has done work for big clients such as Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Braskem, Banco do Brasil, Arcor, Everlast, Capricho Magazine, BRAVO! Magazine, Época Negócios Magazine, Rmax Studio, GLOSS Magazine, Editora Positivo, Vespa and others. Check out Leandro Lima's websites and profiles at: Website Flickr Behance Twitter Some Works

Fantastic Batgirl Illustrations

Checking my Deviant Watch updates at DeviantART, I totally realized that we never had a post featuring Batgirl. I know that there are many, many fans of her out there, from the cheezy purple/yellow costumed one, to the more darker versions. So I went looking for some art, and found some great illustrations! Some are colorful, some a cute, some are badass... and that just shows us that Batgirl is an awesome chick in a cape! So, here's my selection. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers. ;) Lines by KidNotorious, Colors by Adam Aadi Salman 89g Stephen Arthur Schaffer Kristin Foxy Allen Themrock KidNotorious Paul Jaworski Tsenzen Michael Lopez Artgerm Artgerm Elledupomme scott Ty Romsa KidNotorious Marcio Takara Cat Staggs Ty Romsa Chris Stevens

Interview with Artist Jurryt Visser: Pixel vs. Vector Mixmaster

I introduced Jurryt a couple of weeks ago, and with his previous feature, he has proven himself truly worthy of an interview. Aiden Kolh, a writer, photographer, and painter, sat down with Jurryt for quite an intense and eye-opening interview. Enjoy! Think positive, live day by day, set your goals and make sure you got the will to reach them. That is life at its best. Aiden: Hello, Jurryt! Now, you are from Holland. In itself, the Netherlands is a rather artsy country where many, many famous artists have come from. Tell us about yourself, and, if so, how has the Netherlands’ reputation for artists such as Van Gogh, Escher, Kooning, and so on, influenced you to create digital art? Jurryt: Hi! My name is Jurryt Visser and I am a graphic designer and a digital artist. The Netherlands is a really artistic country as well, maybe together with England the country where you need to be for arts. Everything around here is quite fashionable and art really 'lives' here. Without any doubt, the environment, commercials and attitude of the people influence me greatly in everything I do with design. The Dutch history is full of art as well. Think about van Gogh, who inspired me a lot when I was younger. He had a great style which no one appreciated, but still very unique in that time. Besides the historical and modern famous artists, the history for example with the VOC (Verenigd Oost Indisch Compagnie) inspired me as well. It still does. The Dutch have been all over the world and left their fingerprints basically everywhere. It's the same what I want to do. I want to go to Indonesia to stay there for a long time, to focus and dedicate myself to make unique arts which can be related to the Dutch history as well. So to come back to your question if the Netherlands inspired me in what I do. Yes, it did and still does. Aiden: You are now 20 years old. When did you start graphic design, and what motivated you to do so? You mentioned van Gogh as being an influence when you were younger. Where did you begin? Jurryt: Well, at a very young age I started drawing and people said I had the feeling for it. I never did something with it, because I just didn’t know you could make work out of it. Years later, when I was, I think, 14, I started to go to the graphic design university and I gained so much interest when doing "my own thing". I had some teachers with who I could philosophize about arts, design and being an entrepreneur, so within 2 years, I was sold by arts. My last 2 years at school, was more free time than school. I almost didn’t go to school at all, because I had my own clients and I prefer being alone when I make digital arts. Finally in 2007, I had my first 'piece' online, which seemed to be getting popular with many people. That was really cool and motivated me to develop myself further. Van Gogh inspired me, besides mentioning his style, in the way no one ever appreciated his work. But now, everyone adores his work. It motivates me to keep trying to be unique, even if the "mass" of the people don't appreciate it. Eventually you are the one who makes something unique everyone likes. Aiden: You have a rather unique style of art that you create. Tell us about it, and how you developed it. Also, if you could, briefly relate how you go about creating such images? Jurryt: Thank you. It started several years ago. I told a teacher of mine: I want to create something that combines and balances photography with digital arts perfectly. He was laughing a bit and wasn't really serious about this. I always looked up at this teacher, because he has a certain reputation which everyone wants to have in his line of business. But because he was a bit "good luck", it motivated me to just do it and show him and everyone else that I can do it. I wanted to prove myself. I devoted several hours playing with this idea and eventually I had my first art piece which balances photography with digital arts, I think, quite good. In that time, I received a lot of positive comments about the style, that I wanted to try more, bigger, better quality. I came with some pieces which were not really good, but others were really loved by the people as well. I asked a friend of mine to make a photo in this pose. He did this. After tweaking the image in Photoshop the best I could back then, I started