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Awesome Illustrations of Optimus Prime

Lately everybody has been talking about the new Transformers movie. Some people loved it, others hated it... I didn't watch it, yet, but I'm sure anxious to watch it this week. Optimus Prime is one awesome character, and he sure deserves his own post! For those out of these planet, Transformers was a really classic cartoon, and was turned into movie lately. Also, this post was suggested by our reader Paolo Mason. If you wanna suggest a post, don't think twice before sending us an email! We'd love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy these amazing illustrations of Optimus Prime, and don't forget to visit the artists! Cheers. ;) EspenG TimKelly Blitz-Wing Blitz-Wing zazB Livio27 adonihs Lines: Joe Ng, Colors: Espen Grundetjern tmargato vijil Makotron dcjosh particle9 markerguru markerguru markerguru

Soul Rebel Poster Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how to create an awesome illustration that can be printed as a poster to hang it on your wall. I broke down step by step from the beginning to the end so you can follow and understand exactly what I went through while making this piece, and you get to download the .psd at the end. Soul Rebel Tutorial - Visit my Behance To get the feeling tune in to Bob Marley - Soul Rebel In this tutorial I won’t be going into to small details, you have to know a bit more to understand what is being done but if you have any questions feel free to ask on the comments area. To begin this image as always I take my time surfing through tons of stock photos looking for that photo that will take my attention, as I have seen so many cool images lately on Abduzeedo, specially the daily inspiration I decided to try something different, something that will pop out with great lightning and color. In order to get that I wanted to get a full body shot of a girl just like the one I found at as you can see here: katanaz-stock has great photos with high quality, make sure you take a look. So I open a new file in Photoshop 18x24in 300dpi so at the end if the result is nice I can make a big print to put on my wall. You should always work with high dpi so your work can be printed with quality. I select the girl and paste it into a light gray background and this is how my image begins. What I want to do is to work on the girl photo by changing its color and illumination. First by adding Image>Adjustments>Curves with these settings giving a blue look to the photo. Curve Settings RGB Output: 119 Input: 157 Red Output: 121 Input: 153 Green Output: 165 Input: 133 Blue Output: 149 Input: 99 The result is good and I want to make the colors look more alike so I will make the light blue outfit more like the hat color by going to Image>Adjustment>Replace Color click on any part of the light blue and replace it to a light purple by using these settings: And you result should look like this: It’s almost the way I want, it’s always good to take time in order to get a good result at the end. What I want to do now is to get a better light on her face so I will duplicate the layer of her photo and using Image>Adjustments>Contrast (Brightness: 20 Contrast: 0) And on the layer mask (if you used one, if not just create one) use the Gradient Tool to keep only the top lighter. Now I will create a new layer on top of the girl and using the brush pack “41 Grunge Brushes” that was mention on the “10 Awesome Free Photoshop Brushes” I posted two weeks ago. So selected a couple of different brushes from this pack and painted the left side of the girl image using the same colors from her image. Using the Eyedropper Tool click on the girl to select a color and paint it with the same color on the new layer you created and your result should look like this: Now to give a even better look, I will go back on the girl layer and on the layer mask I will paint the left edge black using the same grunge brushes to give a impressions that the image is being painted on that side and I also cut the other leg on and angle. I want to use the angle that I created on her left leg to be a base for the light and possibly a direction for the typo in case I decide to write anything in the future. So I create a couple lines on a new layer on top of the background, this lines will give a special look on the background and also help me with the direction of everything and different spaces to work on. So now I will start to work on the background I like what I have so far and what I will try to get is some kind of abstract background that will blend in well with what I have so far. So I create a new layer on top of the gray background layer and with the Gradient Tool using the Radial Gradient I paint a circle from inside out to give a better illumination on the girl. Set the layer Fill to 75%. Now I want to add a little something on the background so I got a bokeh photo that I desaturated and added on to the background, put the layer mode to soft light and the Fill to 46 % Bokeh photo by My Background is starting to look good still a lot of work to get the right look we need to get an impressive result. I like to experiment a lot, I tried a lot of thing until I got the results that I am walking through with you guys so it’s always to try a bunch a things and stick with the best results. My new layer is going to have a dark area on the bottom of the image, I used the Gradient Tool using the Radial Gradient to create the dark area on the bottom as you can see here, I set the Fill to 80%. Once again I create a new layer and with the Polygonal Lasso Tool I select the right bottom part of the image on the same angle the leg was cut and apply a Gradient Tool using Linear Gradient with white color. And set the layer Fill to 20% to get this look: Now using a Pattern I created by making a gray circle in the middle of a 30pixels square document as you can see here. Set that as a pattern