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Introducing John Mark Herskind

June 22, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

He's a young 18 years old freelance graphic artist from Columbia, South Carolina. He's also a staff member at SlashTHREE, as well as an artist at Intrinsic Nature. On top of that he's the founder and creative director of Designers Against...

Introducing Dimo Trifonov

January 13, 2011 from aloa's blog

With Dimo Trifonov we now feature the second creative behind Nufabric . Focusing more into motion design Mr Trifonov is a whiz at After effects and Cinema 4D, and yet only 20 old.

Introducing Dobak Zsolt

July 29, 2010 from aloa's blog

Dobak Zsolt is a young designer from Budapest, Hungary. He creates cool abstract work & photo manipulations.And he is the current winner of this months World Collabs Design contest.Now lets see what else he did...

Introducing Graphic Designer Rogier de Boeve aka Chemical Nos

October 12, 2009 from aloa's blog

Twenty one year old Rogier de Boeve is a graphic designer based in Belgium. It is common to see his work in inspiration posts all around the world. He contributes to art communities such as Konvulse and EvokeOne. His Wallpapers have been a...

Introducing Inknition + a Nice Case Study

October 07, 2009 from aloa's blog

Inknition is a home based studio running by a 10 years of experience Graphic Artist in Digital Art, Photography, Web Development, Motion and Video. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. This is a nice collection from his portfolio + a Case Study...