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The MILK Design Trend

Milk is an opaque white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It provides the primary source of nutrition for newborn mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. Not only all that but Milk is the new and most growing design trend (design meaning typography, manipulations, illustrations and more), it seems like everywhere you go online you find a bit of milk. By being one of the biggest trends of the years milk is also providing a great source of inspiration to vitalize your mind, but sometimes trends get old so let's enjoy while it last. Get the cookies ... Milk Typography Milk Photos Milk Illustration

20 Fantastic Pictures of Lightning

A few days ago we had amazing post on long exposure pictures. That day, during my search for those picture, I ran into some pictures of lightning, and I realized that it would make a whole new set of fantastic pictures. And I was right. These are truly fantastic. If you don't know how to take pictures of lightning, don't worry... it has to do with luck just a little bit. It's not about capturing a picture in the right moment, but using long exposure to collect any lightning that might happen during a lightning storm. Just set your camera to capture for some seconds (as you wish), point it to the storm, and shoot it. The chance to capture an awesome lightning bolt is enormous. Anyways, these is my selection! I hope you guys enjoy it and please, visit all these guys pages! Chees! ;) swamysk David Benna Paula H Ajka_Hungary Bob George Jim Skea Doug Humphries David Parrish adam berk Jimmer Greg Foster Michael James Eduardo Mustad Philip Schexnayder Orrin Otherwords Thomas Black Father_McKenzie Mathias Rousseau Tamás Somoskeöy Paul Kim

29 Amazing Long Exposure Pictures

Long exposure is one of the techniques that I find the most amazing. The way that the camera captures those few seconds and you're able to see it, is really amazing. Pictures like that got a special feeling, somewhat magical. When an image is taken including stationary and moving subjects (for example, a fixed street and moving cars or a camera within a car showing a fixed dash-board and moving scenery) using a slow shutter speed, interesting effects, such as light trails occur. Long exposures are easiest to accomplish in low-light conditions, but can be done in brighter light using neutral density filters or specially designed cameras. We'd love to see your pictures! Post them in a commentary! And don't forget to visit these photographer's photostreams! Cheers! ;) Lucas Janin Patrick Smith Mohammed Al-Naser Agus Sutanto Robert Orthen Paul Corica John Ryan Laura Dyszynski David Herreman Tyler Westcott Te-Wei Liu Jason Theaker Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir Jim Skea Stu Worrall Stefan Elf Markus Bahlmann Justin Kern AndWhyNot Erick Loitière Broddi Sigurðarson Philipp Klinger Victor von Salza Andreas Nellas Toni_V Ar'alani

Inside the Wave Photography by Clark Little

Clark Little manages to do what no one has ever done before, go out on the Hawaiian sea and take photos from inside the waves. It's a very dangerous type of photography when going into waves that vary from 3 - 15 feet, but it pays off with the result because the photos are unbelievable amazing, definitely something you never seen before. It all started in 2007 when Clark’s wife wanted a nice piece of art to decorate a wall. Voluntarily, Clark grabbed a camera, jumped in the water, and starting snapping away capturing the beauty and power of monstrous Hawaiian waves from the inside out. “Clark’s view” is a unique view of the ocean that most will only be able to experience safely on land, while studying one of Clark’s photos. "I enjoy the power and beauty of the thick bombs that roll through. Now I can capture some of those heavy moments without getting slammed. Well, most of the time." Now with a camera upgrade and an itch to get that better shot, Clark has taken this on full time and has moved his office from land, to the inside of a barrel. Since the recent stir of Clark’s work, his images have been run on the Today Show, ABC World News Now, Paris Match (France), Hana Hou (Hawaiian Airlines) magazine, Surfer magazine as well as multiple publishers and newspapers in the U.S. and overseas. Here is a little interview that Clark gave to the abc news. All these photos are copyrighted by Clark Little and they are all for sale on his website, so you can chose the ones you like and have them on your wall. To check out more of his photos visit

Portraits of Global Mass Culture by Chris Jordan

We live in a society of mass consumption where everything seems to be disposable, causing one of the worst problems of our time, the huge amount of garbage produced by us and thrown away in the ocean or other areas every day. Chris Jordan, has been using this subject in some his photography exhibitions, alerting us to how terrible we have been treating our planet. Chris photos are incredible and in his Running the Numbers II Portraits of global mass culture exhibition, each image portrays a specific quantity of something: the number of tuna fished from the world's oceans every fifteen minutes, for example. But this time the statistics are global in scale, rather than specifically American. Finding meaning in global mass phenomena can be difficult because the phenomena themselves are invisible, spread across the earth in millions of separate places. There is no Mount Everest of waste that we can make a pilgrimage to and behold the sobering aggregate of our discarded stuff, seeing and feeling it viscerally with our senses. We highly recommend that you visit Chris' website ( and take a closer look at his photos, they are incredible but show us how bad we are with our world. Gyre, 2009 8x11 feet, in three vertical panels Depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world's oceans every hour. All of the plastic in this image was collected from the Pacific Ocean. a Shark Teeth, 2009 64x94"; based on a watercolor painting by Sarah Waller Depicts 270,000 fossilized shark teeth, equal to the estimated number of sharks of all species killed around the world every day for their fins. Photos from other Exhibitions Cell phones #2, Atlanta 2005 Cell phone chargers, Atlanta 2004 Spent bullet casings, 2005 Container yard #2, Seattle 2004

