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Super Realistic 3D Paintings by Keng Lye

Super Realistic 3D Paintings by Keng Lye

April 16, 2013 from paul0v2's blog

Is it a photograph or a painting? It's normal to ask that question after you see some of Keng Lye's work, the level of realism on his paintings is incredible. This series is called "Alive without Breath" and it's all created by layering...
Oil Paintings by Raul Canestro

Oil Paintings by Raul Canestro

April 01, 2013 from paul0v2's blog

Raul Canestro is a spanish painter who experienced with many techniques and styles in a continuing effort to learn and grow by finding new ways of expression, twisting, destroying and re-building the way, creating new movements of art...
The Art of Imagination by Ignacio Nazabal

The Art of Imagination by Ignacio Nazabal

February 18, 2013 from paul0v2's blog

Jorge Ignacio Nazábal is a famous painter from Havana, Cuba. The surreal style of Nazabal took him on exhibitions all over the world where he showed his amazing art of imagination. Check it out!
Hypnotic Paintings of Water by Eric Zener

Hypnotic Paintings of Water by Eric Zener

January 25, 2013 from PauloGabriel's blog

There's one thing I would never take for granted during a hot summer: water! Nothing like swimming in a cold water pool, or diving into the ocean, all of it to refresh ourselves away from the hot, hot sun. Eric Zener has mastered the art...
Stylish Illustrations of AliceX

Stylish Illustrations of AliceX

January 23, 2013 from abduzeedo's blog

It's been a while since the last time I checked DeviantArt. It is always a nice place to find design inspiration. In this particular instance I was looking for some stylish illustrations for a personal project when I stumbled upon the work...
Mesmerizing Mixed Artworks by Shintaro Ohata

Mesmerizing Mixed Artworks by Shintaro Ohata

January 22, 2013 from PauloGabriel's blog

Some artists got that kind of talent that transports us to a world of complete awe, making us not believe that someone would be so much talented like that. That's exactly the case of Shintaro Ohata, an artist from Hiroshima. He came up...
Magic Realism Art by Paul Bond

Magic Realism Art by Paul Bond

November 21, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

The deeply symbolic art of Paul Bond draws from the Latin American genre of Magic Realism, where dreamlike elements are blended into realistic atmospheres to uncover a deeper understanding of reality. Bond’s art illuminates a world where...

Clever Artworks by Tim Maclean

October 19, 2012 from PauloGabriel's blog

One more friday has come and nothing is better to celebrate the weekend than an awesome set of fine artworks, just like these by Tim Maclean! These are actual paintings that you may buy and hang in your wall! Would it be great to have a...
Weird Beauty Portraits

Weird Beauty Portraits

October 18, 2012 from paul0v2's blog

This series is called "Weird Beauty" a project by the Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov in collaboration with great make-up artist Valerya Kutsan. It's a series of black...

Lovely and Charming Paintings by Tati Suarez

September 17, 2012 from marcos333's blog

I don't know about you guys, but for me the most attractive and interesting part of the body is the eyes. That must be why I got into Tati Suarez artworks, her passion on building such interesting and charming female characters is both...

Introducing The Extraordinary Jason Edmiston

August 21, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Jason Edmiston is a illustrator since 1996, having already created work for fine arts, advertising, editorial, packaging and book publishing clients all around the globe. What impresses me most is the fact he's a traditional artist, most...

Stunning Fantasy Digital Art by Bao Pham

June 12, 2012 from guest's blog

Bao Pham is a Vietnamese digital painter and illustrator currently living in Iowa, US. Featured in art magazines such as ImagineFX, he is considered a master in his field. His domain of expertise is the one of portraits, more specifically...

Unusual Vehicles Oil Paintings by Kevin Cyr

June 11, 2012 from marcos333's blog

I stumbled on this vehicles oil painting some time ago, what brought my attention to it was the fact they don't look like classic and glossy car illustration, but actually as a more realistic representation. It's really outstanding how...

Noir Series by Sit Haiiro

May 30, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Sit Haiiro did recently an exhibition with the name Noir. His artworks are not only extremely well-executed but seem to be tied with themes such as life, death, decay, nature and fashion on a really singular way. You can see more...

Introducing the Skillful Johnny Crap

May 22, 2012 from marcos333's blog

Jonathan Bergeron aka. Johnny Crap is a really skillful traditional illustrator from Quebec, Canada. Using a lot of popular references on his artworks such as Star Wars, Johnny got some hardcore feelings that remind me of the master Jim...