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Poster Giveaway: Tron Legacy by James White Winner Annoucement

It's been a week since we announced the James White Tron Legacy Poster Giveaway, and now we're back and proud to present the two lucky winners! First off, we'd like to thank all of you guys for participating. This was by far the hugest giveaway on Abduzeedo to date and it would, of course, be nothing without you guys, so thank you! We were also really glad to see that we all share the same opinion about James's work, in other words… love it :) So without further ado, the winners of this amazing poster are… Joseph Cotten and Lauren Thanks again guys and don't forget to visit James White's site at Most of you probably already have, but for those who haven't it's not too late! Last but surely not least, we'd like to thank James for his kindness and everything he's done! Stay tuned for what's to come! See you guys at the next giveaway ;)

Poster Giveaway: Tron Legacy by James White

We have done some really cool giveaways, from books to useful apps. However we have never given away posters. So we decided to try it out this time and we wanted it to be special, it had to be amazing. So the first to come to mind was the Tron Legacy poster by James White. Thanks to James we have 2 Tron posters to giveaway. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the form below with a valid email so we can contact you. Also as we are working on the new design of Abduzeedo, we would love to hear from you if you have any suggestion of feature or things you do not like on the blog. I’ve been wanting to create this poster for the better part of a year now, after seeing the shaky video of the Tron 2 footage that appeared online last year. But with all of the new materials released last week, concept images and the brilliant trailer for Tron Legacy, I finally had enough reference material to create my own poster for the film. The trailer is packed with lovely neon lights and television screen feedback, which are elements I love incorporating into my work.James White The winners will be announced next week. About James White James White has been drawing since the age of 4, scribbling down his favorite characters such as Superman, Batman, the Dukes of Hazzard, etc. Being from a military family, he made 3 big moves through childhood but never strayed from his colored-pencils. Today, James creates personal posters and art prints for sale on his website,, while working with select clients looking to add new creative to their campaigns. He has worked with such clients as Toyota, Armada Skis, VH1 Latin America and MTV, and has been featured internationally in Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop magazines. For more information visit James White' site at Poster

30 Amazing Retro Posters and Flyers

This week I ran into some cool retro designs for posters, fliers and brochures. I thought I would share them for my next Retrography Post. I love the style and feel of this ‘old paper look’ they all kind of have. I keep seeing the coolest gig posters and club flyers with this style. There’s some awesome typography, some propaganda influences and some really cool colors! Enjoy! Retro style design has always been around. Yet it seems that in the last few years it really has jumped off quite a bit. There are tons off awesome typographics coming out now as well as really cool gig posters and fliers like in this post. If you have any retro designs that you'd like to share with Retrography please send them with your username to Adam the Velcro Suit Scott Hansen Jonathan Haggard Horacio Lorente About Author I'm Alec Schmidt - a graphic designer from the US. I have an obsession with type, color and creativity. I hope to share tons of cool stuff with you here at Abduzeedo! You can also find me on Twitter:@Anepic .

