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Stunning Photography by Joon Brandt

Joon is the owns one of the most insane portfolio you will ever see, as a photographer he is total talent without the fact that he is just as amazing as a director, this mix makes Joon Bandt a one of a kind Photographer and Director, here is your chance to see both sides of his work. Joon was born in 1975 in Halden, a southern town in Norway. He graduated in 1998 from the School of Media and Film in ITC. After graduation he started working at Media Design, doing visual effects work for TV and film. Moving to the buzzing new film city of Fredrikstad he did freelance VFX work for Zwart Arbeid while at the same time building his own reputation as a director and photographer. Today Joon's photographs and film direction are the results of the fusion of his visual effects talent and his unique progressive vision of the still and moving image, with inspiration coming from art, fashion, visual effects and commercials to name but a few. Joon always try to take each project a little further and hit the next level. He just loves working creatively! Reel 2009 Some of the clients Joon has had the privilege to work with: Ralph Lauren (Europe), MTV, TV2, Sony BMG, Glo Minerals, Heavy Water Vodka, Dovre, Lacoste, Norway Fashion Group, Epilogue, Sigdal, S.A.T.S, TV3, Bonnier Amigo, Tenth Street  (Los Angeles), Nikita Hair, Celine Engelstad, Thune, Nordsjø, Dark AS, Monster, SVT, Deloitte, Eurosko. For more visit

Beautiful Pictures from Portugal

This post will show a side of Portugal that most of us are not familiar with! Portugal is a country rich in culture, neighbor of Spain, the country is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Its cities give us the sensation of another era, where modernity blends with nature and the beauty of the landscapes makes us really want to go there to visit. This selection will show some of these great wonderful places, rich in culture and looks. I hope you like the selection. And in case you have nice photos from Portugal to share, post a comment! And don't forget to visit the artist's site by clicking at the images! Enjoy. ....end of the day.... Castelo de Almourol Menir do Outeiro - Alentejo, Portugal Rio Sabor - Porrais - Portugal Storm Watcher Falling Brilliantly Cabo Raso Should I stay or should I go? Smile Praia da Marinha Palacio de Queluz Seteais Palace View over Rossio Evora - Roman temple Evora - Praca do Giraldo The Azores - Portugal Terra Nostra Park - Azores, Portugal Almourols castle Cliffs of Madeira Serra da Estrela Santa Luzia Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon Lisbon Força Portugal Edited by GisMullr About the Author: I describe me as a passionated of graphics and stunning artwork. Currently studying System Engineering, work as web programmer in Guatemala City. Love Sci-Fi, my primary computer is a MacBook and you can follow me on Twitter as jmanuelemus

Incredible Nature Photos from Inebriantia

I can never get tired of seeing good photographies. Specially photographs so carefully taken as the ones from José Ramos, or Inebriantia at deviantART. He uses the light in a certain way that he achieves perfection on his landscapes, being almost impossible not to love his work. Each photo has a specific atmosphere and lightening, making each photo unique. José never stops trying new stuff and with 26 years old, he is already selling photos in several sites and also featured some images in magazines. He works as a freelancer and also participates of exhibitions. I hope you enjoy the images! And don't forget to check out José's deviantART page and his portfolio for further images. Enjoy! Edited by GisMullr

Absolutely Beautiful Pictures of Weimaraners

I've probably said this before, but I'm a total sucker for dogs. I had one when I was younger, and a friend of mine had a Weimaraner for over 10 years, and it was the greatest dog, full of personality. It's really impressive how much pets have so much to share with us. So I was looking at some pictures on Flickr and found a brilliant picture of a Weimaraner, and just had to make a post about it. These dogs are the sweetest things, really fun and faithful... and I love these pictures so much that I'm thinking about getting one, now! Anyway, if you got yourself a Weim, or any other cute dog, share some pictures with us! We'd love to see it! Drop a comment with a link or the picture! Also, I really recommend you guys visit all these photographers' pages, really talented people: AMANITO, Alison Purvis-Gisborne, Jens Riis, Monique Gidding, Vana Tulsi, Mindy Wilson, clarkiek, Anji Tillemans, Lindie G, Susan Lucas, Ingeborg Fotografeert, Jim Henry and chromatophobe. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers. ;) AMANITO Alison Purvis-Gisborne Jens Riis Monique Gidding Vana Tulsi Mindy Wilson clarkiek Anji Tillemans Lindie G Susan Lucas Ingeborg Fotografeert Jim Henry chromatophobe

