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Awesome FMX Action Photography

The photographs were taken during shooting of a full length documentary movie about FMX rider Libor Podmol. The shooting and photo taking were under way in the course of this winter in the cradle of freestyle motocross in Cali and in Arizona. The photo series consist of action sports shots and pictures from LOMO camera that moderately lighten and slacken the whole photo set. These photos were taken by Dan Vojtech, for more photos from this project visit

Beautiful Pictures of the Eiffel Tower

I've never been to Paris, but I've seen it so many times on TV that I've fallen in love with this city. There are some spots there that I really wish to visit someday, and the most obvious one is the Eiffel Tower, because it is just amazing. So I thought that there would be some beautiful pictures of it, and I was right. These are some of the great pictures I've found on Flickr. Looking at these awesome images I just know that this must be a great place to be at. Also, I wonder if you guys got yourselves your own Eiffel Tower pictures. Show us! I also recommend you to visit each photographer for more of their great work! I hope you like these. Cheers! ;) Marty Portier Sampath Maddali jimmedia Jens Versteegden anto XIII Brooklyn Museum Taylor Miles Renancab Ramón Durán Roy Grundeken Breff Mohammed Momenah Jason Jason

Autoestima - A Beautiful Photo Project by Claudio Meneghetti

Last month Abduzeedo organized a very cool event here in our hometown, the Photoshop Battle. At the event we had the opportunity to meet several creative professionals and their work. One of these persons I met was Roberta Gewehr, who works at StudioMe. She introduce me to a beautiful project from Claudio Meneghetti, the photographer behind StudioMe. As soon as Roberta explained the project to me I loved it... and when I saw the images I was even more sure that I had to share them with you. Meneghetti's Autoestima project was exhibited at the Galerie d'art François Mansart, in Paris and it was also exhibited at the Guatephoto in Guatemala. The project captures people who live in the streets of Porto Alegre (our hometown) and makes a before and after showing the difference of a physiognomy when a person is been taken care of. In my opinion this is not only beautiful, it's deep, interesting and very inspiring... so enjoy Claudio Meneghetti's work. In their silence, the photos of Claudio Meneghetti speak, or rather, whisper. In a series of subtleties, they tell it is possible to see before and after at the same time. Before: hunger, cold, dirt, fatigue, lack of direction. After: food, bath, sleep, self-esteem. The characters in the photos, street dwellers of Porto Alegre, express the delicate – but no less severe - change that arises when self-esteem is enhanced. Effigies take shape in shadow and light, going from the shadow of abandonment to the light of the encounter. Captured in a spontaneous and natural way, these models are people who live on the fringes: under bridges and marquees, under the burden of prejudice. Claudio Meneghetti photographed them when they arrived at the shelters - hungry, tired, lost - and after receiving assistance, thus eternalizing the fine line that rescues dignity and respect. He perpetuated life, which goes by at the blink of a shutter and, therefore, deserves a closer look. I also would like to thank Roberta Gewehr from StudioMe for her attention with this post.

Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them eBook Giveaway

I'm pretty sure you are already familiar with Trey Ratcliff, the owner of the number #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet, He is simply THE GUY when we talk about HDR photography... and for sure, to get where he is now, he had to learn a lot and develop techniques to constantly improve his work. A prove of that is the eBook he just released: Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them, where he shows some of his own mistakes from the past and teach us how to avoid them! So if you want to learn details about how to fix HDR mistakes... you better learn from the best! :) And this is exactly why we will giveaway 3 Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them eBooks to our readers. To participate just leave a comment telling us the importance about learning with our own mistakes... and good luck. We will announce the winners Friday - July, 30th. Some sample Pages Make sure you stop buy to check out further details about the eBook! Latest from Trey

Symmetrical Photography

Symmetry is that one thing that really catches everybody's attention in any photography. It may be natural or manmade, but it's awesome either way. I've done my research and found some cool symmetrical images. These are absolutely gorgeous, and my favorites are the natural ones (like the birds). I wonder which ones you like the most. Tell us! And for more of these great images, I recommend you to visit each photographer's page! I hope you like it. Cheers! ;) Updated: Sorry about he misspelling, guys! It was a honest one... I went to Flickr and looked for "simetrical" and "simetry", and there were tons of results, so I thought it was right! I guess I'm now the only one on this planet that makes mistakes once in a while. But I'm sure you'll understand that.

