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Incredible Miniatures by Thomas Doyle

From time to time, we run into some artists that really catch our attention, and to do that, an artist must stand outside the box, and come up with something entirely fresh and awesome and that's just what Thomas Doyle did. He developed a technique to build miniatures that awes me. Because of the mini, mini size, the level of details is stunning! And the cool thing is that all of his work has a lot of imagination whitin... which makes it even more interesting. So, here are just a very few of his work, and for more, you should really visit his portfolio. He'll mostly enjoy it. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;) Escape / scatter (2006) The reprisal (2006) The chasm is closed (2006) Still shot from a human movie (2004) Acceptable losses (2008) Courier (2007) Sometimes we eat our young (2004)

Badass God of War Collection

Lately I'm on a gaming fever. Video games have been a part of my life since ever, and there are some games that just stand out, for its quality, and most of all, for its badassness. Yeah, we love badass games, like the awesome God of War. So I went looking for some cool illustration of it, and found out some really cool ones, and I got say, that Kratos is like an freaking mythologic Chuck Norris. This guy would seriously tear apart a 20ft monster with his bare hands. No, seriously. Hahaha, just kidding... but this is one awesome game that if you don't know it, you should really take the time to try it out. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these! And don't forget to check out each artist's portfolio. Cheers! ;) Marcio Takara Mauricio Herrera Toni Justamante Jacobs Peet Cooper Abraão Lucas Pedro Delgado David Grier Nur Iman Simon Bork Andy Park Andy Park Andy Park Andy Park Andy Park Ninjatic Clonerh! faid hamzi carlo arellano Mataleone Claude Araús Mark Newman

40 Fantastic Sand Sculptures

Sculptures can be made nearly out of everything. While I was searching for some images I saw a photo of a sand sculpture and was impressed, what people can do out of sand and also how big and detailed they can be, just awesome. After a few searches on Flickr and DeviantArt, I ended up selecting 40 simply awesome sand sculptures. I hope you enjoy my little collection :)

Fantastic Caricature Sculptures by David O’Keefe

I've always loved caricature and I really admire those artists who have this gift. It has to be a gift because they have to identify some striking characteristics of that person and then exaggerate it in order to create a super comic and grotesque effect. Now imagine creating sculptures? That is exactly what David O’Keefe does in a level of mastery that is incredible. The first time I saw his work, I got totally blown away. When asked by his high school guidance counselor in the tenth grade what career he would like to pursue upon graduation, David O’Keefe simply replied, “artist.” Since that time, O’Keefe has lived with a sketchbook in his hand. His sardonic caricatures and humorous illustrations have appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Mad Magazine, The Village Voice and within the pages of TIME. O’Keefe’s work has won numerous awards from such organizations as The Society of Illustrators (NY and LA), American Illustration, Communication Arts, National Headliner Awards, Dimensional Illustrators, Art Director’s Club of NYC, and the Society of News Design.

Cool Sculptures by Jessica Fortner

A cool thing that we don't feature here very often are sculptures, but today we got to know some pretty cool ones made by Jessica Fortner, a freelance illustrator and sculptor that lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Her influences range from artists like Remedios Varo and Camille Claudel to more contemporary artists such as Chris Sickels and Elizabeth McGrath. She sent us the link for her website, and we got to know these really cool pieces of her work. So we encourage you to send us a link to your personal work, because we analyze every link sent to us and choose the cool ones, like Jessica's ones. Anyways, for more of her work, visit her website at Cheers! ;)