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Totally Looks Like

We had a laugh with this one. Totally Looks Like is a website that makes comparisons between well-known people/things and less well-known people/things. We gathered here a collection of the funniest and most obscure comparisons we found so you guys can start off the week on a good note. Some of these can get downright ridiculous but all in the name of good fun! I think my favorite is the second to last one, haha. Oh, and scroll all the way to the last one for our very own celebrity lookalike ;) 1940s Farmer Totally Looks Like Robin Williams Bill Ayers Totally Looks Like Justin Timberlake John McCain Totally Looks Like Chipmunks Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) Totally Looks Like Verizon Guy Jordan Pundik Totally Looks Like Quentin Tarantino Gordan Freeman Totally Looks Like Dr. House Ancient Statue Totally Looks Like Michael Jackson Llama Totally Looks Like David Bowie The Pope Totally Looks Like Darth Sidious Bradley Cooper Totally Looks Like Ralph Fiennes Hetty Lange Totally Looks Like Edna Mode Ozzy Osbourne Totally Looks Like Penney Marshell Young Albert Einstein Totally Looks Like Shia Labeouf Charlemagne Totally Looks Like Burger King Eddie Murphy Totally Looks Like Cruz e Souza Hillary Clinton Totally Looks Like The Joker Mask Joe Jackson Totally Looks Like Ludo from Labyrinth Michael Phelps Stretching Totally Looks Like Raw Thanksgiving Turkey Prince Totally Looks Like Jafar Sting Totally Looks Like President Grant Susan Boyle Totally Looks Like Bird Lady from Home Alone 2 Tim Burton's Mad Hatter Totally Looks Like Madonna Whoopi Totally Looks Like Lil Wayne Zombie Horde Totally Looks Like Twilight Fangirl Horde And our very own lookalike: Fabio Sasso Totally Looks Like... James Franco? That's right, ladies...tweet him up!

Super Creative Photos by Flávio Demarchi

Flávio Demarchi is a photographer from São Paulo, Brazil who has been working for big clients such as Getty Images, UOL, Super Interessante and other major Brazilian publications. Checking out his Flickr account, there's a set called 2 cents of imagination where he shows off some incredibly clever photos. For more information we highly recommend that you visit Flávio's portfolio on Flickr. There are great photos and be prepared to spend a couple of hours checking them. Someone trying to take as many pictures as one possibly can. Intelligent critcs or constructive insults are more than welcome Hunger Hard Work Tu pareces el mundo en tu actitud de entrega Old and new (kind of...) Old and new (kind of...) II Hypochondria The censor is in your eyes Rich Soil Anorexy OMG... Transgenic neighbour Lost in blue Always on My world is upside down. Gluttony (remix) Harrassment

Stunning Pictures of Mountains

One day, I'm gonna travel the world and simply enjoy its wonders. I know this is biggest plan in most people's life, and no wonder why. Getting to know great places, like these mountains would make a perfect living. All over the planet there are some really stunning landscapes like these. People tend to watch movies like Avatar and think that Earth sucks... that any fantasy world is cooler, but they are mistaken. We have in our own reality the greatest things to be seen. Great mountain, beautiful plains, breathtaking beaches. Is only a matter of looking at these the right way, and you'll really appreciate it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, and seriously, you should all visit each author's page for more great pictures! These guys are awesome. Cheers! Ian Katarina Gian Trey Ratcliff Edgar Moskopp Katarina Katarina Philippe Sainte-Laudy Katarina Philippe Sainte-Laudy Matt Champlin Luigi Philippe Sainte-Laudy Pedro Szekely Alfonso bridgepix Louis Vest Ben Visbeek Ben Visbeek Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson Mateja

Looking at the Past

One good way to look at the past and the present at the same time is to take a photo holding an old photo of the same location. It's amazing to see the past being held on top of the present and see that a lot of things remain the same. Check this out and try it yourself. by Keith Woods by jasonepowell by jasonepowell by Daccc by Corey Templeton by jasonopowell by jasonopowell by jasonopowell by XsuperflyX by Corey Templeton by Jesse Joseph Simons by haunted snowfort by jasonepowell by jasonepowell by jasonepowell by iagorchangel by uwgb admissions by uwgb admissions by hairyeggg by haunted snowfort by Tinflower by Jennifer Glass by Tom5 by 4Durt

