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Amazing Pictures of Lighthouses

For me, one of the greatest kinds of buildings is a lighthouse. I find amazing how much big storms it takes during a year and keeps showing the way to sailors everywhere. There are some photographers that really know how to catch the different feelings of it. I'm not going to make a poem out of it, so I just hope you all enjoy my selection. Here are featured the work of some amazing photographers... I recommend you all to check out their work at their portfolios. They'll appreciate it! Show them some love. Cheers! ;p

Volkswagen Beetle Photography Inspiration

The Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the Volkswagen Type 1, was an economy car produced by the German auto maker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 until 2003. Perhaps because of its classic German beauty or maybe because it was designed to be “The People’s car”, it’s one of the most popular machines ever built, an icon of design. Apparently people can’t have enough of taking shots of or with it, so we collected quite a few to share with you. Here are some ..enjoy! Source: Thanks for all users who shared their photography, click on picture for source About the Author I'm Ismail el Desouky, an Egyptian second year Computer Science Department Student in Arab Academy for science 7 technology.Like to check art -designs -music and all types of inspiration from time to another.

Beautiful Pictures of Churches

I really love those old, classic churches. It might be a tiny one in a village, or it might be a gigantic one that took many, many years to be completed. No matter what kind it is, I just know that some of these are so beautiful that they deserve to be appreciated by everyone. So I went looking for some great pictures of beautiful churches... both in and outside, and got to see amazing shots of these beauties. Here's my selection... I hope you all enjoy these. To check out the location of each, simply click at the picture to go the author's flickrstream. Don't forget to check their portfolio, also. Cheers! ;)

The Inspiring Work of Sam O'Hare

Earlier this morning I saw a really cool video from Sam O'Hare over at - a site filled with inspiring stuff. The thing is that Sam's video was so cool that I decided to search more about his work to show here to you, besides the video, of course. The video, entitled The Sandpit is a brilliant mix of time-lapse and tilt shift that shows a day in the big apple. Sam used a Nikon D3 to produce it. Other than the video, I really liked his photos. The shots are simple and beautiful, they have a stunning lightening composition and most of them show day-to-day scenes, witch I love. I think it's really nice to shot ordinary scenes, images from our day by day life. His images really got my attention... so here it is a selection of some of Sam's photos. Head over to his site to check out more about him and his work! I hope you like it. Enjoy. :) The Video The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo. Some Photos

Beautifully Weird Human Shapes

Experimenting is one of the greatest things on all creative fields. I was surfing at fffffound and got to see some crazy, beautifully weird experiments, a collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. They share a fascination with genetic manipulation and beauty expression. Unconsciously their work touches upon these themes, however it is not their intention to communicate this. They work in a primitive and limitless way creating future human shapes, blindly discovering low – tech prosthetic ways for human enhancement. To check out their blog, got to LucyandBart. I hope you all like it. And don't forget, always try things out. ;)

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Eric Curry was born in 1956 in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in 1980, he lived in Scandinavia for the next 12 years, running his own advertising photography studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, returning to the states in 1992. Originally trained and specializing in studio still life/special effects photography for all those years, Eric eventually transitioned over to location industrial photography, because it affords, as he comments: "A much broader pallet of avenues for creativity." Currently, Mr. Curry creates photographs exclusively on location for select clients and himself, taking full advantage of the depth and possibilities afforded by each and every new challenge. For more information visit Eric's website at Dive! Dive! Dive! Building a Mini Submarine - This photo is a Recreation of an actual event that happened 26 years ago. King of the Hill DC-3: Workhorse This is a real business that flies cargo every day to Catalina Island. NAVY HARDSUIT Photographed on the deck of a U.S NAVY ship 62' T-Bird: Honey, I'm Home... Photographed i El Segundo CA. I borrowed the car from a local museum and the house of a neighbor in town. Tres Amigos This real stage coach built by the Amish about 70 years ago, was photographed on a small ranch just north of Los Angeles. The horse shoer - Jud, the horse- Rio, and the dog -Digger are all locals that "volunteered" to be in my photo of Cowboys and the old west. Turn Around of Engine 2449 I was given permission from Union Pacific Rail Road to photograph one of their locomotives in the service yard at night. It took over a year of talking to finally get permission to do this difficult image. I tried to create an impression of these giant components almost scattered about randomly just like a child's toys being played with.... Lockheed-12: End Of Day This beautifully restored Lockeed-12 was photographed in Chino Airport, CA This aircraft was built in 1939 and served in WWII for the British, it did transport Winston Churchill and saw action and did also take battle damage. CAPTAIN AMERICA And 3-D BOY This is a photo of Jerome and his amazing creation. A super tricked out Harley Davidson motorcycle- sporting the character of Captain America, he is a "one man parade." The little boy on the side represents the junior Super Hero in all of us I think... Airstream Trailer: Home on the Range This beautifully restored Airstream Trailer was borrowed form the owner, and placed out in the desert near Death Valley, CA in order for me to make the photo. The trailer, pink flamingos, ice chest and vintage green chairs are al property of Doug.... Tractor In Flower Fields Lowrider: Eye Candy Photographed in the front yard of a total stranger, we are recreating the scene of a couple dudes hanging out in the front yard with their amazing car. M1-A1 Main Battle Tank On location at Fort Irwin, a United States Army Training base in the California desert. This image was created with this tank and her crew just days before the solders shipped out for their second tour of duty to Iraq

