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Book Suggestion - Peel: The Art Of The Sticker

June 07, 2012 from abduzeedo's blog

The book suggestion of this week is about stickers and it is awesome. It's called Peel: The Art Of The Sticker and in my opinion it's a must have book for graphic designer because, if there is something that pretty much everybody loves...

Happy Sunday Giveaway: Winners

August 28, 2011 from amanda's blog

As part of Sticker Mule's redesign they're giving three readers $100 in free custom stickers . It's been a week since we announced the giveaway and now we're back with the lucky winners! Shiny free stickers go out to Neal Mullen (@...

Sticker Robot Giveaway/Design Contest

December 15, 2010 from nathanbweller's blog

Hey everyone! Just in case you didn’t have enough to do this holiday season, we thought we’d throw a random (yet fun) sticker design contest at you. We've teamed up with our friends over at Stickerobot.com to offer a quick Christmas...