30 Great Fireworks Pictures to Inspire You

A new year is right around the corner... and no matter where you will be at New Year's eve, you will probably see some really cool fireworks exploding and lightening the sky! As I love fireworks and I believe they are always a beautiful subject to photograph, I made this selection of fireworks pictures to inspire you! An optimist stays up to see the New Year in. A pessimist waits to make sure the old one leaves. Bill Vaughan Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. Oprah Winfrey Hope you like the selection! And don't forget to click at the images to visit the site where we found them. And of course, I wish you guys an Spectacular New Year... From From flickr Altus Melinda^..^ CameraSlayer Spice DrgnMastr karthikclicks fiftymm99 h.orihashi len_skapp Cory.Lum Velachery Balu

Merry Christmas from Abduzeedo

I love winter! Cuddling up by the fire with loved ones, and maybe a good book and some eggnog too. Oh, and of course watching cute romantic Christmas movies! My favorite :) If you weren't able to make it home for Christmas this year and be with the ones you love, just remember to love the ones you're with. Hope you guys are all keeping warm this holiday season (or keeping cool if you're in Brazil and the rest of the southern hemisphere.) Wherever you are, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, from the Abduzeedo family to yours!

Stylish Photography by Brandon Voges

Brandon Voges is a photographer from Saint Louis, MO, United States. He has done everything from digital retouching to illustration, motion graphics, art direction and interactive design until he realized that what he really loves to do was image-making at the source. Brandon has a great sense of style with some impresseive portraits. In 2003 he joined the Bruton Stroube Studio as a principal where he's been working since then. We highly recommend that you visit Brandon's Behance profile and of course the Bruton Stroube studio website These are portraits I took for some friends who were brave enough to grow amazing moustaches during the month of November to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Introducing the St. Lou Albano All Stars! Kick crotch cancer in the crotch! Learn more at Portraits of folks while they're hanging upside down. Yep. Gross. The full set and "making of" video at

Amazing Vanishing Point Photography

Vanishing point photography is everywhere—most people don't even know it exists, but if you know about perspective you provably know what we are talking about. This technique started being used many years ago on the drawings of such artists as Donatello, and now can be seen in many photographies as you can see in this amazing selection of great vanishing point photography. Vanishing Point Info from Wikipedia A vanishing point is a point in a perspective drawing to which parallel lines not perpendicular to the image plane appear to converge. The number and placement of the vanishing points determines which perspective technique is being used. The concept was first used by Renaissance artists such as Donatello and Masaccio. Vanishing points can also refer to the point in the distance where the two verges of a road appear to converge. This is often used to help assess the upcoming curves in the road; to judge the radius and therefore the entry speed and optimum line. If the vanishing point moves towards you or to your sides, the curve is tightening. If the vanishing point moves away from you or comes to center, the curve is straightening. For more info visit: Wikipedia—Vanishing Points Endless by nighthawk3 Travelator by Cormac Phelan Last Tube Home by MrLomo Speeding Tunnel by MrLomo Tunnel Vision by ElWanderer Traveling Without Moving by Formalfallacy Conveyor by alvatrosskyi 9th st Path Station by derajfast Fast by Justin Timperio My Soul's Door by Ben Heine Marienplatz by Werner Boehm Night Monster by skiplecariboo Road El Chalten by imagesconcept Whoosh! by AJ UK Little Light Explorer by MSC-PhotoDesign Welcome change as the rule and not as your ruler by Atul Tater Tunnel to the Pentagon Memorial by Heather Dyan Autumn is Back by bondesu Next Stop: Sewastopol by yushimoto

Eccentric Photographs by Ryan McGinley

This is the kind of stuff that gets me really that look like they were taken from a low budget sci-fi flick from the 70's. I love it. New York based photographer, Ryan McGinley seems to capture this general aura of mystery in his shots. When I look at them I get confused because I find that I really have no idea what's going on (especially in those cave pictures). I love it when photos do that to me. I'm also really digging Ryan's distinctive use of color and lighting. Oh, and naked people. I just really, really love when photographers (and artists in general) step out of the box and run with their kooky ideas. Anyway, check out more from Ryan here, and let me know what you think via twitter or facebook.

