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15 Awesome Movie Posters from 2015

15 Awesome Movie Posters from 2015

2015 has been a great year so far for cinephiles everywhere, but there are still some great movies to come that will be the icing of this delicious cake. One of the greatest assets of a movie is its promotional poster. A great movie might have a horrible poster, and the opposite may be true: a horrible movie might have a great poster. So I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at some of the coolest movie posters from 2015. I know some of these are not official posters, but fan-made, but some are so good that I've made some exceptions. Tell us, have you seen many movie posters these years? What's your favorite? What posters you'd've wanted to see here? I'm a big fan of the Martian's and Star Wars' posters! I hope you enjoy this selection. Also, for nearly every poster released this year, visit IMP Awards! Cheers! ;)

Conceptual Movie Poster Series by Andy Fairhurst

Conceptual Movie Poster Series by Andy Fairhurst

Andy Fairhurst is an digital artist based in North Wales, United Kingdom. With his tools of trade, Andy will digitally paint any sci-fi and fantasy artworks beautifully. We are showcasing here his movie poster series, it's just amazing. All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst All Rights to Andy Fairhurst Links: More info on Andy Fairhurst: Follow Andy on Facebook:

Disaster Movies Posters

Disaster Movies Posters

It seems we're still here. All that hype and we didn't get to see any disaster. Oh boy. But no worries! There are plenty disaster movies for our end of the world needs. Here are some examples of some famous (and some not so much) disaster movies posters. Some of these are really awesome, like '28 days later'. These are only a few, but you may find more at Enjoy the rest of you life, guys. Cheers. ;)

Fantastic Illustrated Movie Posters by Ive Bastrash

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week to watch movies, so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys something to get you craving a good movie: illustrated movie posters! Ive (Ïve) Bastrash, a Canadian illustrator was really inspired by some classic movies, like Aliens, Blade Runner and Raiders of the Lost Art, and he came up with fantastic illustrated posters for these movies. I must say that he should definitely come up with more of these! There are so many great movies out there for him to illustrate... he should definitely keep these going. For more of his work, please, visit his DeviantART portfolio! I'm sure he'll enjoy your visits. Cheers! ;) Bonus

Amazing Illustrations Inspired by Movies by Massimo Carnevale

Massimo Carnevale is an artist and comics creator from Italy. We have seen his work published on several blogs and we always gotten incredibly impressed by the quality of his illustrations. In this post we feature a few movie posters he created. For more information visit

Remarkable Minimalistic Movie Posters

Gotta love movie posters! I mean, the fan-made ones, because Hollywood has been doing the same posters for the past decades and it's being really annoying to see such similar posters. That's why I love fan-made, minimalistic posters. These were curated by Caelin, from Minimal Movie Posters. She's from Australia and she sure got a taste for nice posters. I love every single one of these, and for more you should check her Tumblr out. Really worth following her. Which one is your favorite? Cheers. ;) Andres Asencio Joel Amat Güell Dave Hooper Joel Amat Güell Daniel Norris Maria Kaner Jeremy Burns chrismesh Alex Krofchak Maria Kaner Conor Whelan Sam Coyne purityofessence Daniel Norris Sean Brown Linda Hordijk Daniel Norris jmlarrabee 3ftDeep Jason Heatherly 3ftDeep red-corner Ollie Boyd Daniel Norris Bruce Yan Daniel Norris 3ftDeep Mike Horowitz Needle Design Daniel Norris Daniel Norris

Fantastic Movie Posters by David Amblard

Who doesn't like movie posters? Probably very few people, because as far as I know, people love an awesome poster hanging on their walls. David Amblard definitely love to put his own vision on some classic movies. David Amblard is a French illustrator, and his posters are really, really stylish. His take on posters of classic, cult movies, are quite impressive. I wonder if any of these are for sale. People would love to buy some of them. Anyways, these are only a few of his pieces. For more, you should check his portfolio at Behance. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Super Nice Vintage Movie Posters

I really love movie posters, and I get all pumped when get to see some awesome vintage posters like these! These are indeed some super nice examples of how awesome movie posters were back then, and how much movie poster designers should learn from these. Of course that there are designers today doing kickass posters like Hobo with a Shotgun, but that's an exception. Most of today's posters are utter nonsense of flying heads and stuff like that. But the cool thing about these is what I'm about to say now: these are for sale in an awesome shop called Eye Sea Posters. You may visit their store and buy all of these if you want. Also, if you know any more great vintage posters, leave a comment! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Avatar Movie: Posters, Wallpapers and More

Ok, we are all waiting to see the Avatar Movie... and until December 18th there is not much for us to do besides wait and browse around for some new images, posters or any other detail about the movie. You may like this whole avatar deal or not, but you need to agree that this movie is a HUGE technological production! Being a fan that is counting the days to watch it, being a major nerd, being a curious to check out the effects and stuff or being a regular cinema lover, you all need to see the film, at least to have your own opinion about it. I have to say that first I din't like the idea that much, but after seeing all the trailers, details, production and effects around it I got really curious to check out the final result, so for sure on December 18th I will be in a theater somewhere to do it!! I think their whole idea of doing a character that is 'the mirror' of the actors performance is really cool cause this way the Avatar almost look real, at least to me they do. :) Well, enough talking... check out this selection I made to show you more about the movie while we are all waiting! Enjoy. "I had the idea of this movie back in 95, but at that time it turned out that it wasn't technically possible to do what I wanted to do. So I literally put the project in a drawer and forgot about it. About 4 years ago I got it out to find out if it was already possible to do it." James Cameron Wallpapers Photos "This is not an animated film, it is all captured performance." James Cameron Posters "Every tiny bit of the performance that you see on the screen was created by the actors. They had to run, they had to fight and jump, all the things that you see in the film, they were doing it physically, they were not doing just voice performance." James Cameron Video - Behind the Scenes Really cool video showing how they did some of the action and flight scenes. They also explain how they taped the actors facial interpretation to 'transmit' it to the avatar and several other details. MTV presents a Live Forum with James Cameron and the stars of Avatar on Facebook TODAY at 3pm EST/Noon PST, Josh Horwitz goes live with James Cameron and the stars of Avatar. The director and cast will share their experiences on the movie and answer questions from fans. Avatar Live: an MTV News Forum on Facebook Presented by LG

30 Fan-made Movie Posters

People's mind is the greatest place to find some cool designs. Designers that love movies often make some cool poster designs that are really fun to see! And there are plenty out there for us to see! Here are some. This is a selection I've made out of a collection made by Fehimeren... he told me he had selected a Napolion Dynamite poster I did a few months ago and I just had to share it! There are some really fun posters here, and I really hope you all enjoy it! Cheers. ;)