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Mighty Illustrations of Thor

We've seen some great Marvel super-hero movies already, such as Spider-man, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk... and one that we'll get to soon see hitting the silver screen is the scandinavian god Thor. Mighty Thor. And he shall kick ass. I've never read any Thor comics, but I gotta admit that this blond dude looks pretty badass, for being the god of thunder. I mean, you gotta be be a tough guy to handle and use thunders to attack your freaggin' enimies or so. Ok, the geek alert has sounded, so I better shut up and let you guys check these awesome illustrations. I recommend you to visit each artist's page! Pretty cool stuff there! And I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! ;) Marcio Takara Pencils by Brian Williams, Colors by Xiwik Chamba nesmosfactory Lines by Bryan Hitch, Colors by Liam Shalloo saganet Lines by Dougie Braithwaite, Colors by Brian Reber Lines by Jon Buran, Colors by Nicolas Viig kizer180 Yildiray Cinar Reilly Brown Lines by Jonboy Meyers, Colors by Charlie Lines by Ed McGuinness, Colors by Jason Kieth Lines by Olivier Coipel, Inks by Mark Morales, Colors by BoOoM Lines by Olivier Coipel, Inks by Mark Morales, Colors by BoOoM Enymy Stefani Rennee Admira Wijaya Mike Mayhew nebezial

Creative and Stylish Artworks from Monfa

Monfa, was born Miguel Cabrera 28 years ago in Costa Rica. After some experiments drawing through walls and notebooks, he decided to make a living out of illustration, so he studied Fine Arts and became an editorial illustrator. Currently working on many personal projects, he splits his time between his job as an Art Director for a prestigious mexican editorial company, freelancing, art collaborations and showcasing his artwork on his personal website, which by the way you should visit! Monfa's illustrations are pretty stylish, creative and several times humorous. I really liked his work and style. The compositions, colors and the interesting caricatural tone of some artworks really got my attention. "In summary: 28 years old with a pencil in one hand and a paper in the other." Monfa I hope you you enjoy the images! :) Paper Cut by Monfa

Fun Cartoon Illustrations by Juan Molinet

Juan is an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I keep coming across his work everywhere. First I stumbled across an illustration of his on ffffound a week or two ago, then last night I stumbled across his portfolio on behance. I am in love with his style! I gave in and decided to share some of his fun pieces with you today! Juan's illustrations are colorful and his use of texture is really nice. Most of all though, I think the one thing that pleases me the most about his work is its playfulness. Each little monster that he creates is as cute and cuddly as the next! Don't forget to give his flickr and behance a peek to see what else he's getting up to! And let me know what you think via twitter or facebook :)

Super Cool Star Wars Illustrations

We often get to see some cool Star Wars references. Memorabilia, parody videos, and many many other things... we even had a full article about the Star Wars Culture one year ago. One way that people often find to celebrate these fantastic movies, is by illustrating it! Whether commissioned or not, there are some fantastic illustrations on the matter, and I just had to share a few with you. From Adam Hughes to new artists, these are some great images that really illustrate the Star Wars universe, really cool! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my selection... and may the force be with you. ;p

Super Stylish Masters of the Universe Illustrations

I find truly fantastic when an artist gets to think about something that no one else thought before. For example, take a 80's super classic cartoon such as The Masters of the Universe and add fashion itens in a cool way and BAM! You got yourself one awesome set of illustrations. Ok, talking is way easier than doing, and that's why I find these illustrations by Adrian Riemann pretty awesome. The guy found out a really clever way to redesign the characters. In his own words: 16 Redesigns of famous Masters of the Universe-characters! I imagined them somewhere in the indie/hipster/fashion-scene, as if they were doing a photoshooting for some magazine. I'm a fashion-nerd myself, so I dressed them up in things that really excist and that I like. Yes, 16. We're not featuring all of them here, so to check them all, you gotta visit Adrian's portfolio at Behance, which is really worth! The guy deserves cause these are fantastic and super stylish! I love it. I hope you guys do too! Cheers. ;) He-Man Skeletor Man-At-Arms Trap Jaw She-Ra Tri-Clops Modulok Stratos Teela Stratos

