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Minimal Rap Posters by Zaven Najjar

Minimal Rap Posters by Zaven Najjar

Zaven Najjar is a graphic and motion designer from France who loves Rap & Hip Hop. He is dedicated to creating one rap poster a day and I selected a few so we can take a look at and get some inspiration from. Enjoy! For more Rap Posters visit or visit

Game of Thrones Posters by Adam Spizak Exclusive on Funkrush + Giveaway

Game of Thrones Posters by Adam Spizak Exclusive on Funkrush + Giveaway

A few months back, we've featured a beautiful set of TV Show Posters By Adam Spizak and now Adam is back with Game of Thrones! Presented by Funkrush, this is the first round of three posters of the very popular Game of Thrones Series. Funkrush was established in 2007 by Pete Harrison (aeiko) as a clothing company that makes you smile! We want to make you feel like a million bucks.. About Funkrush by Pete Harrison My name is Pete Harrison and i'm a digital artist and designer from the UK, I go by the alias 'Aeiko' which is my online creative identity. Some artists create with pens, others a paint brush, and today many more with a computer, but I am the only artist that renders my images with the deadly, but dazzling coloured illumination of my Jedi lightsaber. Each stroke I summon by the strength of the force smears beautiful streaks of light across my canvas, until the end result is a frame filled with flashes and flares that burst from the depths of a deep black galaxy. I also own and run a clothing label called Funkrush and curate the Desktopography project.About Adam Spizak Adam's work has been featured in: Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Image FX and many places across the web, he's a Polish designer, currently residing in London, UK. The adventure with computer graphics goes back to 1996/7 with great impression of Amiga's art scene, in 2006 Adam has graduated Computer Science majoring in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. Check out his website at Game of Thrones 'Fire and Blood' Poster All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush Game of Thrones 'Hear me Roar' Poster All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush Game of Thrones 'Winter is coming' Poster All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush Game of Thrones Poster Collection All Rights to Adam Spizak & Funkrush Limited Discount Code For a limited time, use 'ABDUZEEDO' at checkout will get you 15% off anything in the store! To shop: Giveaway Funkrush has been kind enough to giveaway one entire set by Adam Spizak on Funkrush. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. Links More info about Funkrush: More info about Pete Harrison: More info about Adam Spizak:

Lonely Superheroes by Cosmosnail

Lonely Superheroes by Cosmosnail

The title of this project says it all, "A lonely god". The inspiration behind these illustrations created by Cosmosnail is to show super heroes alone doing something related with their super powers. We see Superman flying out in space, there's Batman lonely checking his computer system and others like Ironman, Spider-man and Wolverine. "Even with super power we are all alone" is a minimalist set of illustrations created by Belhoula Amir, also known as Cosmosnail, an illustrator and character design from Lyon, France. For more information visit

Swiss Typography Style Posters

Swiss Typography Style Posters

These posters were designed by graphic designer Mike Joyce inspired by his love of punk rock and swiss modernism. Mike redesigned many rock show flyers into international style posters. Each design is set in lowercase berthold akzidenz-grotesk medium (not helvetica). Every single one of these shows actually happened. To view the entire poster collection visit The International Typographic Style, also known as the Swiss Style, is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the 1950s that emphasizes cleanliness, readability and objectivity. Hallmarks of the style are asymmetric layouts, use of a grid, sans-serif typefaces like Akzidenz Grotesk, and flush left, ragged right text. The style is also associated with a preference for photography in place of illustrations or drawings. Many of the early International Typographic Style works featured typography as a primary design element in addition to its use in text, and it is for this that the style is named. To view the entire poster collection visit

Back in Five Minutes - Type Exhibition

Back in Five Minutes - Type Exhibition

During March 2013, Salon91 Gallery celebrated design and typography with ‘Back in 5 minutes’ an exhibition featuring an award winning set of local designers, typographers and illustrators, including Ben Johnston, Clinton Campbell of Studio Muti, Clement de Bruin, Justin Southey, & Dani Loureiro. Each artist has approached the discipline of typography in a fresh & unique style, playing with scale, materials, surface quality, form, color, dimensionality & of course, words. When I saw this project on Behance I was blown away by the quality and the amount of details of some of the artworks. It's pure inspiration and now I want to try something similar to improve my rusty type skills. Video 'Back in 5 Minutes' - An Exhibition of Typography from Nicholas James on Vimeo.

