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Photography: Aston Martin Lagonda with Tomek Olszowski

Photography: Aston Martin Lagonda with Tomek Olszowski

Aston Martin Lagonda with Tomek Olszowski is a photography and retouching project shared by Recom Farmhouse and Tomek Olszowski on their Behance profiles. As they describe in the project: Cult cars don't come much less conventional than the Aston Martin Lagonda. Only 645 were ever made, and they're like no other car before or since. "The wedge-shaped body is the height of a Porsche 911 but over five metres long, with an outrageously space-age dashboard." The photography and art direction of this project is simply amazing. There's a classic noir mood, and despite the 70s appeal, it reminds me a lot of the 80s with the color palette used. "This isn’t a car so much as a mobile pop-cultural mash-up, the intersection of a dozen different ideas, many of which are at odds with each other." (Top Gear)  Project description In this shoot, a touch of seventies noir accents the car's angular forms, and we introduced it to the kind of driver which its retro-futuristic style deserves.  Photography Credits Photographer: Tomek Olszowski Retouching: Maria Luisa Calosso & Aljaž Bezjak /  Recom Farmhouse  Production: Studio Tecza Production & Piramida Film Model: Kajo Szwed Recom Farmhouse is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! More work at and our blog

Donut Doubles Project

Donut Doubles Project

Donut Doubles is an awesome project that matches people faces to different donuts. There's also a really cool tutorial for 3d paralax effect that was used to create this project. Enjoy! It's that time of year again where we get to work with one of our favorite agencies, The Marlin Network, to put together a fun teaser/invite for their event at the National Restaurant Association's annual food show. It's been a blast in years past, doing Breakfast Interrupted and Breakfast Burlesque (both below). This year, we teamed up with Strange Donuts and shot portraits as Donut Doubles. Below are the images along with a motion piece we did. Can't wait for next year! There's also a little video with some motion graphics and parallax action with the photos and a tutorial of how it was done.

Super Cool Jazzfest 2013 Poster by  Christoffer Meyer

Super Cool Jazzfest 2013 Poster by Christoffer Meyer

It's always incredible to see what designers and digital artists can do with the tools available nowadays. Photoshop has become such a powerful tool that it's possible to make some simple and clever ideas come true with precision and style. A good example is the official poster made for a jazz festival in Trondheim, Norway by Christoffer Meyer. It's a simple idea executed to perfection and that's why we were inclined to share the creative process behind it. Christoffer Meyer is a photographer based in Bergen, Norway specialized in Advertising, Retouching, Digital Photography. For more information visit The process: Final Details Applications

Professional Photo-Retouching Video Tutorial: Hair

(via: I am back with a brand new exciting photo-retouching tutorial. In this tutorial I will focus on the hair. Before watching please note that there is a lot of information in this video to absorb, so watch and re-watch areas. I’d recommend pausing it at regular intervals before continuing so that you fully understand all the processes. Some of the areas covered in this video are: – Colour Correction – Removing Unwanted Straps and Hair – Adjusting tonal values – Grading the image – Boosting image vividness – Removing blemishes – Working with blending modes There are a lot of techniques and processes that go into each of the above, so if you’ve got a question leave a comment or contact me over at and i'll do my best to help. This is the image I used: Before Photograph Here are some before and after shots: Any questions leave them below. Also, if you've got any ideas for more tutorials feel free to shout it out. For instant updates you can follow me on twitter: This was originally posted at

1. High Quality Portrait Retouching pt1

This is the first tutorial in a series on photographic retouching. In this tutorial I'll try to demonstrate the level of editing that goes into removing any discrepancies in the skin. I have divided the whole process into parts. Beginning with skin tones and blemishes. - Tidying skin blemishes & Removal of unwanted hair - Colour Correction 1. High Quality Portrait Retouching pt1YoussefS's Youtube Channel If you've got any comments or suggestion let me know, this then, thanks for watching. More to come soon.

A Perfect Truth: Reverse Photoshop Processing

As a follow on from yesterday, this is the second of this style. I have reversed the process, to create a reverse processing style to the video. I feel this clearly shows a person for how the really appear. Stripping back all the work to reveal the face as it was, as it is. I hope you enjoy. I will be posting a tutorial video shortly. More then likely it will be a series as there will be many ares to cover. So after a certain amount of videos it will cover nearly all the processes covered in my timelapse videos. YoussefS Youtube Channel I hope this was insightful and that it may have inspired you. Check out some related content. Tutorials will be coming very soon!!!

Bored at home with Photoshop: The Tutorial

Last week I posted "Bored at home with Photoshop™" which showed a sped up process of me retouching an image. I was pretty surprised with the results and the simplicity of the effect. With some persuasion by Fabio, I decided to create a tutorial on how I achieved that effect. So without further ado here is the tutorial: O and if you have any questions, post it in the comments.

Bored at home with Photoshop

Well it's been almost 7 months since I posted my last video on here and I have learned a lot of great techniques since then. The "A perfect lie in Adobe Photoshop" was a great start; however, I have learned that the techniques that I had used before may not actually be the proper way. Over the past 7 months I've learned a number of different methods and have experimented countless times. On numerous occasions I had to stop and take a step back and just remember the basics. I learned some pretty cool effects and I think this one is one of my favorites. So without further ado: And here is the final image: