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Unbelievable Mosaic Portraits

These are nothing like the usual mosaics you seen before, these portraits are so amazing by the way they are created and how amazing the result is. These mosaic artworks are created by the Greek designer and visual artist Charis Tsevis. To find ou more about Charis Tsevis visit his website and his flickr account. Click on each image to view the bigger version of it. Michael Phelps Barack Obama Twitter Angel Mimis Androulakis Ronaldo Callie Shell HERmark La Ballerina Kobe Bryant Alex Song Oguchi Onyewu Eddie Pope Valentino Rossi Akon Yvette Jarvis IKEA Sweeden IKEA Sweeden IKEA Sweeden IKEA Sweeden IKEA Sweeden

Clever Illustrations by CDRyan

I came across Christopher David Ryan's work last night and was instantly drawn to his simple, clean, and clever style. His flickr page is a mashup of t-shirt designs, pillow designs, posters, illustrations, etc., all more visually-appealing than the next. I am Christopher David Ryan… a Portland, Maine-based graphic artist, daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual. I tend to find inspiration in pretty much anything… especially music, the universe, the human condition and natural phenomena. For more from Christopher, swing by his blog, and feel free to let me know what you think via twitter or facebook.

Beautiful Illustrations by Mark Verhaagen

Mark Verhaagen is an illustrator from Bovensmilde, Holland with a beautfil portfolio full of character designs and other colorful illustration. You have probably seen his work before, he has designed covers for popular design magazines such as Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects. His clients include MTV networks, Vodafone UK, Amsterdam Historical Museum, TBWA group, Domestic, Nickelodeon, Digital Creative Arts magazine, Fontmonster, Laidback Luke, Sprout magazine, Roger magazine (Virgin), Colombo Amsterdam, Vrij Nederland, Dzone magazin and others. When Mark is not working projects he likes to stay with his friends and family, playing with his Holga camera and practicing Moonwalk in front of the mirror. Mark Verhaagen has been creating tree houses and sand castles, origami flower bouquets, food sculptures, Lego space ships, and electronic blip-bleep music on his Atari computer… which has been replaced by a shiny Apple machine some time ago. After high school Mark decided to focus on drawing, so he went to art school to learn the proper job of illustration. Since his graduation in 2003, Mark has been freelancing in the field of illustration and animation. When not working on commissions, he likes to keep in shape by making personal work. For more information about Mark Verhaagen visit his website at or his Flickr Page A giant spider wants to be our friend. We are very frightened but we discover we can trust her. Dream by Pandalou/ Châlons en Champagne, France Computer Arts Projects magazine (issue 123) Another fun project for the guys at Domestic! This time they approached me to illustrate a strip of wallpaper (50x250 cm) for their One Strip project. Now you can add a bit of nature to your bright and shiny design loft (see picture). For its 10th anniversary, Publish asked 20 designers to collaborate and make a cover. The theme for this issue was Looking into the future. This fun project was art directed by Zeptonn. Other contributors include Carrie & Stephan, Ditte Winkelman, Eva Lindeman, Farb, Leendert Masselink, Lennard Schuurmans, LouLou & Tummie, MAKI, Nick Deakin, Sauerkids, Skaffa, Tan Nuyen and me! Today I dreamed that I woke up and my mother was an extraterrestrial, my brother was a horse and I touched myself and I was hairy. I went to see the doctor and he told me that I had to be inside a bubble.

Homer Simpson Collection

Think about beloved characters. If Homer Simpson hasn't crossed your mind, then I say that there's something deeply wrong with you. Nah, just kidding... but Homer is indeed one of the most beloved characters ever. The whole world just loves his sillyness. So, today thinking about what post I would do, I realized that we didn't have a collection on Homer, which is a real shame! So I started searching for all things Homer J. Simpson, and found a lot of good, funny stuff! I hope you all really enjoy these as much as I did! And don't forget to check out the page of each author. Cheers! ;)