Super Cool Retro Poster in 10 Steps in Photoshop

A couple of weeks ago Amanda (@amlight) published a few articles showing stylish posters and albums with a very retro style, very simple but at the same time really cool. The articles really inspired me so I decided to create an Abduzeedo poster for myself just to play with Illustrator and Photoshop. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a very cool poster in just 10 steps. We will use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but you may use other tools. I'm working on the Pixelmator version as well. Inspiration and Sketches Step 1 After a few ideas on paper it's time to start designing it. For the base of the typography I used Illustrator. So I searched on Google Images for "Avant Garde" and select an image that had the "A" with the style I wanted. Then in Illustrator, using the Pen Tool (P) create the "A". You can hold the SHIFT key to make sure the lines are straights. With the "A" done, select the Type Tool (T) and type the BDZ using the font Avant Garden. Step 2 Select the text created and go to Type>Create Outilines. Then with the Direct Selection (A) select the vertices of the base of the Z and the move them down like the image below. Step 3 Now open Photoshop and create a new document, I used A4 for the size. Then fill the Background layer with a brown (#573E2A). After that copy the text created in Illustrator and paste it in Photoshop as Shape Layer. That way we can keep playing with the vectors using the Path Selection Tool (A) and Direct Selection Tool (A). With the Direct Selection Tool (A) move the base of the A, the straight one move all the way down until it reaches the base of the "Z" (1) and the other move all the way to the edge of the document (2). Using the Pen Tool (P) and create some points at the top of the B and make it go all the way to the top (3). Step 4 With the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the B element and copy and past it in a new layer. Then with go to Layer>Layer Style>Color Overlay. Use #FC9E1D for the color. Step 5 With the Lasso Tool (L) select the area below the A exactly like the image below. Then create a new layer and fill it with white. Just the selected area. Step 6 Go to Layer>Layer Style>Color Overlay. Use green for the color #6F7A38 and Multiply for the Blend Mode. Then select Pattern Overlay. For the Pattern select the Graph Paper. It's under the Color Papers preset. Also increase the Scale by 300%. Step 7 Now let's add some text. For the font I used Dirty Headline, you can find it at Place the text in the green area like the image below. Also you can add a very subtle shadow. Go to Layer>Layer Styles>Drop Shadow. I used 35% Opacity, 2 pixels for the Distance and 10 pixels for the Size. Step 8 It's time to add some textures. The one I used is from Shutterstock and you can download it here Place it in your document on top of the other layers, then change the Blend Mode to Multiply. Also go to Image>Hue and Saturation and reduce the saturation so the image won't get it to yellowish. Step 9 Now you may add some dirty elements using Brushes like to make the lines less uniform for example. I used some brushes from Eduardo Recife's Misprintedtype site. Conclusion In less than 10 steps we're able to create a really cool retro style poster, very stylish. The secret is simplicity, color and textures. Of course you might like it without the brushes and dirty effects, or you want to try different colors, I created 2 other versions with cold colors and also playing with a photo in the background. Now it's all about playing and testing different variations. I'll print a copy for me, and hang it on my wall. :) Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Download the Photoshop File Download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

45 Stylish Posters

I realize that just last week I posted about gig posters, but this week I wanted to extend the article to all types of posters as well. I guess it's safe to say that I have a thing for good poster design ;) Surfing through behance you always find cool stuff from artists from all over. So here I'll share with you the coolest posters I came across! Enjoy :) You can send me your feedback and suggestions on twitter and facebook. I'd love to hear from you! Horacio Lorente Mehmet Gozetlik Grzegorz Domaradzki Ignacio Veiga Dirk Petzold Brian Nelson Jonathan Haggard Justin Meyers Matija Drozdek Royal Nature Nick Brue Alan Guilloux Misc. from ffffound

