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Awesome Portrait Illustrations

August 20, 2012 from paul0v2's blog

An awesome series of portrait illustrations called FANTASMAGORIKĀ® COSMIK FACES by the french designer Nicolas Obery. Each portrait is super rad and full of details that together make a great composition. Check it out!

Tribute to Salvador Dali

July 16, 2012 from paul0v2's blog

I'm a big fan of Salvador Dali and his works and when I saw this tribute I knew I had to share this with you guys. This Tribute was done by Martin Grohs, a 24 year old artist and designer based in Germany. Enjoy the Surrealism!

Stunning Fantasy Digital Art by Bao Pham

June 11, 2012 from guest's blog

Bao Pham is a Vietnamese digital painter and illustrator currently living in Iowa, US. Featured in art magazines such as ImagineFX, he is considered a master in his field. His domain of expertise is the one of portraits, more specifically...

Spontaneous Portrait Photography

December 29, 2011 from paul0v2's blog

I love those photos that were taken unexpected, the true feeling of the moment come out in true colors. In this post I handpicked a selection of spontaneous portraits that are amazing. Don't you have an spontaneous portrait that was taken...

Alter Ego Portraits

June 27, 2011 from paul0v2's blog

Created by the Russian digital photographer Ada Lena, these portraits are amazing. The emotions they carry are very strong, and combined with a perfect final touch and coloration makes each portrait is a piece a of art. Check them out!

Impressive Portrait Photography by Luca Pierro

May 16, 2011 from marcos333's blog

The first time I saw Luca Pierro's photos I found they were at least 70% photoshoped, but they were not. This photographer try to reach the effects, textures and lights with the less manipulation as possible, so he uses a lot of materials...

Illustrations & Portraitures by Ronlewhorn

April 21, 2011 from paul0v2's blog

Aaron Scamihorn aka RONLEWHORN has a great passion for digital portraiture mixed with a love affair with typography and serigraphy. His work is awesome with a unique style and a retro feel. Check it out!

Stunning Photography of Caesar Lima

September 13, 2010 from paul0v2's blog

Since 1991 Caesar Lima has been capturing provocative and visually stimulating images through the lens of his camera. A master at depicting unique and captivating subject matter, Caesarā€™s inspiration is derived from a singular drive to...

30 Impressive Portraits by Calvin Hollywood

May 04, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

If you don't know the work of Calvin Hollywood you provably will be impressed with his portraits, I feel like his photos are so professional done that any of them could be on the cover of a magazine right now without making a change. He...

20 Awesome Portrait Caricatures

April 02, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

There is nothing more artistic and fun than caricatures, I like to say that it's one of the only kind of arts that actually makes me laugh some times, I selected 20 awesome ones for your inspiration so just sit back relax and enjoy.

Professional Photo-Retouching Video Tutorial: Hair

March 13, 2009 from Youssef Sarhan's blog

(via: www.whiteinkblog.com ) I am back with a brand new exciting photo-retouching tutorial. In this tutorial I will focus on the hair. Before watching please note that there is a lot of information in this video to absorb, so watch and re-...

50 Amazing Digital Painting Portraits

January 29, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Digital Painting is an art that takes a lot of knowledge and a lot of time, and these artists sure took some time to create these amazing portraits, there is no easy job when it comes to recreating faces and you will be amazed to see these.