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Wallpaper of the Week #145 by Magomed Dovjenko

March 27, 2011 from aloa's blog

The wallpaper of this week is an image created by Magomed Dovjenko, a very young thought talented illustrator and designer based in Cologne, German. He just updated his portfolio with new work like his "Help Japan" poster.

Fresh New Work by Magomed Dovjenko

March 22, 2011 from aloa's blog

My favourite illustrator Magomed Dovjenko just updated his portfolio IAMMAGO with more than 20 new pieces. Abduzeedo shows you a fine collection of the work we fancy most. See his complete portfolio and blog on IAMMAGO.COM .

How does your workspace look like?

February 14, 2011 from aloa's blog

A common mistake of newcomer any scene is to think you need a big setup of hardware to do good work. That is why I collected some workspaces of designer, photographer, filmmaker & blogger...

Artwork Feature #4: Magomed Dovjenko - Brooklyn Machine Works

January 05, 2011 from aloa's blog

This is part of our new series of posts. Here we feature a selected piece of art and have a little chat with the designer who made it. They give us a bit of background information and details about how the work was conceptualized and...

The World Collabs #6 - Submissions

December 27, 2010 from aloa's blog

For this contest Abduzeedo provides you with a Photoshop design from an acknowledged artist you can collab with. For more information about the full contest please visit The World Collabs #6 - with Magomed Dovjenko article.

The World Collabs #6 - with Magomed Dovjenko

October 08, 2010 from paul0v2's blog

Abduzeedo takes pride in being one of the worlds leading design blogs. Having interviewed a bulk of the most infamous creative geniuses, we want to use our potential to introduce a new star on the Abduzeedo stage …YOU.

Interview With Illustrator Magomed Dovjenko

December 16, 2009 from aloa's blog

Magomed Dovjenko, one hell of a guy, is a freelance illustrator based in Germany. He made some well known designs such as the the squirly typographic artworks for adidas, reebok...