A Top View of Tokyo

SATO Shintaro has photographed cityscape of Tokyo. It is said Tokyo is attractive and vibrant metropolis. Although its area is narrow, there are houses and apartments stand side by side continuously, also there are lots of shops and office buildings, etc. At the streets of office buildings, there appear old buildings as well as newly built high-rises. The townscape is of varying something old and new, and shows thousands of different kinds of scenes of the metropolis Tokyo. There is a transitional time when dusk fades into night, when manmade and natural light intermingle each other. View from a certain height, not low but not high, reveals commercial areas intermingled with residential areas where people go about their daily business. This midway time and space SATO calls the "twilight zone" spreads out quietly before him with incredible depth beyond the naked eyes. "The time when the new creeps in and the old fades away in a simultaneous slow dance is when the ever-ambiguous city is at its most," says SATO. The metropolis Tokyo has an abundance of energy, and its cityscape captured by SATO shows maintained exquisite balance intermingled with existence of people in the city. To find out more about Sato Shintaro visit:

One Person, 15 Self-Portraits

Julija Shoronova, Julia and biomushroom are the same person, a 20 years old artist from Riga, Latvia. Julia has some really creative self-portraits at her DA page. I found the pictures while browsing deviantART for inspiration. The very different looks and perspectives from each photo got my attention... so I decided to put this selection together to show you 15 looks of a same person! What I like most about photography is the possibilities you have to play with light and also the colors. As far as inspiration, everything around inspires me! I think really interesting the way that she captures herself... a different perspective each time around. Besides the eyes, that are really beautiful and expressive, she changes the atmosphere around her in avery shot. I have to say that I liked this idea of taking self-portraits to a next level, test our 'every side'. Well, hope you like the selection. And in case you want to show us your self-portrait...feel free to do it! ;)

Astounding Images from the Bird Book

Turning his camera to the world of birds, Andrew Zuckerman has a created a new body of work showcasing more than 200 stunning photographs of nearly 75 different species. These winged creatures from exotic parrots to everyday sparrows, and endangered penguins to woody owls are captured with Zuckerman's painstaking perspective against a stark white background to reveal the vivid colors, textures, and personalities of each subject in extraordinary and exquisite detail. The ultimate art book for ornithologists and nature enthusiasts alike, Bird is a volume of sublime beauty. The photos are simply stunning, the quality and the sharpness are really impressive. I highly recommend that you check out the Bird Book website and be prepared to spend a lot of time there, because there are lots of images and also some videos. Below I selected some of these photoso. About the Author Andrew Zuckerman was born in Washington, DC in 1977. After an internship at The International Center of Photography in New York, he attended the School of Visual Arts to study photography and film, where he graduated in 1999. His work has been commissioned extensively for many leading international brands and has received many awards, including D&AD, One Show, BDA, and multiple annuals. His first film, High Falls, premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in 2007 before going on to win for best short narrative at the Woodstock Film Festival. He has published three photography books. CREATURE, a portrait series of animals, was released worldwide in November 2007 to critical acclaim and is now in its fourth printing. WISDOM, a book, film, and traveling exhibition released in October 2008, is an ongoing project made with the support of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Andrew traveled the globe to photograph and interview the world's most eminent elders, from Judi Dench to Nelson Mandela, creating a comprehensive account of their perspectives on life. His latest book, BIRD, is a visual study of birds from the rarest to the most common and will be available in October 2009. In 2006 Andrew co-founded Late Night and Weekends, a company that produces advertising, films, books, and online content. Once again, Zuckerman works with the cooperation of zoos, wildlife preserves and aviaries to photograph his living subjects in bright white light against a flat white background, a setting that nature purists might find off-putting at first, but which reveals each animal as a self-contained, emotionally responsive being-the photo of a Great Horned Owl is less a documentary nature photo than a portrait of an individual who just happens to belong to another species. - Barnes & Noble Videos BIRD Wild Turkey from Andrew Zuckerman Studio on Vimeo. BIRD Golden Eagle from Andrew Zuckerman Studio on Vimeo. BIRD Vulturine Guineafowl from Andrew Zuckerman Studio on Vimeo. Buy the book For more information about the book, check out the Amazon page of the Bird book