with a transparent background. Now create a new layer and select the middle part of the background and Edit>Fill Using the pattern you just created. For a better look add a layer mask to it and using Gradient tool I create a shadow on the bottom part of it as you can see here Now I am going to create a new layer and get a regular round brush, go to brush settings and mark Scattering and paint the whole layer with black, white and gray as you see here: Now apply Filter>Blur>Motion Blur with the settings Angle: 45 Distance: 600 and set the layer mode to Vivid Light, and you should get something like this: (if it comes out too dark you can use brightness/contrast to make it lighter) On a new layer I will apply some color now making some yellow stripes following the lines that I made in the beginning, set the layer mode to Overlay and Fill to 25%. And you can also take a look of what you should have for the background layers. I am going to use this photo that I took in NYC a while ago, and I am going to paste it on top of the background layer Desaturate the photo Image>Adjustment>Desaturate and set the Fill to 40%. Our background is coming along very well now on top of the yellow stripes layer we are going to create another layer that we will add a white light created using the Gradient Tool > Radial Gradient Create another layer and with the Single Column Marquee Tool create a bunch of lines, when you get a good amount, rotate them on a 45 degree angle and place them on the top right as you can see on the image Now is time to give the special look to the image by adding a tiger coming out of her body, so I had this photo here for the longest time and I always had a feeling I would use it for something good, so I did. Photo from Selected the tiger, don’t really need to be a good selection since we are going to apply the same technique we did with the right side of the girl with the 41 Grunge Brushes, do that around your selection on the layer mask and set the layer to Overlay. You should get something like this: I want to create some smoke on that background so I make a new layer and using the smoke brush pack that I posted here 25 Free Photoshop Brushes. Make some smoke on the right side and set the layer Fill to 50% Just like we created the yellow stripes we are going to create a green stripe now only on the top part, set the layer mode to Soft light and the Fill to 75%. If you have been following all the steps here is a look at the layers and what you should have so far. We got a pretty good point so far I know the colors don’t look very impressing but I like to save that for last. Now I want to put some more stuff on the bottom right because I am thinking about adding a text there. So first thing I do is using this galaxy photo I have Put it on our image on top of the girl layer and place it on the bottom right, desaturate the layer and set the layer mode to Exclusion, also give it a layer mask and go around the edges so it won’t be to rough as you see here Now on a new layer I am going to add some smoke on that same area to fill up that space a little more. One more thing that I want to do is create a new layer and add some more of that Grunge Brushes at the bottom of the girls to blend in more, so I do that using some dark colors as you see. Our background is pretty filled up now and we got to the point that everything seems to be in place and looking good, to make an even better blend of the girl and the background I will add a typo on a angle right where here leg connects to the line. As I have been listening to Bob Marley all through out the process of creating this image I wanted to name it Soul Rebel because that song got stock on my head and I kept playing it as I was finishing the image. So I wrote down SOUL REBEL using the font MOD that can be found here Friday Fresh Free Fonts #1 set the layer Fill to 61% and to get the typo on the same spirit of the image I used that same effect on the typo using the Grunge Brushes as you can see. Now with a smaller font I wrote LET YOUR INSIDE OUT with a darker color and set the layer Fill to 69%, but the darker color kind of blended in to the background and it’s kind of hard to see so I create a new layer under it, with a regular brush make a small line using color white, give some motion blur to expand the line and place it right under the typo, just like I did here: On this point I can say that my composition is done, and I really like what I have, now is the part that I like the most, play with the colors. There is a lot of ways I do this and I am sure a lot of people do it differently and so on. What I did was add a new layer on top of all the others, paint it bright yellow and set the layer mode to Linear Burn. Now another layer on top and this one I am going to paint it light purple and set the layer mode to Linear Light and the Fill to 75%. As a result we get this beautiful color and result to our image. Now to give a final touch I create a new layer and I pick a very light blue as my color, and using the Gradient Tool / Radial Gradient I paint the light blue around my image, so I set the layer mode to Soft Light and the fill to 35% as you can see it gives a different color look around the image. I really like that but I only want that effect on the bottom of the image so I add a layer mask to it and using the same Gradient Tool this time Linear Gradient I take off the top part as you can see here with the layer. CONCLUSION My advice to everyone that followed the tutorial, and want to take their work to the next level is to experiment a lot while creating your image, have a main idea in mind and work around it, give time to get your work done. It’s better if you create one good piece in a month than have 10 crap ones by the same time. So here is the final result, I will put up the .psd on a lower resolution for download in case you have any doubts you can check out the .psd and have fun! DOWNLOAD .PSD