Posters with Awesome Typography

Posters with Awesome Typography

The great majority of designers love a good typographic poster, right? I mean, how not to love fantastic types displayed in an awesome way? That's enough reason to love this art. Here are some examples of posters with awesome typography! Almost every single one of them is music related. I must say that some bands really love to have their gig posters done by talented people with good taste for design. These are a proof for that. These were done by some really talented designers. For more of their work you should visit their portfolios simply by clicking each image. I hope you enjoy these... and don't forget to share with us your own posters! Cheers. ;)

Fantastic Illustrated Movie Posters by Ive Bastrash

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week to watch movies, so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys something to get you craving a good movie: illustrated movie posters! Ive (Ïve) Bastrash, a Canadian illustrator was really inspired by some classic movies, like Aliens, Blade Runner and Raiders of the Lost Art, and he came up with fantastic illustrated posters for these movies. I must say that he should definitely come up with more of these! There are so many great movies out there for him to illustrate... he should definitely keep these going. For more of his work, please, visit his DeviantART portfolio! I'm sure he'll enjoy your visits. Cheers! ;) Bonus

Book Suggestion - Gig Posters Volume I

The book suggestion of the week is about poster, more specifically, gig posters as its title is called. Gig Posters Volume I is a great collection of poster of all sorts of styles. The Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance, Folk, Metal, Electronic, Indie Music Spectacular. Here are more than 700 extraordinary posters from the archives of—the Internet’s premier destination for concert poster art. With the rising popularity of MP3 files and streaming digital music—and the near-extinction of traditional album art—concert posters have become the most important visual representation of contemporary music. About the book Gig Posters Volume I celebrates this dynamic medium with contributions from 101 top designers—including Rob Jones of Animal Rummy, Steve Walters, Jay Ryan, Gary Houston, Aesthetic Apparatus, Patent Pending Industries, and many more. Throughout the book, their voices offer fascinating commentary and behind-the-scenes information about the creation of gig posters. Readers will also discover 101 perforated and ready-to-frame posters promoting today’s most innovative and original bands—including Radiohead, the White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Girl Talk, Queens of the Stone Age, Wilco, and many, many more. Complete with an introduction by founder and curator Clay Hayes, Gig Posters Volume I celebrates the most talented designers, artists, bands, and performers of the twenty-first century. Buy Now

The World of Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor is an illustrator and designer based in Melbourne Australia. He primarily works with the music industry so he designed for many Australian bands but he also did some movie posters and let me tell you they are just gorgeous and so detailed. Here's a set of some of his mixed gigs, hope you will get inspired! For more information about Ken Taylor, you can visit

Old & New - A Project of Biblical Proportions

Many of you remember the Word Project by Jim LePage, featured here some time ago, when we gave away some of his project posters. Jim is back in another great project, now in Biblical Proportions. Jim, along with Troy DeShano just launched a new collaborative Bible design project called Old & New. They have an amazing roster of international illustrators, artists and designers from all different faith perspectives contributing biblical artwork for this project, and proceeds from print sales will go to Blood:Water Mission providing clean water in Lwala, Kenya, and that's amazing. Old & New provides a platform for contemporary graphic artists to exhibit works themed on Biblical stories and passages. It also aims to introduce a new online audience to Biblical art, attempting to replace popular, yet sometimes low-quality, contemporary Biblical artwork with the kind of accessible and honorable work that has historically been associated with the Bible. Check out the posters they got so far. Also, you should really check the project site and help out buying some pieces. It's gonna be awesome for everyone to help them out, since this is gonna provide clean water to people in need. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) God is Love, Love, Love (by Eric Smith) Moses and the Burning Bush (By Chaz Russo) Nehemiah Confronts God (by Lydia Nichols) Revelation (by Adam Grason) Gadite Warriors (by Andrew Lyons) God Creates Woman for Man (by Anne Ulku) Legion of Demons (By Nate Utesch)

