Pixelmator 2.2 with Vector Tools, Light Leak effect and more

Pixelmator 2.2 with Vector Tools, Light Leak effect and more

Today the Pixelmator Team released Pixelmator 2.2, a major update of one of my favorite apps out there. This new version codenamed Blueberry has some amazing new features. Pixelmator now has a powerful vector tool, new text features, shape styles and of course really cool light leak effects. I've been playing with Pixelmator for years and I am really excited with this new version. Get ready for more Pixelmator tutorials very soon. “We’re excited to deliver even more, easy-to-use, advanced features to our Pixelmator fans and continue to create the best and most enjoyable image editing experience,” said Saulius Dailide of the Pixelmator Team. “With new state-of-the-art Smart Shape Tools, people can fully enhance their images, create logos, Web layouts, posters, and much more, all easier than ever before.”  Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry comes with more than 100 new features and improvements, including: Smart Shapes Tools, which let you quickly adjust a shape’s outline with easy-to-use controls to get just the look you’re after; Shapes palette packed with dozens of readily available shapes that are as easy to add as dragging and dropping; Shape Style palette, so you can effortlessly create more polished and advanced shapes; Convert Text into Shape, which allows you to convert type layers to shape layers and then easily apply gradients, shadows, strokes, or even reshape individual letters; Smart Move Tool, which knows when you are working with image or shape layers and gives you just the options you need at that time; Paint Selection Tool, which is the simplest and the fastest way to make even the most challenging selections in your images with just a few brush strokes; and Light Leak effect, which makes it easy and fun to create stunning, retro-artistically illuminated images from any of your photos. Additional features include the new Color Popovers for quicker access to color swatches, new gradient presets, improved drawing tools, an improved Type Tool, the ability to copy and paste shape styles, and major performance improvements.  Pricing and Availability Pixelmator 2.2 is available from the Mac App Store at a promotional price of $14.99. For existing Pixelmator customers who purchased the app from the Mac App Store, the new update is free.  More information on Pixelmator and a free 30-day trial can be found at http://www.pixelmator.com About the Pixelmator Team Founded in 2007 by two brothers, Saulius Dailide and Aidas Dailide, the Pixelmator Team develops the most practical, fun, innovative, and easy-to-use software for Macs.  Just four short years after the company was founded, the Pixelmator Team was honored with a beautiful Apple Design Award for Pixelmator. To make it even clearer that Pixelmator is well on its way to being the best image editing app in the world, Apple named it Mac App Store App of the Year in December 2011.

Adorable Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

Adorable Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

A creative mind will light up anyone's day, right? Of course! Even more when you're talking about amazingly cute animals in suits. It may sound funny, but from the feature image you get the picture already. This project by Spanish designer Yago Partal truly reminds me of the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, which featured animals in clothing, many such as these used by Yago. The only sad part about it is that many of these animals dress better I do (lol). For more images of Yago's Zoo Portraits project visit the project page, where you may buy prints. For more of his work, visit his personal portfolio. Cheers! ;)

Stellar Design Works by Aldo Pulella

Stellar Design Works by Aldo Pulella

Aldo Pulella, a South-African designer, has come up with some pretty solid design pieces and it's time to share them with you. His style is pretty awesome, mixing photography with 3D modeling and more. These are only a few examples of his work. For more of his pieces, please visit his portfolio at Behance. He'll definitely appreciate it. Cheers! ;)

Video Game Characters in Real Life by Aled Lewis

Video Game Characters in Real Life by Aled Lewis

Who doesn't love gaming? Almost everyone here was raised playing old school games in their Atari, Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo and I must say that it's super awesome to see those games back in other ways. One of these ways is through design! English designer, Aled Lewis, one of the most beloved artists out there took his shot on the concept of mixing games with photography, and I must say that result is awesome! His take is somewhat minimalistic, but very awesome nevertheless. For more of Aled's work, please visit his portfolio at Behance. He'll definitely enjoy it. Cheers! ;)

Surreal Photo Manipulations

Surreal Photo Manipulations

I'm a big fan of the surrealism, since the days of the master of surrealism Dali in which his work still inspire us till this day. Surrealism is very big in the photo manipulation and digital art world and today I selected some great work to display here. Enjoy!