Super Cool T-shirt Illustrations by Tobias Fonseca

Tobias Fonseca is an illustrator from Brazil with a very impressive portfolio. He has created more than 20 t-shirt designs for local clients and international clients as well. Tobias has some beautiful illustrations in water color style as well vector illustration, some of them very funny by the way. For more information visit Tobias' website at: Abduzeedo t-shirt We still have a few t-shirts available so get yours right now ;)

Totally Awesome Illustrations of Solid Snake

When I was a child, there were a bunch of cool games... the Sonic ones, the Mickey ones, the Donald Duck ones, etc. But these were all "cute"... then, after sometime, with the evolution of video game, it was delivered to us a game that kicked butt: Metal Gear Solid. It was not about fighting, but it was about the art of stealth. Being an ocidental ninja, per say... and Solid Snake was that new kind of John Rambo of secret agents. And man, it was a cool game and I'm definetely waiting a movie. Anyways, I selected some cool illustration of Solid Snake, and I really hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;) Artgerm kandoken nefar007 Artgerm Kendrick Lim Shernan Mijares Artgerm Mikajima L.H.S. Spike Wible oatestwder Shameimaru nefar007 Alex Figini Michael Daniel Prichard Nether83 Nether83 Tom Waterhouse

Great Illustrations by David Sossella

Making many kinds of illustrations is an awesome ability for an artist, and when we find a portfolio fulfilled with great works, it's a really treat for us. Davied Sossella is one of these artists, and his got some pretty great pieces. Here's a few of his works. For more, please visit his portfolio at Behance. I hpe you enjoy these! Cheers! ;)

Awesome Darth Vader Illustrations

We've been featuring some awesome illustrations of great characters for some time now, and I was think what great iconic character had to be featured at Abduzeedo today. That's when I remembered Darth Vader, the most powerful Jedi that ever lived. So I went looking for illustrations, and found some pretty awesome stuff, but really wish people would draw him as often as they to for Chun-Li. I had over 32 illustrations selected, but I choose only the best ones to be here. So I hope you enjoy these, and never go to the dark side of the force. Vader regreted it at the end, remember? ;p

The Master of Light Effects Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson aka NoPattern is definitely a master when it comes to light effects, he can turn any simple image into a whole different world with all the lights and effects he usually adds to his compositions, that's why his been working for the biggest companies out there, check it out. For more visit

