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Loft-Living Around the Globe

Loft-Living Around the Globe

From London to Los Angeles, Sydney to San Francisco, loft-living as a hip alternative to the traditional dwelling option. With more and more creative and innovative design forces restoring historic warehouse buildings left to rot, the number of chic lofts cropping up globally was just enough to inspire this post. The common denominator in all of these spectacular spaces is the undivided living space and exposed architectural elements like brick, beams, concrete, ventilation ducts, and large industrial windows. We hope you enjoy and please share any amazing loft spaces you've stumbled upon in the comments section. Amsterdam Chicago London Los Angeles Manhattan Paris Rio San Francisco Seattle Shanghai Sydney Vancouver

Cool Hotels: Hotel Zetta San Francisco

We're as excited to write this post as we are that a new hotel has finally cropped up in San Francisco's SoMa district. Hotel Zetta, the newest sibling to the Viceroy Group's Urban Retreat collection, boasts everything the modern day creative class could ever ask for and beyond. Sustainable architecture at the forefront, you'll also find wireless streaming via Obsess G-Link Connect in all guest rooms and a mezzanine level "playroom" replete with a shuffleboard table and the latest innovations in gaming. The most enticing asset, the mezzanine offers up the perfect spot for locals and visitors to mix and mingle in a creative and inspiring atmosphere. To add a little San Francisco touch, look no further than the ornate chandeliers crafted from recycled eyeglasses. We see your next vacation and it's at Hotel Zetta. Pun absolutely intended. "Effortlessly fusing sophisticated and cutting-edge aesthetics with state-of-the-art amenities, Hotel Zetta is an urban retreat, ideally located for connection authentically with San Francisco's leading cultural, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy communities." - Hotel Zetta For more information or to book your visit check out:

Yoobi Temakeria : Good Food Meets Good Design in London

Yoobi Temakeria : Good Food Meets Good Design in London

Yoobi Temakeria, located in London's Soho, is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs with ties to Brazil and Japan. Temaki, a variety of sushi born in Brazil where the largest Japanese population outside of Brazil resides, is simply fresh sushi wrapped in a cone. Taking this basic idea and creating an overall look and feel for the restaurant that resonates with the cultures it was inspired by was not an easy feat. The clean, minimal design is the result of impeccable architecture and super minimal design elements that creatively meld the vibe of Rio, Tokyo and London into one. Gundry and Ducker Architecture brought the space, a former warehouse, back to its roots by unearthing the original brick. A color palette was created by Ico Design and can be seen peppered throughout the unique space in a fun, quirky way while maintaining the minimal aesthetic. Enjoy a look behind the scenes of this awesome 360 degree branding project and be sure to visit Yoobi next time you pay London a visit! For more information visit:

Philippe Starck designed hotel: Mama Shelter Istanbul

Philippe Starck designed hotel: Mama Shelter Istanbul

Mama Shelter, a whimsical brand of French hotels designed by the incomparable Philippe Starck, welcomes its fourth sibling with Mama Shelter Istanbul. I've had the opportunity to stay in the chain's chic Paris outpost and was overjoyed at every turn with the mix of wit and humor in the overall design. Mama Shelter Istanbul leaves no stone unturned and looks to be just as cool if not cooler than its 3 older sibs. If you have an upcoming trip to Istanbul on the docket I recommend you book your stay at this hip haven immediately if not sooner. The most enticing detail, uber cool comfort that isn't going to wipe out your entire travel budget. Check out a glimpse inside and get inspired to plan your journey after the jump. Like the other properties, Mama Shelter Istanbul is designed by Philippe Starck and features guest rooms with whitewashed walls stippled with pops of orange. The communal bar hosts a programme of hip DJ parties to attract young Turks, who begin the evening at the restaurant. The menu offers a mix of local and European fare by Michelin three-star chef Alain Senderens and features his special boeuf bourguignon with mashed potatoes. A roof terrace, serving an equally delectable menu of cocktails, is bound to be a summer hit. - Wallpaper For more information visit