Reader Tutorial: Create a Grungy Poster In Photoshop

The Reader Tutorial series is a place inside Abduzeedo where the main idea is to let our readers contribute to the site, share their experiences and talent! So feel free to get in touch with us if you have a tut you would like to see here. :) So check out Máté Tóth's tutorial In this very easy tutorial we will create a really cool skater poster in our favorite image editor program, Photoshop. My aim with this tutorial is to show you how to find and use awesome free stuff around the net. It's an ideal tutorial for Photoshop newbies. We'll use tons of layers, blending modes, textures and a lot of useful stuff. Check it out! Sites you'll need: Free brushes: Brusheezy - Brushking - Free textures: Texture Lovers- Free stock photos: Stock xchng- All in one: deviantART- Bittbox- Ok, if you bookmarked these extremely useful pages, let's start working on the poster... This will be our final result! Step 1 First create a new document, with white background. The size should be around 700x1000px. Step 2 Let's create a stylish background! The main element of it will be a victorian grunge texture. Click here to download it. Extraxt it and open 01.jpeg with photoshop. It's much bigger than our canvas, so resize it. Create a new folder called "background". Create a new layer in that folder and paste the texture. Name the texture "victorian". Step 3 Now you'll need a grunge texture pack. I downloaded this. Extract your package and open one. (open 03.jpeg if you use the same pack as I do) Resize it and paste into a new layer called "grunge". Set it's bland mode to Multiply. Don't be scared, it should disappear. Now select "victorian" layer and go to Layer> Layer mask> Reveal all. Select the Gradient tool (G) and select Linear gradient. Make the gradient from the bottom of the canvas to it's top. If you want a perfect line, hold down the Shift key. Step 4 Looks cool, isn't it? And we only used 2 textures so far! Let's make it even better! Download a Rising sun brush pack. Head to to do that. Here is the link for the brushes. Load it, choose the color #bfb385 pick one of the brushes, and paint it on a new layer called "rising". Go to Layer> Layer mask> Reveal all and do the same mask as we did in Step 3. (Linear gradient from the bottom to the top with white foreground and black background color) Set the layer's blending mode to Soft light. Step 5 Now we need some nice clouds. Head to again, and search for cloud brushes. I used this pack. Believe me, it's a pack that every designer must have. Create a new layer in the background folder. Name it "clouds". Select one of the cloud brushes and paint it to the new layer. I suggest you pushing the mouse button twice to make it look stronger. That's it, we have a really stylish grungy background. Step 6 Here comes the most important step: finding our skater. I found a really cool photo on deviantART by Grape-Stock. Here is the link to it. Grab the Pen tool (P) and put anchor points all over the skater's outline. Don't forget to zoom in to make a nice selection. If you're ready, pick the Path selection tool (A), right-click on your path and select Make selection. If you feel like your path isn't perfect, set 1px for Feather radious. Now you're skater is selected, press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection, this way you'll select everything but the skater. If you don't like using hot keys, go to Select> Inverse to do this. You have to use this technique to delete the background between the skater's legs. Step 7 Now create a new layer called "skater" above the "background" folder and paste your skater. Place it somewhere around the clouds. If the skater's edges are wrong somewhere, grab a smooth eraser to correct it. Now we have to edit the colors of the skater. Go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/saturation and set the saturation to -50. If you use an other picture, you may need to set it to something else. Now go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness/contrast and set the contrast to 100. Step 8 OK it looks pretty cool so far. Now we'll add the text to the top. Create a new folder called "text bg.". It have to be placed between the "skater" and the "background" folder. Now we need a lot of paper textures. I got some from DA. Check out this, this and this. You only have to search for "paper texture" on DA or head over to It's a brand new site with tons of textures. So open some paper textures with PS and cut out little pieces from them. Then paste the pieces into the "text bg." folder. Don't forget to name the layers. The name should the letter you'll place on it. So if your text will be skate or die, name them s, k, a, t, e and so on. Try to use different paper textures, or always paste different parts of one texture. Move and resize the pieces with the Free transform (Ctrl+T). If you don't like the color of the tone of a paper, go to Image> Adjustments> Color/saturation and set the amounts. To make the paper more realistic, make tears with a default eraser shape shown on the picture below. Step 9 Wow, it was quite long time to make that. Now it's an easier step. Create a new folder called "text" above "text bg.". We'll put our letters in this folder. Go to This site is one of the best source of free fonts. On the top of the page you can see categories. Choose Fancy> Distorted and download some of them. I suggest you trying this, this, this and this. Now put your letters to your background. try to use as many different fonts as you can. Resize and move them with Free transform (Ctrl+T). Step 10 Give the text more style. Create a new folder between "text bg." and "text", nad name it text effects. Download's awesome brush freebie here. It will perfectly fit our design. Pick the color of your fonts and create a new layer in "text effects". Paint with your new brushes behind the letters. Step 11 Here come the final touches. The next steps depend on you. Go back to and download some grungy, splatter, punk brushes. It's your choice. In the tutorial I'm using this, this and the previously downloaded pack from something behind the skater, that should look cool. Remember to create it on a new layer, placed behind the skater. An other thing you can try is to make a copy of the "skater" layer, place it behund the original one, set it totally black, and apply Gaussian blur on it with 10px of Radius. Conclusion I think it was an extremely easy tutorial, so it's an ideal tut for beginners to get to know with layers, blending modes and textures. Here's our very own stylish skater poster: Wanna make it sick? Head over to and search for dog photos. use the techniques you learned in this tutorial to select the og's head and replace it with your skater's head. About the author My nam is Máté Tóth, a freelancer grahic and web-designer living in Pécs, Hungary. I couldn't live without Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Don't forget to follow me on twitter @MateToth90. Edited by GisMullr