The Joker Case Study

The Joker Case Study

Xavier K. is an Interactive Designer and Art Director since 8 years from Québec, Canada. In this post he will show us step by step how this amazing piece was done and you get to learn straight from Xavier. You can check out his portfolio at xavier-k.com or his behance at behance.net/xavierk Specially for Abduzeedo.com I wanted to create a new project. The project name is «The Joker». So I reinterpreted this icon of our famous playing cards. Below, I explain step by step what's my process and what I did. The Joker Details Process Idea/Sketch Have an idea !? go for it and draw it on a piece of paper. Search / References Have some references to create a little moodboard is always cool and useful. Starting with background A graphic composition is like a building in construction ; you must to put the base of composition before the next step Close cut the character, dress it and makeup it ! Step highly important, because she drove the rest of the composition. Elements, finalisation, polishing Final step. Craft and polish your visual with some logical elements and effects. Final Result About the artist Xavier K. is an Interactive Designer and Art Director since 8 years from Québec, Canada. He has worked on various projects and for different clients like: Cirque du Soleil, IMAX, RedBull, Adidas, Dell… You can check out his portfolio at xavier-k.com or his behance at behance.net/xavierk

Abstract Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CS 6

The new promotional images for Photoshop CS6 are really amazing, they were created by Alberto Seveso, an incredible digital artist from Italy. Seveso has been pushing the limits of creativity and the use of Photoshop for a long time and we are great admirer of his work. Intrigued with artworks we decided to create something inspired by his work. It's amazing to see that such amazing images are most of the times done by simple techniques. This tutorial will show you how to achieve similar effect using Photoshop with Masks and Layer Effects. It's an intermediate tutorial but I am sure you will have so much fun doing as we did. Step 1 Open Photoshop and create a new document. I am using 2880x1800 pixels for mine After that let's use a photo of a beautiful girl. The one I am using is from YuriyZhuravov and it's title Beautiful smiling woman portrait on white background. Courtesy of Shutterstock. Step 2 Now let's create some brushes to use for our masking exercise. The images I am using to create the brushes are also courtesy of Shutterstock and this first one is called "inks in water, colorful abstraction" by ADA_photo. Step 3 Copy some parts of the previous image and paste in a new document. After that go to Edit>Define Brush. Add a name to your new brush and create a few more. Step 4 Here's the second one, simply do the same thing as the previous step. Step 5 Now using a different image, this one from NatUlrich called Ink in water. Isolated on white background. Again copy a few parts to create different brushes. I created 4 brushes for my image. Step 6 Select the image layer and group it so the image will be in a folder. Duplicate this folder a few times because we will need it as we move forward. Hide all new folders and keep only one visible. Select the visible folder and go to Layer>Layer Mask>Hide All. The image will be completely hidden. After that select the Brush Tool (B) and one of the brushes you created from the stock photos. Using white for the color, paint on top of the layer mask to make part of the girl visible. Step 7 Let's add some layer styles. I am using Inner Shadow, Inner Glow and Drop Shadow to create some depth for the different layers. You can see the values below. Step 8 Select one of the hidden folders and make it visible. Apply the same process as we did in the previous steps to add another layer of our abstract collage. Step 9 Add a new layer inside the folder and group this new layer as well. Change the Blend Mode to Color Burn. Select the layer again and change the opacity to 30%. Using the Brush Tool (B) with black for the color and a very soft brush, start painting a sort of shadow on the overlaping areas. The idea here is to add more depth and separate the parts a little bit more. Step 10 Add more parts by repeating the same process. Every new part you should use a new folder with the image and the color burn folder. Step 11 Use different brushes and different sizes to make the image more dynamic. Step 12 Here is the final version of my layers. Notice that there's always a shadow between layers and the bottom one is different than the others. Try to vary as much as you can to make the effect more real. Step 13 Select all layers and duplicate them. After that merge all new layers into one. Go to Filter>Blur>Iris Blur. The Iris Blur is pretty cool because we have a real time preview. So move the blur around until you get something like the image below. The goal is to blur the edges a little bit. Conclusion Duplicate the layer and apply change the Blend Mode to Soft Light at 70% Opacity. Also duplicate it again and apply a Gaussian Blur with 10 pixels Radius. Change the Blend Mode to Screen at 40% Opacity. In the end you can apply a Photo Filter as well to make the colors match a little bit more. Now you can try with different images, brushes and colors. Remember, the tutorials are more to illustrate the process, try to come up with your own images. Download Photoshop File Click here to download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