The Never-Ending Adventures of Abduzeedo and Amlight

Your favorite cousins are together again and this time the road leads west! Whip out those calendars and get these dates down. From October 16th to 20th, Fabio will be roaming the streets of the city that never sleeps. Show him a good time, New York! Then from October 21st to November 2nd we will be in sunny California - from Los Angeles to San Francisco and everywhere in between! Oh and don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you, Sin City… We will also be in Las Vegas sometime between October 21st and November 2nd. Yep, that's right, folks, our first non-summer adventure. We're so excited that we want to have you all along for the ride! We propose an Abduzeedo meet-up in Los Angeles, California, date still undecided, but you're all invited! It will probably be on a weekend, so for those of you who don't live in California… perfect excuse for a roadtrip! We want all of you guys to come out and hang out with us. Not only in LA, but also in anywhere and everywhere we'll be around! This is actually one very rare occasion since almost the whole team will be there and we're never in the same country at the same time, so this is your chance to get acquainted with us - have some beers, share some laughs, and talk about everything from design to the weather! We will announce the official date of the meet-up and exactly when we'll be in what city on twitter so follow me (@amlight), @abduzeedo, @gismullr, and @eduardosasso to make sure you don't miss out! Hope to see you guys soon! :D But of course this wouldn't be Abduzeedo without some images to inspire your day, so here comes a collection of photographs of California that we can't wait to experience close up! army.arch Ma? (on and off) Henryleonghw Wiggum03 2composers Karin Elizabeth {Reading & Reviewing} James Herman avaloncm (nz)dave mrperry mike_s_etc Alberto Cueto Jaynonymous edbot2000 rianklong Rosa Pastel

Introducing 3 Experts In Light Painting

When you look for light painting on Abduzeedo you find a lot of different posts from inspiration posts to tutorials. But luckily the world is full of awesome photographers. Today im presenting you three artists who deal very different with the special photographing technique. Eric Staller Eric Staller is an US-American artist and inventor. After studying architecture in New York, he stayed and showcased his projects in galeries & museums and is doing light sculpures & installations since then. In 1980 he created a "Lightmobile" a - with 1.659 computerised bulbs - VW Beetle. To not let the good things end he moved to Amsterdam in 1994 and invented the Conference Bike. You can check out his website: Justin Martinez Justin Martinez is a rather younger, but not less interesting artists. You may have seen some ideas before except his photography incorporates portraits with light painting. "Most people don't believe me when I tell them that these photos were not manipulated with Photoshop or any other post-processing software what-so-ever," A native of Georgia, USA, Justin began taking pictures as an editorial photographer for a local newspaper, in high school and continued to develop as a photographer while co-editing the Gordon College student newspaper, where he studied English. More recently, his creativity has focused on long exposure/light painting photography, which has gained him much acclaim. With a tool bag full of bright lights and glowing gadgets, Justin creates all the "special effects" in his pictures in real time while the photograph is being captured, using flashlights like paintbrushes. Currently, Justin works as a parachute packer for Skydive Atlanta, and a freelance photographer in the Atlanta area taking commercial and promotional photos for various companies and artists. You can check out his Flickr: Patrick Rochon Patrick Rochon specializes moving lights trough various media. Once started with light-painting he learned creating videos, performances and costumes of lights. What's so special about this artists? All the images are exactly what was recorded on the film at the time of the shoot. No computer effects or digital maniplation were done You can check out his website:

50 Impressive Car Ad Photographs

Oliver Paffrath is a genius when it comes to car photographs, he has worked with the best car companies in the business and made their cars look more than amazing on each ad campaign. If you a fan of cars, photography, and great final results you must check this out. Oliver Paffrath After a three year apprenticeship at a still life studio in Cologne, where he honed his technical skills, Oliver Paffrath worked as a first assistant to Michael Klein for six years. This experience, including all aspects of production, prepared Oliver to start his own business in 2001. Initially his career revolved around shooting people, but car photography was never far from his thoughts and combining people with cars became the catalyst for what has become a passion, Based in Hamburg, some of the clients Oliver has created campaigns for are: Chevrolet, Hyundai, Infiniti, Opel, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Mazda, Kia and BMW Motorcycles. For more visit