Wonderful Illustrations by Tamas Gaspar

There are some games out there that got this graphic novel feel, featuring some cool illustrations... like pc's Max Payne, or the classic board game Clue. I always wondered what great minds could be behind those illustrations, and today I managed to find one: Tamas Gaspar. He makes some really wonderful illustrations, full of details... one of his works is for this pc game called "Family Mystery - The Story of Amy", which you may download for free here. So, I really recomend you to check out his full portfolio! There are some great pieces over there, really worth the visit. I hope you all enjoy it!! Cheers. ;)

Interview with Illustrator Vera Oosterhof

Vera Oosterhof is an 18 year-old illustrator hailing from Rottum, Netherlands. She attends Minerva: Academy for Arts in the Netherlands, and hopes to pursue a career in graphic design and illustration in the near future. A member of slashTHREE, Oosterhof has strived to create fantastic artwork while maintaining a good reputation in the art community. I took the time to sit down and have a chat with her. Here’s what went down: I cannot stop illustrating, I simply love it! I guess you can call it a way of life. Drew: Hello Vera! It’s truly an honor to be interviewing such an amazing illustrator. Your work has been featured on many sites, in magazines, and in exhibitions. Before we discuss your artwork specifically, tell us a bit about yourself and how you became interested in illustration. Vera: Well, it all started with Neopets when I was 14 years old. I started creating some banners in Paint Shop Pro, and shortly after that I moved on to designing signatures on forums. I got hooked to it and after 2 years of making these so-called “signatures” I wanted something more, and I started doing what I do now. I cannot stop illustrating, I simply love it! I guess you can call it a way of life. Drew: Those are such unique beginnings! Let’s move onto your artwork. I love pieces like “NightWish” and “LoveProject”, what sort of time and creativity goes into the designing process and how do you go about creating your artwork? Vera: To be honest, “NightWish” didn’t take very long, only 5 hours or so. It was made for TheLuminarium, a collective, where the theme was “Prismatic”. This theme involved colors, so I wanted to make a joyful and colorful piece of artwork. I dreamt of a nice experience and ended up with this piece. Like most of my artwork, I let the creativity just flow, and I created this without thinking, just doing. “NightWish” is exactly the opposite of “LoveProject”. For “LoveProject”, I did a lot of brainstorming. slashTHREE was starting an art book entitled, Expressions, so for this piece I thought about the strongest expression; in my opinion, it’s love. So, I tried to make a piece based on love, it is also very experimental because of the different color usage. I’ve learned a lot from this piece, I also spent around 30 hours on it! Though, it was worth it. ...Expressions, so for this piece I thought about the strongest expression; in my opinion, it’s love... Drew: That’s very true; artwork can be quite lengthy to create, though it’s quite worth the time in the end. You obviously enjoy what you do, are you looking for illustration to be a hobby or a profession? Vera: At the moment, it’s a favorite hobby of mine, but in about 4 years I hope for it to be my profession. I’m studying graphic design at Minerva: Academy for the Arts, because I want to learn on how to handle typography and other mediums, as I think that’s quite hard. Drew: Good to hear, I’m looking forward to seeing your work around in the future, as I best most readers are as well. Now, I see that you work in a bunch of collectives, how’s that going for you? Are there any artists in those collectives that motivate or inspire you? Vera: Lately I’ve only been active at slashTHREE because they give me a lot of good advice and the artists there are fantastic. Zach Bush and Neil Hanvey inspire me, Zach with his matte-paintings, and Neil with his illustrations! Drew: Yeah, they’re an inspiration to me as well. What’s in store for Vera Oosterhof in the future? Vera: Well after I graduate from Minerva, I want some more experience and if that goes well, I’d like to start my own design agency, as it’s been a dream of mine since I’ve began this journey. Drew: Great! Seeing artists that have inspired you, what advice do you have for any aspiring artists or readers? Vera: Work hard, be very strict towards yourself, and compare yourself to the people who inspire you. Only then will you improve. You might say, hey it’s just art and not a competition, but it’s quite the opposite. Clients want the best and most well-known artists. So, illustrators are my friends but also my rivals. Though, it’s a friendly rivalry! Drew: Any last words for our readers? Vera: Always have fun with your artwork! Drew: Thanks Vera, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you! Vera: Cheers and thanks for the interview! Some Artworks