Interview and Showcase with the Great Illustrator Phil Dunne

Phil Dunne is an illustrator from Dublin, Ireland, which spent the last 29 years drawing, painting, doodling and having amazingly creative thoughts. From 1999 to 2003 Phil was studying at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin to get his degree in Visual Communications. After graduating he started to built his portfolio with several different projects and clients. Since then, Phil has already produced great pieces that you probably already seen around the web or at depthCORE. Here I will show some of his amazing work and also an interview that I had the opportunity to do with him. Unfortunately the interview was settled via e-mail, even tough I would love to go to Dublin for this, but even through e-mails Phil was very kind and gave us a lot of attention, which by the way, I would like to thank him for. When browsing around his great portfolio Love the Robot and also at his Behance page, I had a hard time picking the images to show here since he has several eye catching pieces, so I really recommend that you check out his work!! So, enjoy the images and the interview! :) When you first got interested about art and design? For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawing and thinking about art. I grew up on comic books, cartoons and doodling in my school books. I always wanted to do art in school, I never ever had any interest in other school work or anything else except drawing. When I was in school I read a lot about artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and a lot of The Renaissance painters. Their work really inspired me to draw and paint and most of express myself. I also watched endless amounts of music videos and loved the work of Michel Gondry, Hype Williams, Chris Cunningham and Mark Romanek. I wanted to go to art college to be either a painter or a designer. I was happy to find out I could be almost both, as an illustrator! My inspiration and desire to be an illustrator just kept growing as I progressed in college. How did you discovered your talent for producing art? When I was in school, my teachers would pay me with chocolate bars and small amounts of money to draw all these pictures so the rest of the class could color them, like big huge coloring books. I used to get called out of my classes sometimes to draw for other teachers and their students. I went to an all boys Irish Christian Brothers school and there was a lot of emphasis on religion and we would incorporate religion into our art. I drew a lot of pictures of Jesus, God and the Devil. I also used to draw things like Superman and Batman, I'd hide them away but my friends would also show the teachers how good I was. But school was tough because when it came to doing other things like mathematics, science and sports I was completely lost. How did you start working with design and illustration? I left college in 2003, I worked as an illustrator on a series of roughs for a children's book. It was very traditionally based, all paint and pencils, absolutely no Photoshop. I got a job as a display assistant and designer in a huge department store here in Dublin. I got to design leaflets, signage and create illustrations for retail areas, fashion shows and press ads. But I also discovered my love of fashion, styling and retail so I was very lucky to gain such experience. During my free time working there I began to develop my own style of illustration. I looked at artists like Deanne Cheuk, Justin Maller, Pete Harrison, Derek Lea and was just amazed and inspired by their level of skill and professional work ethic. Their work was crazy beautiful but it was very successful in a commercial manner. I just did a heap of research on my favorite illustrators to see how their creative processes would work. I knew I wanted to be an illustrator so I kept working to discover a balance between my love of traditional illustration and digitally manipulated art. I focused on becoming an established illustrator and trying to better myself and giving people something to enjoy. How did you improve your work and technique? I've always been described as a hard worker and a very efficient person. I'm always looking at ways to improve on my workflow. I upgrade a lot of my hardware and software regularly just to make things run more smoothly for me. I get stressed when I'm working a big piece in Photoshop, I haven't pressed 'Save' and then it just freezes up!!! I make a lot of my own brushes in Photoshop. I scan in bits of dirt and paint or old pictures to give all my work a very unique and personalized look. It's fun to build your own library of brushes and textures. I try spent at least a week a month collecting bits of rubbish that could work as a really cool texture in Photoshop. I also do my best to draw as much as I can. You can spend all day sitting at Photoshop and turn into a zombie. I read about some artists who just fire up Photoshop and start working. I couldn't do this, I think any artist needs a sketchbook to rough out ideas, compositions and brainstorm techniques to get the best out of their work. I carry a sketchbook around with me so I can scribble out any impulsive images that pop into my head. I'm trying my best now to avoid using stock imagery. I hate seeing a digital art piece that you know has been based around a random stock image, and then you see the same image being used somewhere else in a completely different context. If I do need to use stock images, I use shots that are rarely used and have something different looking about them. If you can collaborate with a professional photographer that have their own recognized name and style then do that too. Or just shoot your own photography! What, in your opinion, is the best way to evolve in this field? Learn about the current trends in art/design/illustration/fashion and avoid them!!! The best way to stay fresh is to do your own thing and not imitate what has been done already. Yes, I can admit I've done some Andy Warhol style pieces (!) but I look at this as an homage and a kind of reinterpretation, much like Picasso when he started doing famous paintings, but in his own style. But I was having fun with