Fantastic Illustrations by Eamo Donnelly

Eamo Donnelly is an Australian based illustrator who is best known for his intricately hand inked, character driven illustrations, infused with an eclectically dynamic color palette with a true blue Aussie cheekiness. Eamo has illustrated for PLAYBOY, VH1, CBS Interactive,, Maxim, Nike, Mountain Dew, ESPN, Complex, GQ, Men's Health, Runners World, Blender, King magazine, Redbull, Radar magazine, RipCurl, Monument, Jmag and Golden Plains. As well as commercial commissions, his love affair for Australian eighties nostalgia prompted him to create personal works that reflected the beauty and uniqueness of the culture he grew up in. These works have been seen on Jeeps for Mountain Dew, wallets for Poketo in L.A, shoes for String Republic in France, t-shirts for Owl Movement, esky's, stubby holders, clocks, bar walls and street posters and in exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and in the U.S and the U.K. In 2009 he was short listed for best original illustration in the Australian Desktop Create Awards and in 2010 he will be a speaker at Melbourne's Design Conference AGIdeas. He is also an occasional Australiana reviewer for Melbourne's online sub cultural guide ThreeThousand. For more information visit Eamo's website at Your personal hero? Paul Hogan. YouTube the Paul Hogan Show from the ’70s and you’ll see why. His later works are still up there, but nothing beats his early oils on canvas from the 1976 period, such as “Leo Wanker”, “Donger”, “Getting fit with Arthur Dunger” and “Herb Guthrey, Mongrel breeder”. - Eamo,Design Reporter “Working across many areas has enhanced my career but that was never the intention,” he says. “My intention is always to try new things, to learn and to make work that I like. I suppose by making more work you become more visible, which leads to more contacts and more commissions.” - Interview for Computer Arts Videos EAMO NO COMPLY INKING TIME LAPSE from Jacky Winter on Vimeo. "AUSTRALIA. BE IN IT" Process - Lamington Drive Group Show from Jacky Winter on Vimeo.

Graffiti Brazil: Iskor

Iskor (Felipe Arantes Silva) is an artist from Sao Paulo Brazil seeking versatility on his work around the city. Somewhere between letters and characters, his work has been changing for the past years but his signature is never left behind. Today his work is made out of big characters with some kind of squared noses, and his goal is to never create a work similar to any previous one. He always walks around with a blue graffiti pencil and a bic pen, to put out his imagination at any time and place. For more from Iskor visit: flickr: tumblr (blog): email: twitter: Iskor in action - Nike Wall

Creative Marriage Proposal by Guy Shield

All it takes is four words and a ring to seal the deal, but it's really amazing (and quite beautiful!) to see the amount of thought and careful planning that some guys go through to make the moment all that more special. I never get tired of hearing romantic proposal stories, especially when they're as creative as this one... Epiphanies, for the most part, are pretty wonderful things. It was just over a year ago, eating a bowl of Moules Et Frites (Mussels with Fries), on holiday in Paris with my girlfriend Liz, that I realised I could quite easily spend the rest of my life with her. Whether it was the haze of the beer buzz, or simply the wind-down from exploring one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in, one thing was for certain – I was feeling pretty set. I just needed the right way of asking the question, and a bit of time to work it all out. One definite intention was proposing through illustration. I'd like to think of it as two of my favourite things in life in coming together for the one goal. Guy proposed to his now fiancée on her birthday in Bali. He illustrated a series of individual images that when folded together in a bridge formed the hidden message, "Will you marry me?". I can only imagine the precise calculation that went into perfecting that and making sure all the words aligned into a legible sentence. As I pulled the two ends together to keep it stable, she read the final message and put her hands across her face in shock, which I didn't quite know how to read. It looked like it could've been either "of course" or "dude, what the fuck?!" From behind me, I smoothly took the ring from underneath it's hiding spot and got down on one knee and told her I want to spend the rest of my life with her. The following 5 seconds felt like an hour of free-falling, fumbling for the parachute chord, my heart was in my throat as I waited for a response. Then, and only after telling me off for being so cheesy and proposing to her in Bali of all places, she said "of course". Read the whole story and check out Guy's work here. And as always, feel free to drop me a line on twitter or facebook.

The Funniest T-Shirt Designs of the Decade

Yesterday I was looking for some t-shirts to buy for Christmas and I started browsing through Threadless and other sites. As usual there were some beautiful illustrations and, of course, very funny ones. Then I decided to select the funniest ones and share them with you here at Abduzeedo. It's impressive how this guys can get so creative, exploring very simple subjects they come up with incredible ideas such as the Simple Plan by Neil Gregory, which I own one and it's so funnny; A Fest Fit for a King by Fatheed and the Eternal Exercise by Glennz, perhaps the most creative t-shirt designer out there. Below I selected the ones that really made me laugh, if you have others, please share with us leaving a comment with the link to the page. Aled Lewis - Fatheed Matthew Skiff Brian Cook Ian Summers Brock Davis Glennz Jean-sébastien Deheeger Jean Salamin David Creighton-Pester Neil Gregory Chow Hon Lam Chris Bishop