Stylish and Colorful Illustrations by Evgeny Kiselev

Saint-Petersburg based Russian illustrator Evgeny Kiselev never stops and draws everywhere he goes. No matter that is in a tube station or snorkeling in Asia, he always finds inspiration from enjoying life. He started freelance work a few years ago after being squeezed in local creative agencies where he got professional experience. The lack of academic background hadn't changed the way he creates and even improved the will to tie his life with graphics and visualization. So what you think makes Evgeny's artworks outstanding? I do believe he found a unique way of creativity flow and concentrates on researching new ways of inspiration. His works are recognizable and he rarely uses the previous ideas while generating new diversities. Since last year he started to materialize illustrations on cushions and umbrellas what makes them unique and colorful. "The diverse work of Evgeny Kiselev oscillates between the rigors of symmetry and prolific excess. Several compositions begin with vivid tiled patterns that are mirrored again and again until they can no longer be contained and are forced to push beyond the confines of their logic. Others, emerge from a single outline that manifests the controlled lawlessness of the work. Each piece achieves a complexity of color and layer that continues to build infinitely into the space of the page creating a warping spatial depth" Since I've been watching for his artistic career he has collaborated with European media like ROJO, Computer Arts, Miller, IDN, Grafik Magazine and of course Designcollector participating in our six anniversary. Website Flickr Curated by Designcollector About the Author My name is Arseny Vesnin, I'm a design observer and online curator from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and I'm the founder of Designcollector Network. I'm revealing the Russian creativity on Abduzeedoo and feel free to follow me @designcollector

Awesome Illustrations by Jirat James

For me, feelings are a great source of inspiration. Actually, feelings are probably the thing that encourage you to design, illustrate, paint or whatever. Any feeling is a good way to get your brain juices pumped and running, and this guy, Jirat, uses lots of rage in his super colorful illustrations. I'm not saying Jirat is an angry guy, but his illustrations definetely make us think about punching faces or kicking add some super crazy colors, and you get yourself an awesome set of illustrations! And where does he get inspired? He answered that in his portfolio: "Born in 1985 in Thailand and raised in Sydney, Australia on a super-diet of cartoons, comic books, and sci-fi movies." I gotta say: nothing like pop culture to make one kid one hell of an ideas machine. Anyways, you should all visit Jirat's portfolio because there's a bunch more of his work over there. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful and Colorful Illustrations by Fil Dunsky

Fil Dunsky is an amazing illustrator from Khabarovsk, Russia, with an incredible talent specially when it comes to the use of colors and shades to create depth. I was totally impressed by Fil's work and for the clients he has worked for, companies such as Microsoft, Nestle, Adidas, Nike... you name it.That's why we decided to feature him here on Abduzeedo. As I cannot understand a single word in Russian, it was very difficult to get more information about Fil, but we will try to get in contact with him. However, you must visit his Behance profile to see more of Fil's work, you won't regret it.

Seriously Cool Watercolor Paintings

One style that really has caught me lately is watercolor! I find those painting of such a great taste that I cannot express how much I like it. We've seen some artists doing some great work on watercolor, such as Mathiole, and I found a girl artist who is just incredible! Her name is Lora and she's probably British because of her website url ( There's not much information on her DeviantART account, and all we can say is that she pretty much does some seriously cool watercolor paintings. And, she's cute... so that's like a plus, because Abduzeedo supports cute artist girls. lol So, you should really check both her portfolios, at DeviantART and her personal website. You guys won't regret! That are dozens of works there!! Anyways, I really hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers. ;)

Stunning Art Concepts by Andree Wallin

Don't you just love when you get to see some badass concept art illustrations? I really dig those futuristic illustrations, scenes of a distant future, or just a "plain" enhanced t-rex. Any of these will catch my attention easily, and I bet it catches yours too! Andree Wallin is a Swedish concept artist, who makes some really stunning illustrations. When I found his DeviantART gallery I was thrilled by his art. It was so good I just had to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy these, and seriously, go check out Andree's portfolio... there are much more pieces over there! You'll really like it. Cheers! ;)