Soul Rebel Poster Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how to create an awesome illustration that can be printed as a poster to hang it on your wall. I broke down step by step from the beginning to the end so you can follow and understand exactly what I went through while making this piece, and you get to download the .psd at the end. Soul Rebel Tutorial - Visit my Behance To get the feeling tune in to Bob Marley - Soul Rebel In this tutorial I won’t be going into to small details, you have to know a bit more to understand what is being done but if you have any questions feel free to ask on the comments area. To begin this image as always I take my time surfing through tons of stock photos looking for that photo that will take my attention, as I have seen so many cool images lately on Abduzeedo, specially the daily inspiration I decided to try something different, something that will pop out with great lightning and color. In order to get that I wanted to get a full body shot of a girl just like the one I found at as you can see here: katanaz-stock has great photos with high quality, make sure you take a look. So I open a new file in Photoshop 18x24in 300dpi so at the end if the result is nice I can make a big print to put on my wall. You should always work with high dpi so your work can be printed with quality. I select the girl and paste it into a light gray background and this is how my image begins. What I want to do is to work on the girl photo by changing its color and illumination. First by adding Image>Adjustments>Curves with these settings giving a blue look to the photo. Curve Settings RGB Output: 119 Input: 157 Red Output: 121 Input: 153 Green Output: 165 Input: 133 Blue Output: 149 Input: 99 The result is good and I want to make the colors look more alike so I will make the light blue outfit more like the hat color by going to Image>Adjustment>Replace Color click on any part of the light blue and replace it to a light purple by using these settings: And you result should look like this: It’s almost the way I want, it’s always good to take time in order to get a good result at the end. What I want to do now is to get a better light on her face so I will duplicate the layer of her photo and using Image>Adjustments>Contrast (Brightness: 20 Contrast: 0) And on the layer mask (if you used one, if not just create one) use the Gradient Tool to keep only the top lighter. Now I will create a new layer on top of the girl and using the brush pack “41 Grunge Brushes” that was mention on the “10 Awesome Free Photoshop Brushes” I posted two weeks ago. So selected a couple of different brushes from this pack and painted the left side of the girl image using the same colors from her image. Using the Eyedropper Tool click on the girl to select a color and paint it with the same color on the new layer you created and your result should look like this: Now to give a even better look, I will go back on the girl layer and on the layer mask I will paint the left edge black using the same grunge brushes to give a impressions that the image is being painted on that side and I also cut the other leg on and angle. I want to use the angle that I created on her left leg to be a base for the light and possibly a direction for the typo in case I decide to write anything in the future. So I create a couple lines on a new layer on top of the background, this lines will give a special look on the background and also help me with the direction of everything and different spaces to work on. So now I will start to work on the background I like what I have so far and what I will try to get is some kind of abstract background that will blend in well with what I have so far. So I create a new layer on top of the gray background layer and with the Gradient Tool using the Radial Gradient I paint a circle from inside out to give a better illumination on the girl. Set the layer Fill to 75%. Now I want to add a little something on the background so I got a bokeh photo that I desaturated and added on to the background, put the layer mode to soft light and the Fill to 46 % Bokeh photo by My Background is starting to look good still a lot of work to get the right look we need to get an impressive result. I like to experiment a lot, I tried a lot of thing until I got the results that I am walking through with you guys so it’s always to try a bunch a things and stick with the best results. My new layer is going to have a dark area on the bottom of the image, I used the Gradient Tool using the Radial Gradient to create the dark area on the bottom as you can see here, I set the Fill to 80%. Once again I create a new layer and with the Polygonal Lasso Tool I select the right bottom part of the image on the same angle the leg was cut and apply a Gradient Tool using Linear Gradient with white color. And set the layer Fill to 20% to get this look: Now using a Pattern I created by making a gray circle in the middle of a 30pixels square document as you can see here. Set that as a pattern with a transparent background. Now create a new layer and select the middle part of the background and Edit>Fill Using the pattern you just created. For a better look add a layer mask to it and using Gradient tool I create a shadow on the bottom part of it as you can see here Now I am going to create a new layer and get a regular round brush, go to brush settings and mark Scattering and paint the whole layer with black, white and gray as you see here: Now apply Filter>Blur>Motion Blur with the settings Angle: 45 Distance: 600 and set the layer mode to Vivid Light, and you should get something like this: (if it comes out too dark you can use brightness/contrast to make it lighter) On a new layer I will apply some color now making some yellow stripes following the lines that I made in the beginning, set the layer mode to Overlay and Fill to 25%. And you can also take a look of what you should have for the background layers. I am going to use this photo that I took in NYC a while ago, and I am going to paste it on top of the background layer Desaturate the photo Image>Adjustment>Desaturate and set the Fill to 40%. Our background is coming along very well now on top of the yellow stripes layer we are going to create another layer that we will add a white light created using the Gradient Tool > Radial Gradient Create another layer and with the Single Column Marquee Tool create a bunch of lines, when you get a good amount, rotate them on a 45 degree angle and place them on the top right as you can see on the image Now is time to give the special look to the image by adding a tiger coming out of her body, so I had this photo here for the longest time and I always had a feeling I would use it for something good, so I did. Photo from Selected the tiger, don’t really need to be a good selection since we are going to apply the same technique we did with the right side of the girl with the 41 Grunge Brushes, do that around your selection on the layer mask and set the layer to Overlay. You should get something like this: I want to create some smoke on that background so I make a new layer and using the smoke brush pack that I posted here 25 Free Photoshop Brushes. Make some smoke on the right side and set the layer Fill to 50% Just like we created the yellow stripes we are going to create a green stripe now only on the top part, set the layer mode to Soft light and the Fill to 75%. If you have been following all the steps here is a look at the layers and what you should have so far. We got a pretty good point so far I know the colors don’t look very impressing but I like to save that for last. Now I want to put some more stuff on the bottom right because I am thinking about adding a text there. So first thing I do is using this galaxy photo I have Put it on our image on top of the girl layer and place it on the bottom right, desaturate the layer and set the layer mode to Exclusion, also give it a layer mask and go around the edges so it won’t be to rough as you see here Now on a new layer I am going to add some smoke on that same area to fill up that space a little more. One more thing that I want to do is create a new layer and add some more of that Grunge Brushes at the bottom of the girls to blend in more, so I do that using some dark colors as you see. Our background is pretty filled up now and we got to the point that everything seems to be in place and looking good, to make an even better blend of the girl and the background I will add a typo on a angle right where here leg connects to the line. As I have been listening to Bob Marley all through out the process of creating this image I wanted to name it Soul Rebel because that song got stock on my head and I kept playing it as I was finishing the image. So I wrote down SOUL REBEL using the font MOD that can be found here Friday Fresh Free Fonts #1 set the layer Fill to 61% and to get the typo on the same spirit of the image I used that same effect on the typo using the Grunge Brushes as you can see. Now with a smaller font I wrote LET YOUR INSIDE OUT with a darker color and set the layer Fill to 69%, but the darker color kind of blended in to the background and it’s kind of hard to see so I create a new layer under it, with a regular brush make a small line using color white, give some motion blur to expand the line and place it right under the typo, just like I did here: On this point I can say that my composition is done, and I really like what I have, now is the part that I like the most, play with the colors. There is a lot of ways I do this and I am sure a lot of people do it differently and so on. What I did was add a new layer on top of all the others, paint it bright yellow and set the layer mode to Linear Burn. Now another layer on top and this one I am going to paint it light purple and set the layer mode to Linear Light and the Fill to 75%. As a result we get this beautiful color and result to our image. Now to give a final touch I create a new layer and I pick a very light blue as my color, and using the Gradient Tool / Radial Gradient I paint the light blue around my image, so I set the layer mode to Soft Light and the fill to 35% as you can see it gives a different color look around the image. I really like that but I only want that effect on the bottom of the image so I add a layer mask to it and using the same Gradient Tool this time Linear Gradient I take off the top part as you can see here with the layer. CONCLUSION My advice to everyone that followed the tutorial, and want to take their work to the next level is to experiment a lot while creating your image, have a main idea in mind and work around it, give time to get your work done. It’s better if you create one good piece in a month than have 10 crap ones by the same time. So here is the final result, I will put up the .psd on a lower resolution for download in case you have any doubts you can check out the .psd and have fun! DOWNLOAD .PSD

