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Video of the Week #56 - Pixels

Thanks to Magomed Dovjenko, I got to see this video and within the first 10 seconds I knew I have to share it with all you guys. The big apple, better known as New York, is assaulted by 8-bit creatures. Great idea followed by a detailed realization, you wont miss. I was looking for more information about this artists but could not even find a website. I would be really happy to find more of him, so please help me. Edit: Visit them at Thanks to ddlocks for finding the website.

Incredible Work of Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is a graphic design from Athens, Greece. His work has a lot of influence from the Gestal Psicology, which he studied in College. His work is full of mosaics, portraits and images formed by thousands of tiny little photos of objects. Sometimes it reminds a bit of pixel art, simply awesome. My name is Charis Tsevis and I am a visual designer, living and working at Athens, Greece. I run my own studio under the name “Tsevis Visual Design” with my beloved wife Eva and our colleagues both for domestic or foreign projects. Since April 1st, 2008 I am working for Adobe Systems. I am the Channel Manager for the Mediterranean region. This is real fun as Adobe occupies the center of the creative software industry. What we do mostly is providing our creative services at the publishing and editorial industry and at the same time, we enjoy being active in illustration and multimedia. I could say that we are specializing in book and brochure design. My wife and me both love fiction and non-fiction and that giving us the ability to successfully meet the needs of our clients, trying to deliver the best we can to support any product or service of them. Below you can see some examples of Charis' work, but we, as usual, highly recommend that you check out his Flickr Charis Tsevis or at