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Incredible Miniatures by Thomas Doyle

September 09, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

From time to time, we run into some artists that really catch our attention, and to do that, an artist must stand outside the box, and come up with something entirely fresh and awesome and that's just what Thomas Doyle did.

Fantastic Illustrations by Pacman23

September 09, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Francisco Perez is a graphic artist and illustrator from Miami, Florida. Also known as Pacman23, Francisco has an incredible portfolio with beautiful illustrations, some very photorealistic while others more cartoonish. I especially like...

The Amazing Photography of Philipp Klinger

September 08, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Philipp Klinger is for sure one of my favorite photographers, his work is very well rounded with amazing photos of all types. One of the things that also impress me a lot about his work is that he doesn't mind sharing his experience on how...

50 Awesome Examples of Triangles in Design

September 08, 2009 from amanda's blog

Today I will profess my love for triangles! Strange love to have, I know. But seriously, right after circles, triangles are the next best thing. I've always loved triangular elements in design. For me it completes the piece. You can have a...

Awesome MTV Posters

September 07, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

MTV is one of the most famous television channel all over the world and to keep up with great music they always have some killer designs in every field they work on. Here you be able to see some really awesome posters made for MTV from a...

Design Inspiration: Coffee Makers and Their Different Styles

September 07, 2009 from GisMullr's blog

The first Coffee Maker appeared around 1780 and since then they evolved into several different styles, designs and colors! Coffee is for sure a passion for millions of people that can't start their day without one. Here we'll show a...

Fantastic Optical Illusion Artworks by Rob Gonsalves

September 07, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Rob Gonsalves is an artist from Toronto, Canada. What I really love in his work is the surrealism inspiration and how he mixes elements to create amazing transitions from bridges to clouds to caravels. Even though his work is categorized...

30+ Great Pieces of Vintage Illustration

September 05, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

It's great to see how much art goes around. Cool stuff back then keeps inspiring people today to make cool pieces of modern design. We've seen lots of great modern vintage pieces, but here are some real vintage illustrations for your...

Super Stylish Constructivist Art

September 04, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

Among all the art schools, one of the most bad-asses is definitely the Constructivism. Spread worldwide by Soviet propaganda, it features lots of straight lines, few colors, and it feels really powerful. Lately, indie bands started using...

Case Study - The V Dimension

September 04, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

We have already featured Johannes Aagaard here on Abduzeedo. Johannes is a graphic designer from Denmark with a nice set of works mixing typography illustration with some photo manipulations. Now we have a very cool Case Study of one of...

Super Creative Photographs by Holger Pooten

September 03, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

I love to see surrealistic photos well done and if you with me on that you really going to enjoy this. Holger Pooten is a German photographer that has the most creative photographs I have seen lately, sharp shots with creativity...

Very Stylish Photos from Marta Orlowska

September 03, 2009 from GisMullr's blog

Marta Orlowska, or ...marta at flickr , as you will see here, is a very talented artist. Her photos are stylish, beautiful, have a great color composition and transmit us a great feeling. Some images look old, some look a bit like HDR and...