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45 Awesome Game Concept Arts

Last week we had a great post featuring some stunning illustrations and game concept arts that were a big hit. This kind of illustration, the one that artists make to the gaming industry, is usually super-cool and detailed, and that's why I've selected these game concept arts. Found on and DeviantART, these are some truly awesome pieces, from games such as Assassin's Creed to Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and for more, visit each site linked above. Cheers! ;)

Amazing Illustrations by Joy Ang

This week has to be called the Illustration Week at Abduzeedo. We've seen many great works of various talented artists, and to close the week, I've chosen a girl who makes some amazing illustrations: Joy Ang. Her illustrations are truly inspiring: her use of colors, her trace, and the smoothness of each work is stunning, and I just can't get enough of this! For more of her work, you may visit her DeviantART portfolio and her personal site. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

The Beautiful Work of Lustix

We featured one of the Gabriel Pulecio works in the last Wallpaper of the Week, it was that amazing illustration with an illustration of a bear and some crazy 3D elements, very neat. Now we will list more fantastic illustrations and styleframes from Lustix. We highly recommend that you visit his website because the motion pieces are beautiful too. For more information visit Lustix's website at Some Works

When Illustration Meets Typography

Straight from Spain Alex Trochut is a freelance graphic designer specialized in illustrations and typography, and when a project require both of these styles, Alex make sure that fireworks will come out at the end of project. Check it out! For a lot more visit More About Alex Trochut I'm a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona. I love type and illustration. I don't choose either as a preference, but I particular like when both are present; as a principle statement I'll say I believe in "More is More". I don't want to choose a particular style, I like expressing myself and communicating through the needs of every project, and that's something I like in design: every project is pushing you to look a new situation and adapt yourself to express it.

The Amazing Art of Jason Chan

There are some illustrators that really know how to portrait what's in their mind. War, happiness, anger, lover are a few of the feelings that we often see in beautiful images that many times show us other worlds. Jason Chan is one of those artists. His illustrations remind me a lot of the Never Ending Story, among other movies, because of the fantasy feel, that's exactly what I find great about these. So, for more of Jason's work, you may check his portfolio out. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Absolutely Stunning Illustrations and Game Concept Arts by Michael Kutsche

I'm totally addicted to game concept arts, and yesterday I got to know the work of the German artist Michael Kutsche, an awesome illustrator that has been doing some sweet work for Sega and other great clients. These are truly some absolutely stunning illustrations and game concept arts. And really, there's not much to say, but that these are totally worth checking out. For more of his work you may visit his portfolios at DeviantART, at CG Society, and also his personal site. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Amazing Steampunk Illustrations

Where it began, I don't know, but the steampunk style has been out there for some long time now, and we've seen series and movies with the idea of a "high tech vintage" life. For me, one of the most fun steampunk movies is the 1999's Wild Wild West, which featured a lot of the great steampunk gagdets. Today, we bring to you a compilation of steampunk illustrations, which where found at DeviantART. These are pretty great, and gives a good insight on what the past could have been if there was high technology back then. I hope you enjoy these, and if you remember any more movies, series, animated series, that feature the steampunk world, share it with us!! Cheers. ;)

Beautiful Illustrations by Ana Maldonado

Yesterday I was chatting with one of my professors from college and that brought me back some quite nice memories. Ana Maldonado taught me very important things about design workflow and presentation that I have been using since then. But we also talked about some of her new illustrations, which by the way, are beautiful. All the paintings are done with Indian Ink, watercolor and acid free paper. What is really cool is the use of colors and subjects with a big influence of the indian and western culture. For more information visit Ana's Flickr page at