Photography Inspiration: Jellyfish

Jellyfish (also known as jellies or sea jellies or medusozoa) are free-swimming members of the phylum Cnidaria. Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. Jellyfish are composed of more than 90% water; most of their umbrella mass is a gelatinous material — the jelly — called mesoglea which is surrounded by two layers of epithelial cells which form the umbrella (top surface) and subumbrella (bottom surface) of the bell, or body (wikipedia). I know many of you must hate jellyfish because of its toxicity in some species, but it is undeniable the beauty of these animals. A mix of abstract shapes and symmetrical forms, there it is a living being that possesses one of the most interesting life cycles in the animal kingdom. I became very interested in the subject so I decided to look for good pictures that show the colors and textures of jellyfish. Anel Van Veelen MADIASH ash™ jimg944 Razorien Karen.b nocturne gr Ottie Kalamakia - Lloyd K. Barnes Photography Joop V Giorgos~ nobuflickr ilovepics11 vanveelen lmiyake Nicolas Hoizey StGrundy StGrundy StGrundy Jim Patterson Photography Jim Patterson Photography About the Author Hey buddies! I'm Marcos Torres, a 19 year old art director/freelancer from Brazil, I'm here to bring some new interesting stuff to you. You can see my portfolio at Any request or job opportunities, send them to, also follow me on twitter (@marcos333) to get in touch with cool design news.

Conceptual Photography of Berlin

For some, conceptual photography might not say much, but for me, the idea of conceptual is just the opposite. It is an open door to imagination, for free thinking and birth of ideas and concepts. Matthias Heiderich has taken some really beautiful conceptual pictures of Berlin, and I find these really inspirational: the colors, the geometrical forms, they all tell us so much. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, and for more of this amazing work, you may visit his portfolio. Cheers! ;)

Creepy Manipulations

We often get to see sunny, full of candy and happiness pieces of design from most artists... but when it comes to the other side, there are less creepy works being featured in design sites everywhere. Today, it's time for some scary inspiration. There are all kinds of pieces here... from photography to full photoshop manips, and they're all very creepy looking. My favorite, of course, is the last one (for those who watched Toy Story 3 too). I hope you all get inspired by these and make your own creepy pieces. Also, I recommend you to visit each artist's page for more great works. Cheers! ;)

Yummy Dessert Photography

Yesterday, the Abduzeedo team in Porto Alegre went to Applebee's for some celebration, and we had a good time together, and had some fabulous food and dessert. @FabianoMe told me to make a post on desserts. It was a good idea. I had a great salad and after that, a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla icecream... it was incredibly good, and since I know that 95% of you are freaks for desserts, I know this post will be appreciated for both photographers and dessert lovers everywhere. Enjoy! Cheers. ;) Elita Supargo Béatrice Peltre wEnDy Pillsbury Joits Sammie Betty Crocker Recipes Jennifer McFadden Elina Innanen Renata Diem Herman Au Jenelle Cassie Janne Moren  Sammie Béatrice Peltre Miemo Penttinen

Photography Inspiration by Chris Knight

Chris Knight is a photographer from Wiesbaden, Germany. He moved to the US when he was young and currently lives in North Miami Beach. Chris attended college at the illustrious University of Central Florida where he majored in Broadcast Journalism - a degree that his mother wishes he would have stuck with. Chris also is Justin Maller's friend and you will notice that the photos that Justin uses for his creations are from Chris. For more information about Chris Knight we highly recommend that you check out his new updated portfolio at

Inspiring Shapes from Dutch Architecture Photography

In this post you will see a beautiful and very inspiring series of Dutch Architecture photography by the photographer Allard Schager. These photos bring you both sides of the Dutch architecture, the old and the new, the classic and the modern, full of incredible shapes and patterns it's a world of inspiration. For more photos from Allard Schager visit his flickr -