Colorful Nature Photos by Nariscuss

Yesterday I was browsing Deviantart for some inspiration, when I spotted a photo of Nariscuss. It was the most colorful picture on the screen, it was really eye-catching. I clicked on it immediately to take a closer look at the image but also to know more about the photographer. I found quite a few beautiful and colorful photos there. I liked them so much that I decided to pick some of them and share it with you guys, but first have a look at Nariscuss' bio: Wello! My name is Sophie, 18 years old and i'm from Robin hood county. I've just finished my second year at college and will be attending Portsmouth University in September, doing a BA Honors in Photography. I'm shy, single and sensitive. Love my mates to bites size pieces! Very laid back, polite and quite artistic. I love Futurama - i'm a slight computer geek, i hate politics and love chinese food! The only sport i like is badminton, i'm not very competitive at anything i do and i suck at accepting compliments. I'm self taught in HTML and web-design. As well as photography, although i do have A-level's in Photography, Psychology and Business. For more visit Nariscuss' sites: Deviantart: Blog: Speak up Colour magic .: A u g u s t :. .: R a i n :. .: T u e s d a y :. .: G r e e n :. .: S t a r s i g n :. .: B a l l e t :. Capture Green Abby Rainbow Three Musketeers Dancing stars .: R u s t :. .: B o k e h :.

Beautiful Macro Photography by Brian Valentine

Brian Valentine started taking macro shots as a hobby and today his passion takes him everyday on a trip to his own yard with his camera to discover more about the little things the world has to offer. The macro shots taken by him are absolutely beautiful and very interesting as you get to see all the small details of everything that goes in front of his lens. What macro photography means to you? Macro photography is a fascinating hobby for me, it allows me to explore a relatively unknown world full of fascination. How did you start taking macro photography? I started macro photography when i bought my first DSLR early 2005 along with a semi macro lens- this fired my interest and I soon bought my first "real" macro lens- a sigma 105mm Ex. What are tools do you use to capture the perfect macro shot? I use canon dslr bodies with either a sigma 105mm EX lens or a canon MPE-65 (high power macro lens), I often use flash. I tend to hunt for subjects so a tripod is not really an option so i hand hold the cmaera often with the aid of a bean pole for stabilization. I( also use focus stacking to increase the DOF of photographs. What you like the most about your photos? I like capturing the fine detail of subjects. For more from Brian make sure to visit his flickr.

Beautiful Water Landscapes

Water landscapes are really good subjects for Photography, all the nature surrounding, the colors and light effects created by the water reflections, everything makes some photos look simply amazing. Specially the ones in long exposure in my opinion. That's why I've selected a few images to share with you. Click on the image to get to the Deviantart page of the photographer and also you should check out the other works of them,enjoy!

Beautiful Photography by Leonard Gren

Last week we received a suggestion from one of our readers about Leonard Gren's beautiful fashion photography. And beautiful it is! I was going through his site last night and found other great non-fashion related photos that definitely deserved a mention as well! I think what I love the most about Leonard's work is that it's so clean, as in, not overally processed with textures and what have you. All I've been seeing lately is incredibly overdone photos so this is a nice break from all of that. Anyway, don't forget to check out his portfolio and let me know what you think via twitter or facebook!

A World in HDR by Trey Ratcliff

Owner of the number #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet, Trey Ratcliff also know as Stuck in Customs travels the world taking the most stunning hdr photos one has ever seen, and also shares all his photo travel experiences on his personal blog. His work has been featured on national television a couple times and it has been nominated for numerous awards. Represented by Getty, Trey lives the life a lot of photographers dreamed about. With a non-stoppable traveling schedule his collection of hdr photos is an enormous font of inspiration. The post-processing work used to transform his photos into hdr is what make his work very unique and famous. Here you can see a great collection of over 30 photos of The World in HDR. For more visit Also check out the HDR Tutorial Created by Trey that has helped thousands of people to learn how to use this effect like him. The Book A World in HDR by Trey Ratcliff Inside the Book The rich cover and interiors have been designed by the great French designer Fabien Barral, who also did the graphic design for the website. We have spared no expense in bringing you the highest quality book! More photos of the interior and other tidbits will be revealed in the next few months as we get closer to release. Besides new and extended descriptions with various tips, the book will also feature 10 unpublished photos that will remain exclusive to the book. Because I like to teach by example, the book will feature over 100 photos that I consider to be some excellent examples of "HDR done right". Whenever possible, I include tips and tricks and discuss the conditions of the shot. Often times, I also talk freely about various subjects that are related and help describe more about the way I think about these things. There are many thoughts and questions around human nature, the arts, science, religion, and more. This style has sprung up from the wonderful congenial and conversational style that has helped make this community so fun and exciting. I thank you all for your involvement, your passion, and your feedback. I appreciate it very much. Pre-Order Available

