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Editorial Design: Revista Diseño 2

Editorial Design: Revista Diseño 2

July 22, 2013 from abduzeedo's blog

Last week I started the process of redesigning Abduzeedo. This usually takes quite a long time because I like to explore a lot of variations, I also like to look for a lot of references, especially in editorial design in order to try to...
Editorial Design Inspiration: 99U Magazine

Editorial Design Inspiration: 99U Magazine

June 11, 2013 from paul0v2's blog

Every day 99u.com publishes new interviews and researches on how creatives make ideas happen. But the folks at Behance think there's something special about holding a real magazine and having a live print piece in your hands. That's why,...
Editorial Design Inspiration: Jot Down Mag

Editorial Design Inspiration: Jot Down Mag

April 15, 2013 from paul0v2's blog

Jot down is a contemporary culture magazine from Spain. The entire magazine is black and white and it's a quarterly publication directed by Brands & Roses. We are going to review it's 3rd issue that contains 320 pages of good design. Enjoy!...
Rolling Stone Illustrations by Victor Melamed

Rolling Stone Illustrations by Victor Melamed

February 13, 2013 from PauloGabriel's blog

A good magazine always has one or more illustrations in its pages. In Rolling Stone Russia it's no different. Victor Melamed, Russian illustrator, has made some pretty awesome pieces for the magazine. He's got a pretty sweet style using...
Editorial Design Inspiration: The Outpost

Editorial Design Inspiration: The Outpost

November 01, 2012 from paul0v2's blog

As a web designer, one of the things I seek the most is inspiration on how to lay out the content and deciding on the right grid and nothing inspires me more than editorial design. To look through a magazine with different eyes, noticing...

Big Up Cover Illustration by Saad Moosajee

May 13, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

Monday is our tutorial day. We try to post tutorials every Monday showing how to create some nice effects or compositions we like. Today is not different, but instead of a tutorial we have a really nice case study by Saad Moosajee . It is...

Retro Mag Covers by OMNI Magazine

September 12, 2011 from AoiroStudio's blog

The world of Science of Fiction is a universe that will never cease to inspire and feed my creativity. Let me share with you guys this retro collection of magazine covers, from the 1980s to the mid 1990s, of the science and science fiction...

UI Design: Aside Magazine

August 12, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

I don't see these posts about UI Design as a regular series, but much more like the possibility to share some amazing design pieces whenever we run into them, just like the Aside Magazine.

80 Retro Jauna Gaita Magazine Covers

September 17, 2009 from amanda's blog

I came across the awesome covers of Jauna Gaita magazine the other day. There was a post here on Abduzeedo about it a year ago to celebrate the Latvian magazine's 53 year anniversary. Today I wanted to show you a more extensive collection...

Designers Must-Know: Emigre magazine

March 16, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

One of the greatest influences on Desktop Publishing was without doubt the Emigre Magazine . It was first published back in the 80's, more precisely in 1984, in the very beginning of computers, and lasted for over 2 decades, having its...

The future of magazines

September 08, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

Some of you may have already seen the news about the new issue of Esquire magazine containing E-ink on the cover. Computer Love posted something about it. I saw it on the news this morning. I'm definitely going to run to the newsstands...

53 Years of Jauna Gaita Magazine

June 16, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

This is probably greatest source of vintage inspiration in the web. If you never heard about it before, listen up! It's the Jauna Gaita magazine.