All Access to Project "Chameleon"

From the Dutch master of design Martijn van Dam comes a piece of art called "Chameleon" which is a poster for a event with such a rich design that the author decided to make a video of how it was made and the illustration for the posters also became wallpaper for computers and iphones, check it out and download your copy. The Author: Hi! I'm Martijn, a Dutch graphic designer at Momkai, an independent, interactive agency based in Amsterdam. Don't forget to check our Behance page as well. In my free time I like to make music related graphic designs and illustrations for flyers, posters and sleeves which can be found here. For more visit and The Poster The Logo Close ups Wallpapers Click here to download wallpapers! Case Study Video

Ultimate Poster Collection

I love posters and thought it would be nice to start designing some posters for Abduzeedo, maybe redo some pieces in a bigger format. As usual I looked for references on the web, at, more precisely. Behance is a great place to find inspiration, even though the site is a bit too slow, most of the great designers and digital artists have profiles over there, what makes it an excellent resource. As I collected quite a few images I decided to share that with you all. I chose posters with a few text, more illustrative ones so, if you have some posters that you want to share, just leave a comment. Adam Thurland Remi Juliebø Hannes Forsman Bechira Sorin Happy Daze Paul Robson Joao Oliveira Facundo Talepp César Evangelista Anthony Dart Erik Jonsson James White Thomas Pereira Victor Hugo Ortiz Pedro Semeano Grzegorz Domaradzki Alex Trochut's Portfolio Official Classic Pablo Alfieri's Portfolio Karen Kurycki's Portfolio Mark Brooks Fredrik Oscarsson Adhemas Batista Djordje Jovanovic jonas carlberg Egor Bashakov / Elay d.kele

Omega Code Official Posters

Omega code is a great project that we don't get tired of showing, so many hi class posters from all over the world. So today I selected the original posters and also put a little history of the project for those who don't know about. THE BAND Omega Code is a project that is gathering music and art. Initially started to be just a regular music project, Omega Code realized that there was a very good opportunity to work together with visuals, as they were connected to the design sphere, via Marcelo Baldin, who already worked for several studios and brands worldwide. Uniting visuals and music, would create a new way of build this project. Not only graphic design, but also motion design, interactive projects, installations, etc. Diverse ways to mixing both worlds. THE POSTERS While working on the music itself, the band invited 23 artists from every corner, to create a series of posters based on the debut album. Well known designers such as Joshua Davis, Si Scott, Mike Cina, Michael Paul Young, Danny Franzreb, Motomichi, among others, created unique illustrations. For the distribution, Omega Code though about something new as well, giving them for free, for the whole globe. 2,300 posters will be spread across the globe, as a form of spreading the band's name, the art and the designer involved. THE EXHIBITIONS Along with the posters, Omega Code decided to make exhibitions in several places, with the 23 posters. SÃo Paulo, Lisbon, New York and Munich are the first places that will have this exhibition. The first set date will be in Lisbon, during the OFFF 2009, in May. More and more cities are sending emails, demanding exhibitions as well. THE BOOK As the art idea grew up, Omega Code teamed up with IdN World to release a book, containing all art that is being made for this debut and also a DVD with videos and interactive goodies. The book will contain more artists, including photographers, programmers, motion designers, directors etc. The release will be also worldwide. THE FAN ART As the posters idea was very successful, the design community demanded to participate as well. Omega Code opened space for submissions and with that a very positive repercussion and feedback. They receive submissions every day, in the most diverse styles of illustrations, pleasing every taste. 20 submissions will be featured on the book. THE MUSIC The band itself has a very strong identity. Having a wide background, they incorporate influences of hard rock, metal, post rock, idm, ambient, and electronic music. The feedback has being amazing, receiving compliments from professionals and also the public. They just finished recording the album and already have bring the interest of some managers. They are also having the guest participation of Ryan and Don Clark, from the award winning band Demon Hunter (USA). THE REMIX After the release of the debut, a remix album is already planned. It will contain the participation of Michael Fakesch (Funkstorung), Flying Lotus, Richard Devine, Clifford Gilberto, John Black (Cypher), Anvil FX, Hecq, and others. They believe the music can have diverse interpretations, to amplify their ideals. THE PARTNERSHIP As the project is growing progressively, Omega Code is looking for brands that would like to be part of this creative project. The divulgation of the project is being massive and is growing every day. THE OFFICIAL POSTERS