Book Suggestion: War Posters - Weapons of Mass Communication

The book suggestion of this week is for those out that love posters, I believe everyone. The book is calledWar Posters: Weapons of Mass Communication and as the name says it's all about war posters. It is divided by wars and you can get tons of inspiration from it. This essential publication features a wide selection of the most eye-catching and iconic examples from the internationally renowned poster collection at the Imperial War Museum in London. "A lush catalog… exquisitely conceived and rendered."—The New York Times More than 300 superb full-color illustrations of hard-hitting propaganda and groundbreaking graphic art encompass unforgettable images such as Alfred Leete’s “Your Country Needs You” as well as documentary photographs and additional material drawn from the world of advertising. Through these posters, James Aulich, an international expert on posters and graphic design, examines the social, political, ethnic, and cultural aspirations of America, Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Covering topics as diverse as advertising in World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, Germany and Occupied Europe in World War II, anti-nuclear campaigns, and Vietnam, the book is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for anyone interested in graphic design or modern history. 300+ illustrations Buy it now

Abduzeedo Holiday Giveaway

There's been a lot of giveaways lately on Abduzeedo but it's the magic of the Holidays! It's a great opportunity for us to share our love to you guys especially after 5 years! Just a little reminder to be safe during the Holidays and stay abducted by design! Now let's see what Santa has granted us to give you guys! Giveaway We have 2 Abduzeedo Books, 2 T-Shirts exclusively from the Montreal Meets 2 Store, 5 Abduzeedo Fifth Anniversary Posters and 5 licences of 50$ from DepositPhotos.We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for these prizes including François Hoang from the Montreal Meets, Shawn over Depositphotos and Kanella for the free downloadable wrapping paper. At last a huge THANK YOU to Alex Beltechi who designed this years Abduzeedo anniversary poster. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email (very important) so we can contact you. We'll pick in total 14 winners and the contest will end on December 30th, 2011. Best of luck to you all! 2 Abduzeedo Books Abduzeedo Book Abduzeedo Book 2 MMTWO T-Shirts MMTWO T-Shirt About Montreal Meets 2 / MMTWO We're back for 2012 with another Montreal Meets! With another location, more speakers and as you can see, the event is now during two days! Don't miss this great opportunity to the visionaries of our creative world. It will take place on April 7th and 8th in Montreal, Qc of Canada. For 2012, we'll be receiving as speakers: Fabio Sasso (Abduzeedo), James White (Signalnoise), Radim Malinic (Brand Nu), Shelby White (Wanken) and Scott Hansen (ISO50 / Tycho) Get also a 10% OFF in the MMTWO store by using the code "ABDZROCKS" on Find out more on Montreal Meets at and buy your tickets online at 5 Abduzeedo Fifth Anniversary Posters Poster designed by Alex Beltechi and to check out his amazing works at Abduzeedo 5th Anniversary Poster 5 licences of 50$ from Depositphotos (Worth 250.00$) Depositphotos About Depositphotos Depositphotos is the fastest-growing stock photo agency in the world. Presently it offers over 5 million stock photographs and vector images sold under royalty-free licenses. The stock photo library is increased daily by thousands of images, carefully checked and selected by moderators.The company is headquartered in Florida, USA, and has business offices in Germany, Great Britain and Russia. Check out their website for more premium royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector images at Depositphotos. About Kanella and her Festive Wrapping Paper Kanella is a Greek graphic designer, more of a design addict, experienced in identities and print media, experimenting with illustrations, hybrids and objects and she put together a beautiful festive wrapping paper free to download. Print it out in two enormously loveable sizes for your small and tiny presents. Wrap up your presents for family and friends. Download her wrapping paper at To Recap A lot of prizes so don't forget to leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email (very important) so we can contact you. From all the team of Abduzeedo, Happy Holidays to everyone of you and wish you all the best for 2012!