Case Study: Olympic Running Photo Illustration

The Italian graphic designer Fabrizio Calicchia dedicated a nice photo illustration the the olympics and on this post you will see the case study of it, as we break down step by step. All the work was done in photoshop using a few different photos. Check it out! For more work from Fabrizio Callicchia visit califab.carbonmade.com and behance.net/fabriziocalicchia Running Model: Ty Photographer: Rachel Case Study

Unknown Case Study

Unknown is a piece created by Vigan Tafili for the EvokeOne art group latest release called Reconstruction. Vigan Tafili wanted to share with us this case study step by step on how Unknown got done. Check it out! For more from Vigan Tafili visit behance.net/nagiViTy Case Study

Inspired Conceptual Photography by Stephen Criscolo

During my daily search for content I ran into something that quickly caught my attention. We get to seen many kinds of photographs out there, and the ones that really stand out are the creative ones, with neat ideas and execution. That's exactly the case of the work of Stephen Criscolo, a young artist who's been showing great talent on Flickr. I really like tone on these: both color and mood. These make you think and make you wonder about the stories behind each photo, don't they? These are only a handful of this pieces, but you'll find many more in his portfolio. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;) Headaches The Five Stages of Grief .denial.anger.bargaining.depression.acceptance. Depths Open waters Untitled Foundation Nightmares Looking glass Gardens of the goddess messages from across the narrowest sea The worlds I wish I belonged to The crystal dimension Discovery Lingering nirvana War The grotto The galaxy's daughter The Moonborn Fallen stars Until a higher power takes me A haunting

Sounds of Nature Case Study

Sounds of Nature is an amazing photo manipulation project by Thiago Storino, a Brazilian designer who specializes in photo manipulation. In this post we are sharing the step by step of how he envisioned and designed this entire composition. Enjoy! For more from Thiago Storino visit behance.net/thiagostorino Sounds of Nature Details Case Study Final Result

Stunning Digital Art by Mark Arguelles

Mark Geno Arguelles is a digital artist and graphic designer from Malabon, Philippines. The digital artwork he creates are absolutely stunning. I selected some of his Personal Projects to serve as great inspiration & boost up some ideas. Pay attention to the details and enjoy! For more from Mark visit behance.net/genoarguelles SUMABOG COGHEAD BORNOY TIGURU 156 FIERY WOLF SELF-PORTRAIT HIBAN

The Dark Style of Pierre-Alain D

Pierre-Alain D is a French digital artist that works under the name of 3MMI. His skills are amazing and his style is very dark and intriguing. Pierre developed this dark and intense vision of design through the years of working manly in the music industry. For more from Pierre-Alain D visit 3mmi.org

Visions of a Third World

Visions of a Third World is an experimental photo manipulation series done by RISE Design Studio. The work is very impressive creating quite an intriguing series that visually engages the viewer in another level. Enjoy! For more from RISE Design Studio visit risedesignstudio.com

Embodied Case Study by Wojciech Pijecki

Embodied is an amazing digital illustration created for the international art collective Slashtree. Released in March under the theme of Fairytales. Wojciech breaks down step to step how he got this amazing work done. Check it out! For more about Wojciech Pijecki visit synectic.pl & behance.net/synectic Project Info Personal interpretation of Joseph Jacobs fairytale The Strange Visitor. The fairytale tells a story about an old lady, who was sitting in her chair and wishing for company. All of a sudden some strange person appears piece by piece(...) Embodied "A woman was sitting at her reel one night; And still she sat, and still she reeled, and still she wished for company." - Joseph Jacobs Details Breakdown Process

NatureMan Digital Illustration

This amazing digital illustration was designed by the Polish designer Michael Tomaka. Using over 20 photos to put together this illustration and on this post you can see the process and the details of the final piece. Enjoy! For more from Michael Tomaka visit michaltomaka.pl and behance.net/MichaelTomaka It's my first illustration, inspiration I take from Dopludo Collective they have a amazing works and you can see it on the web site dopludo.com or behance profile Dopludo Collective Dopludo Illustration - Original version, my inspiration This piece inspired me to create a digital illustration of the NatureMan Process Details Final Image

Retro Movie Poster Case Study

Streets of Fear is the name of the movie poster and it was designed by the German; Ralf Krause a specialist in photo illustration. In this Case Study you will see step by step how this awesome retro action movie poster was done and get a feeling of how you can do yours. For more from Ralf Krause visit behance.net/eyeofthedesigner and falconwhite.com Case Study Final Result