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Clever Designs and Paper-Made Illustrations by Romain Lenancker

Romain Lenancker is a freelancer art director and graphic designer from Lyon, France. He also works in Paris and with expertise in creating intelligent solutions in packaging, print media and paper-made illustrations. For more information visit Romain's site at BLR - Bonjour les Requins (Hello sharks) PETER PAN First Chapter : The indiens Art direction : Lenancker Romain Photography : Bocos Sébastien Fête des Lumières art Direction, installation and Print Poster : Romain Lenancker Photography : Laurence Jeanson for "Elvis" Agency Other works

Retro and Colorful Illustrations by Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson is a recognized illustrator based in Brighton, the UK who has a impressive list of top clients including names like Sony BMG, Coca-Cola, Virgin and many more. What is really cool about his work is the retro style from the 80's, very colorful and playing with neon effects and colors. For more information we highly recommend that you check out Steve's website at, but first check out some of Steve's work we have selected for you. Steve takes the spirit of 80’s New York, combines rock imagery from the 70’s, and squeezes it through a brain full of circuses and tribal body art. As yu’d imagine, Steve’s techniques are as eclectic as his influ- ences, harnessing the spontaneity of pen, pencil, collage and play-doh, with the endless possibilities of contemporary tools like photoshop and Illustrator.- written by I try to keep my portfolio as varied as possible as that tends to mean I get asked to do a variety of work and types of jobs which is how I like it. Experimenting is the creative part for me...I can't understand how some illustrators seem happy to use the exact same style and way of working for every project....I don't see where the creativity is in doing so. I look at lots of things for inspiration. I use anything that is in some way unusual as an interesting start point to base work on. A few examples for me are: cicus imagery, fairgrounds, tribal body art, psychedelia, indian art, fantasy art and 70’s rock posters. I tend to look in charity shops and flea markets and try to find obscure and unwanted books on such subjects which I’ll use as reference and inspiration...I try to source inspiration from places that hopefullt not everyone is using.

Great Stylish Illustrations by Rafael Albuquerque

I just love to find out about great artists that live nearby. Rafael Albuquerque is a Brazilian illustrator from our home city, Porto Alegre. It's great to find such an amazing artist from our town. He has some kickass illustrations, really worth checking out. For more of his work, you may visit his portfolio at DeviantART. You may also follow him on Twitter (portuguese / english)! He'll appreciate it. I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Movie Title Screen Illustrations by Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons has quickly made his way onto my list of favorite illustrators. His work reminds me a lot of Mark Weaver's, which I absolutely love. In particular I'm really digging his fake movie title screen shots. I wish somebody would make these into actual movies. I'm a 21 year old student called Matthew Lyons in the final year of an illustration and animation course at Loughborough University in England. Swing by his portfolio for more, and let me know what you think via twitter!

Awesome 2010 Calendar by Annica Lydenberg

This calendar is totally the most creative and fun I've seen in a while, if you used to have those calendars they give away on the store near your house this will totally rock your wall, check it out! With these 12 individual 3-color screen prints each measuring 5.5"x8.5" you can get a year's worth of calendar entertainment all packed into one funky envelope of awesome! January : National Hobby Month February : Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month March : Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month April : International Guitar Month May : National Photo Month June : Aquarium Month July : National Hot Dog Month August : Eye Exam Month September : National Honey Month October : Bake and Decorate Month November : National Sleep Comfort Month December : National Tie Month You can download this month calendar as a wallpaper Click on the Image to take you to the download page, it will be on the right hand side. 2010 Calendar

The Impressive & Expressive Work from Calliopie

Yesterday I was browsing around deviantART and one image really got my attention... it was the Respiration Hollow Girl (first image from this selection) from Calliopie. The colors, the style, the feeling... everything about that piece got me in a way that is hard to explain, let's say I got enchanted. For me, that hollow girl had so much to say that it was better to stay still... After I got over the contemplation process - it took me a while - I decided to get get in touch with the artist to get to know more about her to write this post. Heather Hermann, aka Calliope at DA, is a 21 years old Costume/Character Illustrative Designer and Conceptual Artist, Actress/Model and Professional Dancer that currently lives in Las Vegas, NV. Heather attended the Las Vegas Academy and graduated with a diploma in AP Visual Arts and Photography. She also has been a dancer for fifteen years, professionally for nine. Was a principle dancer in the Kravenko Ballet Company and a student in the Royal Academy of London Ballet, which for me is pretty impressive, since I also have a small dance background. I can say that I enjoy Steampunk onto extreme levels along with period fashion. I'm heavily influenced by Yoshitaka Amano, Brian Froud, Erte', Vargas, Peter Max, and Tamara Lempeckia. I have to say that her work is really impressive & expressive. The colors, the style, the lines... every piece manages to speak to you, everything causes a great impression and you just want to admire the images. I really recommend you to check out more about her and her work at her DA profile or at her artworkfolio. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did!! :)

Amazing Fashion Watercolor Illustrations by Kareem Iliya

Yesterday I went to a book store, and had a look at some great design and illustrations books. There, I found this great artist called Kareem Iliya, who makes some amazing fashion watercolor illustrations, pretty beautiful, so I just had to find her portfolio once I got home. Her portfolio is pretty amazing, and I just had to share her work with all of you. For more of her illustrations, you may visit her portfolio. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Super Cute Illustrations by Ariel Fajtlowicz

There are some illustration style that are pretty handy, like this one. I really find this style really adorable and useful, since one could use it all over the place. It would fit in webdesign, as a nice header, or background... and it definetely works just perfectly in graphic design. The artist behind these is Ariel F., an awesome Brazilian designer. You should really check out his portfolio for more of his great work! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers. ;)

Amazing Coffee Art by Dirceu Veiga

Dirceu Veiga is a Brazillian Designer living in Curitiba ( South of Brazil ). He started his career in 1994, working as an illustrator artist for children’s books in several Publishing Companies. Dirceu really loves coffee and he goes a little bit further with his passions mixing illustration and coffee, he creates amazing arts using coffee as ink. For more information about Dirceu Veiga I highly recommend that you check out his website: Coffee on Paper Dirceu Veiga - Coffee Art Artist Coffee Art Coffee Art is a painting technique that use just 100% coffee instead ink to paint. Sketches

Incredible Typography by Eika Dopludo

Eika Dopludo is an illustrator and fine artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She runs a collective called Dopludo and they have a very cool portfolio with all sorts of works, from toy design, book covers, drawings, graphic design and typography, which was what really caught my attention, especially the Life in the Alphabet work. So in this post I will show you two amazing typography works by Eika and her collective. I also recommend that you check out her Behance Portfolio, it's full of awesomeness. Life in the Alphabet . The idea of the project is to represent a letter in a natural form and appearance. Like something alive has turned into a letter and stood still. In some letters it's possible to find symbolism, others are just an abstract form. In the alphabet you can find only one human - a woman in space. And one unreal creature - a dragon, also a very symbolical sign. Details size: ?5 (each) ; pencil; summer 2009. in Love

Cool Illustrations by Robert Carter

Robert Carteris an award-winning illustrator. He combines a strong foundation in portraiture with a unique sense of visual and conceptual problem-solving to create striking, vibrant, and textured illustrations and portraits with subjects ranging from the realistic to the surreal. For more of his great work, visit his portfolio. Cheers!

The Stylish Work of David Mascha

David Mascha is a Vienna based designer and illustrator. Since 2005, he has been working for several design studios in Vienna as well as developing projects for international clients, fashion and design labels, magazines and books. David Mascha had his work participating in exhibitions around Europe and Asia. He is also part of the DEPTHCORE collective. For more information about David, visit his website at Also there is a great interview that David did for the DEPTHCORE collective, check it out. "The first thing I got really hooked on was graffiti, I learned the basics of colors, how to compose objects etc. but after a while I got more and more interested in digital art. Programs like Photoshop and illustrator became the perfect tools to develop my ideas, giving me a lot more creative freedom and opportunities than a spraycan. I see an artist or a designer as someone who is constantly improving. - David Mascha interview for DEPTHCORE Sparkling / Desktopdesign Custom designed table with hand engraved aluminum frame for Displayed at Blickfang 2009, an international designfair for interior fashion and jewellery at MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art DM Black "I always try to push the boundaries of my technical skills and aesthetical depth, experimenting with new things, approaching ideas and themes from different perspectives but still keeping a line that’s going trough all of my work. I find it hard to explain how I created, or define my style, I think sometimes creating art underlies a very subliminal process. - David Mascha interview for DEPTHCORE Milk Illustration for Depthcore Adhesion "I often use stencils to add some graphic elements, and skinny caps to get clean lines, which resolves in a very graphical look. Most of the time I use regular white wall color to fill out the sketch and all the parts that will be painted afterwards, you end up with real bright colors". - David Mascha interview for DEPTHCORE Aquatic This must be underwater love The way I feel it slipping all over me Follow me now To a place you only dream of.. Misc