Jim LePage's Word Project Posters Giveaway - Winners

Alright! We've been doing many giveaways lately, but every time is something awesome, like today's special gifts for you. Jim LePage, the designer who's done many Bible poster designs is giving away some sweet posters! I would love to tell you more about it, but I'll just leave it to him. In Jim's words The Bible is a pretty unique book. It’s full of violence, beauty and things that seem plain offensive. Different people’s interpretations of the book have ended up in a lot of violence (Holy Wars), beauty (Mother Teresa) and offensiveness (hateful words towards certain groups of people). Although I know that the Bible incredibly unique, often times it seems very boring to read, especially for someone like me with no background in theology. In January of 2010, after years of struggling to consistently read this unique book, I came up with a new strategy. I decided to combine Bible reading with something I was passionate about – design. That is how my “Word” project began. You can find out more about the origin of the project on my site. From January 2010 to November 2011, I posted a new Word design every Friday, ending up with a total of 91 designs (some books ended up with more than one design) and have prints available of all of them. I also include some reflections on each book and design. My goal was to be as honest as possible throughout the project, being transparent about any doubts, anger or confusion that I felt. Some designs are violent, some are weird and some are plain offensive, but hey, so is the Bible. You can find out more about what I learned during the project in my post, An Idiot’s Guide to Reading the Bible. 2 John 2 Thessalonians 2 Kings The good folks at Abduzeedo posted about Word a few months back and are now graciously hosting a print giveaway. I’m giving away three 16x20 Word prints of any of my designs. To enter, just leave a comment below and include a valid email address. 1 comment per person, please. You may enter the contest until December 16th, next Friday. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, December 20th. Good luck! Besides this giveaway, all proceeds of my print sales in December will be donated to help low-income and homeless families here in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you wanna help, read more. Above are a few of my Word designs or you can see all 91 designs on my site. – Jim Jim’s web site: Jim on Twitter: Jim on Facebook: Jim’s Biblical design inspiration site: Winners Ok!!! And the time has come, and we're now going to announce the winners of these awesome posters! Jim randomly chose 3 lucky guys. And here they are: Sxca10 renegadefire Robertalexanderfielder Jim will contact you guys soon, so keep an eye on your inboxes. We're glad everyone participated in this giveaway, and stay tuned for more, soon! Cheers. ;)

Retro Horror Movie Posters

It's Halloween! We all have our ways of celebrating this holiday, some of us will do some trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, playing pranks, telling scary stories or like me watch some old horror movies. This is a showcase of retro horror posters of famous and not-so famous movies from the mid 30s until the late 80s. They are mostly illustrated but in my opinion are the most successful of expressing the emotions and triggering your imagination of fear. For more information on the movie posters, simply click on the image and you'll be redirected to IMDB Site (Internet Movie Database). Michael Jackson's Thriller Video Clip

Cool Digital Painting Posters & Covers

This is a mix of posters and covers digitally painted by Ashley Claypool who is a digital illustrator for Lantern Press in Seattle, Washington. Her work is very playful and very well done with some great detail and nice use of typography. Check them out! For more form Ashley visit her deviantart gallery

Clever Pictogram Music Posters

Designed by Viktor Hertz, a freelance designer and photographer from Sweden. These pictogram music poster are very clever and well done, each poster representing a song that I'm sure you will familiarize with. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite. For more from Viktor visit Click here to view more

Super Nice Posters for Soccer Fans

As most Brazilians, I'm a big soccer fan, and I couldn't help but post this super nice posters I just found at Behance. These are some great examples of how simple design can be good and trendy. These were made by Bosnian-Herzegovinian soccer fan and designer Zoran Luci?. He's got more great work of his at Behance, so don't forget to visit his portfolio! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. And let's talk about these pieces, not about the correct name of the sport. Cheers! ;)