Illustration Work Process: Wax

This is an original character that I created for “Wind Jazz”, which is a personal graphic novel that I’m currently developing. His name is Wax and he has a pacifier on his head. Awesome guy. Note that this is not a tutorial, but a showcase of my creation process. Step 1 On this step the strokes are very rough and I’m just trying to create a pose that I like along with anatomy and proportions. I use a 12x12 Wacom Intuos3 and Photoshop CS3. Once I have it and I like the composition I move on to step 2. Step 2 I create a new layer on top and trace it with the brush tool. I use the pen tool to stroke paths for more precise lines, like the tubes on his mask and the pillar he’s standing on. The brush settings are set to 100% and I keep the size of the brush between 3 and 5. Step 3 Flat colors. Everyone hates this step. All I do is create a layer underneath the lineart and lasso tool every individual part followed by the paint bucket. I work from dark to light so the flats are usually a bit dark and unsaturated. Step 3 can suck it. Step 4 Ah.. now we’re talking. On this step I create a light source (as the top layer) and drop some shadows and highlights. I use the magic wand to select a part I want to highlight, and create a layer (set to overlay) between the lineart and flats. I also create another layer set to multiply for shading. I also went back to the lineart layer and set the layer to linear burn after lightening it a bit + added an outer glow effect set to multiply with a dark grayish color to get that soft look around the whole thing. Step 5 More details added like glow on the tubes (added a layer set to screen along with an outer glow effect on top of the lineart) and markings on his suit (added a layer set to screen at about 40% on top of the highlights). I also created a blurry background just to keep the focus on the character. Changed the color on the pillar get more contrast from the background color. Step 6 The icing on the cake. Added a few more details on the pillar as well as a pattern. For the back pack, I made a new layer on top of the lineart set to multiply at about 70% (with an outer glow layer effect) and used the brush and pen tool. It was straight to lineart, as I didn’t make a rough for it, I just did as I went along with what I had in mind. For the glove and belt, I did the same thing but set to screen with white. So there you have it. It’s a long process but the final image speaks for itself. Use photoshop as a tool and take advantage of layer effects. Just don’t make your image reek of photoshop by adding filters all over the place. There are more characters from Wind Jazz in my DeviantART gallery if you want to check them out. Also, have you got any work process images of your own? We'd love to see it! ;)

10 Illustrators You Should Know

We all know how the net goes and how hard is to get recognized for your work, specially nower days that is so easy to put up some work on a network like behance and deviantart. So here is a list of 10 illustrators you should definitely know but you provably don't, check it out! 1 - Genaro DeSia Coppola 2 - Mike Friedrich 3 - Jared Nickerson 4 - Thomas Pereira 5 - Niark1 6 - SaltyShadow 7 - Jason Levesque 8 - Michal Bialogrzywy 9 -Pacman23 10 - Rubens Cantuni

Stylish Illustrations by Andrey Gordeev

We get to see great illustrations from everywhere in the world everyday. Yesterday, I ran into the work of Russian illustrator Andrey Gordeev. He's got a pretty sweet style, that really catches yout attention, and for that, I made a selection of some of his work. Also, if you know any more designers from Russia, please drop a link! We'd love to see what they've been doing there lately. For more of Andrey's work, visit his portfolio at Behance. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Inspiration from Skateboard Graphics - Book Giveaway

I am a skateboarder and always loved everything about this lifestyle because that is what it is, a culture. As graphic designer, this culture has a lot influence in my work. From the "dirty type" and grunge style from David Carson, that he started in the 80's, being the art director of Transworld Skateboarding magazine until today with simply amazing illustration and skateboard graphics, it is quit difficult not get inspired by the skateboard culture. Searching on the web I found a huge amount of sites discussing this subject, even at the 37signals blog they posted about it in the: ">A brief summary: Skateboard Graphics. Then I got my hands on the New Skateboard Graphics book from Mark Batty Publisher with lots of images and a little bit of the history behind the design on those graphics. So I decided to post about all of that, so I collected a few images from the web and book to share with you. Also, I got a copy of the book New Skateboard Graphics book from Mark Batty Publisher to give away. To participate, just leave a comment. We will announce the winners next week. About the Book Skateboarding grew from a Southern California hobby born out of surfing to a nationwide trend, which developed into a visual style. While the bottoms of skateboards have always been adorned with graphics, back then only a handful of skateboard manufacturers existed. Today, vast amounts of visuals are created for skateboards, with more than 40 major brands in the market. Because of how the sport has grown, however, many of these graphics are used for only a season, and then are forgotten about - until now. From spreads of full-board designs to detailed crops of patterns and graphics, Skateboard Graphics features the best, most innovative work going on today. Interviews with designers and creators of major brands, like Joe Castrucci of Habitat and Jamie Thomas of Zero, will help elucidate this colorful phenomenon. Inside the Book From the Web A brief summary: Skateboard Graphics - from 37signals Other links: 220+ Stunning Creative Skateboard Graphics at

