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Amazing Illustrations by Michal Dziekan

Amazing Illustrations by Michal Dziekan

December 24, 2012 from paul0v2's blog

Michal Dziekan is another great talent illustrator from Poland. This is a selection of his illustrations in 2012 and they are very amazing, with great attention to details and a some good humor, each piece is very special. Enjoy!
The Great Gatsby Deco Style in Illustrator and Photoshop

The Great Gatsby Art Deco Style in Illustrator and…

December 24, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Movie posters are always a great source of inspiration, movies area always about periods of times, sometimes it's in the future, others in the past. Some are really good at representing some art styles. That's the case of the new movie...
Man of Steel Symbol in Illustrator and Photoshop

Man of Steel Symbol in Illustrator and Photoshop

December 17, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Last week the new Man of Steel trailer was released and it is simply amazing. I remember watching the Superman movies when I was child and seeing the reboot of the movie brings me back to a lot of good memories. The visuals of this new...
Easy Chalk Ornament Typography in Photoshop

Easy Chalk Ornament Typography in Photoshop

December 10, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

We are heading to the last weeks of 2012 and nothing better than getting ready for the new year with a Photoshop tutorial playing with the number 2013. The inspiration for this image was, of course, from one of the trends of 2012:...
GTA V Logo in Illustrator and Photoshop

GTA V Logo in Illustrator and Photoshop

October 29, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Last week Rockstar announced that they will release more information about Grand Theft Auto V this week. It will definitely be an awesome game and we are looking forward to getting a copy. Because of that we decided to recreate the logo...
Simple Vector Artwork in Adobe Illustrator

Simple Vector Artwork in Adobe Illustrator

October 22, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Last week we launched the new version of Abduzeedo. It's our 8th design in the past 6 years, that means we change our design more than once every year. That's our goal as the blog is not only to share inspiration but to experiment with new...

Create a Playstation Controller in Illustrator

September 10, 2012 from marcos333's blog

For our tutorial this week we're going to show you a simple way to create a realistic, but illustration style, Playstation Controller using Illustrator. Since I'm a video game enthusiast, although I actually never had a Playstation, this...

Create an Adventure Time Scene in Illustrator

August 27, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Adventure Time has become one of most interesting and captivating animated series in the last 5 years. The stories and journeys of Finn and Jake are entertainment for both kids and adults, with a mix of nonsense, classic comedy and "...

Create a Badass Hip Hop Character in Illustrator

August 07, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Hi everyone, after a hiatus of almost three months without writing any tutorial I'm finally back and, as usuaI, I have a good exercise to share with you guys. Today we're going to draw this badass hip hop character that I got inspired by...

Happy Tree Friends in Illustrator

April 16, 2012 from marcos333's blog

I should have done this tutorial sometime ago as Happy Tree Friends is already a old animation series (it was lauched in 2000), but it still really fresh. As everyone who enjoy this series, the contrast between the cuteness of the...

Create Plants Vs. Zombie Type in Illustrator

March 26, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Nowadays it seems that the good video-games era is coming back. Super fancy and graphic elaborated games dominated the early 2000's , but the simplicity and replayability of games as Plants Vs. Zombies will always be more fun than...

The Artist Inspiring Design in Illustrator and Photoshop

March 12, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

A few weeks ago I watched The Artist. Since the first time I saw and read about the movie I got curious about it, especially because it was a black and white movie. I wasn't expecting that much from the movie but I got really impressed in...