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Amazing Iron Man Illustrations

Little by little we get to see the buzz on Iron Man 2 getting bigger. If the first movie kicked butt, we are pretty sure that John Fraveau has everything in control to deliver an even better movie. Besides that, we just had to make a post on Iron Man, because Tony Stark is this really awesome billionaire drunken stud with a power cell instead of a heart, that builds a freaggin' flying armored suit. Talking like that, it kind sounds absurd, but absurd is not enjoying these illustrations. So, after checking them, you should really visit each author's page for more! Cheers. ;) Gabe Farber KidNotorious Ryan Benjamin Caio Cacau Francis Tsai Gabe Farber gattadonna Pencils by Marcio Takara, Colors by Fernando Goni Pencis by KidNotorious, colors by Joshua Francis Tsai Gabe Farber Francis Tsai Andy Park Tom Whalen Lai Meng Guan Pencils by Francis Manapul, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez Francis Tsai Sine Qua Non Chris Clover mbreitweiser Skottie Young diablo2003 Luis Diaz

Stylish Illustrations by Zhuzhu

I bumped into Zhuzhu's work while browsing around deviantART and his pieces got my attention. Zhuzhu is an artist living in Shanghai, China, with a background in watercolor and traditional art techniques. He has specialized in digital painting since 2002, using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. He is currently teaching at the China Academy of Art, Shanghai Institute of Design Training Centre and he also wrote two books on digital painting techniques, and several tutorials. Zhu is my last name, Hai Bo is my first name, but in Chinese you should call me Zhu Hai Bo. As you will be able to see here, Zhuzhu has pieces from different styles, some of them are classic, innocent and beautiful, other are controversial and intriguing. It's always nice to see different points of view of a same artist! Anyway, I made this selection from some of his work and you can also check out his DA page for further images. Enjoy the images! :)

Colorful Character Designs by Crazy Enough

Crazy Enough is the brand name of Sam, a Hong Kong based artist and illustrator with a very colorful portfolio. We were surfing on the web when we found some of Sam's character designs and we simply loved them. So in this post we will show you a little bit more of his super cool character designs. For more information visit Crazy Enough's website at My name is San, born in 1980 and based in Hong Kong. As an Artist/Illustrator, I make efforts of all kinds of graphic business. Provide Graphic designs, Illustrations, Character designs, Game graphic designs etc. Crazy Enough is the individual brand name of my works. I hope people who see my works can experience joy, fun and excitement. Keep smile, crazy, optimistic and energetic. Are you crazy enough? Animation

Beautiful Illustrations by Diego Morales

Diego Morales is a graphic designer student from Bauru, Brazil. We have already featured his website on the Sites of the Week becuase we really dig its color scheme and style. Now let's show you a little bit more of the work this brazilian illustrator also known as Mediainvia. For more information visit Diego's website at, It's definitely worth it. Hello! 'm Diego Morales, a brazilian graphic design student and full time freelancer at the moment. Mediainvia is my graphic project and where i try to do just what i like. Hope you like it too! Moleskine

Fantastic Work of Zach Bush

Zach Bush is a freelance illustrator from Washington D.C., USA. The first time I saw one of his designs was throught the depthCORE collective and I was really impressed. Now with the new depthCORE chapter, Zach created some fantastic pieces. So let's take a closer look at his fantastic work. As usually we highly recommend that you check out Zach's webiste or his Behance profile. Zach Bush, a freelance illustrator, is based outside of Washington D.C. As of 2006, he has diligently worked to perfect his skills by consistently taking on new projects by various corporate clients. Zach's success is largely due to his perfectionist nature, as he will never release a project until he is 100% confident it can not be improved upon any further. Zach is part of the depthCORE and Slashthree Collectives.