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

One thing I've always been curious about was Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man... that dude standing with arms wide open. Da Vinci was one hell of a illustration, and did an amazing job drawing perfect anatomy sketches that live up to our days, inspiring illustrators today. Another day I was taking a look at DeviantART and found two illustrations of these that just caught my attention (the last two).... and I just had to make a post for this awesome Vitruvian Man. Kudos to Da Vinci for such a great inspiration and for his work. I really recommend you to visit each artist's page for more of their work, it's really worth it! Hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;) The Original

Adhemas Batista - I'm Selling Colors

Adhemas Batista launched a new portfolio website this month along with a blog and a lot of colors and great works. You're about to read the an Illustrated biography of one of the most creative and talented Illustrator of all times. Sit tight and enjoy the ride! Visit his new website & new blog Adhemas Batista has been in the business of selling colors since the age of fifteen. Born in Sao Paulo City, Brazil, Batista is a self-taught digital artist that is world-renowned for his colorful and distinctive illustrative style that he brings to his projects. Batista has worked for advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops around the world and has developed skills in creative and art direction, illustration, interactive, photography and photo manipulation. Most widely known for his creative work for the Havaianas brand, Batista has been sought out by some of the world’s biggest brands looking to embrace his unique style including Absolut Vodka, Adobe, Basf, Blender Magazine, Coca-Cola, Danone, Future Publishing, General Electric, General Motors, Havaianas, Hellmans, Honda, Microsoft, Myspace, NBC Network, Nike, Nokia, Nordstrom, Paypal, Pepsi, Philip Morris, Renault, Sony, Symantec, Toyota, Tylenol, Unilever, Volkswagen, ZaOza, Zune and many more. Batista’s creative vision has earned him many advertising and design accolades that include a Golden Lion in Cannes Festival 2009, two Gold Statues in the London International Awards, One Show Interactive, FWA, and was named Brazilian Young Creative in the Cannes Advertising Festival. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and a number of international design books. Batista has been invited to participate in a number of world-wide creative projects representing Brazil as well, he was selected as the only artist from Brazil to participate in the Coca-Cola Remix project and most recently, was one of 12 international illustrators invited by Microsoft to contribute to the Windows 7 personalization project by contributing a custom wallpaper for users to select as their desktop. Batista moved to the United States in 2006 with his family to continue his creative career and now works out of Magenta ( his own design studio based in Los Angeles, CA. Story Adhemas Batista began selling colors at an early age. He was born in the south of Brazil in Sao Paulo City. Inspired by the vibrancy and color of his homeland, Adhemas got his hands on a computer at the age of fifteen during an office internship and proceeded to teach himself design and programming skills. Fascinated by the interactive realm, Adhemas worked with a number of local advertising and marketing agencies, and eventually opened his own web design agency with his brother when he was only 20 years old and helped to grow their agency to 20 employees in two years time. As Adhemas began to explore his own design style and sought out new opportunities to take on larger projects, he was offered a position he could not refuse as Art Director at AlmapBBDO, one of Brazil’s most creative advertising agencies. During his time there, Adhemas would work on the project that would put his name on the map…the Havaianas website. Given the open and creative nature of the client, Adhemas was given free reign to explore his vibrant and colorful style through concepts, designs and illustrations. When the site launched in 2005, it received worldwide exposure and resulted in a number of prestigious advertising and design awards. At the age of 25, Adhemas was sought after for his unique style and saw his career take off. In 2006, Adhemas decided to move to the United States with his family in hopes of finding new opportunities to grow his career. Since then, Adhemas has spent time perfecting his craft while working with some of the best advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops around the world. Always staying true to his colorful design and illustration style, Adhemas began to take on larger projects and was able to offer additional services in art direction, interactive, photography and even photo manipulation. When he is not working on client projects, Adhemas can be found toiling on his latest personal project, “Colorful Land” a picture book filled with Adhemas’s own photography mixed with illustration and design. The book features colorful photos inspired by Adhemas’s homeland and a full showcase of his vibrant design style. Stay tuned, more to come later this year….

Amazing Iron Man Illustrations

Little by little we get to see the buzz on Iron Man 2 getting bigger. If the first movie kicked butt, we are pretty sure that John Fraveau has everything in control to deliver an even better movie. Besides that, we just had to make a post on Iron Man, because Tony Stark is this really awesome billionaire drunken stud with a power cell instead of a heart, that builds a freaggin' flying armored suit. Talking like that, it kind sounds absurd, but absurd is not enjoying these illustrations. So, after checking them, you should really visit each author's page for more! Cheers. ;) Gabe Farber KidNotorious Ryan Benjamin Caio Cacau Francis Tsai Gabe Farber gattadonna Pencils by Marcio Takara, Colors by Fernando Goni Pencis by KidNotorious, colors by Joshua Francis Tsai Gabe Farber Francis Tsai Andy Park Tom Whalen Lai Meng Guan Pencils by Francis Manapul, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez Francis Tsai Sine Qua Non Chris Clover mbreitweiser Skottie Young diablo2003 Luis Diaz