Beautiful Photos from Arezzo's Campaigns

Arezzo is a famous shoes and accessories brand here in Brazil, and their campaigns are really awesome. The photographs are always beautifully produced, very creative and sometimes a bit surreal. This way we are always waiting for their next campaign, to see more of their great work. Arezzo always work with famous Brazilian actresses to make the campaigns look even more local. Their campaigns are all over the place: magazines, outdoors, the web... and for sure they get a lot of attention. The images are really eye catching, check it out! I really like all of Arezzo's campaigns, and this weekend, after seeing the last campaign in a magazine, I decided to put this selection together to show you what I think are great and inspiring photographies. And the shoes and accessories are also very inspiring, of course. At least for the female audience. ;) In case you want to read more about Arezzo, check out their website. I'm pretty sure you will also like the images. Enjoy! :) Arezzo Summer 2010 - Photos by Gui Paganini Katiuscia Canoro, Marisa Orth, Andréa Beltrão, Regina Casé, Fernanda Torres, Maria Paula Arezzo Pre Summer 2010 - Photos by Gui Paganini Juliana Paes and Cleo Pires Arezzo Fall 2009 - Photos by Gui Paganini Juliana Paes Arezzo Summer 2009 - Photos by Gui Paganini Claudia Raia, Mariana Ximenes and Patrícia Pillar Other Campaigns Mariana Ximenes Taís Araújo Alinne Moraes Alessandra Negrini

Beautiful Introspective Photography

One of the main reasons why I love photography so much, is that it captures introspective moments so well. Some people might think that being introspective means that you're sad, but they're wrong. Being introspective is much more... is looking inside yourself, looking at your soul. These moments are awesome. I know that some of you might not even enjoy these moments, by taking a good look inside you from time to time is a good way to clean things, put things in order. And thanks to photogaphy, there are introspective photography not only for people, but for animals and any other thing too. I guess that's the magic of it. Anything is possible. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my brief selection of pictures, and please, visit each photographer's page. Support creativity. Cheers! ;)

Your Best Shot 2009

We all know that Flickr is the best place to find the best photography on the web and this year flickr started an amazing group pool called Your Best Shot 2009 in which any member can send in their best shot. What we got from that is one of the biggest and greatest pool of photography one has ever seen, and here I selected a few to share with you. Flickr is the home of millions of photography and photographers, the best place to display your photo work and the idea of allowing each member to send in their best shot of the year is just insane, so far there are more than 8 thousand shots and they are all great. Here you can see the entire group pool and participate by submitting Your Best Shot 2009 I only selected a couple from the thousand, hope you enjoy and participate as well. Peas on a Bunch of L'il Pumpkins by -oAk- Linlithgow Palace by idoru78 Noise for Mike by Ouep Canal @Utrecht City by Christiaan Brugge Empty Royal Arcade by silvesterkkk Millenium Bridge, London by rbreve Block It All Out by Henderson Images I believe I can fly by VictorEleuterio Chapelle by zaziepoo Selfportrait by Pauli Antero Window view/Opera house by Irwin at SYD what do u want... by m.jaan Tawariq by M_A_ALBADRI India by Janne Amalie Svit Frog X2 by signejb Ryang Photography by ryangphoto1 Frank by King.... Pier Bridge by joselm The waiters by Gotama2.0 Overlooking Delft by Scotland by OnTheClouds Graslei Gent by mdstoop Travelling without movingt by formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor)

25 Kickass Skydiving Pictures

There are some sports that really deserve being captured on camera. A long time ago we had a post featuring football pictures... today, it's time for some kickass skydiving photography! This gotta be that one sport that I keep promissing myself I ought to do it someday. I really love how some of these pictures show us just how tiny and fragile we are, and yeah, this is a big planet! Kuddos for the people brave enough to do it! And, I hope you enjoy these pictures... also, you should really visit each photographer's page for more of these!! Cheers. ;)

Mysterious Photography by Adr Dpi

Adrian aka adr dpi is a photographer from the UK and has an awesome style of photography that will make you think about each shot. These photos are not the regular landscapes beauty you see everyday, there is something in it that makes it so mysterious and great at the same time. Check it out! I'm an interactive designer working for a digital agency in London. Passionate about photography, I've picked up an LX3 in April, and shooting since. Check out for more photos. Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper. – William Albert Allard