30 Great Aurora Borealis Photographs

Aurora Borealis, Auroras, Northern or Southern lights or even just Aurora are all the same... They are different ways of calling the natural lights phenomenon sometimes displayed at the sky, usually at night, particularly at the Polar Regions. The aurora borealis most often happens from September to October and from March to April. The northern lights have had several names through the times and one that I thought pretty interesting was "The Dance of the Spirits". Here we will show some great photos I found from this phenomenon on Flickr. Most of these pictures had no photoshop work on it, they are real scenes, and the ones that had photoshop was just to emphasize the lights, not to create them. At least that is what is written under the users comments at the images on Flickr. :) If you want to get more info about Aurora Borealis check out Wikipedia and for some tips to photograph it, go to this Photo Blog. Enjoy! orvaratli jaá Bia Nicastro Kristjan Johann Unneva Rezmutt Jan Hugo Andersen Stefan Elf Tom Wolbers OdDoF vietisphoto David Cartier JLudin BrynJ urbanraven hauxon Einar Ragnarsson John Charlton

20 Beautiful Pictures of Dogs

Taking a quick look at ffffound I ran into a picture of a dog, which reminded me of my long gone buddy. Those were some good times when we would play in the park. I'm truly a dog person, and these pictures are seriously beautiful. It's incredible how we get to see such expressive picture of these little guys. It's almost like they had human expression, which is really awesome. Animals have feeling too, so come on people, be good to the animals, and if you get the chance, adopt a street dog. They are awesome pets as much as any other kind. Anyways, don't forget to visit these photographers photostreams at Flickr! Give 'em a little love! And I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Cheers. ;) Cat Faery Shari rosanemacedonio Kris Kros Wam Mosely rosa_pedra Dan65 Sippanont Samchai Soul101 Voetmann lomokev dog ma amy.r ••fly•• Potomac Pix moggierocket Mindtrain :Samantha Morris: Angela. manyfires

Photography + Biography of Simon Duhamel

Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema, video games and pop culture, Simon Duhamel's photography registers in a modern approach to digital photography. Both photographer and retoucher, Duhamel knows ho to create unique scenes and ambiances for each of his realizations, providing each project with a distinct visual signature. My name is Simon Duhamel, and for the past 3 years, I've been making my way in the photographic world. I started documenting my progress with a blog I still write on a daily basis,, sharing my thoughts on photography as well as my work and inspiration. I'm a big promoter of emerging artists and to push the concept, I recently launched with my collegues a new collective of photographers and visual arts artists called "Made of Stills". ( Other than photography, I've worked on several stop motion projects. Along the way I had the chance of working as Director of Photography with talented people such as motion designers GPG (, Julien Vallée ( and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa (, creating ads, tv shows intros and videoclips. As for my personal work, I am very influenced by pop culture, comic books and video games. I like to instill specific moods to all my images, allowing myself to explore, providing each project with its own visual signature. I specialize in advertising but also work with artists. I am currently working on a long term project to portray emerging artists from Montreal and around the world. One day, I hope to get this project published. Till then, lots of work ahead! Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

Very Creative Photos by Murat Suyur

Well, if you like to see great photography and a good work on photoshop this is it, Murat is one of the most creative artists I have ever seen, I'm sure you seen some of his pieces around but this selection is going to bring your inspiration level to the top, check it out. Murat Suyur was born in Istanbul 1984, lives and works in Istanbul - Turkey. His approach to photography is a classic on in early 2005, he says the computer is just a tool that he uses to carry out corrections. He has an unmistakable pictorial idiom, based on his humor, his playfulness and a practically unlimited power of the imagination. Murat pictorial composition nonetheless remains simple and clear. The multiple levels of interpretation in Suyur's work points to surrealism art as the creative source of his inspiration. For more visit Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

Stylish Photography Inspiration: Paddy Fernandez

Paddy Fernandez is an experimental photographer form the Unite Kingdom, that despite of his young age, has already developed a very interesting style in his photos and in special in his portraits. With a really cool sense of illumination, also some images mixing desaturation with colors and of a bit of humor Paddy's work is definitely worth checking it out. For more information about Paddy Fernandez, visit his DeviantArt page at:

20 Beautiful Landscape Photos

Well, today is Friday and who doesn't want to get away for the weekend, there are so many places I would like to go but I'm stuck at home, so I decided to give a little getaway for my mind by posting some beautiful landscape photos that you can look at, close your eye and imagine you there, enjoy the trip!