Fantastic Illustrations by Christian Nauck

Christian Nauck is an illustrator, comic designer, and game designer from Berlin, Germany. We have stumbled upon some of his works through the Daily Inspiration and were completely dazzled by the quality. Therefore nothing better than a full feature post on Christian Nauck's work. For more information about Christian Nauck, visit the links below. Tip: be prepared to spend some time. Homepage Blog Behance Flickr Deviantart "Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire" Cover Yep, my first (and hopefully not my last) Marvel-cover. :) It's for the last/#6 issue of the Ghost Riders Miniseries, solicited for January 2010. Rex Plode Rex Plode from from the great comic series Invincible! Grifter yeah, another fan art. ;) This time Grifter from Wildstorm! Kick Ass Character! Spidey vs Hulk Am I completely in marvel fanart mode?! ...seems so... ;) This time good ol neighborhood Spidey again and his good pal Hulkyschmalky! Wolvclops Started as a little Cyclops sketch .... :) First time I painted a whole scene I guess! Deadpool vs. Cap yep, another fanart. Ever awesome Deadpool vs. Captain America: Darkstalkers My contribution to Udon's Darkstalkers tribute book Daredevil Dared Evil ...uhm Daredevil portfolio work. :) I don't dig that the style looks a bit too similar to Marko Dj.'s stuff, but anyway. It's a me! Mario! I think I did the first scribble of this pic almost a year ago after I've had played Mario Galaxy. And finally I managed to finish it. It's a collab with my girlfriend Steffi aka Miss Matzenbatzen! concept and Mario by me, background by Steffi. Crimson Viper This time something new. Only the colors are done by me, the lineart is done by Steven Cummings for Udon. The colors are personal work, though - kind of try-out how my colors would look on a lineart like this/which style I would end with. Randon Works Sketches

Great Stylish Illustrations by Kweli

Fresh illustration artists are the one thing that make me go back to DeviantART everyday. This time, the work of Kweli really got my attention. He's got a great style which reminds me a lot of the Gorillaz style... which I love. Also, he's got this one character called HIM, which is a badass Samurai. Now, enough said... time to check these out! I hope you enjoy these, and please, don't forget to pay Kweli a visit. Cheers! ;)

Illustrations of the World's Finest: Batman and Superman

Superman has always been my favorite super-hero... but it's been sometime that Batman caught my attention, since he's the only DC hero who doesn't have powers: he's just one tough dude. And they launched the Superman and Batman comics, I've been a total fanboy of them. So, I went looking on DeviantART for some illustrations and found a whole bunch of great ones. These are amazing, seriously, and I just wish that some day there will be a Sup+Bat movie written by Frank Miller. It's always good to dream, right? I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Jorge Molina Manzanero Pencils by Jim Lee, Colors by Jeremy Roberts Pencils by Joe Madureira, Colors by iANAR duss005 duss005 Pencils by Brian Buccellatto, Colors by Francis Manapul Pencils by Ian Churchill, Colors by John Rauch Pencils by Jim Chueng, Inks by Mark Morales, Colors by spidermanfan2099 Pencils by Gerardo Sandoval, Colors by Teodoro Gonzalez Pencils by Ryan Ottley, Colors by Joshua Ravello Pencils by Rags Morales, Colors by Nei Ruffino Nacho Fernandez HalBaby Zuccarello Alex Garner Pencils by Gregg Paulsen, Colors by Mike Adams Pencils by Jim Lee, Colors by clunkworld Pencils by Rob Liefeld, Colors by Vincent "V" Brouard Pencils by Jon Buran, Inks by burningloveletters, Colors by Cliff Benoit David Williams Pencils by Clayton Henry, Inks by Mark Morales, Colors by Galon Philip Tan Pencils by Adi Granov, Colors by Steve Schaffer Mark Hossain

Amazing Alphabet Illustrations by Paul Thurlby

Paul Thurlby is a freelancer illustrator living in London, England. His illustrations are totally awesome, every piece brings a different character and it's always fun to see. The alphabet illustrations are so cool that I'm sure everyone would like to have that, check it out! For more from Paul Thurlby visit his Flickr Gallery

Amazing Digital Illustrations of Juliano Vieira

Juliano Vieira is an digital illustrator from Sao Paulo Brazil and brings in an amazing style of illustrations. His work is somewhere between 3d and really colorful elements with an amazing result that you have to see for yourself. For more from Juliano Vieira visit