Beautiful Interior Design Works by Jessica Nakanishi

Beautiful Interior Design Works by Jessica Nakanishi

On Abduzeedo, we tend to feature artists from the different fields of design and along the way we'll come across to artists with such great versatility throughout their work. And Jessica Nakanishi, a Toronto based designer is one of them. For the past 10 years, Jessica Nakanishi has worked in Interior Design on projects throughout North & South America, and the Middle East. For more information about Jessica Nakanishi, you can visit her website at and her creative studio at All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi All Rights to Jessica Nakanishi

Introducing Flying Fortress

Introducing Flying Fortress

It's truly amazing to see that nowadays most creatives don't box themselves in just one area. Flying Fortress is a multidisciplinary artist working on areas as illustration, Toy Design, Graffiti, Street Art, Fine Art, Education and Interior Design. Besides his high influence from the Vaughn Bode graffiti from the 70's, he can create a stylish mix of vintage designs with modern concepts. You can see his latest updates on his Official Website, also take sometime to take a look at his Store and Toy design site.

Book Suggestion - Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style.

The book suggestion of this week is about interior design and it was inspired by our last trip to Mendocino, California. The book is called Nomad: A Global Approach to Interior Style. Overflowing with imaginative ideas from across the globe with breathtaking photos of each destination accompanied by examples of gorgeous real-life interiors, plus tips for applying the looks at home Nomad promises to serve as the ultimate lookbook for designers and wanderers the world over In this deluxe cloth-covered style guide, celebrated designer Sibella Court travels the world in search of eclectic inspiration. She explores far-flung destinations and captures the essence of each in small details, exotic color palettes, exquisite textures, and traditional crafts. Along the way, she shows readers how to incorporate these elements into interiors and how to replicate the ideas in their own spaces. Buy Now

Guilherme Marconi We!Des!gn Studio

Guilherme Marconi, one of our favorite graphic designer and illustrator, plus a great contributor with Abduzeedo since the beginning, has launched his new venture a new design studio call We!Design. With clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, Banco do Brasil, Itau and other great names We!Design offers work in the fields of Interior Design, illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Web Design. Some Works For more information visit

The Hong Kong Headquarters of M Moser Architecture

For fans of offices, we will present today an architectural firm, they are M Moser Architects. They have offices in different corners of the world, but today we'll show you their office in Hong Kong, which is simply amazing! The rooms feels very comfortable and spacious. I love these islands of glass in the middle of the room, it's modern and it shows the office's life all the time. I don't need to say that the colors and materials appear to have been carefully chosen in each area. Another beautiful office which I'm sure everyone would love to work at! M Moser is a global firm, specialising in the creation of workplace environments, corporate base buildings and campuses since 1981. Located in 11 offices around the world, M Moser is constantly evolving to serve the needs of global Clients, which vary from multinational companies and financial institutions to privately-owned businesses. Image credit: Images via M Moser Associates | Interior Design Architecture. Thanks for the tip!

Incredible Modernist Dollhouses

Every little girl (and maybe even little boy) dreams of having their very own dollhouse. A miniature alternate reality where they make the rules. There could be a bathtub in the attic, a bed in the living room, a dining table in the bedroom. Anything goes. I was not one of those least not until now. I came across this article in The New York Times of modernist dollhouses that are down to the last detail (even a recycling bin!). The aim here is not to create a dream place, but instead to show the reality, the grit, and the mess of living in the city. In fact, the furniture in the first dollhouse is directly modelled off of IKEA! By the look of these dollhouses it could turn into a pretty expensive hobby. Pretty gratifying though! Anyone want to get me a dollhouse? ;) Like this? Follow me on twitter for more!

A Quick Look Inside Miami Ad School

Some days ago Fabio visited this school, on the San Francisco headquarters, and after that he told me that he was amazed by the place. That the visual was astonishing, cozy and very inspiring. In the moment he talked to me about this place I decided to check it out to write a post about it. So we asked them for some pictures, and here it is, a quick look inside the Miami Ad School. It’s calling for fame generators, trendsetters and game changers. People we like to think of as “Pop Culture Engineers”. Which is why we are known as the School of Pop Culture Engineering. We are not just a school of advertising: it's design school, creative writing school, art school, portfolio school, photography school, technical school, copywriting school, film school, business school and think tank, all rolled into one. Miami Ad School has locations in several places, in cities like Berlin, London, New York and São Paulo. I didn't see the other offices but this headquarter in San Francisco is really amazing. The students there breath inspiration everywhere. The building has a simple architecture but has plenty of style. They explore rustic mobils with modern materials, and sometimes rustic materials with modern mobils. Places large and propitious to the study and creation. It is worth checking the photos out and sure to stop by there for whoever is the neighborhood of San Francisco. Thanks Ryan Siu for the photos and the invite to visit the school. Thanks for the photos sent by students from the Miami Ad School!