Wonderful Illustrations of Alice in Wonderland

I've just discovered that Wonderland can be a creepy, creepy place. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland has a much darker side, and artists really love to show it off. Oh little Alice, what happened to you? Disney's version of the tale is absolutely obsolete as I can see... people don't believe it as the cute story of a girl lost in a different land, but they do believe that Wonderland is one hell of a wicked place to be lost at. Poor Alice has lost her way... and thank God for illustrations like these to show us this dark side of the story... but still, there are some cute images in here, just to remember the good old days. Oh, and don't forget to visit each author's page! They'll love it! Cheers. ;)

Fantasy Illustrations by Sam Nielson

Few artists get me excited to see their portfolio as Sam Nielson. He is a young artist and illustrator based in the United States that currently works as a graphic designer at Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive Studios. At his blog he collects several of his works for the agency where he works and also share his experiences and ideas that go along with each of his designs, so make sure to visit it to check out further info about Sam. I hope you enjoy the selection. Chicken Scratch Sharks Part 5: Slow Thinking Inside the Box Foresty Fun Nemesis But Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Tin Man Old art, updated More Bolt Class Paintovers Who Wants a Puzzle? Thanksgiving Villain Pajama Gladiator Post-Mortem Friday drawing What I've been doing... He-Man Characters - Teela Something different, but why? Haunted Portrait WIP Joe Olson (Ogre) Utah Jazz - A Tribute War Machine Cinderella's father Cute Baby About the Author I'm Juan Manuel Lemus and I describe me as a passionated of graphics and stunning artwork. Currently studying System Engineering, work as web programmer in Guatemala City. Love Sci-Fi, my primary computer is a MacBook and you can follow me on Twitter as @jmanuelemus

Picasso Superheroes by Mike Esparza

We love comic books and superheroes and it's hard to explain why, however we could say that it's one of our first contacts with art, even though they are commercial. Now imagine if a famoust artist like Pablo Picasso were alive and decided to paint about superheroes? That is what Mike Esparza decided to play with, he created a superhero series with the Picasso's Cubist style. I get a lot of my inspiration from comic books, movies, music and observing other artwork. When I paint, I tend to bend the rules a little, but try to keep my subject recognizable so the audience can still connect with it. Pablo Picasso is a great influence, I’ve always wondered if he were alive today, what would he paint? This past year I’ve had a lot of fun creating a superhero series with a Picasso style twist to them. I do have some super plans for creating more superhero artwork in the near future. Do not forget to check out Mike's website, there are tons of inspiration. About Pablo Picasso Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso (25 October 1881 – 8 April 1973) was a Spanish painter, draughtsman, and sculptor. He is one of the most recognized figures in 20th-century art. He is best known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for the wide variety of styles embodied in his work. Among his most famous works are the proto-Cubist Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) and Guernica (1937), his portrayal of the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. - Wikipedia

Awesome Illustrations by Yan Sorgi

Yan Sorgi aka sebograficos is a Brazilian designer/illustrator straight from the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo. His graphics are so creative with a mix of colors, drawing, image illustration and everything in between. Enjoy! For more visit Yan at

Wonderful Illustrations of the Wizard of Oz

Wonderful Illustrations of the Wizard of Oz

I guess we all love classic movies, right? The most worship one of those old, classic ones, is probably the Wizard of Oz, with all the speculations behind it... Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon sync and all that. It is truly a wonderful and full of meanings movie. So, we received the suggestion by email from Sara "Batman", asking us to make a illustration post of it! So, Sara, here it is! If you got a suggestion and would like to tell us, send us an email! We'll be more than happy to analize your request. I really hope you guys enjoy my selection, and don't forget to visit the artists, alright? Cheers, good people! ;)

Super Cute Star Wars Characters by Xander

I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, that's why I became so excited, when I found this guy on DeviantArt. His nick is Xander, and he is a multi talent. First I ran into one of his custom paper toys, but when I had a closer look at his gallery, I dropped my jaw. He designed tons of lovely Star Wars characters with excellent style. In this post You can find most of them, but visit his DA page for the rest. I'm an artist/animator/character designer from New Zealand! In my spare time I paint and make plush toys with my wife Karla. I run an animation studio called Mukpuddy Animation with 3 of my buddies and we make things that make me laugh!! We're currently in production of our cartoon Sparkle Friends!! Blog: Website: Youtube: Boba Fett Darth Vader Chewie C3PO and R2D2 Wicket Greedo Han Solo Jawas Yoda Emperor Palpatine