Awesome Colorful Poster Tutorial

Hey guys this tuto is showing you how to use really cool colors on your images, in my case I created a poster with a good mix of typo and very strong colors. It's a mix of simple techniques and a lot of style to bring your work to a new level, follow the tuto and have fun! For more of my work you can check out my behance Yesterday while creating the post Amazing Ad Campaigns that was one ad campaign that really caught my attention, and it was the Ray-ban Colorize, the images used were so colorful and have so much live to it that amazed me. So I decided to try to reproduce this effect and teach you guys how to do it. My version is not the same it has a bit of my style into it and I will show you step by step how I did it. First things first, what I had in mind was to find a good portrait to start with, if you look for stock photos like I did on this case, a really good place is DeviantArt Stock, and there I found this photo: The Photo is from katanaz-stock. Make sure you check it out, got some great photos there. So I open the photo on Photoshop and the first step is to select the background, create a new layer and paint it yellow. Now I am going to duplicate the background layer and on the top one I will apply Image > Adjustment > Threshold in this case I applied a level 60 and the result you get should be like this. Now with the Magic Wand Tool select the black part of the layer and paint it dark purple, invert the selection and delete the white part of the layer, and set the layer mode to Hue. On the background layer go to Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation ( Hue: 186 | Saturation: 71 | Lightness: -38) you result should be like this: Now we got to a point that I wanted with the colors so I will go to Layers > Flatten Image that way the 3 layers will merge into only one image. To make the image look brighter I will go to Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlights (Shadow: 50% | Highlight: 0%) Now we are done with the photo lets start working with the typo to fill out the blank spaces and give some style to the posters. Using the font cow.cow (size 36) with the color yellow I wrote “Sexy colors look sexy together”. Now with the same font but this time in red I will write abduzeedo and place it at the top, I select the yellow background and apply a layer mask to the abduzeedo text layer to give a better contrast between the photo and the typo. To pass a better message trough the image I select the Custom Shape Tool and get one of the talk bubbles that already comes with Photoshop and create a decent size talk bubble using the color red. Inside the bubble I wrote; “Inspiration for your mind” in white using the font Can Can de Bois. I selected both layers and rotated a little bit to the side so everything won’t look so square. To make it look even better and give and awesome contrast I hold ctrl and click on the text layer then I press ctrl+shift+i to invert the selection, I go to the bubble layer and ad a layer mask that way the text area will be a hole on the bubble. For a better contrast I reduce the text layer Opacity to 60%. I got to a point that where I really like what I’ve done but I still need to give a last touch to it so I will use a brush to give a little style to the image. I create a new layer and using the brush set from angryblue I start playing around adding some yellow paint in the area where I got the yellow typo. And the final touch using the same brush set I add a little paint spots using the color red around the typo abudzeedo on the top keeping the same background contrast using the same layer mask as the typo. Here is the final result: Hope everyone liked it, you can you this same effects to create a bunch of different things, just adapt to your style and have fun!

20 Amazing Poster Designs

A get great inspiration from good posters, specially the ones with good design and a little mix of art and good typography. That's why I selected some great posters with different styles to inspire you, enjoy!

Reader Tutorial: Create a Cool Movie Poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial you are going to learn a few good techniques and tips for color correction. Hope you like it. Hopefully this tutorial can benefit in your pursuit of becoming a better designer. If you want to have your tutorial published on Abduzeedo, just send it to Step 1 Create a new document at 1600 x 1200 pixels with a resolution of 72dpi. Start off by opening all of your images separately and lets extract our guy from the background, use the pen tool. You can find these images here: and Thanks to fl8us and beckystock for these great photos. Step 2 Place the street image on our blank canvas and set the guy image on top of it. Lets give the right perspective to our guy go to Edit/Transform/Perspective. See the image below. Step 3 Lets create an adjustment layer of Hue/Saturation and check the colorize option, above all the layers. Keep playing with the colors until you get something you like. Step 4 Ok go to our buildings layer and add some warp to it go to Edit/Transform/Warp. Play around until you get something like this. Its really important that you leave the street the most straight as possible. Step 5 Turn off the guy layer and create a new layer on top of it. Use the Lasso Tool (L) to select all the part back there and fill it with white. See the image below Step 6 Now lets add some blur to our light. Go to Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur and set it to 28%. Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light and duplicate the layer and give the same blur. Step 7 Now turn on the guy layer and create a new layer below call it "Shadow". Grab a small soft brush and low its opacity to 60% and start covering under his feets. See the image below. Step 8 Then create a new layer below of the "Shadow" layer and hit Cmd+left click over the guy layer to load the selection and fill it with black, using the Paint Bucket Tool. and go to Edit/Free Transform and rotate the image. Step 9 And go to Edit/Free Transform and rotate the image. Like the image below. Step 10 Then add a blur to our shadow Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur and set it to 5%. Low the opacity to 70% and duplicate the layer, then by using a large soft brush with 50% opacity erase some areas until you get something like this. This step its really important if you wanna get a more realistic look. Step 11 Now lets add some light to our guy that matches with our background. Grab the Dodge tool, select Highlights and set the exposure to 5% and highlight some areas. Step 12 Now create a new layer on top of the guy layer and call it "Light guy" and hit Cmd+Left Click on the Guy layer to load the selection. Then just go back to the Light guy layer and using a large soft white brush start covering all the back area, until you get something like this. Step 13 Ok, now lets duplicate the guy layer and put it above all the layers and change the blending mode to Color with 60% opacity. And with a large soft eraser erase all of it and leave the skin tone. Just like this. Step 14 Now lets add the final touches and merge all the layers. Then lets add some sharpen go to Filter/Sharpen/Unsharp Mask with this values. Conclusion Thats it! Then you can add some nice noise to your work and get nice film look. Hope you learn something from it :-) About the author My name is Luis Quiñones, I'm a graphic/web designer from Dominican Republic. Also you can follow me on twitter: .