Beautiful and Minimalist Work from Tokujin Yoshioka

Last week Tokujin Yoshioka's installation designed for Maison Hermes in Japan was seen all over the place. The simplicity and the minimalist concept behind his idea really got everybody's attention. And as I really liked the Hermes window installation, I decided to dig more about the artist and his pieces to show here to you. Tokujin Yoshioka was born in Saga, Japan in 1967. He already worked under Shiro Kuramata and Issey Miyake and in 2000 established his own studio, Tokujin Yoshioka Design. Today he is a worldwide acclaimed designer who has worked in many design fields, from furniture and product design, to interior retail design. Some of his most important works are displayed as part of permanent collections in the world's well-known museums such as MoMA, Victoria and Albert Museum, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and others. I really loved his work! The minimalist approach is just awesome. He keeps everything very simple and beautiful, showing once again the less is more. I made this brief selection of Yoshioka's work to show you, but check out his website for further amazing stuff! Enjoy and let me know what you think! :) Window installation designed for Maison Hermes in Japan A amazing window installation showing that simplicity is always a great choice. Pleats Please This is the new design of aoyama store of pleats please. The minimalist and contemporary design mixing concrete, aluminum and glass is simply beautiful. "Lake of Shimmer" - Swarovski stand at Basel World 2009 A huge amount of small mirrors reminding the the brilliant beauty of crystals, fluttering in the wind and bringing sparkling to the wall. "Paper Cloud" - designed for Moroso to the Salone del Mobile 2009 In recent years, I am very much fascinated with elements of nature, which shows us the beauty born of coincidence beyond our imagination. This time, through industrial product, I intended to express the elements that exist in nature. In order to convey a strong concept of "cloud". I am using paper for the prototype. "Ami Ami" - designed for Kartell to the Milano Salone 2008 This is not just another proposal for a new plastic product. What I intended in this project is to create a new expression, which has never existed before in the furniture in plastic. For Kartell, I have arrived an idea of designing a symbolic chair, which appears as if woven with plastic ribbons. A chair that is woven with clear vinyl will fade with time and consequently it causes a change of color into yellow. STARDUST 2004 A futuristic chandelier made for the Swarovski Crystal Palace. The inspiration to Stardust came to Yoshioka in a dream in which he saw innumerable transparent particles of jewel-like light suspended in the air. The resulting design is a fusion of crystals and modern technology. Read more about it here. 21_21 Design Sight Exhibition 4 - Second Nature An exhibition directed by Yoshioka called Second Nature. “I have tried to create a space, which will be retained in one’s memory like natural phenomenon that they had experienced before,” says the designer. Read more about it here.

Space Solutions: Books

I've always been into interior design so I'm going to try something a little new with you guys today. If you're like me and have more books than you know what to do with, this post is probably for you. I found a bunch of cool spaces dealing with the book issue in neat ways so maybe this'll inspire you to do something with your collection! Some are quite simple solutions like stacking books in a pile on the floor (which is actually the current for mine right now), but they still make for a pretty cool space. Just goes to show that you don't have to drop a whole lot of cash to decorate a room! Enjoy and don't forget to send me your suggestions/feedback via twitter or facebook!

Twitter's New Office and Headquarter

This week Twitter has moved in to a new and very stilish headquarter. The new office is still in San Francisco, now with much more space and with a lot of decorating sttuff in all the rooms, elements such as "@" and "birds" are everywhere! The office is really amazing and that's why we decided to bring to you a collection of pictures from the Twitter's HQ. Detail, the photos were taken by their employees. This space was previous the Bebo's office, and Sara Morishige Williams was the brain behind the interior design. Very simple, wonderful colors and beautiful workspaces, this is what you will see on this pictures. Now tell me, who does not want to work in there?