it and reinterpreting his iconography to suit my ideas and my style. I thought, 'everybody knows his work so they will understand me taking the piece.' Every artist has their own style and potential it's just a matter of finding it and making people see it. I think illustrators should be more confident about their own ideas and conceptual work rather than just feeling like they should fit into the crowd or go with what they think will get them work. A great line that a friend gave to me years back was 'Remember Phil, the rest are all are a wolf!' What do you like most on your job? And what would you say you don't like about it? I love that I am able to do art everyday, I waited so long in school to be able to draw and create on a full time basis. I'm addicted to my work...I've never done drugs so art is really my habit I can't kick. Seriously it's not even funny sometimes how obsessed I get with my work. I'm always trying to better my style and try new things so right now the journey is better than the destination. I love drawing, it's the best way to express yourself. I hate not getting paid on time or when a potential job doesn't go ahead. It knocks your confidence into the stratosphere. I grew a thick skin very quickly when I started out. Also I hate people asking me to work for free. It really pisses me off now, it's incredibly insulting to be asked by a company that is obviously generating a lot of money to work for nothing. I am cool with charity based projects however, I feel a lot better when it's going to a good cause. Which software and hardware do you use to produce your art? I own a 24' Intel based iMac with 4GB of RAM and a big hard drive. It is superb for adding fine detail to my work as the screen resolution is so sharp and the colors are so vibrant. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. My work isn't very layered, the best pieces are around five layers with different layer blending modes. I find the best way to add depth and complexity to my work is in the drawings I do. My drawings are done to a large scale, scanned in at around 600dpi, so everything is very sharp and vibrant. I back up everything with an external drive and keep a separate copy on a DVD or a USB stick on my keys, incase somebody might need anything emailed to them. I just bought a little netbook to use while I'm out and about. I don't get much sun here in ireland, it is very important for Vitamin D and my mood. The last thing I want to be is in a room on a computer when the sun is out. So my netbook is my right arm on sunny days. What kind of "software upgrade" you would say it would make your work much easier? If somebody could invent an application that could take what I see in my mind and put it up on my iMac screen then I would be delighted. And a teleportation device, like in Star Trek. I get panicky when I'm running late or when I'm tired so to be somewhere in an instant would be very useful. Seriously though a better lasso/magic wand tool on Photoshop would be nice. And better customization on Photoshop would be cool too, like having the ability to completely reconfigure the filter galleries and tools to suit your needs. What is your main inspiration source? It changes all the time! I can never really say specifically at what inspires me. I think life is very inspirational. The ability to create and to experience it's reaction gives me a great buzz. Life is so random, you just never know what will happen next. I like strange coincidences and weird events. And people doing something that's not considered everyday, I like asking them a lot of questions. Which are your goals and future plans for your career? I want to get over my fear (and hatred :0 ) of photography and start shooting models and incorporate them into illustrations. I want spend a bit more money on personal projects so they fit in seamlessly with my commercial work. I'm thinking now, particularly during this super famous global recession, 'If people won't commission me...I'll commission myself.' I want to avoid using women in my illustrations. I'm getting sick of seeing a hot girl with a lot doodles around her. When I completed my work on the recent Depthcore pack called 'Her' I was like...I've done this to death, a hot girl with swirls. Let's get some guys, monsters, scary creatures or superheroes and start doing pieces with them. I now like to see a cool illustration that features a guy as the model/basis. I need to move on and look at different areas to explore. I think architecture would be cool interpret in illustration, because Dublin just has such unique architecture and it's always inspiring to me. Plus more work with the Depthcore collective...mad respect to all my fellow members, to have joined them and to be involved with all the artists there has been an absolute blessing. I have been very lucky to have had the opportunities and experiences in my career so far, I'm still very young and have a lot to learn and there is so much more to share with everyone. Do you have any advises to the upcoming artists? Never give up. If you get knocked back by anyone or anything, dust it off and start again. You have to consider the progressive nature of the design industry and realize that one commission won't make you an overnight success. The best digital artists and designers out there are the dedicated ones because they are trying something new, being confident about what they do. If you stay confident and focused this will show in your work, people will see it and they will want to hire you. Branch out and contact other me! ;D, ask to collaborate with them and stay fresh. Keep up with the latest trends in digital art, design, art and fashion and just avoid them. Create your own trends, I know that sounds easy to say, but if you work at it and think about it enough, you'll do it. Artists who are successful are the ones who come from the left of centre because they were doing their own thing. I've only started using Facebook, Twitter and soon Youtube...the potential for these are limitless so explore things like these. Thanks again Phil... and the final words are with you... Thank you so much. And to finalize I have three simple words...Love The Robot.