to illustrate it in Illustrator. I was rather amazed I was able to design this and opened my eyes to try to do it even better. Many people already have mixes of digital arts and photography, photography with digital arts elements in it. I wanted to make the perfect balance between them. Aiden: A while back you showed me a picture you created of a panda bear. What made you design that, as you said it was experimental? Jurryt: Um, because I am very busy with my work, doing graphic design for clients, I almost haven’t any time to do digital arts as well. I was bored, had some spare time and wanted to draw something. Just for fun. But why a panda? I don't know for sure. As you know I love Asia and in Asia there are pandas. For some reason pandas really adorable, but they are still bears. Aiden: You have mentioned to me in the past that you work about 80 hours a week, all graphic-design related work. Tell us about that, and any goals you have for the future. Jurryt: Yes, I work as a Creative Director at the design agency I work and besides that I have my own international business running. Besides digital arts, I really enjoy designing a brand identity, website, or any other print media. As long as I am the designer and the one who makes the graphic decisions. With my own business, I want to go all over the world. I'd like to see a great verity of cultures, arts, corporations... and food! With my own business I'm planning to go to Indonesia next year. I first want to stay in Singapore, Jakarta and of course other places to get inspirations. I will stay there for at least one year and want to work there. I still have clients here in the Netherlands who are willing to go further with me, even when I am in Indonesia. That says something. I already have a designer here in the Netherlands who is willing to freelance for me here. After 1 or 2 years, I want to go to China and / or Japan. Feeling, tasting, seeing their way of working and thinking. Helping people there with arts from a Dutch designer. I want to show the people all over the world that nothing is impossible as long if you want it. If I want to go to Indonesia and other countries, I will do that. I will blog about it, I will work for it. With this, I hope to inspire people to look further then just their own country, or state. There is so much more about arts and design than we think we know. Aiden: Beyond historically influential artists like we’ve talked about, who are some modern-day designers that you enjoy watching? You are a part of the slashTHREE artgroup, you contribute to deviantART, as well as the Behance network. What about people you see here on the internet? Jurryt: I'm not sure if I really enjoy 1 designer in particular. I enjoy their works and just random work I see. I have respect for many artists and digital artist. For example, I have major respect for Anton Corbijn. The way he get things done and his vision about arts and life are really good. And for business like, I enjoy Armani. The way he reached the top. Really inspiring. I don't think someone should get totally crazy about 1 person. If you are like that it is so much harder to create something that is your own. I think people limit themselves when they focus too much on others. Aiden: You mentioned that you wanted to blend photography and digital work perfectly. What inspires the pieces you create, pieces like “Boss”. Jurryt: Everything actually. Sometimes just music, other times movies, my mood, etc. Also talking to people about arts an design, about your goals, it motivates and inspires to create a new piece. Boss was inspired by a movie. Not sure what movie, but I had this idea to catch the movie's atmosphere in this piece. It is really mysterious and you are able to create your own story behind it. Aiden: Personally, “Soul” and “Reality” are some of my favorite pieces from you. Tell us a little about them, what inspired you, and how you went about creating them. Jurryt: Both are actually really personal. After "Portrait", "Reality" was my first bigger art piece again. I wanted to show, as I want in all of my works, the difference between "Reality" and "Fiction". Someone wants to get out of the reality, or out of the place you want are living in right now. It hurts and people don't like it when you try to, but everyone has thought about it. “Soul” was made for slashTHREE and has basically the same concept as my other work: getting out of reality. To get out, it's so hard and painful.... and you have to do it all by yourself like in our society…individualism. Aiden: And they are great pieces indeed. There are a million other things that we could talk about here, but our interview has gotten pretty long. Thank you for taking time out of your busy 80-hours-a-week schedule to talk with us! It has been great talking with you. Do you have any last statements you wish to make? Jurryt: Think positive, live day by day, set your goals and make sure you got the will to reach them. That is life at its best. Featured Artwork: About the Interviewer: My name is Aiden Kolh, and I am a 19 year old writer, photographer, and painter. I have an insatiable lust for music theory, and, on top of writing literature, I compose music for my band, and other groups on a paid basis. I am currently a student at the Art Institues, Detroit specifically, and am pursuing a career in art, photography, and music composition. On the side, I administrate the community at slashTHREE, and will be interviewing artists from time-to-time here at Abduzeedo!