Amazing HDR Photos of New York City

Following our series of HDR images of famous city we have an incredible set of photos from New York City, the city that never sleeps. The photos are from sites like Flickr and DeviantArt and we hope you enjoy it. You can check out the other posts of: Berlin, Rome, and Paris. Also let us know if you have nice HDR photos from your town. delobbo on Deviantart greycamera on Deviantart AtomicoX on Deviantart Luthienmisery29 on Deviantart xOtakuGaijinx on Deviantart sp1te on Deviantart Calzinger on Deviantart martinasdf on Deviantart digitaltog on Deviantart rHytHm123 on Deviantart DennisChunga on Deviantart HulioJules on Deviantart Goodfoot42 on Deviantart martinasdf on Deviantart delobbo on Deviantart PaSidor on Deviantart kcebertxela on Deviantart bsq2phat on Deviantart rHytHm123 on Deviantart fergusonphotography on Flickr vanstermonster on Flickr alanmillington on Flickr ignaciovicent on Flickr csmuncy on Flickr ggreene on Flickr yukonblizzard on Flickr gallandrea on Flickr ny_doll on Flickr spudart on Flickr giblet on Flickr bjurman on Flickr byrne7214 on Flickr

30 Impressive Portraits by Calvin Hollywood

If you don't know the work of Calvin Hollywood you provably will be impressed with his portraits, I feel like his photos are so professional done that any of them could be on the cover of a magazine right now without making a change. He has very good fashion and emotive portraits, great work with color and specially lighting. Check it out! For more visit and

Beautiful Dark Light Photos by Alcove

One thing that attracts me the most in a photo is the light of it. I really like the atmosphere that different lights can bring to a photo making a normal street become very interesting. That's what Alcove's photos are all about: light. Particularly, dark light. Obviously, those angles are fantastic too. His photos look very surreal, including his not so dark ones. I really enjoy it, I hope you like it too. For more information visit Alcove's page at DeviantArt.

Gorgeous Cross Processed Sun Flare Pictures

For me, one of the greatest photography techniques is cross processing. It gives the pictures a great retro feeling that is really gorgeous. Cross Processing itself is the procedure of deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. Although working with film is much more awesome, one may reach the effect using Photoshop. The effect was discovered independently by many different photographers often by mistake in the days of C-22 and E-4 . It has been used a lot for fashion advertising and band photography. In more recent years it has become more synonymous with the Lomography movement. Some time ago I had a tutorial teaching how to reach the effect along with a lomography feel. You may check it out at Cross-Processed Lomo Effect - Photoshop Tutorial. Here, I've selected some totally gorgeous cross processed sun flare pictures, that I bet you'll really enjoy. Please, pay all these guys a visit! They're really good. Hope you all like it! Cheers. ;) David Teter daisy sharrock Rikki B Jemma Roe Gail Edwin-Fielding Carl Jones Demafia Erik Clausen nico Klara Karen Omair Haq Craig Thomson rachel pick Inge den Oudsten Liana Garcia Joyce Rico Deasis Tracy Timothy Erickson Daniel Coyne supergelatogirl Sam Milianta Cerys Jones Rafa Torcida

Amazing Xtreme Sports Photography by Dan Vojtech

I am a big fan of extreme sport photography as you guys seen a lot of it on my posts before, when I found the work of Dan Vojtech I was amazed, his photos are pure inspiration. Together with some of his work is a little biography so you can get to know him a little bit. Enjoy! My name is Dan Vojtech and I am a young photographer. I am specializing in extreme sport photographs. It all started 8 years ago with my dad's old camera Zenith- E. Maybe you would not believe but first couple of years almost all pictures which I took were just black and white. I was mostly using Praktic MTL and later on Nikon F 90. The big change began when I started to study Advertising Photography on Thomas Bata University. Whole day I was surrounded with photos and there was no chance to escape. Next step was cooperation with magazine Board and Dirtbiker. I started to take more colorful pictures and use more external flashes. More and more I was focusing on clean composition and perfect light. At the present time I try to improve my work with flashes and try to use something new which has been used. I am working on several new plans which are going to be somewhere between sport and staged photography and which should move our perception of sport. For more visit

Beautiful HDR Photos of Paris

Following our series of cities in HDR we present you the beautiful Paris. Paris is awesome in any type of photo, so imagine in HDR. If you're an HDR lover like us you will really enjoy this selection. Also, if you have nice HDR photos from your town let us know, our idea is have as many cities as possible. madsick on Deviantart haq on Deviantart Unicorne on Deviantart Hamrani on Deviantart darkaio on Deviantart Legba72 on Deviantart Paleuf on Deviantart xentor38 on Deviantart osxnop on Deviantart javierly on Deviantart Eddy-C on Deviantart superjuju29 on Deviantart OllieLomo on Deviantart etalyx on Deviantart kristiankarijord on Deviantart svensson on Deviantart Soigne-Steatopygia on Deviantart Shibbychibs on Deviantart Drocan on Deviantart ValentinDavid on Deviantart danielwille on Flickr ramonduran on Flickr jaafarm on Flickr matthewskorea on Flickr andaluca on Flickr titos81 on Flickr vitodimario on Flickr kenofhu on Flickr thoht on Flickr kmsf on Flickr shoey on Flickr