Horizons, Architectural Photos by Bruno Cals

Horizons, a series of architectural photographs by Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals, will be on view at 1500 Gallery from May 6-July 31, 2010. The six photographs in the exhibition are part of a personal artistic project that Cals, a well-known fashion/advertising photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been working on since 2008. The photographs in the Horizons series are suggestive of something beyond the record presented. The images of the buildings in São Paulo, Tokyo and Buenos Aires explore the limits of two-dimensionality, and articulate a radically different perspective on a commonplace visual scenario. In expressing this fresh point of view, Bruno Cals has invoked contrasting themes of possibility versus impossibility, presence versus emptiness, and search versus satisfaction. About Bruno Cals Bruno Cals was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1967. At age 19, Cals moved to Paris and began a successful career as a fashion model. At age 26 he decided that he wanted to be a photographer and returned to Brazil where he began shooting professionally. Initially a fashion photographer, Cals worked for Vogue and Elle and Visionaire. Since then, he has become a successful advertising photographer, working for the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He has won several awards, including three at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Some photos from the exhibition About 1500 Gallery Alexandre Bueno de Moraes and Andrew S. Klug founded 1500 Gallery in 2010. The gallery specializes in Brazilian photography and is the first gallery in the world with this explicit focus. 1500 interprets the notion of “Brazilian photography” to comprise photography made by Brazilian photographers, as well as images bearing a conceptual or thematic relationship to Brazil. 1500 represents the work of 17 artists, both emerging and established: 6 of 1500’s photographers are represented in the Sao Paulo Museum of Art’s Collection of Photography. 1500’s collection of images includes both contemporary and vintage photography. For more information, visit

Breathtaking Pictures of Africa

It definitely the most beautiful continent in our little planet... the wildest of them all, Africa is getting some attention thanks to this year's World Cup at South Africa, but we really hope that it gets more than just plain attention. We hope for major problems solving. We've seen for so long people dying in Africa from starvation, thirst, war, etc, that in today's world, we got used to these things... but we must remember that it could be me, you, your parents there, dying of these things. I don't know... just looking at Africa and enjoying its beauty just seems a little empty now. Those people need help. We need help. This world is agonizing. I'm sad now. ... ok... just lemme finish this: you should all visit these amazing, talented photographers for more great shots. They'll appreciate. I hope you enjoy these. And think about it. Seriously. :/ Eric Lafforgue Lia "Boca Vermelha" Ben Heine Ben Heine Nick Brandt Cheryl Eric Lafforgue Eric Lafforgue Hamad Darwish Lyndon Firman Tris "More Altitude" Eric Lafforgue Eric Lafforgue Eric Lafforgue Guilherme Amorim Maurizio Peddis Ben Heine Paolo Livorno Nisa and Ulli Maier

Photoshop Quick Tip: Overprocessing in Photography

Tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom have allowed photographers to manipulate images in ways once never imaginable. These innovations have lead to increase of photographers known for their "surreal" imagery or extreme processing. One artist quite known for his processing is Dave Hill. You may remember us covering Dave Hill in previous posts. This "Dave Hill" look is most common in band photography. In this tutorial I will show how to get a similar effect to this HDR/XDR/Dave Hill look in a few quick steps. I want to point out that Dave Hill spends hours upon hours compositing, retouching, etc to his photos and that I'm not saying that this is the technique that Dave actually uses. Lastly; for best results, use strobes on your photoshoot. For example, expose for the background of your photograph then use a strobe to fill. This allows a far greater tonal range. Here are some examples using this method:

Beautiful Black and White Photography

I really love colorful photography and all its shades... but in terms of awesomeness, black and white pictures are years ahead. I find amazing how a picture gets this really beautiful feel once it goes through all the processes required. These are some fantastic black and white pictures, and I guessed it was a good time for a cool selection of BW pictures. These are some very talented photographers. I totally recommend you all to visit their photostreams for more of these great pictures. Also, I hope you all enjoy my selection! Cheers. ;) Got an awesome black and white picture? Show us!

Beautiful Sunset Photography

There is nothing better than to enjoy a sunset on a nice place, relax and watch live the beauty of nature. It's even better when you have a camera to snap some shots of this great moment, and this is what we have here, a collection of the most beautiful sunset photography from all over the globe. by /\ltus by kev747 by B?n by Philipp Klinger by petervanallen by salomon10 by msdstefan by Philipp Klinger by vrama by Harpo42 by Jill Clardy by aha42 by Rosino by sperimental by Patrick Smith Photography by nina's clicks by Symoto by jdizzy92 by dakota.morrison by Tomasito.! by 5ERG10 by Doug van Kampen

Colorful Lights in Bokeh Pictures

It's been a long time since we had our last post on bokeh. There are some pretty good pictures out there of this effect, and some feature blurred, colorful lights, which are just beautiful. If you don't know what bokeh is, it is the effect that you see in pictures when there's something on focus and another out of focus, blurred. When you get light out of focus, it produces this blurry effect which is amazing. Here's my selection of some pretty cool pictures. I recommend you to visit each photographer's page, because they got tons of great stuff for you to see... so just click each picture to go there! I hope you all enjoy these! Cheers. ;)