Awesome Illustrations by Alex Dukal

Alex Dukal is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Buenos Aieres, Argentina. He has done works for popular magazines in Argentina such as Fierro, Lápiz Japonés and others. Also he has contributed with his illustrations to some childeren's books, which it's his currently job. In 2000 Alex traveled to UK to make a digital paintings exhibition and he also offered a workshop in digital illustration at the Yale College of Wrexham, North Wales. Alex Dukal sketching For more informatin visit Alex's website at Works I’ve that conviction and I really love to do what I’m doing. It’s not easy ’cause I don’t have a normal working shedule, I work almost seven days a week, sometimes during holydays, and as I don’t have an agent or representant I also must to negotiate, lear about legal stuff, etc. But I’m not complaining, I’m very happy to make a living from what I love! - Interview for Colorvision Magazine Sketches comics are the big influence in my work, mainly underground comix. As I already said I really love the work of artists like Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Loustal, Mattotti, Moebius, Harriman, Serge Clerc, Hergé, Joost Swarte, Hayao Miyazaki, and the works of many Argentine colleagues. In general I like comics from individuals, not the ones originated into the American industry that produces works in series, as if they were shoes, I love those personal and crafted works, like the exquisite “RAW” Mag from Art Spiegelman, and also I love a lot of Childrens picture books! - Interview for Colorvision Magazine

Introducing Illustrator Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut, based in Barcelona, is totally in love with type and illustration, thats why we love him so much. 1981 born and just graduaded from design university. But he already has a very impressive design portfolio. Make sure to check out his website I believe "More is More". I don't believe in choosing a particular style for my work, but rather I focus on expressing myself and communicating my craft through the needs and moment of each project. Every project pushes me to look at alternate situations, and adapt myself to better understand and express my process. That exploration is something I truly enjoy in design.

Clever Designs and Paper-Made Illustrations by Romain Lenancker

Romain Lenancker is a freelancer art director and graphic designer from Lyon, France. He also works in Paris and with expertise in creating intelligent solutions in packaging, print media and paper-made illustrations. For more information visit Romain's site at BLR - Bonjour les Requins (Hello sharks) PETER PAN First Chapter : The indiens Art direction : Lenancker Romain Photography : Bocos Sébastien Fête des Lumières art Direction, installation and Print Poster : Romain Lenancker Photography : Laurence Jeanson for "Elvis" Agency Other works

Retro and Colorful Illustrations by Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson is a recognized illustrator based in Brighton, the UK who has a impressive list of top clients including names like Sony BMG, Coca-Cola, Virgin and many more. What is really cool about his work is the retro style from the 80's, very colorful and playing with neon effects and colors. For more information we highly recommend that you check out Steve's website at, but first check out some of Steve's work we have selected for you. Steve takes the spirit of 80’s New York, combines rock imagery from the 70’s, and squeezes it through a brain full of circuses and tribal body art. As yu’d imagine, Steve’s techniques are as eclectic as his influ- ences, harnessing the spontaneity of pen, pencil, collage and play-doh, with the endless possibilities of contemporary tools like photoshop and Illustrator.- written by I try to keep my portfolio as varied as possible as that tends to mean I get asked to do a variety of work and types of jobs which is how I like it. Experimenting is the creative part for me...I can't understand how some illustrators seem happy to use the exact same style and way of working for every project....I don't see where the creativity is in doing so. I look at lots of things for inspiration. I use anything that is in some way unusual as an interesting start point to base work on. A few examples for me are: cicus imagery, fairgrounds, tribal body art, psychedelia, indian art, fantasy art and 70’s rock posters. I tend to look in charity shops and flea markets and try to find obscure and unwanted books on such subjects which I’ll use as reference and inspiration...I try to source inspiration from places that hopefullt not everyone is using.