Beautiful Nature Photography from Alaska

Purchased by the U.S. government from Russia, Alaska became a part of the union as the 48th state of the USA on January 3rd 1959. But, although we consider Alaska a cold, lifeless area, we are very far from the truth. Alaska offers natural wonders that blend the end of their temperatures with a rich and diverse flora and fauna. This collection of 23 wonders of nature in Alaska show a lively area in each season. From the frozen rock solid to the delicate plains of this near Arctic land. Alaska Range Aerial Florida to Alaska on Bicycle (#171) September 18, 1997: Chandalar Shelf Powder Blue Evening by Gary Minish Idyllic Alaska Alaska Range Alaska Range-Glacier Mistical Alaska Welcome To Alaska Alaska Salmon Creek Falls HDR Another Peterson Lake Sunset Mendenhall Glacier and Fireweed Waterfall at Mendenhall Glacier Salmon Creek Falls HDR Glacier in Western Canada Alaska Anchorage A Winter Sunny Day Twin Peaks Frozen waterfall on the Seward Highway, near Turnagain Arm, Anchorage, Alaska Bear Mountain Hyder, Alaska Eagle stalking in Homer, Alaska Pot of Gold in Alaska About the Author: I describe me as a passionated of graphics and stunning artwork. Currently studying System Engineering, work as web programmer in Guatemala City. Love Sci-Fi, my primary computer is a MacBook and you can follow me on Twitter as jmanuelemus

