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Konvulse ArtPack IX Release "Freestyle X2"

June 09, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Konvulse International Art and Music Community recently released a new artpack full of great pieces, with submissions by artists from all over the globe the freestyle pack is a great exhibition and very inspirational.

Photoshop Quick Tips #10: Using Pattern Overlay

June 08, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Today I am going to be showing a real simple tip on Photoshop that a lot of people don't know about and it can be very useful. Creating patterns and making patterns overlay can save you a lot of work and also can look really good if you...

45 Superb Light Effects

June 08, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Light-Effects are a great way to create awesome and colorful images. Also it has become a trend mostly because of the work of guys such as James White and Chuck Anderson who I think are the Light-effects Masters. So in this post I will...

30 Photoshoped Mix Tape Covers

June 02, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

On the underground world, mixtape brings dreams and artists together. It can be the bridge to success for both the music artist and the designer, just because they are unknown does not mean they don't have the skills to make it. In this...

Meat Text Effect in Photoshop

June 01, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Last week I published a tutorial showing how to mix a custom font created in Illustrator with some stock photos of milk to create a nice effect. Now on this tutorial we will sort of repeat the technique but this time using stock photos of...

Abduzeedo's Text Effect Tutorials

May 27, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Yesterday talking with a friend of mine, I sent him the link for one of our Abduzeedo photoshop text tutorials. He told me he had never seen that tutorial before, and that made me realize that since we've got so many great posts, sometimes...

Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop

May 25, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Following the series of effects with text, there were the Water , Clouds , Light , and also some time ago the Frilly Bits ... Now I will show you how to create a nice effect I saw a few months ago on DeviantArt that is a text mixed with...

Case Study "Ecosystems" by David Waters

May 21, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Once again Abduzeedo is bringing you another great case study so you can get different views of how different artists create their pieces. This time is an amazing piece by the master David Waters aka ishbu. Ecosystems is somewhere between...

Photoshop Quick Tips #8: Making a Planet

May 21, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

I know a lot a people think it must take hours to make a planet and it's too much work to do it, well in some cases yes, but today I will be showing how to make a simple Planet in Photoshop that should take less than 10 min and it's very...

Photoshop Quick Tips #7 - Edgy Style Photo Treatment

May 18, 2009 from Cameron's blog

Following our series of Photoshop Quick Tips, today we have a really nice tip from Cameron, a photographer and digital artist working at BOXeight Studio . Cameron will show us a really cool photo treatment that will give an edgy, surreal...

Very Creative Photos by Murat Suyur

May 14, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Well, if you like to see great photography and a good work on photoshop this is it, Murat is one of the most creative artists I have ever seen, I'm sure you seen some of his pieces around but this selection is going to bring your...

Photoshop Quick Tips #6: Cloudy Text

May 11, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Last year I wrote a tutorial showing how to create clouds using Adobe Photoshop. However, I have received quite a few emails asking me how to create a text made with clouds. Because of that I decided to write a very quick tutorial showing...