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Beautiful Macro Photography Wallpapers

Beautiful Macro Photography Wallpapers

Time for a sweet set of wallpapers for you to pimp your desktop. This time we've selected some super great, beautiful macro photography wallpapers for you! Check it out! Here you can see 10 options of images for you,...
Case Study: Macro Snowflakes Photos

Case Study: Macro Snowflake Photos

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov tapes a $50 lens to his cameras and takes the most stunning macro snowflakes photos I have ever seen. Check out his work and learn the technique used to get such amazing result.

Fascinating Liquid Art by Markus Reugels

German Photographer Markus Reugels has a passion to taking pictures of Water drops. It so fascinating what shapes simple water drops can built! The Human eye are to slow to see them without help. With the Highspeed...

Beautiful Macro Photography by Brian Valentine

Brian Valentine started taking macro shots as a hobby and today his passion takes him everyday on a trip to his own yard with his camera to discover more about the little things the world has to offer. The macro shots...

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