Creative Tempest Show and Shell (Out) - Poster Giveaway

We've been featuring articles about all kinds of posters for some time now, and we're always looking for more great ones to share with you guys. Today, we're very happy to inform that Creative Tempest is giving away a super cool limited edition poster designed by Steve Goodin. You show us your favorite artist, and if we decide to feature them, we shell out! Ten lucky winners will have their chosen artist featured on Creative Tempest and also receive a completely original limited edition Creative Tempest poster designed by one of our favorite artists, Steve Goodin also known as DEMEN1. This amazing poster is 100% guaranteed to help you loose weight because you will be getting up and walking over to touch it every few minutes just to make sure the art really isn’t jumping off your wall. If his name hasn't rung a bell yet his work certainly will! To win is quite simple: You Show: 1. Pick any artist of your choice who's work is featured on the web. (Were talking any form of art that can be inspirational to other artists) 2. Post the artist's full name and website in the comment section on the "Creative Tempest Show and Shell (Out)" competition post at Make sure to link up your email so we can contact you. We Shell: Guaranteed - 11"x17" full color quality poster by DEMEN1 (Steve Goodin). Maybe two posters if your artist is really cool. Nice packaging of some sort. Bubble wrap, if your lucky. Personal message from the crew. The Details: The contest begins Monday March 2nd 2009 and ends Friday March 13th at midnight. No duplicates! If the same artist is posted twice, only the person who posted it first will be accepted. Each person can only post one artist. Artists cannot have been previously featured on Creative Tempest (so glance over our posts to make sure yours isn't already taken). The ten winners will be announced on March 16th at Your artist could actually become a "Featured Artist of the Week." So come post your artist before others do! For more details go to

Great Deviant Posters

I was going thought deviantart when I realized they have a great selection of poster designs, so why not take a couple of them to share with you guys, they really well worked and very creative on their own way, check it out!

Old School B-Movies Posters

Movie posters are probably one of the best ways to check some cool designs. Hollywood posters tend to look alike... floating heads, photoshop effects and all that. But B-movies are in another level of coolness for sure. B-Movies posters usually are corny, but its old school feel makes just the trick. And of course, not only the design itself is cool, but also the movies names. Seriously... some of these are truly bad ass. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, which were found at cool B-movies blog called "Wrong site of the Art". I encourage you people to visit it, there are tons of posters there!! Cheers!

Robots Rock!

I ♥ robots! I hope you do too because I have three robot-related things to tell you about. First, an awesome CG short film. Second, a look at the new Transformers 2 posters. Finally, some info on the upcoming Voltron movie. Update (8/24/08): - Apparently the Transformers 2 posters are fake. Sorry about that! Oh well, they are still really cool! - Not too long after posting this Design Boom posted an awesome blog entry about female robots. Check it out. 1. World War World War is a short film about two 1940s era vehicles that transform into robots and battle. It takes place 100 years after WWII, Hiroshima, Japan 2045 A.D. It was made by Vincent Chai, a recent graduate of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. What's even more amazing was that he only used off-the-shelf softwares like Maya, Photoshop, and After Effects. This stuff looks like it was made in a professional CG studio! It's a great example that you don't need a huge budget to create stunning visual effects. Go to his website to watch the complete short film (it also has an HD version) and check out the making of the film as well. Here are some screen grabs: 2. Transformers 2 Posters Two new posters for the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen have been released and here's a glimpse. I really enjoyed the first movie so I'm excited that they are making a sequal. 3. Voltron the live action movie I've heard rumors that someone wanted to make a live-action version of Voltron. Well apparently it's no longer a rumor. With the success of Tranformers, studios are jumping on the 80's cartoons-with-Robots bandwagon. What's next? A Go-Bots movies? Robotech? I used to love Voltron so I'm definitely interested. Plus I read they are supposed to use a similar type of style/effects that they used in the movie 300. Read more about this at this i09 blog entry. Here's a blog following the progress of the film: and for your nostalgia, here are 2 clips from the 80's Voltron cartoons: The Classic intro to the series: Voltron animated movie (part 1 of 5):