Graphic Design and Illustration by ED Batista

ED Batista is a brazilian designer from Maringa who really likes art, architecture, photographs and good movies. Since he was a child, ED liked to draw abstract things, which he likes drawing until today. He also like to create new forms and concepts to please viewer's eyes. We already presented his work here back in April, The Digital Work of ED Batista, and since he has some new pieces, we are posting about his work again. :) ED's work is pretty interesting since he transits into different formats and colors at his pieces. You can find pieces in grey tons, black and white and also some very colored ones, showing that an artist can transit between some different styles without losing it's personality! ED also works with graphic design, branding, motion design, illustration, photography and art directing. So, we will present here some of his pieces and we hope you like it! Find more about ED Batista and his work online at: Portfolio Behance Flickr Enjoy!

Awesome Gatchaman Illustrations

Taking a look at Artgerm's portfolio, I ran into an awesome illustration about a 5-member superhero team called Gatchaman. This cartoon was really popular years ago, and I remember watching, and it was really cool! A second feature film version of Gatchaman is being produced by Imagi Animation Studios for release in 2010. The first feature film was released in 1978. The original series, produced in 1972, was eponymously named Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman and is most well-known to the English-speaking world as the adaptation titled Battle of the Planets (or alternately G-Force, not to be confused with the subsequent 1980's English adaptation of Gatchaman, known as G-Force: Guardians of Space). So I went though DeviantART and found a bunch of sweet pieces, that I hope you'll enjoy! Have fun. Cheers! ;) Art: Cuson Layout: Alex Ross, Pencils: Wilson Tortosa, Colors: Shane Law Art: William Min Jeff Johnson Lines: Yanick Paquette and Serge LaPointe, Colors: BlondTheColorist Art: Charles Peralta Lines: Dan Norton, Colors: Tony Washington Art: Artgerm Art: Halil Ural Art: Jedidiah Cunard Art: Nelson D?°niel Art: Cheeks Art: Augusto Sasa Pencil and Ink: TimTownsend, Colors: Cheeks Art: Admira Wijaya

Insane Illustrations by Zach Johnsen

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine, Sancho, and he told me about a great artist called Zach Johnsen. Zach makes some really insane illustrations... heads exploding into a burst of colors, and all kinds of imaginative characters. I love this kind of illustrations: completely loose, full of creativity. These are only a few of his works. For more, visit his portfolio at Zenvironments. I hope you like these! Cheers. ;)

Icons Designer Master: Everaldo Coelho

It has been quite a long time since the last article about icon design and the masters behind this craft. So nothing better than a full feature post for Everaldo Colelho, an Illustrator and Designer from Brazil that has created some fantastic and really famous icons such as the incredible Crystal library for Linux. Nowadays, Everaldo runs a studio called Yellowicon with clients like Parallels, Plaxo, Symantec, O2 and many more. My name is Everaldo Coelho. My job as an illustrator and a designer began in 97. Since then I worked with almost every company “flavors”. I did it enough times to realize that, no matter if its a big a corporation or a small the company, at the end of the day it’s all about human beings. And I really like that! In 2003 the demand of work was greater that I could handle. I hired 2 assistants and this was the beginning of the Yellow Icon, that now counts with 12 professionals. I have a very simple base for my work: “The human being as the measure of all things”. I don’t make design for products, I make design for people. For more information or if you want to buy some of his icons, visit Everaldo's website or the Yellowicon.

The Best Ryu Illustrations

A few weeks ago we had a really awesome post fulfilled with illustrations of one of the greatest female characters from the games: Chun-Li. It was a big hit, and one of suggestions after that was to have more of those. Deal! The best character featured is haddoken freak, Ryu! This guy is one tough dude, and surely a favorite, between all the Street Fighter characters! I've went through DeviantART and found a bunch of illustrations, but selected only the best of them! I really hope you enjoy these! And who would like to be featured here next? Sagat? Blanka? Tell us! Cheers. ;) Art: Juan Manuel Art: Jose Johann Jaro Art: Mark Anthony Tadura Art: Kael Art: Joe Vriens Lines: Fooray, Colors: KFoster Art: satanasov Art: artauxeo Arnold Tsang gammon Steve Jo Chen Jo Chen Lines: Joe Ng, Colors: kandoken Art: MagnozZ Art: Mart Lines: Fooray, Colors: Joshua Ravello Art: AGNakamura