Stylish Illustrations by Zhuzhu

I bumped into Zhuzhu's work while browsing around deviantART and his pieces got my attention. Zhuzhu is an artist living in Shanghai, China, with a background in watercolor and traditional art techniques. He has specialized in digital painting since 2002, using Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. He is currently teaching at the China Academy of Art, Shanghai Institute of Design Training Centre and he also wrote two books on digital painting techniques, and several tutorials. Zhu is my last name, Hai Bo is my first name, but in Chinese you should call me Zhu Hai Bo. As you will be able to see here, Zhuzhu has pieces from different styles, some of them are classic, innocent and beautiful, other are controversial and intriguing. It's always nice to see different points of view of a same artist! Anyway, I made this selection from some of his work and you can also check out his DA page for further images. Enjoy the images! :)

Colorful Character Designs by Crazy Enough

Crazy Enough is the brand name of Sam, a Hong Kong based artist and illustrator with a very colorful portfolio. We were surfing on the web when we found some of Sam's character designs and we simply loved them. So in this post we will show you a little bit more of his super cool character designs. For more information visit Crazy Enough's website at My name is San, born in 1980 and based in Hong Kong. As an Artist/Illustrator, I make efforts of all kinds of graphic business. Provide Graphic designs, Illustrations, Character designs, Game graphic designs etc. Crazy Enough is the individual brand name of my works. I hope people who see my works can experience joy, fun and excitement. Keep smile, crazy, optimistic and energetic. Are you crazy enough? Animation

Beautiful Illustrations by Diego Morales

Diego Morales is a graphic designer student from Bauru, Brazil. We have already featured his website on the Sites of the Week becuase we really dig its color scheme and style. Now let's show you a little bit more of the work this brazilian illustrator also known as Mediainvia. For more information visit Diego's website at, It's definitely worth it. Hello! 'm Diego Morales, a brazilian graphic design student and full time freelancer at the moment. Mediainvia is my graphic project and where i try to do just what i like. Hope you like it too! Moleskine

Fantastic Work of Zach Bush

Zach Bush is a freelance illustrator from Washington D.C., USA. The first time I saw one of his designs was throught the depthCORE collective and I was really impressed. Now with the new depthCORE chapter, Zach created some fantastic pieces. So let's take a closer look at his fantastic work. As usually we highly recommend that you check out Zach's webiste or his Behance profile. Zach Bush, a freelance illustrator, is based outside of Washington D.C. As of 2006, he has diligently worked to perfect his skills by consistently taking on new projects by various corporate clients. Zach's success is largely due to his perfectionist nature, as he will never release a project until he is 100% confident it can not be improved upon any further. Zach is part of the depthCORE and Slashthree Collectives.

Wonderful Illustrations of Alice in Wonderland

I've just discovered that Wonderland can be a creepy, creepy place. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland has a much darker side, and artists really love to show it off. Oh little Alice, what happened to you? Disney's version of the tale is absolutely obsolete as I can see... people don't believe it as the cute story of a girl lost in a different land, but they do believe that Wonderland is one hell of a wicked place to be lost at. Poor Alice has lost her way... and thank God for illustrations like these to show us this dark side of the story... but still, there are some cute images in here, just to remember the good old days. Oh, and don't forget to visit each author's page! They'll love it! Cheers. ;)

Fantasy Illustrations by Sam Nielson

Few artists get me excited to see their portfolio as Sam Nielson. He is a young artist and illustrator based in the United States that currently works as a graphic designer at Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive Studios. At his blog he collects several of his works for the agency where he works and also share his experiences and ideas that go along with each of his designs, so make sure to visit it to check out further info about Sam. I hope you enjoy the selection. Chicken Scratch Sharks Part 5: Slow Thinking Inside the Box Foresty Fun Nemesis But Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Tin Man Old art, updated More Bolt Class Paintovers Who Wants a Puzzle? Thanksgiving Villain Pajama Gladiator Post-Mortem Friday drawing What I've been doing... He-Man Characters - Teela Something different, but why? Haunted Portrait WIP Joe Olson (Ogre) Utah Jazz - A Tribute War Machine Cinderella's father Cute Baby About the Author I'm Juan Manuel Lemus and I describe me as a passionated of graphics and stunning artwork. Currently studying System Engineering, work as web programmer in Guatemala City. Love Sci-Fi, my primary computer is a MacBook and you can follow me on Twitter as @jmanuelemus