Case Study - Nice Shirt by Gustavo Sobral

We have already feature Gustavo Sobral here on Abduzeedo. Gustavo is an graphic designer and illustrator from Brazil with such a great talent in creating characters. But his work is much more than that, we can see posters, ads and some amazing illlustrations, but in this post we will show you a very cool Case Study sent to us by Gustavo showing his design process of the Nice Shirt character. I'm from Mogi-Mirin, São Paulo but now I'm based in Campinas-SP. I've been drawing since I was kid and now I'm taking Visual Arts at UNICAMP. Also I've been working as creative director for an agency called Ponto de Criação. Besides that I work as illustrator and have created some illustrations for companies such as Duracell, Ariel, Ace, UOL, Hipercard and Jeep..... I try to vary my style either in illustration or design, I think it's important because you will be able to fit with the market's necessities and not got stuck in a certain trend. As usual, we always recommend that you check out Gustavo Sobral portfolio at

Super Stylish Illustrations by Bruno83

There's one thing I'm pretty certain of: we'll never get to see all the cool illustrators that are out there... but we can try to! There are tons of guys like Bruno83, hidden to most of us, making super cool, stylish art! And I just to know that Abduzeedo has the duty to find them! Bruno83 makes some sweet art, illustration with an awesome old school, retro feel... giving his art a 70's, 80's kinda feel. I find it pretty awesome, but I just wonder why his account name in his DeviantART is Bruno83, and there are other signatures in his work. Maybe it's a studio, I don't know. Does anybody got this information for us? Aynways, I hope you all enjoy it, and seriously, you should visit his portfolio! You won't regret it. Cheers! ;)

Introducing Morning Breath Creative Studio

Morning Breath is a creative studio founded by Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto back in 2002. Their illustrations are inspired by their collective history and experiences in graffiti art, music packaging and skateboard design. They even were nominated for a Grammy Award for "best special music packing". I believe some cover design will be familiar to you. Where to find them on the web - website and portfolio Where to find them on the web - website and portfolio

Fantastic Set of Blue Illustrations

Fantastic Set of Blue Illustrations

Visiting showcase sites such as DeviantART, Behance, and others, it's great to see the great number of fantastic illustrations, from great artists. One thing I love to do, is to compare illustrations that are painted mainly with the same color. It makes an awesome set! So I went looking for blue illustrations, and found some pretty good! Last year we had a really awesome set of posts after colors. We had the blue week, the red week, the black week and so on. I wonder if you guys would like to see that once more. It's a great way to focus in a certain method or style. How would you like it? Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my selection! Here are some of the best I've found! Cheers. ;) Kyoung Hwan Kim Cuson Cuson Matabi Matabi Akutou-san Shel-yang Daniel Conway Daniel Conway Fabian Schlaga Charlie Bowater Bao Pham Wen-Xi Chen Cristiano Siqueira Artgerm Liester Min Hao Feng Klyph Ariokh