Awesome & Radical Snowboard Photography

Snowboard season is not over yet, to inspire the ones that love it I selected some amazing photographs to represent it. Whether you get inspired by the photography or the actual sport, get out there and let this inspiration take action. by Rune T by geoftheref by Altus by Brahm by Maurizio Polese by Ryan Dearth by f-l-e-x by Julius Koivistoinen by klOrklOr by rhys logan by NIELS AHA by Greg Miller by Entity Boardshop by rhys logan by nhuisman by thefracturedframe by Yanis / by Yanis / by Thorvildsen by AxGxOjun by JeroenKoning by Matt Cohen Photo / 1115 by richardbaybutt by dietrich by Ryan Taylor by Yanis / by Georg by Prepelita Alexandru by tpphoto by Maurizio Polese by NZSki by norbertszasz by by Jeroen Koning If you have some snowboarding photos, feel free to share with us on the comment area

20 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers

It's been some time since we had a good wallpaper post. I was looking for a new wallpaper for my desktop and I found some amazingly beautiful images that just made me want to post a whole bunch of nature wallpapers. So I started to look just for nature images, and I found really great ones, worth sharing with you guys! To download these, you must first click the image... this will take you to the download site, where you'll choose your resolution. I hope you all enjoy my selection. Cheers! ;)

Inspiring Photographs by Caitlin Worthington

Caitlin Worthington, aka mumbojumbo89 at deviantART has some pretty good and inspiring images at her galleries! She does exactly the kind of photos I love... simple scenes, great expressions and amazing colors! For me, combining those elements you will have really good shots. And as you will be able to see here, this exactly the case of Caitlin Worthington's photographs. I was browsing around looking for inspiration when I bumped into one of her images (the first of this selection) and got amazed! The expressions she captures are really awesome, and combined with great colors, light and talent, results in really 'eye catching images'. Well, I suggest you check her website and DA profile for further inspiring photographs. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did... ;)

Highspeed Photography: Drops

One of the greatest pleasures in Photography is experimentation. To come up with a shot, a new view of the world that none has seen yet is a true challenge... a work for a visionary, maybe. But, aren't we all visionaries? I've seen these in the web a while ago... and was thinking that this technique was born from the curiosity of someone... observing that there was more to a drop falling into water than we can see at normal eye. And he was right. There's a world of instant, little umbrellas and mushrooms. And all he need was to try. So I tell you, try! Whatever you wanna do, try. Unless you're planning on killing someone or robbing a bank... in those cases, please, don't try. ;p These are some awesome pictures taken by fantastic photographers. You should all visit their photostreams at Flickr for more of their great work just by clicking in the picture you like. I know they will all appreciate it. Let's all show them some love! Cheers. ;)

Amazing City Views from the Top

There are two things I really enjoy, big cities and good photography. When these two combine it's just magic, I enjoy looking a concrete jungles from the top view and see how big and full of buildings they are, the show of lights that it makes at night it's just amazing. Here is a great selection of top view photography from cities all over the globe. Tokyo Nightscape | by Altos Photowalking | by Thomas Hawk City of Lights | by Paul Lower Manhattan, New York | by Frankhg Tokyo in Blue | by Magnumpi Manhattan View | by Digital Agent Still Growing | by Emarati Style Chicago Skyline | by Spudart Bologna | by Luca Zappacosta Above the Stars | by Andras Jancsik Is It the end of days? | by Philipp Klinger Navy Helicopter flying over Bangkok | by Ben North of São Paulo | by Blast Furnace 2 View of London | by superhoopsa Ocean of Lights | by Hughes500 View from the Top | by Joep R. NYC Cityscape | by Jorg Dickman Above Zurich | by thnkfst After Dusk | by Mauro Nascimento Shanghai Night View | by Yohanes Budiyanto