Fantastic Fire Round Up: Photography, Illustrations and Logos

Fire has to be the most misterious of the 4 elements of nature. It warms you up in a cold night, but it might also kill you if you house is caught on fire. Probably the most interesting choice is to respect it, no matter water. As we say here in Brazil: he how plays with fire, wets his bed. :p Also, there's plenty artistic representation of this element, through various arts, and the ones featured in this post: photography, illustrations and logos. These are really fantastic, and I know you all like it! If you got some art based on fire, please, share with us!! Cheers!

Great Vintage Advertising and Propaganda

Since we're having some cool posts on modern vintage, I thought "why not real vintage"? Vintage ads and propaganda are a true inspiration for every designer, on how they used to set typography, and many other elements through the canvas. So here's some great examples of vintage adversiting and propaganda. Mainly from the beggining of the last century, these are still really fresh. And for me, what's the most incredible, is the fact that these have been really inspiring people almost 100 years later. That's the power of good design: it is timeless. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got any piece inspired in vintage advertising and propaganda, drop the link in the comments section. Cheers! ;)

Beautiful Modern Vintage Illustrations by Tom Whalen

One illustration style that has been seen a lot lately is the sweet Modern Vintage illustration. Mixing vintage poster elements with modern techniques, you get a beautiful result: a modern, stylish illustration that reminds us a lot of those 20's and 30's posters. I think one of the first times I saw a modern vintage illustration was during the screening of The Incredibles. We've also seen these in Wall-E posters and much more. Two days ago, I found this guy, Tom Whalen, a professional in this style. He's got a lot of these illustrations, and here's a few of them. For more, you need to visit his DeviantART profile profile, which rocks. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Super Funny Illustrations from Behind the Websites

Ricardo Gimenes, a super talented illustrator from Brazil, started an amazing and super funny project where he will be illustratating what people think about some websites. He has been doing this every day for a few weeks already. Some great blogs and important sites such as Smashing Magazine, Twitter, Google, and many others have been featured already as well as Abduzeedo :) We have selected some to feature here, but we highly recommend that you visit Ricardo's blog to see all of them. This project will illustrate what people think about some websites. Every week (day) a new illustration will come up here. Be part of it and let me know what you think about "what is behind the site". For more information visit Ricardo's website at Smashing Magazine Tiki Bar CSS Tricks Facebook Photoshop Lady Colorburned Blellow RIAA Taschen Books The Pirate Bay Bing – Microsoft Playboy Red Bul Lynda Twitter Google Abduzeedo Front-end Design Conference

Awesome Illustrations of Optimus Prime

Lately everybody has been talking about the new Transformers movie. Some people loved it, others hated it... I didn't watch it, yet, but I'm sure anxious to watch it this week. Optimus Prime is one awesome character, and he sure deserves his own post! For those out of these planet, Transformers was a really classic cartoon, and was turned into movie lately. Also, this post was suggested by our reader Paolo Mason. If you wanna suggest a post, don't think twice before sending us an email! We'd love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy these amazing illustrations of Optimus Prime, and don't forget to visit the artists! Cheers. ;) EspenG TimKelly Blitz-Wing Blitz-Wing zazB Livio27 adonihs Lines: Joe Ng, Colors: Espen Grundetjern tmargato vijil Makotron dcjosh particle9 markerguru markerguru markerguru