Interview with Legendary Drew Struzan

Interview with Legendary Drew Struzan

Back in the day, when we were kids, there was nothing we'd loved more than watching films that would fulfill our imagination with stories of distant worlds, brave heroes and the hope of a happy future. Movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future played big roles in our childhood and the identity of each one of these is carved in our minds: the spaceships from Star Wars, the adventures of Indy, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, the run after androids in Blade Runner, the heartwarming E.T.. It might all seem disconnected, but there's one thing that holds every one of these connected really tight: the art of Drew Struzan. Born in 1947, Drew really fought as an illustration to deliver a good life for his family. He fought a fight that would later be recognized and awarded through the success he obtained with his art. Success gained through the posters of the films earlier mentioned, along with Hook, Rambo, Goonies, Harry Potter, Hellboy, The Thing, between more than 150 others more. But as we could see, so much success didn't have any effect in the quality that most people lack: humility. Mr. Struzan gently answered this fun and really insightful interview, and it's a true honor for us sharing a little bit of his experience with all of you. Indiana Jones 1) First of all, I'd like to thank you very much for your kindness in answering these questions. We are big fans of your work, and it has has been pretty much a big part of our lives. It's incredible how the whole world has been in touch with your work, directly or indirectly. How does it feel to know that it has reached so many lives along the years? Paulo, thank YOU. Who am I that you should care about me? I am dumfounded by any attention to me or my work. I have always lived so quietly, minding my own business, being pretty much ignored. From childhood through adulthood the gift of talent that I have has not made me friends but quite the contrary, jealousy has left me to fend for myself in a rather lonely, vulnerable and confused state of mind. My best never seemed to be good enough. Now I know this is not unusual or even rare. You see, I am just a working man trying to make my way in life. Because of the lack of reward, recognition and struggle I know I am just one of you, we are all together. Actually, that’s true, good and right. I am with you, just doing my thing. Through no fault of my own, I wound up painting in the movie business. The posters I painted went around the globe, seen in most every place by millions, if not billions of people. It is said that the Star Wars Episode I poster, because it went round the world in every venue unchanged, that it became the most viewed piece of art of all time. This is no fault of mine. So here am I, the struggling, unappreciated artist, like most of us artists. Then one day this World Wide Web thing starts to connect me to people beyond my usual small circle. For the first time I begin to learn that not only are people seeing the work, they like it, are inspired by it, encouraged and their lives are made more beautiful because of it and they collect the stuff. I never knew before. How does it feel to know this? Might one think that this knowledge empowers me, gives me a glow, and makes me smarter than the average bear? I find I am happy to know that there is something I have done that has improved in whatever small degree others lives. I cannot think of anything more or better one simple man can do for another. That’s what my art, my work is for. Therein is its value. As for me, beyond being grateful to have had this opportunity, I go unchanged. Still, quite, withdrawn, simple… you know, the classic disassociated artist. "You see, I am just a working man trying to make my way in life. Because of the lack of reward, recognition and struggle I know I am just one of you, we are all together." Star Wars - Episode I 2) What brought you to start doing poster illustrations? How long did it take to start landing the big jobs? After achieving an education I tried to go to work. Not a gift, as struggle. Me and my family went years under the poverty level. I was working but it made little to no income. Eventually I landed a studio position as an illustrator. It proved to be just the thing. I worked every day making pictures but the difference was that my work was being seen, printed and distributed. That was the key. My work began to be recognized and clients began to inquire regarding me. Even the movie studios somehow caught wind of my work. When they began to call for me, not my pursuit, is when I began to get into the movie poster field. It was not the BIG break we are looking for. Just one small step for this man, one step at a time. Big job you say? Define a big job. A movie that turned heads? Well, it took seven years until one day I got a call to work on this new film called Star Wars. That proved to be the landing of a big job. Not in pay, not in recognition, but a step up to quality work and opportunity to keep going, doing more. For me, another days work, another day with food on the table, another day grateful to get to do what I love… make art. "For me, another days work, another day with food on the table, another day grateful to get to do what I love… make art." Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith 3) How do the ideas for the posters come about? Do they ask for specific things or do you have complete and total freedom? Yah, sure. The movie poster job is a job where those rich and powerful entities call me up and say, “We love you so much and respect you totally, please paint a poster for our movie. Anything you do will be just the greatest thing ever”. No way! You know the movie business is a co-operative affair. Of course they have their ideas for a poster. They meaning, the Studios, the director, the writer, the actors, the producers, the marketing firms, design studios… every one wants in, everyone has concepts and little ol’drew has to bring it all together to please all the bosses and their wives. It’s a simple job with only millions of dollars on the line. Sometimes they have direction for me. Sometimes we discuss options. Other times they know not what to do so I take the reigns. It is never the same from job to job; that’s what kept it interesting. In the end, it was me making everything come together in a living and exciting piece of art. That was my part of the input. "...everyone has concepts and little ol’drew has to