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Designing the XBOX One S

Designing the XBOX One S

The last time we've featured Andrew Kim was back in 2011 with some pretty Innovative Minimal Concepts that took our blog with lots of surprises with inspiring and creative ideas that was so well-executed. Well, things have changed since for Andrew that is now working at Microsoft as their visual and product designer. One of his first projects was the XBOX One S. Reinventing the game console with a different approach to make it more friendly and universal. Let's take a closer look as we dive into this beautiful result of a strong teamwork and their dedication at making the best logical, accessible product for us, dearly gamers. This was the first project assigned to me after joining Microsoft. After the launch of Xbox One, the design team began investigating a new approach to game console design. For Xbox One S, we wanted to create a more friendly and universal product that doesn't evoke traditional "gaming" cues. We also wanted to simplify the hardware to align with the new Windows 10 design language that was being developed in unison. This simplification started with implementing a unibody construction that reduces the external shell count to just three parts. We also dramatically reduced the size of the device and removed the bulky external power supply. The final design is architectural, logical and easily accessible thanks to its surprisingly low price point.   More information:

Microsoft launches Photosynth

Microsoft labs (their counterpart to Google labs I guess) has created a new online application called Photosynth that takes regular digital photos and creates a 360 view. It's similar to Quicktime VR except you don't need any special equipment or even have to stand in the same location. Click here to go straight to the Photosynth home page. In order to use it you have download and install a very small application (It's only available for Windows at the moment). You take your camera and take as many photos of the room or area as you can, trying to get as much overlap as you can. You upload the photos to the site and it automatically scans and creates the 360 view for you. You can also zoom in and move forward and backwards creating an almost virtual tour of a location. So I tested the site out and the program still seems like it needs some more refining. It's not as smooth as quicktime VR, but that's to be expected because your not on a tripod with a special camera. I think it has some potential and with more development could be a really cool tool. There are still some bugs to be worked out because I tried creating my own 360 view of an outdoor concert I went to this weekend but it gave me an error as soon as I tried to upload the photos. I'm positive about it and will continue to keep trying until I can get it to work and I'll post a link. Check it out if you can, and if you get it work post the link in the comments. Here are some screen grabs from the site:

Microsoft Office: mac 2008

It looks like mac. It sounds like mac. It feels like mac. It would probably even taste and smell like mac, but wow, it's microsoft. Well... is it? Microsoft Office for Mac has a new and sweet site on, it has a awesome and clean design, with some cool drawings, made on flash. And now I ask you, is it a Mac application with a Microsoft name, or is it a Microsoft dude wearing a Mac costume? Anyway, check the site out here! Author: Paulo Antunes | If you want to write an article and have it published here send it via email to abduzeedo[at]