Super Stylish Illustrations by Skutterfly

I`m a total vintage freak... from movies, to music, passing through photography, going to illustration! I love it all. Vintage is a great style and when I find artists that do it I just get really happy to see it, and of course, to share it with all of you, and I've found some stylish work! The artist is nicknamed Skutterfly, and unfortunately I don't have any information about him, but he's definitely got some great skills! So I really recommend you to visit his portfolio. You won't regret it... and I really hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

ConceptualArt Case Study

Johannes Aagaard is an 21 old young Danish guy. He is an upcoming Illustrator, with a passion for typography, spectacular words, surrealism and colors. Aagaard have an huge passion for art, both digital, traditional, photography, design and lyric. In this article he shares with us a case study of a the work entitle ConceptualArt. We highly recommend that you check out his website at I have tried to make some typography again, this piece is my first piece for a long time. Worked with colours, and mixing typography and illustration - just as I like it. "I'm not trying to do conceptual art" - It just happens! Animated Case Study

Spectacular Illustrations of Spider-man

Spectacular Illustrations of Spider-man

We've seen a lot of comics illustrations lately, and one thing that really annoyed me is that we didn't have a post on Spidey... so I thought "what the heck" and just did it! And it's Friday, so I'm guessing you guys just wanna chill out and have some fun. So, I went looking for some pictures of our beloved friendly neighborhood Spider-man and found a bunch of Spectacular ones (no jokes included)! I just had to share these with you guys, because these artists really caught the felling... Spidey is one badass kid that likes to kick but. Sweet! I really hope you guys enjoy these. And don't forget to visit the artists' pages! Cheers. ;) Play this video while you check the illustrations! ;) Marcio Takara Manarama Adonihs diablo2003 diablo2003 Mike Mayhew Lines by Inkthinker, Colors by Silas Luxun Manarama Pencils by David Williams, Colors by Kelsey Shannon Pencils by Pedro Delgado, Colors by Edgar Delgado Matt Herms Javilaparra Adam Hughes Pencils by R. A. Southerland, Colors by Ivy Beth Andie Tong Pencils by Alex Chung, Inks by Rob Ross, Colors by Rob Ruffolo diablo2003 Francis Tsai rob Hough Francis Tsai Francis Tsai

Fantastic Illustrations by Adrian Van Delzel

Adrian Van Delzel is a graphic designer and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. His work is most vector illustrations with an incredible amount of details and elements. Some characters are simply amazing, especially the Monster ones. Most things are based on vectors in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop is a faithful friend, but not the center of it all. I always try to find some sort of equilibrium, which counteract my "artistic imbalance" that is present on everything I do... For more information about Adrian's work please visit his website at, you will not regret it. Videos LITTLE HOOLIN from Adrian Van Delzel on Vimeo.

Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations of Super Heroes and Villains

I've probably said it before, but watercolor is definetely one of the greatest techniques of painting there is! It's truly incredible what a good illustration will do with it... so I thought it would be cool to find some watercolor illustrations of Super heroes and villains. And as usual, I started looking for some cool illustrations at DeviantART, and found a whole bunch of sweet, beautiful illustrations, and they're listed below! The colors give each illustration a particular feeling, a single mood for every and each one, and that's exactly what I found fantastic about it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did... and please, don't forget to give some love to each artist by visiting their galleries!! There are much more great art at their galleries. Cheers. ;) Doudourock Kameron Gates Brian Shearer Marcelo Di Chiara Chris Stevens taguiar Garry Brown Julia Bax Matthew Fletcher Leinil Francis Yu duss005 Ryan Ottley Lora8 KidNotorious KidNotorious duss005 duss005 duss005 duss005 duss005 Paul Renaud Stephen Arthur Schaffer duss005 duss005 duss005 duss005 mbreitweiser Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew Mike Mayhew

Really Neat Illustrations by Grzegorz Domaradzki

One thing I love about design is the variety of things one single designer does nowadays. Everyone is multi-task, and also does lots of cool stuff, like this one designer, Grzegorz Domaradzki. His work is pretty amazing. The variety of styles of his work just assures me of how good this guy is... there's no limitation! Everything is inspiration, how some might say. So, for more of his great work, you should all visit his portfolio at Behance. He'll really appreciate it! I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers! ;)