bring it all together to please all the bosses and their wives." Back to the Future Trilogy 4) As an artist, what are your greatest influences? Who are your favorite artists? Do you know that the tax man doesn’t consider artists to be professionals; we are blue collar workers. The good part is that even they understand that for an artist, everything they do, because of their mind sets, relates to their art and is therefore Tax Deductible. Everything is an influence, an education and an inspiration. Everything is done for our art. Sometimes my great inspiration comes not from other art but from other thinking, ideas, and possibilities. Einstein’s theories inspire me, Hemingway’s writing, Lincoln’s self sacrifice, my wife’s love, my friend’s kindness, from hope, faith and promise. God’s righteous principles for living are my greatest motivation and give me my clearest direction. Truth is the goal. Artists? Every one of ‘em! I learn from every one. I learned to draw from Pontormo and Rubens. I compose with the understanding of Inges, Degas, Cezanne, El Greco… I pick out no one artist to be my favorite. Favorites kill creativity. Inspiration, understanding and motivation are what I get from them all. You know, on the shoulders of Giants! "I pick out no one artist to be my favorite. Favorites kill creativity. Inspiration, understanding and motivation are what I get from them all. You know, on the shoulders of Giants!" Big Trouble in Little China 5) Out of all the ones you did, which poster was the most fun to make? To a man with little memory for the past who’s mind dwells on the future, he asks me to remember from all the thousands of pieces and jobs I have done, the most fun one. That’s tuff. Sometimes it’s the art, what I believe is a successful piece, like Blade Runner. Sometimes it was the situation, working with my dear fiends like Frank Darabont or Guillermo del Toro. Sometimes it I was the freedom afforded me with Star Wars by George Lucas. Other times it was because it was a cool project like Hook because of Steven Spielberg. Amongst all the difficulty and turmoil of the business it was the place that dreams were made and it was a beautiful life for me, yes, fun. "Amongst all the difficulty and turmoil of the business it was the place that dreams were made and it was a beautiful life for me, yes, fun." Blade Runner 6) Have you ever tried using computers during the creative process, either to gather inspiration or to actually illustrate? Yes. There’s a lot of stuff out there to spur on the creative process and to inspire and the World Wide Web brings them all to hand. I often use the computer in the design process for a picture. It does alleviate a difficulty artist’s have always had. Historically when an artist makes a picture he has millions of choices to make. He has to choose one and hope it was the best choice. He can’t go backwards, only forward. If when he is finished he decides he would rather have had a blue picture rather than a red one, he has to begin a fresh painting. The computer allows the designing of a picture and with the touch of a button we can change colors, sizes and objects to see and compare our choices. It gives us the opportunity to choose. That’s something new. "God’s righteous principles for living are my greatest motivation and give me my clearest direction. Truth is the goal." Harry Potter 7) What's the greatest advantage to working solely on paper? Is there an advantage I haven’t been told about? If you think that is what I do then you’d be misinformed. I work on all kinds of surfaces with all kinds of mediums in inventive ways. If you are referring to most of my illustrations, there are a couple reasons for working on “paper” but they are not to the abandonment of other surfaces. Illustration board because it is readily available, ready at hand, easy to store and ship and relatively inexpensive. Also, paper is very stable and lasts a long, long, long time. And when paper is inappropriate to the art I will use canvas, linen, wood or the front of a door. "...when paper is inappropriate to the art I will use canvas, linen, wood or the front of a door." Hellboy 8) If you could give a single piece of advice to young, up-and-coming illustrators, what would it be? As Rodney Dangerfield said in the movie Back to School when giving the commencement address, “It’s tough out there. Stay at home and live with your parents”. If you have chosen to become an illustrator know that it is tough out here. Fame, fortune and power are no the rewards of an Artist / Illustrator. Do it for passion, for love, because it satisfies your soul and gives you meaning. If you do not eat, sleep and live the art, the wanting for something else will kill you. Want a little taste of what it takes? By way of helping one to see what it is really like, I have put together a DVD. I had shot the whole process of my conceiving, drawing and painting from beginning to finish the whole process of my making a painting for a movie poster. I explain every step, show what I did step by step and speak of what I am thinking as I am actually painting the artwork. The poster I was painting is the poster for Hellboy, commissioned by Guillermo del Toro himself. The DVD is nearly finished and will have a notice on my web site once the DVD is available. Maybe it will encourage or discourage the up-and-coming wan-a-bes. "If you do not eat, sleep and live the art, the wanting for something else will kill you." 9) Once more, thank you very much for sharing with us a little bit of your time. It's a really honor for us! We wish you all the best, and we really hope to see your work up and running for a very, very long time, so that the future generations get to experience a little bit of the magic that your work brings us. Thank you, Mr. Struzan! My goodness, thank you. I hope something of my gratitude to you, to the audience and to all those who are appreciative of the work comes through. I wish in these cases that I could explain myself with the ease that I am able to communicate with you when I paint. Bless you all… drew "As for me, beyond being grateful to have had this opportunity, I go unchanged. Still, quite, withdrawn, simple… you know, the classic disassociated artist." I couldn't finish this interview without posting along the video that inspired the name of this post. This is a interview with Drew Struzan some from some time ago, really worth watching. I couldn't have it embed, so please, watch it by clicking here: Legendary Poster Artist Drew Struzan. I hope you guys enjoy it.