The Amazing Photography of Philipp Klinger

Philipp Klinger is for sure one of my favorite photographers, his work is very well rounded with amazing photos of all types. One of the things that also impress me a lot about his work is that he doesn't mind sharing his experience on how he took the shot, what the shot is about and so on. Each one of his photos is a piece of art ans you have to check out for yourself. Make sure to visit Philipp Flickr for more. Turn To Clear Vision Technique/Processing Straight forward, shot with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 @ f/3.2 and then square-cropped and converted to b/w. Where? Top Of The Rock observation deck, Rockefeller Center, New York City, USA Invasion Technique/Processing: 1 shot with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4, converted to b/w with Silver Efex, adding a slight blue toning. Where? Staten Island Ferry Terminal while waiting for the Ferry back to Manhattan. Is Time Linear? Technique/ProcessingShot with my Sigma 12-24 @ 24mm. The framing took a few attempts (especially to align the lines of the ceiling with the 12h mark of the clock... No fancy processing this time, just converted to b&w and a little dodge and burn for more contrast on the clock Where? Nearly all my photos are geotagged, so you can see directly on the flickr map where the photo was taken. This one's been shot in the brand new Guillemins train Station in Liège, Belgium, designed by the famous spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. It's still in work though and should be finished by the end of september 2009. Nevertheless, it's already a very impressive structure. New York - Brooklyn Bridge Panorama Technique/Processing: I've taken 8x7 = 56 shots for this photo. 8 for the panorama to cover everything i wanted and each of them with 7 different exposures for the DRI). Stitched the 0 EV exposure in PTGui and made it remember all the control points and the exchanged the photos for all other exposures (ranging from -3 to +3 EV). Those 7 panoramas where then blended in Photoshop using Smart Object Stacking and manual mask painting. Color and Contrast processing then done mostly using Nik Color Efex. My Tree During The Perseid Meteor Shower Technique/Processing Shot at ISO 2500 and 30 seconds exposure. I used this combination to get many stars in the sky, but they should still be visible as dots (thus the high iso and rather short exposure). Flashed the tree and the path using an SB-28 off-camera (in my hand) using the test button @ 1/8 several times. Nearly no post processing in Photoshop Robot Technique/Processing: Shot with the Sigma 12-24, then removed the lens distortion with PTLens and converted it to b&w using Nik Silver Efex Pro Cape Cod - Sunset Technique/Processing: HDR made using Photomatix (for a change) from 5 exposures New York City - The Police Horse Technique/Processing: Shot wide open with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4. Shadows lightened a bit and the cross processed with Nik Color Efex. No HDR or DRI (obviously ;)) Bale Of Straw Technique/Processing: DRI made using 2 of the 7 exposures (Smart Object method) and then processed in PS with Nik Color Efex and curves. Metropolis Technique/Processing: Just shooting straight up into the sky (not really 'just' as it took quite long to frame it symmetrically) with the Sigma 12-24mm @ 12mm. I darkened the sky and lightened the Chrysler Building entrance. B&W processing done with Nik Silver Efex Pro as usual. Location: NYC, Lexington avenue, between E 42nd and E 43rd street. The building on the left is the Chrysler Building and the one on the right is the Grand Hyatt Hotel in whose facade the Chrysler Building is reflected. Toronto Skyline Technique/Processing: We planned to take the Ferry to the Toronto Islands to take shots of the skyline from there, but unfortunately (for us) the ferries were on strike during our visit (Reminded me of the railway strikes we had in Germany last year...), so we had to go to the Humber Bay Park instead. I made a standard 5 exposure bracketing using the 70-300mm VR lens, taken at my night settings - most importantly ISO 160 which generates the least noise on the D700 ( ISO 125 and 100 are worse, as they are interpolated by software and thus result in a loss of dynamic range). Blended in Photoshop using the ADRI technique and the result was manually blended with the darkest exposure masking everything but the highlights. New York - Grand Central Terminal Technique/Processing: I put the camera onto the balustrade of the stairs and exposed for 3 seconds to achieve the motion blur. It's not very sharp in 100% view as i had to set the aperture to f/20. No HDR or DRI processing this time - only one single exposure, but i tried to retain as much detail in the highlights and shadows usind RAW and Nik's Color Efex (Tonal Contrast). New York - Brooklyn Bridge Sunset Niagara Falls at Night Technique/Processing: No HDR or DRI this time. Just one exposure (the colors were changing so i had no time to make several exposures) Is It The End Of Days? Technique/Processing: DRI of 3 images, processed to look a bit 'apocalyptic'...

Super Creative Photographs by Holger Pooten

I love to see surrealistic photos well done and if you with me on that you really going to enjoy this. Holger Pooten is a German photographer that has the most creative photographs I have seen lately, sharp shots with creativity overloading making his photos very unique. Make sure to check out his full portfolio at

Very Stylish Photos from Marta Orlowska

Marta Orlowska, or ...marta at flickr, as you will see here, is a very talented artist. Her photos are stylish, beautiful, have a great color composition and transmit us a great feeling. Some images look old, some look a bit like HDR and some even reminded me of the "Charlie's Angels". Take your take to admire this selection! Marta Orlowska has had a keen interest in Art for many years using different mediums such as pencil, charcoal, acrylics, oil, mosaics and more to express her unique artistic vision. Now using the camera and Photoshop as the next tools, she exploits them to evoke her feelings and mood. Using a photographic medium she creates a different world from everyday reality by capturing moments of others and her surroudings and by placing them in her own creative world. Saw Marta's work in one of our Daily Inspiration posts and really liked her style. So I decided to make this selection to share with you some of her photos. Enjoy the images and make sure to visit Marta's flickr page. :)

Beautiful and Delicate Photos by Sakura

I really LOVE macro... and browsing around Flickr I found the work from Sakura, a girl from Tokyo that has a natural talent to capture beautiful things. Her images are reallly delicate, colorful, inspiring and gorgest. As the images speak for themselves, I have not much to say. And I'm sure you will also like her work... I am a Japanese girl who live in Tokyo. Love to take photos of natures, just like small wild flowers and small creatures, around me. You can find me on flickr. Enjoy the images and make sure to visit Sakura's flickr page to check out further amazing photos! Enjoy... :)