Reader Tutorial: Illustrating a Camaro 2010 by Julio Leite

Hello guys!! My name is Julio Leite, I'm a brazilian web designer living in Sao Paulo. In this tutorial I will show you how to illustrate a Camaro 2010. In case you want to check out my work go to my profile at deviantART. So, let's start the process... This will be our final result: Step 1 First we start with the basic sketch of the car. We have two ways of doing that: looking at the lines of the car at a picture and drawing it "by eye" or we search for a picture of the car and draw it over the lines of the picture, which makes things much easier, so that's the technique I've picked. Step 2 At the green lines that you can see bellow, are marked some changes that I will do at the car. For esthetic purposes, some of this modifications were not done or were changed during the process. Step 3 After drawing the lines we can work on painting the car. In this case I will create a composition with the car in a sunset environment, so it's important to get some pictures as references to check out how the light and the reflexes react in that kind of environment. The first step will be painting the car with his original color. After that we can project its shadow on the ground and also give to its bottom part a darker tone. REMEMBER: always leave the lines layer apart from the painting layers. Step 4 Now we will work at the light that reflects on the car. For our illustration let's suppose that the sun is at the left side, facing the camera, so let's add some blue tones at the upper faces, as the sky reflection. On the opposite side let's add tones of yellow and orange as the sun reflection. Step 5 Now let's move to the more detailed reflexes. We start by the side of the car drawing some stripes varying the colors red and orange. Colors from our sky to the horizon. Step 6 Here we will give a better definition to the edges of the sky colors over car so we can remove the lines layer of the drawing. Step 7 Now let's go back to the side part of the car. We will add more reflections, this time smaller ones, for example, the city that reflects at the side of the car. That will make the image more realistic. Step 8 Now it's time to make the bending and the cuts at the parts that assemble the car. We can do that using a fine line in a dark red tone and with another line in a orange tone. Step 9 Now we add more details as the lights and the grating of the car. REMEMBER: black parts never stays totally black. That mean that they react easily to the colors of the environment (vary as the material). In our case, as most of the colors of the scene are hot, so the front of the car has a tone of grey orange. That also happens to the tires that are black. But as they are more reflexives, they tend to reflect the sky and the city. Step 10 As for the glasses, darker they are, more they will reflect. And there we go... here is the car. Now I will give a small explanation about how I did the scenario. I've putted together some images composing the scenario. After that I colored the asphalt with it's cracks and the sky with a smoke type brush. Final Result I hope you liked the tutorial!! About the author My name is Julio Leite and I'm a web designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I really like illustrations and I'm also addicted to cars. You can find me at deviantART and twitter. Edited by GisMullr

The Best Marvel Team Up Illustrations

Yesterday I had a Marvel overdose. I spent over 2 hours reading all the Marvel Zombies comics, and after that I watched Fantastic Four: the Rise of the Silver Surfer (which pretty much sucked)... but after that I felt so deep inside the Marvel universe that I just had to come up with this post. I'm pretty much a DC fanboy, but lately DC has been doing so bad compared to Marvel in the movies industry that one just starts enjoying Marvel so much, thanks to Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, the upcoming Thor... (let's not mention Wolverine) anyways, Marvel totally rocks! And here a selection of the best Marvel team up illustrations I could found. And please, don't forget to visit each artit's page, alright? Hope you like it! Cheers. ;) Art: Valzonine Art: nebezial Art: Artgerm Drawing: Jimmy Cheung, Inks: Mark Morales, Colors: EraserX Art: iANAR Drawing: Mike Deodato, Colors: Summerset Drawing: Joe Madueria, Colors: Gravanixx Art: crisishour Art: marciotakara Drawing: Jason Metcalf, Colors: JPRart Drawing: igbarros, Colors: BoOoM Drawing: Scott Kolins, Colors: Eldelgado Drawing: Phil Hester, Colors: Eldelgado Drawing: MikeDeodatoJr, Colors: Summerset Drawing: Scott Hepburn, Inks: Rob Ross, Colors: Rob Ruffolo Drawing: Tyler Kirkham, Inks: Don Ho, Colors: Terry B. Art: RyanBarger Art: MikeDeodatoJr Drawing: Humberto Ramos and Carlos Cuevas, Colors: Eldelgado Drawing: Chris Bachallo and Tim Townsend, Colors: Eldelgado Art: Dustin Nguyen Drawing: J. Scott Campbell, Colors: Eldelgado

The MILK Design Trend

Milk is an opaque white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It provides the primary source of nutrition for newborn mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. Not only all that but Milk is the new and most growing design trend (design meaning typography, manipulations, illustrations and more), it seems like everywhere you go online you find a bit of milk. By being one of the biggest trends of the years milk is also providing a great source of inspiration to vitalize your mind, but sometimes trends get old so let's enjoy while it last. Get the cookies ... Milk Typography Milk Photos Milk Illustration

Video of the Week #43

This past week we got to know the new game of the Rock Band franchise: The Beatles Rock Band. It's really hard to someone who enjoys good music not to like the Beatles, and even harder to find someone in a sane mind who doesn't like video games. That said, it's clear that a person who might not like this game simply doesn't exist. This video is totally awesome, because it not only was made by the guys behind Gorillaz, but it follows the full story of the guys from Liverpool. From their explosive beginning to their psychedelic trips. Pretty awesome! Anyways, this video is posted at Youtube, and since many of these games videos are taken away from time to time, in case you find this offline, simply got the game's website, and just enjoy the full experience (really recommended for fast connections). I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did! It is total sweetness. Cheers! ;)