Giveaway: A World in HDR - A Great book by Trey Ratcliff

I'm pretty sure all of you guys read our post A World in HDR - A Great book by Trey Ratcliff and got simply amazed with the images and tiny portions of the book's content we showed here! And I'm also convinced that if you are a HDR lover, you are probably dreaming about this book... if you are a HDR curious you must be even more curious about it... if you had no clue about the existence of HDR (which I doubt) now you do want to know everything about it... and ok, maybe you don't even like HDR, but I bet that deep inside you do wanna read the book... Once again I repeat that this book is really amazing. The images, the content, Trey's excitement and passion, everything is so catching that you want to read the whole book in a single shot to get your camera and start picturing your world in HDR. :) So based in all that and with a great support from Trey Ratcliff we are having this giveaway where 3 of our readers will be gifted with a copy of A World in HDR! All you have to do is leave a comment saying what do you like most about HDR photos and next Thursday - not tomorrow, but Feb, 18th - we will announce the lucky winners. So get ready and shout out what do you like most about HDR!! Good luck guys. ;) A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House Farewell India The Airy Doom of the Duomo Masts and Shafts A Small Carousel in France The Fallout Bunker Fourth on Lake Austin Check out more about Trey here at Abduzeedo: Trey Ratcliff's Wonderful HDR Images Trey Ratcliff's Wonderful HDR Images #2

Superheroes and Villains in Historical Pictures

I had seen these on the web a few times, but never really got to find the artist behind it. These are some awesome montages of superheroes and villains placed in historical moments, like the World War II. It's pretty amazing how realistic these are. That shows us how good Agan Harahap is. In his portfolio there's a bunch more great works like these, but I don't actually know if they're all montages. Anyways, after checking these you should visit his portfolio at flickr. I hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Stylish & Creative Photos by Iain Crawford

Iain Crawford is a beauty and fashion photographer based in London that has a pretty impressive portfolio. His images are beautiful, colorful, creative and full of style... Some of them have a retro felling while others are modern and contemporary. Among his clients you can find names as Lancome, Max Factor, Givenchy, L'Oreal, Vogue and many other. Iain's work is really amazing and the images are very eye catching, so take your time to enjoy them. I found his work while I was browsing around looking for inspiration, and for sure these images are inspiring! Check out more of his work at his website or at his Behance profile. I hope you enjoy!! :)

Impressive Photography by Alex Gaidouk

Alex Gaidouk is originally from Russia but currently calls Brooklyn home. Every so often a photographer will come along and take pictures that make you wish you could teleport yourself to that exact location at that exact instant just so you can feel the beauty they feel. Alex did it for me. I don't know how he does it, and honestly I don't even want to know. I'm happy enough just marveling at these beautiful shots and wishing I could be at these places too. Some of the places he photographs don't even look very appealing, but he makes them beautiful somehow and that's something I can really appreciate. Check out more from Alex by heading over to his site or flickr. Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did! Let me know what you think via twitter.

Introducing Manipulator Alex Lataille

Alex Lataille is a freelance photography manipulator, who resides in Connecticut, United States. He has been working on manipulations for over two and a half years, and at the age of 20, he is proving to be quite an impressive artist. Alex is part of various art collectives including slashTHREE and Intrinsic Nature. He attends Bryant University, a business school in Rhode Island; art is his passionate hobby. Alex strives to consistently improve with every new piece, as well as helping to improve others with his “endless” critique. Be on the lookout for a feature and interview with Alex in the coming weeks!

Super Cool Pictures of Insects

I remember killing all sorts of insects as a kid. I never took a enough time looking at these tiny insects to realize just how some of these can be really adorable. Of course, I know that jsut a few are cute... but these pictures just show us these little creatures from another perspective. Here is a selection of pretty amazing close ups of insects, which I hope you all enjoy. Don't forget to visit each artists' portfolio for even more of these! Cheers. ;) OH HAI